(She's A) Ho! Ho! Ho!


"Oh, don't tell me you have to go already," Margaret cooed, turning to the other woman.

"Yes. I don't want to, but I have to go back out front. They'll start showing up in a few minutes."

"OK. Thanks for your help, Julie" Margaret said, kissing her on one cheek and stroking her other cheek with her fingers.

"You're very welcome," Julie said. She walked over to Randy, bent down next to him, and brought her lips to his ear. "By the way, I do like men. And women. Behave yourself and you might found out for yourself sometime." She kissed him on the cheek, then straightened up and walked to Margaret. "Have fun," she said, kissing her lightly on the lips. She walked out, looking back over her shoulder and smiling until she reached the door.

Randy was sorry to see Julie leaving, but he had to admit that he had loved his Christmas surprise. He couldn't help marveling at what a wonderful wife he had, and how sexy she was. In fact, he was looking forward to getting loose and getting his hands on her at that very moment. He hoped she wouldn't make him wait until they got home to make love with her.

"This is the best Christmas surprise I've ever gotten. Of course, I would've liked to join in, but still…Thanks honey."

"What? Did you think that was the surprise?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I guess you could say that was A surprise…but actually, it wasn't THE surprise. Just think of it as a bonus stocking-stuffer."

"Well, OK, I'm stumped…what is the surprise?"

Margaret over to the chair and gently sat down in Randy's lap. "Well, you know how we've always talked about you watching me with another man, or me watching you with another woman?"

"Yes, I know we've talked about it, but…"

"Well, today, you get to watch me with another man. Or men, probably."

"What do you mean…right now?"

"Yes…that's your surprise."

"Well, who is it going to be?"

"I don't know yet."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, this is the room where the men will come to change into their Santa suits. And I'm going to help them."

"Help them how?"

"Why, any way they want, of course…I'm going to be Santa's little helper."

"Margaret, you're kidding…right?"

"Of course not, darling. Do you know that these men are all volunteers? They don't get paid a penny for all the work they do, and they bring in thousands of dollars every year. I think they deserve some compensation, don't you?"

"Well, I think a nice gift certificate would be more appropriate…"

"Oh, don't be silly. Gift certificates are so impersonal. It's like you didn't put any thought into it at all. I'm going to give them the personal touch to let them know they're really appreciated."

"Do you expect me to sit here while you go out and fondle Santa Claus?"

"Well of course I do darling, especially since you don't have a choice in the matter," she said, tugging on his bound right wrist and smiling. "And besides, admit it, you want to see this…don't you?"

"I don't know if I do or not."

"I know you'll enjoy it once you get into the Christmas spirit."

"Now, do you want to ask more silly questions, or do you want to make use of the time we have before Santa Claus comes to town?" She leaned down to kiss him and stroked his cheek with her hand. She wiggled her ass on his lap as they kissed, knowing the friction would result in his cock getting hard. Still kissing him, she reached her hand down between her legs and began stroking his semi-hard cock through his jeans. He moaned into her lips as their tongues entwined.

Just then, the door to the room opened. Randy heard Julie talking to someone. "You can change into your costume in here. Just come out whenever you're finished. There's no hurry."

Margaret pulled away from the kiss, and looked at Randy. "Looks like I'll be on in a few minutes," she said, grinning at him. She started for the curtain, then stopped and turned around. "Almost forgot," she said and walked towards the back, out of Randy's view. When she came back, he noticed she had donned red Santa hat trimmed in white fur. "Have to look the part of Santa's helper, now, don't I?"

She stepped toward Randy as if to say goodbye one last time. Before he knew it, Margaret had slapped a large strip of the duct tape over his mouth. He tried to pull away, but the tape was already in place. He looked up at her angrily.

"It's for your own good, darling. I'm just protecting you from yourself. I don't want anyone to be embarrassed here, and you might accidentally say something, and then everyone would know you're back here. We don't want that. Now just sit back and enjoy your present."

She looked through the curtain again. Julie had ushered in more men. "Oooh, there's a lot of them out there, baby," she said, turning back to him. "This is going to be fun."

Julie let another man into the room carrying his suit, then announced "Well, I guess that's all of you," in a loud voice. Randy heard the door close.

