She's All That


Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


"Hey man, you ever see that movie "She's All that?"

"You are talking about that fucking piece of shit with Freddie Prinze Junior right?"


"What are you talking about man, you going all metro on me or something?"

"Fuck you; check out Malaya over there." My gaze wandered over to a lunch table near the window where the resident class nerd sat with her face buried in a thick text book with a bag lunch at her side on the bench. Usually someone would snatch the bag and fling it out the window if she didn't watch it closely.

"Yeah so?"

"You think that she could be trained to be, you know-like hot?"


"You think you could like do the "My Fair Lady Thing" with Malaya Padilla?" John seemed to be on some dumb shit this afternoon and I was a little intrigued.

"What's up with you man; you seem really intrigued by this girl so what the fuck are you on about?" John didn't get much action because he had the unfortunate luck of looking too much like his scrub of a father. Some of our classmates often remarked that he resembled a middle aged man with his off kilter posture. He didn't get much action other than an odd incident with a cousin a year ago.

"Man the other day when everybody was filing out of the front door to get to the homecoming game, I was caught in the crowd and mashed up against Malaya and well, she had this really nice ass." He shrugged his shoulders to emphasize his point. I prodded him to continue by shrugging my shoulders as well.

"I'm not saying that I groped her, I'm just saying that she has a really nice bubble back there." I responded by laughing in his face so much so that he was rattled and stalked off before I could apologize. I checked my phone messages and boned up on my cramming for exams, but my eyes wandered across the cafeteria to Malaya. She was a midyear transfer and had quickly shot to the head of the class with her laser-like focus on studying. At first glance she really didn't look like much with her thick horn-rimmed glasses and button nose. She had really large plump lips for a Filipina and she always kept her hair in two ponytails with pronounced bangs in the front. Yeah, she seemed kind of cute in her own way. She always wore baggy clothing and a lot of vests over long sleeved men's shirts. There was legitimacy to John's story because you would have to probably grope her to get any sense of her body. She was completely bundled up and I found myself intrigued as well.

"Hey, how's it going Malaya?" I felt like I had an inside track with the girls being on the baseball team and all. Everybody knows that girls love jocks and I was pretty popular around the school. I stood there in front of her table wearing my letterman jacket and my award winning smile. She didn't even look up and sat there reading a thick text book and eating a plastic container of something that looked like humus. I waited a good five minutes before coughing to let her know I was standing in front of her waiting to talk.

"Yeah, what do you want?" She spoke in a strange monotone voice that was nearly robotic in nature.

"I just wanted to know how it's going." I reiterated underlining my statement with my award winning smile once more. She didn't respond turning her attention back to her text book and thrusting me into virgin territory. I wasn't used to being treated so dismissively.

"Are you always this rude?"

"Pretty much monkey boy; especially since I don't' know you from Cain and you've never even looked at me sideways before." She thumbed through a few pages taking a sip from a container of water. I noticed that she only ate her own food from home and figured it was an ethnic thing.

"Well I'm looking at you now and what's the harm in a friendly greeting?" Upon hearing this, Malaya closed her book looking up at me and pushing her thick glasses up on her nose.

"Friendly huh?" She quickly packed her things into her backpack and stood offering her hand. It was an odd business like gesture that through me socially off balance. I was used to having an easy time with girls and Malaya was starting to become work.

"Hey uh, I heard you offer tutoring for calculus. Think you could help me out?" I was actually quite good at the subject, but I wanted to crack her icy shell and decided to appeal to her intelligence.

"You-want my help?" She sounded like she didn't believe me as I shrugged wordlessly answering her question.

"That's gonna cost you and I don't come cheap jock boy." She slung her backpack over her shoulder and walked away without another word. My eyes were drawn to her but completely covered in a knee length grey skirt. I could make out the subtle sway of her cheeks which prompted me to follow her. Malaya was a quick walker and I found myself working to keep her in sight and look inconspicuous to my fellow classmates. I was stopped a couple of times by a few associates and this skinny blonde chick named Angela. She had the hots for me, but I wasn't interested in the anorexic Miley Cyrus type. I liked some meat on my women preferring big tits or curvy butts. It was even better if the chick I was hooking up with had both.

