tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe's a Master Through Blackmail Ch. 02

She's a Master Through Blackmail Ch. 02


Dan was fast asleep as the morning came; he couldn't sleep a wink the night before. His conscious was loaded with regret and guilt, and his stomach was in knots. He woke to the feeling of cold metal on his wrists, and a metallic clicking sound.

As he opened his eyes he saw Steph handcuffing him to the bed post. His left wrist was attached as she straddled his body and looked him in the eyes. She was completely nude and her breasts were hanging in front of her like beautiful bags of fat. Dan absolutely loved big humongous breasts.

"Hi, loverboy," steph said as she smiled with glee. "Ashley left with her friend to go shopping at some mall around two hours away, she won't be back for quite awhile. So we're going to have some fun for awhile. What do you say?" She knows as well as him that he has no say in the matter, but she wants to test her slave and make sure he responds as one should.

Dan shocked, sad, and still emotionally destroyed from last night said the only thing his mind knew to say, "yes master."

His eyes were sad and he lowered them as he looked at her golden hairy bush. His cock was hard but not from horniness; he really had to go to the restroom. As he does every morning he woke up. He said in a pleading voice, "I know we will have sex, but I really need to use the bathroom first. Can I please master?"

"Since you called me master and responded so well, yes, you can go to the bathroom, but you better come right back here," Steph said as she slid off of him, and unhooked his cuff from the bed post. "Hurry back," she said with a devilish smile.

Dan drained his filled bladder, and went back into his bedroom wearing only his boxers; his cock was no longer erect. He walked back to his bed like a sad puppy and laid on the bed; he hooked his cuff back to the post.

"I must say I am very surprised and happy how well behaved your being. Very good slave; I won't forget this because I'm a kind master," Steph smirked as she straddled him again, and cuffed his other wrist to the bedpost.

"I'm new to this whole blackmail sex thing as much as you, so I figured I'm going to see just how fun it is to have a helpless man to fuck," She said as she sat next to him, and slid off his boxers. She grabbed his limp dick, and put it in her mouth sucking on it like it was a spaghetti noodle hanging out of her mouth. It twirled in her mouth till it eventually became erect, and was covered in her saliva.

"Mmmh," Dan let out accidently. Even though he was filled with regret he can't deny that he was horny for Steph, and he was enjoying this. Although, he was morally devastated a man is a man, and any guy would love to fuck his girlfriend's sister; at least, Dan, would as long as she wasn't married.

"I see your liking this, but then again what guy doesn't enjoy getting his cock sucked," Steph said as she slid her pussy down by Dan's face. She spread her legs giving Dan a full view of her slightly hairy crotch. Her finger slowly massaged her clit a couple inches from his face, and she started to give him a slow, sensual handjob. She occasionally licked and sucked his shaft, while massaging his balls.

Dan was getting extremely turned on, and eventually was eager to taste, touch or fuck her pussy. He realized she was making him want her, and it was working very well. "You're making me very horny master, oohh, mmmmh," he moaned with pleasure.

He decided last night if he acted like he wanted her (which he really did want her) she would eventually think he wanted to fuck her even without blackmail, and he this would let her not worry as much about the evidence. Once her guard was down it would be easier for him to gain the upper hand, and hopefully get out of this mess. Wasn't a great plan, but the best he could come up with since last night.

"I know, a good master makes her slave want the sex, and I told you I am a good master," Steph said as she stopped what she was doing and put her face in front of Dan's and then kissed him deeply for about 30 seconds. She pulled away and smiled at him as she straddled his face. She pressed her wet cunt against his face, and smeared it all over his face.

"Oh my God, yes, finally," was running through Dan's mind; he was ready as hell to get some of her pussy. As her pussy touched her face he shoved his tongue inside her like a probe to feel out every inch of her wet hole. After he was done twirling his tongue around her pussy he started to suck and bite at her clit. Dan let out muffled, "mmm's" and "ahh's," as he tasted her sweet juices.

Steph grabbed the headboard with both hands as she swayed her hips all over Dan's face. "OOOHH, AAAAH, Yes Dan fuck me with your tongue, YES, YESS, OHHHH, YES," she was starting to scream with pleasure as she bucked her hips and was fucking Dan's face and tongue. Steph felt the euphoric pleasure of an orgasm as her female juices came running over Dan's face. She let out a sigh and leaned her head over the headboard with her golden messy locks hanging around her face.

Dan loved to taste her orgasm juices and swallowed them like them like they were from the fountain of youth. Sucking noises were coming from his mouth as he swallowed the last of her cum. "You taste so good master," were the first thing to come out of his mouth as Steph's soaking wet pussy was lifted from his face.

"You are so good at that, I've been ate out by several guys, but never that good," She said as she straddled his face again; however, this time she was facing the other way ready for some sixty-nine. "As enthusiastically as you ate my pussy I'm sure you're going to love this," she said as she lowered her crotch back to his face, and her face to his dick. There was a harsh aroma coming from his cock, and Steph loved the smell. She immediately started to suck it, and massage his balls.

