tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe's All That Ch. 05

She's All That Ch. 05


Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


I was compromised and Malaya had me by the balls. I had been caught watching her hook up with my friend John and she definitely knew my nose was open. I also felt like a shameless degenerate for watching the couple in the midst of a sexual romp. I managed to silently leave the library afraid to take another look in the private study room even though there was something inside me that wanted...more. I managed to make it through the rest of my day without incident but what I'd seen haunted my thoughts without end. I'd awoken in the middle of the night jerking off at least five times to the mental image of Malaya going to town on my friend's cock. I felt like a complete asshole and I realized that during my encounters with the Filipina nerd, she had actually given me...nothing.

I decided to avoid my friend John and Malaya until I could find a way to deal with the shame of having spied on them. My buddy made it easy by being scarce the last few days of the week and I began to get a yearning to find out what was going on calling his house a couple of times after getting no response from his cell phone. Whenever someone did answer at his house all I would get was "He's out on a date with his girlfriend Malaya" and that shit got tired after a while. I had practice for a game on Saturday and my play suffered a bit. Coach had been all over me and told me that I'd end up on the second string if I didn't get it together.

Later that night while I was cramming for finals, I finally got that phone call from John.

"Hey buddy; how you doing?" He sounded like he had just woken up or was intoxicated. John even added a yawn for emphasis.

"I'm good; dude you've been ghost on me lately. What's up with that bro?" I was annoyed when he yawned again and I heard some sheets ruffling signaling that he was actually in bed.

"Sorry man; but it finally happened."

"What are you talking about?"

"Malaya... it finally happened man." I knew exactly what he was talking about and a mixed feeling of dread and curiosity overtook me. I had been kind of thirsting lately for anything on my friend's girlfriend and John didn't disappoint. "Congratulations John; how's it feel to be legitimate bro?"

"Fucking awesome; it's like everything's new again Darren. I can't believe it even happened after we had that fight."

"What fight?"

"Oh yeah I never told you about how we kind of broke up for a day. Last week Malaya gave me this super sloppy blowjob in one of those private study rooms in the library and just knocked my fucking socks off." He hadn't known that I'd peaked inside the room and was privy to the entire sordid scene. After watching Malaya handle his body, I'd been hard for an hour afterward and she'd haunted all of my masturbatory fantasies. Even though I'd already fucked the crap out of her; I was still feigning for more. I wanted Malaya naked and all to myself in the worst way.

"I have to admit that I was kind of being a douche after she went down on me and kept trying to get her to do it again. But she's so innocent about sex and I didn't really understand that at first."

"But, you just said she gave you a sloppy blowjob John so how the fuck is that "innocent?"

"She started crying when I tried to get her to suck me off again and told me that she had watched some porn to learn how to please me. Malaya said she was scared that I was going to hook up with some other girl and knew she had to do something sexual with me or lose me. I told her that she meant more to me than just sex and that we didn't have to do anything, but fuck that blowjob was fucking hot!" He was talking so fast that he sounded like he would pass out and I chaffed inwardly at his naiveté.

"So what happened dude; how did you get her to "Do the Deed?" I was burning with curiosity at this point and felt obliged to push the narrative regardless of how I would feel when he finished.

"Well it was just kind of weird for the next day or so and I was going crazy with worry that we were breaking up so I just went to her and was REALLY SORRY and APOLOGETIC-Man, I fucking cried Darren." My respect for John went right out the window when I heard this bullshit.

"We ended up crying together and decided to just "Be Friends" and shit. I went over to her house to study and..." I was growing impatient reliving this pathetic situation with him.


"Come on man; it wasn't that simple but we went to her room to study and we were lying across the bed-SHIT, you should see the ASS on Malaya!! We're just being all quiet and studying and I kind of start playing with her butt, kneading it and rubbing it right? Malaya kind of gives me this look like I'm in trouble but then starts kissing me and you've seen me kissing her Darren. She really knows how to get you going with her tongue and how she moves her head and stuff. Any we start like dry humping and I start giving it to her REALLY HARD like I'm trying to fuck her through my clothes right? We were going at it for like thirty minutes when she just up and asks me if I want to put my dick inside her real quick." I was completely engrossed in the story at this point and struggling not to take my cock in my hand.

"So what happened next man?!!"

"Malaya makes me pull the curtains and turn out the light so that it was pitch black in the room because she's all embarrassed about her body. I'm a little pissed about that because like it's my first time too; but beggars can't be choosers right?!! Anyway I lose my pants and boxers and climb in bed with the woman of my dreams and she's all getting ready to cry so I tell her that we can stop right?!!"

"Get on with it man!!"

"Sorry, well anyway Malaya's like telling me that she wants it but she's scared. Asks me to be really GENTLE with her and I'm all like "I promise I won't hurt you babe." She's all trembling and shit and I'm considering not like, you know-DOING IT and shit. But then I felt how wet her tight little pussy was. I mean like the lips of her cunt were just dripping wet and I went ape shit and just shoved it in there Darren."

"What'd it feel like?"

