tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe's a Master Through Blackmail

She's a Master Through Blackmail


Dan has been dating Ashley for 5 years now, and he really likes her. He isn't sure he wants to marry her, but is content to be living in the same house with her. Dan is 22 and Ashley is 23; they have been dating since high school. They moved out on their own about two years ago, and things are still going smoothly. The only thing working against the two is there habit of partying a couple nights a week. They didn't have massive parties, but mostly one or two people coming over; their main drinking partner is Stephanie, Ashley's older sister who is 28 and married with children.

This night is one of those drinking nights, and Stephanie is coming over to get wasted. The three of them normally played card games and listened to music most of the time they got together, and tonight's plan is pretty much the same. Dan and Ashley are standing in the kitchen, both drinking waiting for the pizza to finish in the oven. Dan is wearing black, cloth athletic shorts and a raggedy old plain white tee; Ashley is wearing black capri's and a black tee shirt with some designs on it.

Dan is an average size person, but is developing quite a beer belly. He has brown hair and eyes, and is around 6ft tall. He normally doesn't shave unless it's a special occasion or his facial hair is aggravating him; so he always has a shaggy beard. His hair is kind of short but messy and unkempt.

Ashley is overweight like everyone in her family, but she is still good looking. Her breasts are enormous and always protruding out in front of her like two massive balloons. Her ass is the same massive, but Dan loves to slam his cock in and out of her wet snatch and watch her ass shake. Her hair is light brown and long, and she has hazel eyes. Her height is around 5'6".

Dan takes a sip of his Newcastle brown ale beer and says "when is Steph getting here? I'm ready to play some cards." Dan likes Steph she loves to party and stays up all night drinking. Steph is pretty much Ashley with blonde hair and all their features are the same besides their hair.

Dan fantasizes about Steph a lot, although, he would never act on his fantasies because she is married, and he is good friends with her husband Matt. Steph liked to tease Dan even though he wasn't sure she was doing it on purpose. She would show tons of cleavage, and after Ashley passed out she would sit right next to Dan on the love seat which is practically on top of him.

Ashley starts to pull out the pizza from the oven and sits it down. There are lights that shine in the windows as a car pulls in. "She just pulled in" Ashley says as she starts to slice the pizza. Dan really likes Ashley; she was his first time and so he feels close to her.

Ashley thinks she is the only person Dan has been with, but he did cheat on her about six months ago with an older lady he met in a bar. She was a "cougar" by every definition of the word. She seen Dan and immediately let him know with signals that she was horny and wanted some young man meat. Dan was drunk and more than happy to oblige her, but he barely remembered it. He just hoped that no one else knew about it, and there hasn't been any news since so he figures he's in the clear.

Steph walks in the door carrying a case of bud light, and an old tee shirt and pajamas to sleep in. She's wearing a nice green shirt that shows tons of cleavage and tight jeans. "What's up? You guys ready to get fucked up? I'm dying to party." Steph says as she starts loads her beer in the fridge. She gives a weird look to Dan and bends over and starts to unload the beer.

Dan looks at her cleavage as she bends over and gets a view that shows most of her breasts; Steph looks up and sees Dan staring and gives him a leer disapproving look, but then smiles. Dan looks away real fast as Ashley turns around and carries the pizza to the table and sits it down. Dan and Steph soon follow.

The pizza was gone fast along with several beers. Ashley started like she always does chugging like there is no tomorrow, and getting wasted in a couple hours. Dan and Steph were drunk, but not on the verge of puking like Ashley. Steph has been giving Dan weird looks all night that Dan can't figure out, but he is sure she is going to let him know when Ashley passes out in a couple minutes.

As they finished the last round of the drinking game asshole, Ashley, whose head has been bobbing back and forth for almost an hour says "I can barely keep my eyes open, I think I'm going to have to pass out sorry guys." She belches and starts to stand up from the table, but has both hands on the table to help keep her balance.

"Good night," Dan and Steph say in unison. Then they look at each other with some weird tension in the room. Ashley eventually climbs the steps slowly, practically crawling, and then the bedroom door shuts.

After about 15 seconds Steph looks at Dan with a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her face; she says "I found out what you did." She stares at him right in the eyes the whole time.