Dan wanted to fuck her so bad, but he knew that he was just a slave so he laboriously continued to eat her wet cunt. However, he was enjoying the continued attention to his cock, and he knew he was close to cumming. Eating a woman out turned him on so much that he was ready to blow before she even touched his cock. It didn't take longer than a couple minutes until his testicles constricted and he was blowing his white load into Steph's eager mouth, but she didn't swallow.

Steph lifted her head with a big smile on her face, and a mouthful of Dan's cum. She bent her mouth to his, and slowly let the jizz run out of her mouth and back into his. Dan didn't want to swallow his own cum, and thought it was disgusting and kind of gay. However, he had no choice and opened his mouth to receive his own semen back into his body.

Steph lifted her head up and looked Dan into the eyes. "You're doing great today I'm very impressed. I'm going to go use the bathroom and grab a bite to eat. You just stay put," Steph said the rather corny joke, and got up nude and left. Dan had just finished swallowing his cum.

Dan laid there for around 15 to 20 minutes or so getting very annoyed being cuffed to the bed. The sex is great, but this is really pissing him off. He wasn't stupid, and he knew Steph was trying to make him mad so she could put him in his place. However, he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. He would wait until he could get all the evidence, and find a way out of this predicament. Even though, he absolutely loved the sex, and enjoyed the taboo and dominating aspect of this situation. He knows it is wrong, and he loves Ashley. So he will play it cool, and be her sex slave until he could turn the tables.

Steph walked in the room after eating and drinking some stuff in the kitchen and used the restroom. "Sorry to keep you waiting," she smirked, "However, I knew I would need to give your little slave cock time to recover before going again." She started laughing and slid onto the bed. To get his cock hard again she started to massage his balls and limp dick. Once it started to get hard she stroked it until it was fully erect. Once it was hard as rock she slid her still wet pussy onto the erect shaft.

Dan didn't like the comment, but just smiled and played along. He was mad about waiting, but once his cock was hard again he was eager for her pussy to envelop his cock. Once her lips started to slide down his shaft he felt his body twitch as he let out a moan. His body was perfectly still as her chunky body was bouncing and jiggling; her breasts bounced as beautifully as her crotch slammed into Dan's.

Steph loved the feeling of his hot hard rod in her body, and bent over so her giant breasts were lying on Dan's face. "Suck them bitch, suck my nipples hard," she demanded as she placed her nipple perfectly in Dan's mouth.

Dan sucked as hard as he could on her protruding, pink nipple and started to move his hips in rhythm with her. When she came down on him he would lift his crotch and shove his penis as deep into her as it would go. He continued to suck on her breast like he was a hungry baby for milk.

Steph leaned up and continued riding him. She looked over and a giant smile spread across her face as she spotted Ashley's dirty panties lying on the bed. She picked them up and took a big whiff from the crotch of them. "They are nice and smelly for you, I hope you like them," she said as she shoved the dirty white cotton panties into Dan's mouth.

Dan was grossed out by having these dirty panties shoved into his mouth and gagged on them. He really got the impression that she doesn't want him to enjoy this. The more he likes it the more she tries to piss him off, but Dan knew it would only make her happy to get mad so he just took it. In fact, he acted like he enjoyed it. He plastered a big smile on his face, and started to suck on the panties; he even started to fuck her harder. Soon he was slamming his pelvis into her crotch so hard he thought he would hurt himself, she is a big girl after all.

Steph was lost in the pleasure coming from her crotch, and was starting spray her juices all over Dan's cock. "Yes, keep fucking me, spray your little boys inside me," she said as she placed both her hands on his shoulders and rode him like a bull. Her hips were slamming into him so hard and fast she though she cracked his pelvis.

Dan couldn't hold back any longer, once he felt her juice cover his cock his load was already climbing out his shaft and headed for Steph's dirty cunt. He lay back with his eyes closed and bucking his hips into hers as his load sprayed deep into her pink pussy. He could feel his juices mix with hers as they made a cocktail of their cum, and it started to run out and cover both there pubes.

Steph sighed and layed on top of Dan as she let his cock finish spraying the last of his semen into her, and started to kiss and bite his neck as her breasts were pressed hard against his chest. "That was amazing, now it's time to clean up," she said.

When Dan's cock was limp inside her after spraying its entire payload, she slid off of it and placed her dripping, dirty, doused cunt on his face. "Suck me clean, you know how to do it," steph demanded as she stared straight down and watched him suck both their juices out of her pussy.

Dan didn't mind cleaning her off, for some reason it turned him on. He loved to eat pussy, and this was no different. Even though he didn't like to eat his cum when it is rolling out of her gleaming pussy lips it tasted so good. He sucked her clean, and she was horny again from his efforts. However, she lifted off him and stood next to the bed.