"TIGHT as FUCK man; I mean I only got like half of it inside her when she screamed at the top of her lungs like somebody had stabbed her and shoved me off of her. She ran into her bathroom and locked herself inside crying and I was scared that she was going to call the cops or something." That last part made my cock so hard that I nearly came in my jeans. I didn't know what was happening to me but John's recount of losing his virginity was driving me to distraction.

"So what happened next?"

"I put my clothes back on and was going to leave but she opened the bathroom door and I saw her sitting there on the toilet wiping her pussy with a bloody towel. Man, I felt really bad about what I did and started crying again like a mamma's boy, but Malaya said she would be okay. Funny thing is that we started talking, just talking Darren and everything kind of got -cool. Malaya said she wanted to try again before her parents got home and we ended up fucking for an hour and you know what Darren?"


"I only came ONE TIME dude!! It was just so intense finally getting to be with her and she has this way of capturing you with her eyes and not letting go. Man, her pussy was so tight that it felt like a hand was inside that shit!! Malaya started fucking me back just using her hips and if I didn't know for sure that she was a straight up virgin, well ...let's just say I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing that would have made it even better would have been if she let me get it doggy style right Darren?"

"Y-Yeah, that'd be fucking awesome." I'd cum in my pants particularly hard and a massive wet stain was forming on the front of my jeans.

"Darren, you okay man?" John sounded worried and I snapped back to my senses quickly.

"Yuh-Yeah, I was dozing off dude; sorry. So where'd you cum?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know; where'd you cum on Malaya dude?" I tried to sound casual about the whole thing.

"I don't know Darren; just that seems kind of personal bro. I never ask you where you cum on girls that you 've fucked." John had flipped switches on me and I was truly irritated and embarrassed at the mess that I'd made of my jeans.

"Look forget about it John, I've gotta go to bed." I just wanted to get away from him and get cleaned up.

"Her stomach, talk to you later bro." He abruptly hung up on me making me feel that much cheaper for having asked the question. I sat there processing the whole story and pretty much feeling like a degenerate. I tried to imagine Malaya with a pool of cum on her taunt belly. I'd really made a mess in my jeans and got up to clean up in my personal bathroom when my phone rang again. I figured John was calling back to apologize.

"Hello loser." The voice on the other end of the line was unmistakable and my pulse quickened at her monotone delivery.

"What do you want?"

"I just wanted to know if you liked what you saw." I didn't know how to answer and I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of trying. I just kind of stood there with the phone against my ear while my own fast cooling spunk running down my thigh.

"Yeah, you fucking loved watching me suck John's HUGE COCK! It was easy you know; he's so much BIGGER than you monkey boy. I LOVE sucking BIG THICK COCK, but then again you know that don't you asshole?" Malaya was definitely taunting me and I still couldn't find the words to form even the hint of a retort.

"We're FUCKING now Darren and I've never been so full in my life. John could really be something with a little bit of help; and did I mention how absolutely HUGE his dick is when compared to someone like yourself with that ITTY BITTY pinky between your legs?" She punctuated this statement by giggling in an annoying tone that eventually became full blown laughter.

"Shut up." The laughter continued on for several moments as I began to lose it walking around my room in a fit until I slammed my fist against the wall.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL...!" I really had no idea what to threaten Malaya with. She seemed to be holding all of the cards.

"You'll do what loser?" The challenge was definitely there in her tone and I was pretty much cornered with nowhere to go in the conversation.

"I-I'LL TEACH YOU WHAT REAL COCK IS SLUT!! I'LL TURN YOUTHE F-FUCK OUT BITCH!!" I screamed into the phone stammering as she started laughing even louder with this cackling cadence that made me even angrier.

"Bring it on loser."

"What?" Her end of the phone grew quiet after she acknowledged the challenge and for a moment I thought she'd hung up on me.

"Alright monkey boy I've had enough amusement tonight and I have to get up bright and early tomorrow. I'm going to be studying in the library so I don't have time to listen to you embarrass yourself jerking it for me pussy." She slammed the phone in my face causing me to hit my wall again in frustration and anger. I nearly woke my parents up and ended up shouting an apology to my dad across the hall. I stripped and got into my shower and didn't turn it on opting to scrub my nasty crotch with a hand towel. One thought was running through my mind... Malaya had inadvertently revealed that she would be studying in that private room again. My cock throbbed at the thought and I finished myself with a warm hand towel.

I could barely sleep and hopped up at the first sign of dawn speeding off towards my school getting more excited by the minute. I was so hyped up by the time I'd parked my car that I dispensed with any attempt at subtlety. I went straight to what seemed to be Malaya's private room and found her sitting there alone with her face buried in a thick text book.

"You are so predictable Derbin." I was in no mood for her bullshit locking the door behind me feeling like I was about to about to have a seizure and completely hyped up with anticipation. Before I could say anything she threw the thick book at me hitting my bicep. I barely registered the pain in my arm grabbing her immaculately ironed white shirt at the collar while she launched a barrage of punches into my chest.

