tagGroup SexShe's a Wild One

She's a Wild One


The following madcap group sex fantasy was posted in conjunction with the April Fools 2019 contest.


It was a phrase that Chris first started hearing the moment he had started to date Brielle. "She's a wild one." Even now, on the verge of their wedding, he still occasionally encountered this response when meeting someone who had known his fiancée during her college years.

Upon receiving his introduction, they would reply, "Oh-- Brielle!" A moment of silence would follow. Then some variation of "She's a wild one!" would escape their lips while curling into a sly grin, as if they were privy to some indecent knowledge of her past life that he was not.

Chris had long since asked Brielle about it. She'd laughed it off and blamed it on an "experimental phase" that she implied was no different than what a lot of people go through when they become independent and a little wild for the first time in college. "But that's over now," she had added. "Mostly..." Brielle had winked at him when adding the last word as if to suggest that maybe they might explore their kinky sides together.

Truthfully, it didn't bother Chris at all. He'd long been envious of people who were able to break out of their shells more than he ever had. He reasoned, "Why shouldn't I be able to attract someone sexually adventurous?" Secretly, he had hoped it might rub off on him.

In fact, Brielle was enchanted by Chris' shyness and comparative inexperience with his sex life. She soon relished any opportunity to draw out his secret kinky side in the bedroom. It was part of what made their relationship work. She immensely enjoyed dragging him into the "dark side" as she called it and, frankly, he didn't mind. Their relationship was the most thrilling one he'd ever had. She was his fantasy girlfriend, turned real.

It was no surprise, then, that Brielle enjoyed joking about the potential of his upcoming bachelor party. It was as if she wanted to give him license for one last hurrah. "He's a wild one!" Chris imagined people saying of him, just like they had said of Brielle. However, this was the briefest of fantasies, before he returned to his usual introverted demeanor and dismissed any such ideas as a world unfortunately not meant for him.

If anyone was destined to disagree, anyone who could make his bachelor party as raunchy as possible just to embarrass him, it was Chris' childhood friend, Mike Scanlan.


"What's uuuuup!" Mike exclaimed upon seeing Chris enter La Casa de Los Tacos. He jumped out of his seat, swung his hand through the air to connect with Chris' and then gave him a chest bump. "We just crushed some Tecates and then Marisol ordered a margarita. What do you want? Another round of cervezas?" Chris nodded and watched Mike spin around to search for the waitress, then sat across from Marisol and smiled.

"Hey man!" she exclaimed. The waitress arrived to briefly take Mike's order.

"How's it goin'? This looks like a fun party!" Chris replied.

Marisol laughed. "It's always a party when queso is involved!" She took a chip and gave it a swipe through a bowl of yellow cheese flecked with bits of green and red.

"Speaking of parties, are you ready for your fucking bachelor party?!" Mike exclaimed.

Chris threw his arms up. "I told you, I don't need a real bachelor party. No stripper or anything. Just throw something together with drinks and food. You can invite Marisol and everyone else."

Mike groans. "Loosen up, dude. The stripper wouldn't just be for you." He started grinding the table jokingly as if to indicate what he was looking forward to doing to her. Marisol giggled.

"I'm serious, I don't need that. I'd be fine just hanging out," Chris chuckled.

Marisol pulled away from the icy, neon green drink she held to her lips. "This is Mike you're talking about. Do you seriously think he's gonna pass up an opportunity to hire a stripper and pretend as if he's gonna get some?" Chris smirked at her. She turned to Mike. "And if you do get a stripper, don't forget it's Chris' special day. Don't hog all the T 'n A for yourself." She winked at Chris as if to emphasize the good deed she just did for him.

Chris felt himself turning a mildly reddish hue. He still wasn't wholly against the idea, especially since Brielle truly didn't seem to care. He just found it intimidating and embarrassing to think about having an erotic encounter in front of his closest friends.

"Look at him, he's already turning red!" Marisol laughed. "You're so cute when you're bashful," she joked. Marisol took another sip of her drink and eyed him seductively.

It reminded Chris of the time she had dragged him to a store on spring break after freshman year at state college to buy a new bathing suit. She'd teased him the same way, clearly being a source of delicious amusement for her.