"Well, darling, that's my cue," Margaret said, looking down at her husband. She turned and peered through the small opening in the curtain, fascinated, her eyes darting back and forth amongst the men in varying stages of undress. Randy couldn't tell if she was waiting for the perfect moment to make her appearance, or trying to screw up her courage. She waited and watched for several minutes, blocking Randy's view of what was happening in the room. Then she slid her hands down her body quickly, smoothing the tight body stocking, and plunged through the curtain, pulling it closed behind her with just enough space for Randy to see through it.

"Hello, Santas," she announced in a loud voice.

There was a moment of silence that seemed to stretch on. Randy could see two men through the opening in the curtain. They had turned to look at Margaret when she spoke, and were standing there jaws agape looking at her. Randy assumed the rest of the men in the room had reacted in the same way.

"What's the matter, guys? Don't you recognize Santa's little helper when you see her?" The two men looked at each other, then back at Margaret.

"What's going on?" the one nearest her asked.

"Well, I'm here to help, of course," she said, striding to the middle of the room and standing there, hands on hips.

"Are you a stripper, or what?" a man Randy couldn't see asked.

""I'm whatever you all want me to be. I'm here to help in any way I can," Margaret said, turning in the direction of the voice. She slowly ran her hands up her thighs and over he stomach, reaching up to cup her breasts. She continued up her body, stroking her neck and face seductively before finally sliding two fingers into her mouth and noisily sucking on them. She turned to one of the men behind her and walked over to him. He stood there in his red Santa top, lined with white fur, and the blue jeans he had arrived in. Margaret walked up to him until they were only inches apart, staring up into his eyes.

"Mmmm…I love a man in uniform," she cooed in a deep, throaty voice. "So how about it, Santa. What's your Christmas wish?" She ran her hand up his thigh and cupped his balls through his jeans. The man gasped. Then she pressed her open palm against his cock. "Never mind," she said, looking at him and smiling. "I think I already know." She began slowly sinking to her knees in front of him, her hands on his thighs. She looked up in to his eyes as she went to her knees, daring him to say no.

She reached up and unsnapped his pants, and began to slowly bring down the zipper. Then she pulled his jeans and shorts down to his thighs, allowing his semi-erect cock to spring free in her face. She took it in her hand and held it out in front of him, appearing to study it. Then she looked up at him and slid her mouth onto his hardening cock. He gasped, his head falling back, and put his hands on Margaret's shoulder to keep his balance.

Margaret slowly slid her wet warm mouth down on his cock until she had the entire length down her throat and her nose was pressed against his dark pubic hair. Then she slid back slowly until just the head was left in her mouth. Randy could see that the cock was already glistening with her saliva. It was also now fully erect, about 6 inches and decently thick. Randy knew from experience that Margaret wouldn't have any trouble deep-throating the man, since she could easily suck his entire 7 ½ inch cock down her throat. Margaret was now licking the head of his cock, stroking him slowly with her hand. With the other hand, she was gently tugging on his balls. Randy could see the man was having trouble standing up to the assault, both literally and figuratively, as his knees nearly buckled a couple of times. Margaret pulled off his cock, her hand still stroking, and looked up at him, smiling.

"Would you like to sit down?" she asked.

"I think I'd better before I fall down," he said smiling down at her through his slitted eyelids. Margaret stood up and led him over to the long bench that was against the wall. He sat down heavily on the bench, his cock sticking straight in the air. Margaret reached down and pulled his pants further down until they were around his ankles. She stood up and turned to the other men in the room.

"Would anyone else like some help?" she asked. She reached between her legs and Randy knew she had used the snaps to open the crotch of the body suit. "I can help more than one of you at once." Randy didn't see any activity for a couple of seconds. Margaret stood there, her back to the man she had been sucking, his erection hard and angry and wanting relief. Then another man, who was already dressed fully as Santa, beard and all, came up to Margaret. Pulling down his false beard, he kissed her full on the mouth. His hands reached around to cup her ass, pulling the suit up into the crack of her ass so he could put his hands directly on her flesh. As they kissed, Margaret's hands went down to his bright red pants. Randy saw the wide black belt open and then the pants were falling down around the man's ankles. Margaret reached down and pulled his shorts down to his ankles as well, taking a look at his cock as she did so. His was a little bit longer than the first man's, though not as thick. He was already fully erect.