Dan's eyes widen some, but he tries to play it cool; "what are you talking about?" he says. As he tries to act confused, but he knows his look of shock gave away his whole hand.

Steph lets out a smirk. "I know you slept with Stacy. The 37 year old bar whore you hooked up with some time ago. Or did you not remember her name because you were so drunk? I met her at the same bar, and was showing her pics from my phone and one of you popped up; she had only good things to say about you by the way. I know you are curious of how I found out by the look of shock on your face right now." Steph than starts to laugh so loud she is on the verge of hysteria.

Dan who was initially scared shitless at the prospect of Steph telling her sister what happened is feeling some relief as Steph appears to think the whole thing is funny. He says "I'm sorry I cheated on your sister. It was a horrible mistake, and I was wasted. Please don't tell her." Dan's leg is twitching fast, and he is obviously worried over Ashley finding out.

Steph stares directly at Dan who is scared and worried and she knows it. Steph says "Let's go into the living room and talk where it's more comfortable." Steph goes into the room with Dan behind her, and they both sit on the love seat with their sides pressed against each other on the tight little sofa.

Steph places her hand on Dan's leg and looks him in the eyes. Her lips open and she says "I'm not going to tell Ashley. If you do what I want. Can you do that? I know if she finds out you two are through, and that means you have to move home again. That is your worst nightmare isn't it? So do we have a deal?" Her face looks confident and in control, but on the inside she is going crazy with lust.

Ever since Steph discovered what Dan did she has been planning out her blackmail scheme. She knew the plan was dangerous for Dan could refuse and tell her husband Matt what happened, but she decided to take her chances. Stacy had taken some pictures of Dan naked with her phone, and she sent them to Steph's phone when she asked. Steph had to make a deal with her, but she got what she needed.

Dan let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God, you're not telling her, and of course I'll do whatever you want." Dan is willing to do whatever she wanted except what he never expected her to ask. Dan is a deeply religious person, and one thing he would never do is sleep with a married woman, let alone one whose husband is a close friend of his. No matter how hot she is or how badly he wants to.

Steph smiled and said "good, now I know your going to be against my proposal at first, but realize if you refuse I am going to show Ashley this." She held up her phone, and there is a picture of Dan lying nude in a strange bed with women's bra and panties around him. "Stacy gave me this for a deal I made with her. So don't think you can deny it."

Dan felt a nauseating feeling in his stomach because he knew Steph is going to ask for something he can't give. "What do you want?" he said in a low upset tragic voice. Dan felt like he has been defeated, and that he is living the worst moment of his life.

Steph put her arm around him and pulled him close, and laid his head on her shoulder so his eyes were staring directly down her shirt. She leaned over and started to whisper in his ear very sensually "I want you to be my sex slave. You will do whatever I tell you to do to yourself, me, and anyone else I decide. There will be no exception to this, and if you say no or disobey me in anyway then Amanda will find out the truth."

Dan shot up and pulled away. He looked mad and angry. "No!" he said in a loud voice, "You're married to a friend of mine. That would go against everything I stand for." Dan looked on the verge of tears and put his head in his hands.

Steph said "Well, that's too bad. I guess I'll go tell her now." She stood up and started to walk away.

"Wait!" Dan said quickly as he stood up and grabbed Steph's shoulder. "I'll do it, but you have to set a limit to how long this goes on, and once the time is up I get the evidence and this is all behind us. Also no one else finds out about this. Do we have a deal?" Dan looked at her eyes with a pleading face.

Steph said "We'll talk about the time limit later, but yes I think we have an agreement. Follow me into the spare bedroom and let's get this started." She grabs Dan's hand and looks at him lustfully as she guides him into the bedroom. "Get naked and lay on the bed" she said as she stood in the room staring at him.

Dan sighed and took off his shirt, and then slid his pants down so he's only in his boxers. He hesitates for a moment, and then slides his boxers off showing his bush and long penis hanging in front of him. He lay in the bed and his cock starts to grow slowly even though Dan doesn't want it too. Even though he is guilt ridden by the whole thought of this act it is still a fantasy of his.