He remembered it vividly:

Marisol and Chris had popped into the swimsuit store along the shopping strip near the beach the moment it opened while their friends were still getting breakfast. He had observed that it was clearly designed for tourists, as was the whole main drag, catering to eighteen-to-twenty-somethings escaping with their college friends to enjoy the warm tropical breezes of a Mexican resort and copious amounts of irresponsible drinking.

Needless to say, he was looking forward to the same.

Marisol flipped through bathing suit after bathing suit. Each time, she held it up to her body and studied his face, saying things like, "How does this one look?" or "Is this one hot?" Chris felt a touch of shyness watching her act like she was taking on and off each bathing suit in front of him.

Soon she dragged him to the fitting room, which was little more than a tight, sectioned off space with a ratty curtain pulled across it. She slipped inside, carrying a selection that she was excited to try on. While she changed, Chris' attention wandered over to a couple that arrived to use the adjacent fitting room. He could instantly tell they were an item, the way they fawned all over each other in an obvious manner.

Chris observed the boyfriend out of the corner of his eye. After a few moments, the man opened the curtain slightly and peeked inside. Chris heard the girlfriend gasp. She peeked out and glared at her boyfriend for the stunt he had just pulled. "There are other people here!" she said.

"So?" he replied.

"So... you're the only one that gets to see me changing... But not right now." She smirked, cast an embarrassed look at Chris, and yanked the curtain shut again, making a loud grating noise in her boyfriend's face. He grinned with pride and turned to catch Chris' expression but Chris quickly looked away.

Marisol peeked through the curtain and thrust out the swimsuit she had just tried. "I don't like how this one looks. Can you hand me that red one I just had?" Chris accepted the swimsuit and nodded. He wondered if she was standing there naked inside that little space for changing. As he grabbed the item from her, he took several looks at the slit of the partly opened curtain but there was just no way that he could see anything.

Moments later, he returned with the red swimsuit she had requested. Chris took a wide swing around a rack to return at an angle that might give him a split second to see inside the fitting room. For a moment, he thought he saw the reflection of her bare bottom in the mirror opposite the curtain but the glimpse was so fleeting that it did nothing but leave him even more curious and frustrated than before.

Marisol took the swimsuit from his hand and said, "Okay, one sec." He listened to the shuffling inside, trying to picture in his head the way the stretchy fabric was gliding up over the warm bronze landscape of her body, the way it might be sliding over her nipples to tightly contain her breasts.

He found himself suddenly distracted when the girl in the next changing room finally came out. She giggled when her boyfriend reached around and squeezed her butt from behind. Chris was both disgusted and jealous at the same time. She swatted her boyfriend's hand away and gave Chris another embarrassed look, but it seemed obvious that they were both titillated by his presence. He wanted to pretend Marisol was his girlfriend, even if he couldn't put on the same show in front of that couple.

Marisol finally emerged with her suit on. "How does it look? she asked. He gave her a look up and down. Chris noticed immediately how rigid and pointy her nipples were, pushing back against the thin fabric. The faintest glimpse of a camel toe could be seen. He decided not to tell her but took as curious a look as he could without giving himself away.

"It looks great," is all he could muster, followed by an awkward silence. Their eyes briefly met in that wordless space. He panicked, realizing that she might have just understood that she turned him on.

"Oh yeah?" she finally replied, cracking a smile. "You like my sexy bod?" She took a sarcastic spin in a circle, showing off her goods, briefly flashing her butt which wobbled cheerfully despite being cinched tightly into the swimsuit that clung to her body.

"Yeah! Hot damn!" he laughed, hoping to distract from his obvious arousal with a comic display of amusement. She laughed.

"Too Baywatch?"


"This one's expensive though..." she mumbled, eying him as if wanting Chris to justify the purchase she was about to make. He knew what she wanted from him at that moment, so he reassured her about all the years of usage she would get out of it. Marisol appeared satisfied and began to back into the fitting room again. "It's too bad there isn't just a nude beach nearby, 'cuz it would save me a lot of money," she mumbled, without expression.

Chris was taken aback. "Wow! I've never been to one. Do you really go to those?"

As Marisol reached for the curtain, she paused abruptly and gave him a look of amused surprise. "Don't get too excited, there! I was just kidding!"

Chris felt himself looking embarrassed and gullible in front of her. She closed the curtain slowly. The look she gave him lingered on his face as long as it possibly could have. She seemed wickedly pleased with herself for the manner in which she had just tripped him up.