"Well, I guess it's time to release you," she said as she unhooked his handcuffs from the posts and his wrists. "Let's go get a shower, you start it I'm going to run and grab something." She left the room and went to her purse.

Dan felt his wrists which were a little sore from pulling on the cuffs when he was twitching with pleasure. He stood up and went in the bathroom. The shower started and he sits on the toilet nude feeling sexually satisfied, but still morally devastated.

Steph went to her purse and dropped the handcuffs in, but pulled out a little bottle. She walked back into the bathroom, and seen Dan sitting on the toilet. "Well get in," she said as she hid the bottle behind her. Steph watched Dan climb in the shower with his cock and balls hanging between his legs. A sinister smile came across her face as she looked at his pale ass as he closed the shower curtain. She climbed in behind him, and he was already shampooing his hair.

When he was done Steph took the bottle which read "Anal Lube" across the front and squirted some on her finger. She sat the bottle down, and with her other hand gave him a reach around. As his cock was starting to get erect her lube covered finger slid onto his ass crack. His body twitched as she tried to shove her finger up his tight asshole, but he moved away at just the last minute.

"What the hell are you trying to do," Dan shouted as he turned around to face Steph whose soaking wet hair hanged in her face and she had a big grin on her face. Dan wanted to play it cool, but he was not going to let this happen. "Fuck this," Dan said in a tough manly voice, "I'm done. There is no way in hell you are shoving anything up my ass."

Steph pulled her hand back and punched him in the jaw as hard as any man would. He fell back and caught himself from falling. She then started to remind Dan of his role now in a very stern calm voice,"I knew I would eventually get you to resist and get pissed. You are my bitch now my finger is going up your ass or not only will I beat the fuck out of you. I'll show Ashley the pictures and tell her you tried to fuck me this morning. You have no say about anything, I am your master and you are my property. Now do what I tell you."

Dan stood there looking at her, and hating her fucking guts. He enjoyed the sex until now, but this is fucking way too far. However, he was trapped there was nothing he could do. "I might be under your control, but I will find a way to get back at you. Fucking Bitch," Dan said in his normal voice. He knew there was nothing that could be done. He turned around and placed his hands on the side of the shower.

"I would slap you for calling me a bitch, but I think this is going to be enough painful enough. Besides I know how you guys like to keep your asshole virginity, but think about how many other guys lost it in the shower. However, instead of having a girl's finger they have a guys cock going up there. You should consider yourself lucky," Steph said as she started to laugh hysterically, but what she said wasn't a joke it was true. Dan realized this and it helped to calm his rage as she lubed her finger up again. "Now it might hurt at first, but anal is the best orgasm a guy can have. So I know you will end up enjoying this."

Dan sat there listening to her talk, but feeling nauseas from all that has happened. Eventually he felt her finger rest against his asshole, and slowly slide in. It wasn't in far enough to hurt yet, when she started using her other hand for a reach around. She slowly stroked his wet, soggy cock, as her finger slid slowly deeper into his tight asshole. Dan shuddered in pain as her finger was deep in his ass, but as she stroked his cock and let the finger sat there he was getting very aroused. Her finger slowly started to rub his G-spot and her strokes on his cock became faster.

"MMMH," Dan whimpered. "Fuck I can't believe I'm enjoying this," he thought, "I feel pain but that just makes it even more pleasurable."

"I knew you would like it," Steph said with a smirk. The finger started to pull out, and then she was slowly moving it in and out of his asshole. "You are a little faggot bitch who likes it up the ass. I'm your master I know what you like and don't little, lover-boy." Her finger was moving in and out of his ass faster and faster.

Dan couldn't believe the pleasure that was running through his body. It was a massive feeling of euphoria. "I'm cumm, cumm, umm, iin, iiing" Dan said in broken spurts of words as his body was twitching crazily as a massive load started to spray out of his cock. When it was done he sat on the bottom of the tub, and put his head between knees and sat there.

Steph said, "Don't feel guilty for liking that, there isn't a guy in the world who wouldn't cum with a woman rubbing his G-spot." Steph finished showering as Dan sat motionless with water running off him. She got out and toweled off. As she stood there nude she said, "I'm leaving now, but I'm going to need you to do something very important tonight. Meet me at the address that I'm going to leave sitting on your table, at 9:00 tonight. If you are late or don't show up you will have hell to pay, and that is a fucking fact." When she was done talking she walked out of the bathroom, and got dressed. She wrote the address on a post-it note and stuck it to the table. "Bye, little slave, see you later, and don't be late; oh by the way, just tell Ashley that you got that bruise from falling down drunk last night," Steph said as her final comments, and then she walked out closing the door behind her.

Dan sat in the shower with water running over him for another hour. His life felt like it was over. He tried to gain some power or some kind of edge over her, but there was none to be had. On top of that he needs to see her again tonight. "What the fuck am I going to do" he thought as he finally gained the strength and self-respect back to stand up dry off. He felt like a pussy child being humiliated by that bitch. He will find away to regain his manhood, even if it kills him.

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