Steph looked at him and said "Start to masturbate slowly while watching me strip for you." She started to dance to the music that has been playing loudly all night. She was moving her hips to the beat and rubbing her breasts through her tee shirt. She started slowly sliding her hand down the front of her pajamas. The ones she brought to change into once her buzz kicked in.

Dan started to slowly stroke his now extremely erect cock slowly while watching Steph dance sexily to the music. He felt guilty, but is happy that they aren't having intercourse and just teasing each other.

Steph slid off her shirt and showed her massive breasts that are contained behind a white bra. Her belly is big and shaking, but she doesn't care. She reached behind and unhooked her bra and let her massive tits fall out and hang in front of her. The nipples very erect and she starts to massage them while dancing and staring at Dan stroke his cock.

She then starts to slowly slide her pants off seductively showing her bush through the front of her white cotton panties, and then pulling them up and turning around and showing her ass. Eventually she took her pants off completely and kept dancing seductively while massaging her cunt through her panties.

Dan keeps stroking his cock while watching Steph put on her show. He starts getting nervous as he feels she is about to ask him to do something for her. He is very aroused and has to stop stroking to keep from cumming. Not only has he fantasized about her, but he loves it when women finger themselves. It is so sexy to him.

Steph sees Dan holding back his cum, and says "let it cum out, and let it spray all over your body while you explode watching me dance for you." She moved to the end of the bed and pulled off her panties. She tosses them by Dan's nuts, and then puts her leg on the bed spreading her pussy lips. She starts to finger herself good. "Cum for me all over yourself"

Dan can't keep his load back any longer, and starts to cum as his eyes are locked onto Steph's pussy as her fingers slide in and out of it. His load sprays up in the air and lands all over his chest and runs down his shaft. He exhales as he lays his head back feeling relief.

Steph says "now wipe it off of yourself and taste it." She takes her leg of the bed, and puts her fingers that was just in her pussy to her mouth and sucks her own juices off them.

Dan sees this and slowly wipes the puddles of jizz off his chest and cock; then puts them in his mouth as his face cringes with the bitter taste. "I think that's enough for tonight" Dan says with as much authority he can muster.

Steph laughs. "You don't understand do you? I'm in charge and your only goal in life is to make me wet and give me orgasms. Understand bitch!?" Steph says as she climbs into the bed and on top of Dan and grabs his cheeks and squeezes them together puckering his lips up.

He shakes his head yes.

Steph says "Good, now I want you to eat my pussy till I tell you to stop, and from now on refer to me as master. OK?" As Steph says this she lies on her back and spreads her legs. Her pussy is glistening with her juices and her bush is a mound of yellow hair. "Eat me now slave!"

Dan sits there shocked, saddened, and dismayed; he is trapped and has to be her slave. He can't leave Ashley because then he will be back with his parent which is like living in hell. Dan sighs and in a low pathetic voice says "Yes, Master" as he lowers his face to her sweaty smelling cunt.

He kisses her pussy lips, and starts to slowly suck her clit. His hands are on her thighs as his mouth pleasures her crotch. He slides his tongue up and down her slit, and then starts to suck her clit harder. One of his hands starts to massage her breasts and nipples. He starts to fuck her with his tongue for around 5 minutes as he massages her breasts.

Dan is enjoying this a lot more than he should, but when in Rome, and besides the better he pleases her maybe the sooner he'll be done. He starts to finger her pussy as he sucks her clit like his mouth is a vacuum. He fingers her faster as he presses his face against her crotch harder as his other hand is still pinching her nipples.

Steph is moaning in pleasure as Dan eats her pussy. She puts her hand over his that is massaging her breasts, and her other hand on his hair. She squeezes her chunky thighs against his head hard as she bites her lip to keep from screaming.

Her body bucks in pleasure as she starts to orgasm, and juices spray all over Dan's face. She pants and moans as she shoves her crotch against his face as hard as she can.

His nose is pressed deep into her as he sucks her sexual juices down his throat. Finally after about 15 minutes of eating her cunt she's had enough.

Steph says "Okay" in a low very audible voice; it sounds like she just had the workout of a life time. She lays back and closes her eyes and says "that was amazing. Ashley never told me you were a professional muff diver." She laughed a little chuckle, and laid there naked covered in sex, and feeling better than ever.