He remembered that look perfectly. It was burned into his retinas.

"Uh, Chris?" he heard Marisol say. He snapped back to the present, finding a beer and a taco suddenly sitting in front of him.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"Anyway, as I was saying," Mike said, "You guys totally should have come. That was the best day of our entire spring break." Chris was surprised to hear that they were reminiscing about the same trip he had just recalled. "Blake and I snuck into this weird Mexican titty bar while you guys were still out shopping or something."

Chris began to inexplicably panic that they had just heard his private thoughts, a nervous reaction he always had when he was feeling guilty about where his mind had wandered.

"That was just in the morning!" Marisol chirped. "Later, we had an awesome time on the beach. Besides, what do I need to go to a Mexican titty bar for? I'm half-Mexican. I can check out Mexican tits in the mirror every morning when I shower." She snorted at her own joke.

"Yeah, well you could have saved me the trip if you weren't being so selfish with 'em!" Mike exclaimed. They all laughed.

"Yeah right. Like I totally need to be ogled by another thirsty gringo," she snickered. Marisol turned to Chris. "Well, maybe Chris, if he weren't getting married." She batted her eyelashes at him with a comic playfulness.

Chris smiled at Marisol. Secretly, he wondered if there had ever been any real attraction there. She sucked cutely on her straw while watching his eyes until it crackled and hissed with the sound of completion.

"Ah, fuck," she said, glancing down at the glass with a pout. "Well, the margarita talk has been fun, but I gotta go."

"So soon?" asked Chris.

"Yeah..." she sighed, pulling out a wad of bills to pitch in for the drinks. "I gotta run home and then I work later."

"All right."

"But count me in on that whole bachelor party thing-- stripper or not!" With a grin, she shuffled quickly past the table and headed out onto the street.


"Pwahahahaha!" Brielle exclaimed, launching into a laughing fit. "You think Mike is gonna listen to you?" Chris chuckled. They'd been talking about mundane wedding planning details for a while until they took a break and the topic of his upcoming bachelor party came up. "Or are you just telling me this so that you're off the hook for whatever you really planned with him?" A devilish grin suddenly appeared on her face.

"No really, I told him no strippers!"

"Listen, whatever you don't want me to know about, that's fine. I want you to have that one last hurrah. I would have said, 'As long as it's nothing I wouldn't do,' but that's not saying much!" Chris laughed. "All that matters is that you walk down that aisle with me a month from now, okay?"

"Okay," Chris said, resigned to the fact that it was a losing battle. Instead, he decided to have a little fun. No matter what he did or said to Brielle, she was impervious to his teasing but it always resulted in some fun, sexy banter between them. "So let's see. What if things get a little rowdy and a policewoman shows up to tell us to turn down the music," he mused.

"I'm listening..." Brielle said, resting her chin in her hands.

"Only, she decides I need to be taught a lesson..." he added with a grin.

"Oooh. Well, I think you'd deserve it then. You've been a bad boy, after all..."

"Hmm, okay... Say she wants to handcuff me and demonstrate how well she knows her way around a nightstick?"

Brielle snickered, "Well, good for her. Then she's also got you booked on indecent exposure!"

"You really don't care what goes on?" Chris laughed.


"What if the whole thing erupts into a wild orgy?"

Brielle rolled her eyes and got up from the kitchen table for a glass of water. She leaned over the sink in a suggestive manner, sticking out her rear end in an exaggerated way. "Well, look. This is my last chance to step aside and let you break you out of your shell," she said, glancing back at him with a playful wink. "If I can't do that, how can I expect us to ever meet some other kinky couples to play with?"

She took a long sip of water and strolled casually out of the room. The lingering grin on her face suggested just how satisfied she was with her ability to tease Chris. He rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Very funny," he mumbled.

Dismissing her joke, Chris returned to his real apprehension. To the same degree that Brielle seemed entirely unconcerned about any last minute sexual escapades, he remained full of worry about the potential awkward way it might play out with Mike involved, in front of all his friends.


When the day arrived, Chris felt mildly anxious in a way that he didn't want to feel toward hanging out with the old gang. He drove out to Mike's house early. Within seconds of his arrival, he had a beer in his hand and the gauntlet had been thrown down for a marathon video game challenge. It was Mike's favorite activity. Chris liked having at least one friend who would never really grow up. Whenever he needed an escape from the pressures of life, Mike was always there to remind him not to take everything so seriously.