"Yes, you look like you could use some help," she said. She turned around then, presenting her ass to him. She bent at the waist and he stepped forward, cock in hand and pointed at her wet inviting pussy. Margaret reached between her legs and guided him in. She grunted as he buried himself deep inside her in one stroke. She put her hands out to the bench to steady herself. Randy knew his wife must have been wet already from her adventure for the long cock to slide into her so easily. Now Santa #2 was holding her by her hips and sliding in and out of her slowly.

Bent at the waist as she was, Margaret's face was now only inches from the straining cock of the man she had been sucking before. Still grunting from the cock buried in her pussy, she reached out and grabbed the cock and deep-throated him quickly. He raised his hips up to meet her mouth and his hands twisted in her hair. Now Randy's wife was being filled at both ends by hard cocks. Her legs were shaking as she thrust her hips back to meet the cock filling her pussy, and her hands and mouth were both busy on the man sitting on the bench. The other men were silent, apparently mesmerized, and Randy could hear the almost constant moaning from his wife, and the heavy breathing from the two men who fucking her at either end. He could imagine what the vibrations in her throat would feel like on his own now hard cock and his hips started moving voluntarily against his bonds.

After a few more moments of their avid fucking, the man behind Margaret began to moan and announced he was about to cum. Margaret lifted her head from Santa's lap for just a moment, her hand still working quickly up and down his shaft.

"Pull out and cum all over me," she hissed to him. Then she returned to her oral pleasuring. The man thrust into her a couple of more times, then pulled his cock out and nestled between the cheeks of Margaret's ass. He thrust forward, and a large jet of cum shot out of his cock and high into the air, landing in the middle of Margaret's back. Her hips bucked as she felt it splatter against her and she moaned even louder. Santa shot two more times in quick succession, each landing on her ass, and a last bit dribbled from his cock and down the crack of her ass. Then the man stumbled back away from her, spent. He reached down to pull up his pants, then disappeared from Randy's view.

Margaret continued sucking the other man, then looked up at him. Pulling her mouth off him, she asked if he was ready to cum. "I'm close," he said through clenched teeth.

"Want to cum all over my tits?" she asked. Not waiting for an answer she started jerking his cock faster and aimed it at her neck. "Come on Santa…do it," she commanded. "Cum all over me." This took St. Nick over the edge. His hips raised and he groaned loudly as the first spurt of his thick white cum shot out and hit Margaret's neck, dribbling down onto the stocking. He spurted three lesser times onto her breasts, leaving the black fabric shining and wet. Margaret's own perspiration was causing the stocking to cling even tighter to her body, and her hard nipples were nearly poking through now. "Mmmm…good boy," she said, smiling up at him.

She stood up then and turned towards Randy. He could see the white semen staining the dark cloth. Smiling lewdly at him, she gathered some of it on her index finger and brought it to her lips. She sucked the finger into her mouth, tasting the strangers cum. "Mmmm…" she said. "Very nice." She winked at Randy, and then turned back to the room full of men.

"OK, who's next?" she asked, opening her arms as if to hug them. Randy could see the thick white cum on the back of the stocking now as well. It looked so nasty there, staining his wife's lingerie, but it turned him on immensely to see her covered in other men's cum. He admired her beautiful ass now as well, exposed fully with the stocking riding up into the crack of her ass.

Two more men stepped forward, both with the Santa pants on but not the top. Craning his neck to get a better look at them, Randy felt the chair start to tip on its side and only just managed to stop himself from toppling over. He could only imagine what would happen if he made a noise and one of the men came back here to find him tied to a chair and watching his wife fuck a group of total strangers. He didn't want that humiliation, and decided to keep as still as possible from there on in.

Margaret indicated for one of them to sit down on the bench. She undid his pants and pulled them, along with his shorts, down to his ankles, exposing his cock. This one was probably closest so far to Randy's own size. It was about 7 inches and thick. He was already fully erect and Randy could see the large blue vein that ran the length of his shaft.