Dan thinking he pleased her enough for the night decides to try and see if he can talk his way out of this. "Steph, why are you making me do this? I mean I am attracted to you, but I feel horrible doing this to Ashley and Matt. They don't deserve this. So how bout we just forget this whole thing ever happened for their sakes okay?" He looks at her nearly comatose, overweight body sympathetically hoping to get some pity.

Steph opens her eyes leans up and smacks Dan across the face as hard as she can; there is a loud smack sound. She stares at him with ire in her countenance "I'm your master, bitch, so call me that, and I don't care about those fools. You sure as hell better not care about them because your only purpose in life now is to pleasure me. Understand slave?"

Dan moves his head up and down with the expression of a sad puppy.

Steph says "I was going to let that be all tonight, but since that pathetic plea and you not calling me master. I'm going to make you fuck me now. So put your pathetic cock in me now, and if you say one word other than yes master I'm going to beat the shit out of you and tell Ashley everything." Steph was only going to use the blackmail too get Dan in the sack; she didn't expect to like having authority this much though. It definitely went to her head very fast.

Dan felt the worst he ever did in his life. He never felt so horrible or morally torn in his whole existence, and he didn't have time to think. So he did the only thing he could do, obey. He said "yes master" as he climbed on top of Steph and slowly shoved his cock into her soaking wet cunt.

Steph smiled a huge grin across her face as Dan's cock was moving into her eager pussy. "Yes, I've finally got your cock inside me. That bitch Ashley been hogging this meat to herself and not sharing; I'm sure she's been neglecting it. Now it's my cock though, and I don't want you fucking Ashley anymore. Unless she absolutely rapes you I don't want your cock entering her dirty cunt."

Dan said "Yes master" in his now monotone voice as he labored like a slave fucking Steph's pussy. His will is broken now. He really is her slave. He has no way of escape, and is at her beck and call for all of the foreseeable future.

Steph just laid there enjoying her slaves sexual labors in her pussy. She wanted to have his cum inside her. She said "Fuck me harder, and like you mean it. I want you to use all of your power to make me cum. But don't cum till I tell you too"

Dan obeyed and started to fuck her harder, and put his face down to her breasts. He started to suck hard on her left breast and massage her right one with his right hand. His left hand was wrapped around her leg and massaging her clit. He stayed like this fucking her for what seemed like a life time.

Steph eventually said "Cum in me Bitch! Spray your juice into me!" as her excitement reached its peak. She lifted her legs with her arms to give Dan full access to her soaking wet cunt.

Dan stood on his hands as his cock pistons in and out of her like a jack hammer. His nuts tensed up as his load which he was keeping at bay starts to flow towards the head of his cock. It sprays out and into Stephs eager cunt which the jizz flows around in like water in a toilet. Their crotches are covered in a mixture of the sexual juices and sweat. He fucked her hard until the last of his semen sprayed into Steph, and then he collapsed on top of her.

Steph lay on her back and sigh a breath of pleasure. There is a smile on her face as she says "your not done yet, lick and suck me clean. I'm waiting."

Dan broken and beaten immediately obeys his master. He moves his head to her crotch and starts to suck and lick all over. He works like a vacuum consuming all their sexual juices from her hairy crotch. He licks and sucks her pussy some, and she moans with pleasure.

Finally Steph says "Okay, your done for the night slave, but we're going to work out your schedule, chores, rules and responsibilities soon. Oh, and by the way. Tonight I want you to go fuck Ashley like you always do. I'm going to watch and see how my slave performs on other people. Also, give her one last ride before you cut her off."

Dan put on his clothes and walked into his bedroom; where he took them off again not less than 30 seconds after he put them on. He hopped in bed nude and made passionate love to Ashley. They had sex every way possible, and from a crack in the door Steph watched wearing only her tee shirt. She slowly massaged her clit watching her slave make love to her sister.

She watched them have sex before, but this time turned her on so much because she knows the only reason Dan is fucking her is because she told him too. Also Dan knows he is being watched which is kinky to Steph. Overall Steph thought her plan worked better than even she could have imagined, and she didn't realize that having authority over someone is such a turn on.

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