After several rounds, the doorbell rang and it was clear that company would start arriving. Mike paused the game and pulled himself up off the floor where they had positioned themselves in front of the large screen tv. Moments later, Chris heard Marisol's voice in the foyer. She strolled into the room with Mike, then ran over to Chris and gave him a big bear hug.

"Is it sinking in yet that you're getting married?!" she exclaimed.

"If it hadn't yet, I think you just squeezed it into me," Chris joked as Marisol released the tight grip she had on his body.

When Chris looked back up at the screen, Mike's character came out of nowhere and blew him away. "Dammit, that was my last life," Chris said.

"Oops, looks like it's my turn then," said Marisol, snatching the controller from him.

The doorbell rang again and Chris hopped to his feet to greet the new arrivals. As soon as Chris opened the door, Kat thrust a bag into his chest. He heard the clatter of beer bottles. "Time to get druuuuunk," she exclaimed in a mocking "bro" voice. She waltzed past him and entered the foyer.

Blake came up behind her. He was always the best-dressed of the group, wearing a bespoke suit and flashing his expensive watch. He worked at a local bank branch as a credit analyst and liked to milk his position for all it was worth.

"What's up!" Blake said. Their palms slapped together. "I heard you refused the stripper, so I've nominated Kat to fill that spot."

Behind him, Chris heard Kat laughing. "Whatever. After enough tequila shots, anything goes," she joked.

Chris closed the door and turned to watch them taking off their shoes. Kat was wearing one of her typical tight-fitting t-shirt that accentuated her breasts. The reason was obvious. It had been long-established common knowledge that Kat had the most gorgeous, perfect pair of breasts ever crafted. They had literally been a constant topic of discussion at school growing up. Her chest was the measure by which all others were compared, even if few people Chris knew actually got a chance to see them.

Chris' judgment was no different. They were sensational: A perfect plumpness. Slope. Movement. Even the hint of her nipples that she liked to show off for attention suggested that something magical blossomed beneath.

"Cat got your tongue?" she asked, glancing up to call out his quiet observation. This was her favorite pun, on account of her name, and she often used it to make him self-conscious.

"Just imagining what your pole dance routine would be like," Chris shot back with a smirk. She grinned at him.

"You'd actually make a great stripper," said Blake as they walked into the living room. Mike was still hammering away at his video game controller, almost oblivious to their presence. Marisol was aggressively tapping buttons trying to fire a massive rocket launcher at Mike's head.

"Um... okay? Why do you say that?" Kat replied, fishing a beer out of the bag she'd handed Chris.

"I mean, you're a yoga instructor. That must give you mad stripper moves," he laughed.

Kat snickered, "Ha, maybe. I'm more in it for the hot men and great sex."

"I'm glad I know you well enough to know that you're not kidding."

"And yet you've never come to my class! I thought you liked yoga girls," she said with a teasing grin.

"Yeah... but I eat way too many double cheeseburgers to not make an ass out of myself there," Blake sighed.

"Aww... yeah, just look at what happened when Chris tried it," Kat said with a twinkle in her eye. She turned to Chris and added, "Right? I remember you found it really, really... hard." Chris stared back at her, receiving her knowing look with caution. However, there was no evidence that she'd ever told anyone about that little incident. Rather, she held it close to her chest as if she might need it one day to threaten a favor out of him.

It happened just two years ago:

In a moment of self-deprecation, Chris passively mentioned how much extra weight he had gained over the holidays. He admitted his desire to make exercise a New Year's resolution. Kat cheerfully piped up, offering him a discount on one of her classes. Chris had gone to yoga a few times before, years earlier, but found it hard to keep up. He wondered if having a friend as the teacher would make it a better experience this time.

"Sure, I'd give it a shot," he said enthusiastically.

That weekend he went downtown to the studio for a morning class. What struck him immediately was the startling assembly of attractive young women that gravitated to the class. Their bodies were varied but they all had a desirability about them that he decided seemed perfectly uniform for the type of girl that got up early on the weekends to work up a sweat. He felt mildly intimidated. They all appeared to know one another, chatting excitedly, casting sideways glances at the new guy whom they did not recognize, peeling off layers of clothing until their bodies bloomed under tight-fitting stretchy material.

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