"Well, hello there," Margaret cooed, looking down at the man's cock. "Nice to meet you." She leaned forward and kissed the man on the lips and reached down to fondle his hard cock. She turned her back to him then, and positioned herself over him. Taking her hand, she guided him to her slick entrance, and very slowly lowered herself onto him. She moaned in pleasure as she stretched to take him all the way inside her, and began to slowly gyrate her hips. With one hand resting on his thigh, she motioned for the other Santa, who had been standing there, to come forward. He undid his belt and stepped towards her. As he did so, Margaret reached behind her neck with both bands and unclasped the neckline. Then she slid the stocking off her shoulders, exposing her pale-skinned breasts with their dark brown nipples, now hard as diamond points.

He pushed his pants and shorts down to expose his nearly flaccid cock. Randy could tell it was going to be huge when it got hard, because even soft and pointing straight down it was already four or five inches long and very thick. Margaret reached out and grabbed it and, pulling it up, pointed it at her mouth. She then pulled him towards her until his cock was buried in her mouth. She started working on it with her hand and mouth, stroking and sucking as it lengthened in her grip. She was coating it in her saliva, making it slick and wet as it slid in and out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, she kept moving back and forth on the cock buried in her pussy. Santa now had his hands on her hips for leverage as he moved inside her, his head thrown back against the wall, eyes closed, moaning. Margaret reached down with her free hand and gently stroked his balls now, eliciting an even louder moan from him.

Margaret had now gotten her other man's cock nice and wet with her mouth. She let it slip out of her mouth, then pulled him forward and guided his cock between her breasts. Using both of her hands, she cupped her breasts and wrapped them around his long pole, encasing his cock in the soft flesh.

"Do you want to fuck my tits?" she asked.

"Oh, god, yes," he replied, and began thrusting his cock between her large breasts. Margaret looked down to watch as the large purple head poked up between her breasts. Her tongue snaked out and licked the head whenever she could reach it. She squeezed her breasts together even tighter and began pinching her nipples as the same time.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and everyone froze in place. The door opened slowly and Julie poked just her head through. She saw Margaret, with a cock buried deep in her pussy and another straining between her breasts, and her gaze lingered for just a moment. "Sorry to interrupt," she announced, turning to address them all. "But the bus is leaving in a few minutes to take you around. You need to wrap it up in here and get everybody dressed and out."

All the activity, so amorous before the interruption, stopped for a moment, as they seemed to contemplate their options. Margaret looked up at Santa and asked if he wanted to keep going.

"Oh, yes…please let's not stop now. I'll definitely be wrapping up within a few minutes."

"Me, too" said the man behind her, whose cock was still hard and throbbing inside her. "I'm very close to wrapping up."

Margaret smiled. "Let's keep going, then," she said, and began rocking her hips again. She took the other cock back into her mouth now and began sucking him hard and fast, also using her hands to jerk him off and stroke his balls. Her other Santa was sliding his cock in and out of her dripping pussy faster and faster now, and she reached down to stroke his balls as well. She was fucking them both fast and furious now, desperate to make them cum, her hand alternating between the balls of each man.

The Santa in her pussy soon announced he was about to cum. Margaret deftly slipped off his cock and took it in her hand, now jerking him off without losing a stroke. His hard cock slapped against her mound as her hand slid up and down his shaft. Then she could feel the cum pulsing through his cock and looked as he shot his thick warm white cum all over the black fabric covering her stomach. She moaned on the cock in her mouth as she watched the eruption. Only a few seconds later, he announced that he was ready to cum as well. Margaret pulled his cock from her mouth and began jerking him off, only inches from her face.

"Come on, Santa, cum all over my tits," she cried, looking up into his face. She felt the cum pulsing through his shaft and looked down to watch as the first long stream shot out, hitting her squarely on the chin. She moaned approval as his next shot hit her neck, and two more long strings of cum hit her tits and began dripping down to her nipples. The last bit of sperm oozed out of his cock onto the back of her hand and wrist. She brought it to her lips and licked it off, tasting his saltiness. She leaned back onto Santa's lap, catching her breath and turning to peck him on the cheek. "That was wonderful," she said. "Yes, it was," he replied.

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