I noticed Malaya ducking into the library and chuckled to myself that I shouldn't have been surprised by her destination. She was presenting me with quite a challenge even if I didn't know what the nature of said challenge was at the moment. As I entered the two story building I didn't see her right away and barely caught a glimpse of her heading upstairs to the stacks. By the time I'd half run upstairs she'd lost herself amongst the identical rows of books. I felt my pulse quicken not fully understanding why as I traversed the narrow walkway between the library walls.

"Stalking me already?" I found Malaya leaning against a shelf near the back of the library staring at me as I outed myself looking for her. She had me dead to rights because there was no way I could deny that I was looking for her.

"You forgot to tell me how much?" I hated myself but I sounded nervous and my words sounded like the lie they were.

"What are you talking about?"

"Tutoring, you mentioned that your services don't come cheap. So I'm just trying to get the price straight Malaya." Try as I might, I couldn't stop sounding like a babbling idiot and I felt awkward under her gaze. It felt like she was evaluating me somehow.

"Shut up and follow me monkey boy." She nodded towards the back of the aisle she was standing in and I followed her watching the easy sway as my heart beat raced. There was a large window at the end of the aisle that was frosted over with paint and two sets of bars adorning the window frame. She grabbed my forearm and positioned me in front of the window this sort of sly half-smile.

"Turn around." She actually twirled her finger motioning for me to face the frosted window. The aisle was partially lit by sunlight filtering in through the window and I could barely hear some of the other students milling about one story below in the courtyard. I looked over my shoulder to find her obviously looking at my butt while she chewed on one of the arms of her horn-rimmed glasses.

"Alright, let's see it monkey boy." She actually was kind of cute with a roundish face that complemented her exotic features. From the way she intermittently squinted you could kind of tell that she wore glasses for most of her life.

"See what?" She giggled at my apparent ignorance and gestured with her glasses towards my crotch.

"Are you really that dense?" Her little insults were starting to rub me the wrong way and I figure I'd get a point for the boy's side when I didn't hesitate as I freed my nine inch cock from my jeans. Most girls freaked when they saw it fully erect and a couple had even tapped out on me during intercourse. Yeah Malaya would be blown away by my impressive meat.

As I stood there with a twitching snake between my legs hovering mid-thigh, Malaya simply smirked.

"Do I measure up or what?" I was irritated at her continued indifference and she was definitely starting t bruise my ego quite a bit. She ignored me and reached down handling my member which rested in the palm of her small hand. My pulse raced as she softly closed her fingers around me and began stroking.

"Length and girth, mildly impressive and partially interesting; I wonder if you have stamina as well? She punctuated this assessment by sticking two fingers in her mouth and applied them to the head of my cock. Malaya began to use both hands on me while looking over her shoulder every so often to make sure we were alone. She had her fingers locked tightly around the base of my cock just above my balls while her other hand slid quickly up and down the length of my shaft.

"Fuck that feels incredible Malaya."

"Really; I see that you're easily impressed meat jockey. Let's see if I can raise my rating even further." She suddenly began stroking for all she was worth and I could feel the cum churning in my balls ready to explode. She seemed to sense what was happening and immediately snatched her hands away from my cock. My dick was sticking straight out from my body as she folded her arms across her chest and smirked.

"Come on." I prodded almost pleaded with her to finish what she started as she cleaned her glasses with the helm of her shirt. She was unnaturally calm and collected as she eyeballed me giving no indication of what she would do next. I started to lose my erection a little bit when she took her glasses off and placed them on my face. She was extremely near sighted judging from my view through her specks. In a moment she'd engulfed the head of my cock between her plump lips rolling her tongue over the tip and collecting my precum. I gasped as one of her hands cupped my balls and began kneading them.

"That feels REAL GOOD Malaya." I tried to sound encouraging but my voice began to crack under her experienced blowjob. My words seemed to be rewarded as she began to bury the rest of me in her mouth until she was nose to my hairy crotch. I looked down through her lenses to find Malaya staring deep into my eyes as she slowly drew her head back disengaging my cock from her mouth and leaving a sticky web of saliva hanging between the head of my member and her lips. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and rolled my jeans down mid-thigh. She snapped her fingers at me indicating without word that she wanted me to lie on my back. I watched as she shimmed and worked her panties down her thighs until I saw her underwear in a corona around her Birkenstock shoes. She stepped out of the underwear and quickly walked down to the end of the aisle to check if the coast was clear sticking her head out into the main walkway.

"I can't believe this is happening." Less than thirty minutes ago I was listening to my friend crush on this nerdy girl and now I was about to get laid with this very same person.

"Shut up idiot." She half-whispered as she walked back hiking up her skirt and revealing very shapely tan legs encased in knee high socks. The skirt still covered her sex as she positioned herself over my crotch looking down at me with the same partially disinterested expression. At the last moment she turned facing the narrow walkway and lowered herself towards my cock. She roughly handled my member pressing it against her sex causing me to gasp as the heat from her cunt engulfed me. She slowly buried my large cock deep into her cunt and I noticed that she was in a squatting position.

Malaya began bouncing on my member really hard and the slapping sound f her ass on my pelvis was the only noise in the library. She would bounce for a few minutes and then grind and twerk her hips manipulating my joint inside her extremely tight cunt. The skirt still obscured her much talked about ass and I lifted the back of it up getting a view that my nerdy friend John would have killed for. She did have a really beautiful butt with prominent tan lines from her panties that seemed to enhance the experience I was currently having. Each oval shaped cheek seemed to be independent of the other and her brown eye was clearly visible. She reached back slapping my hands away and lowering her dress.

"What gives; I can't see nothing on you but you get to check out my package?" I couldn't help but complain.

"You're getting some pussy; isn't that enough bitch boy?" She was sweating a little bit and I could feel her walls tightening up on me so much it was nearly painful. Malaya was going to cum soon and she would be mine. Girls had always fallen hard for me after getting a taste of the cock. She would be no different and I would probably fuck her until I got tired of her shit or someone else caught my eye.

"I know but it would be kind of nice to see some flesh don't you think?" She suddenly seized up around me and began trembling and breathing very hard as she experienced an orgasm. I noticed that she was mauling one of her boobs as she came hard on my dick.

"FFFFF-FUCK I, AAAAWWWW Shit!!" Malaya shuddered and jerked around on top of me for a few moments until she regained her composure. She quickly stood and started pulling her panties up her thighs under her skirt and readjusting her clothing.

I still hadn't cum yet.

"Hey, what's going on Malaya?" She shushed me with a single finger to her juicy lips as she picked up her backpack. I watched her take a few steps backward with her finger still on her lips.

"I heard something; I'm gonna go check it out monkey boy. You-STAY H-E-R-E understand? STAY!!" She was gone in an instant and like some doofus, I lay there bare assed on the carpet with my junk out until I realized she'd ditched me.

"Fucking bitch." I face palmed and fell backward cursing this nerdy girl who'd just got away with using me like a sex toy. Not wanting to be left out completely in the cold, I began stroking my cock. I'll be damned if I wasn't going to cum today. My self-manipulation didn't last long as I was interrupted by a screaming female student.

I ended up in the principal's office until my coach came to pick me up and paddled my ass raw in front of my other teammates for in his words "Not being a team player."

"Malaya Padilla is a got-damn bitch." Ran through my mind the whole time I was being paddled and I knew it wasn't over because I'll be damned, but I was gonna fuck the hell out of that self-absorbed, arrogant nerdy cunt. be continued.

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