"YOU'RE FUCKING PATHETIC MONKEY BOY; YOU WANT ME DON'T YOU JERK?!!"She was absolutely right about me; I'd been literally going into fits thinking about her fucking my friend stupid while pretending like she was a delicate little flower. It had been driving me crazy and now I had this Filipina cunt right where I wanted her.

"You DO WANT ME don't you asshole? You want me to SUCK YOU don't you loser?" She began to laugh in my face and I responded with a slap to her cheek and received an even harder one in return. My other hand cupped her breast squeezing as hard as I could before she dug her nails into my hand. I yanked my zipper down and my cock sprang free ready for action crisscrossed with a thick lattice of visible veins across its surface that looked on the verge of bursting.

"Oh, it looks like a baby's cock only so much smaller." She hocked a wad of spittle on my face and giggled. I locked my fingers on the back of her neck forcing her to her knees and attempted to shove my cock into her mouth. She held her plump lips tightly shut fighting off my invading member as it was rubbed all over her face marring her exotic features and knocking her thick glasses to the floor. It was my turn to laugh as she groaned and shook her head trying to escape my grasp while my rock hard cock tapped her forehead. I pinched her nose causing her to gasp and shoved a good third of my cock into her mouth.

Malaya instantly pursed her thick lips around my meat creating a vacuum seal and a perfect channel for me to take advantage of. I didn't hesitate and started fucking her mouth like nobody's business. It never crossed my mind that she could have bit down on me even when the Asian nerd raked her teeth across the surface of my member.

"Oh yeah bitch; you like cock don't you? It's the only way to shut your smart mouth Malaya." She nodded her head in the negative to my statement looking directly in my eyes while furrowing her brow in anger.

"Yeah suck my fucking dick you arrogant cunt! I want to fill your belly with my cum!" She was using her tongue on the underside of my shaft and the sensation was sending shockwaves through my body. The wet smacking and slurping noises she was making only added to the excitement I was feeling at the moment.

"OOOOHH FUCK THAT SHIT FEELS GOOD!!" I lost my composure and began humping her mouth; penetrating her throat with surgical precision. Saliva was running from her mouth across my shaft and hanging in a disgusting web that dipped low before dropping to the floor with a splash.

"OOOOOWWW FUCK!!" Malaya had taken advantage of my inattentiveness and punched my balls. I fell to the floor cradling my package as someone began simultaneously working the locked doorknob.

"Hey somebody in there; Malaya, baby?" it was John and my heart leapt into my throat as I realized I was about to be caught with his girlfriend. Malaya smiled at me as she rubbed her sleeve across her face cleaning up my mess. She was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat as she picked up her text book and stood with her hand on the door knob. I shoved my cock back into my pants and jumped up expecting my word to come to an end the moment she turned that door knob.

"HEY MALAYA; YOU OKAY?!!" John already sounded like he was panicking and she winked at me before yanking the door open and throwing herself into his arms.

"BABY; YOU'RE HERE!! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!!" The "happy couple" was making out in an instant and John was regarding me suspiciously. I did my best to look innocent considering I didn't know what the fuck was going on at the moment.

"Well you said you'd be tutoring Darren so I dropped by his house for a ride to school but his parents said he'd already left."

"Sorry bro; I uh, wanted to get started early before ..." I knew I sounded like an idiot and they knew it as well.

"Why was the door fucking locked." John looked pissed as he wrapped his chubby arm around Malaya. She kind of molded her body against his looking at me with a sly wink and subtle smirk.

"Oh baby I did that and I'm so sorry; force of habit you know." She cupped his chin and they began making out again oblivious to my immediate presence.

"Uh, I'm gonna go and I'll catch up with you guys later." I offered barely getting a response as I stepped out into the hallway.

"I'm so horny; think you could fuck me before we go to class?" I heard Malaya say with a chuckle as I pulled the door up behind me not wanting to hear John's response. I was surprisingly still hard as a rock and fit to be tied after being denied the chance to finish what I started with Malaya. Now John would be railing the snot out of that heifer while I would invariably have to jerk out a wad in the boy's bathroom. As I walked down the hall playing pocket pool with myself I noticed Angela at her locker retrieving her books. She was wearing her cheerleading uniform and my eyes wandered to her slender legs.

"Hey Angie." I greeted her looking around nervously as she turned to me with a frown.

"OOOOOH, what the hell do you want meanie?!!" She hadn't forgotten how rude I was to her on that fateful day when I'd been rampaging through the school looking for Malaya Padilla.

"Look I know I was a jerk to you and I'm REALLY SORRY about that shit alright?" she looked shocked at my sudden admission of wrong doing.

"Wow, I never thought I'd hear you say that."

"Look Angie; I had a lot of shit going on that day and I had no right to take it out on you. Think maybe we could, like go somewhere and hash things out?" She actually started blushing as I offered my hand to her. Five minutes later I was railing the snot out of her tiny cunt in an equipment room over at the gym. Images of Malaya haunted me as my engorged cock rammed Angie's lithe body while I hooked a long spindly leg over my shoulder. I had stuffed her flower print panties into her mouth to quiet her and there they remained even when I finished by cumming on her standard looking face. I zipped up and was halfway down the hall before she could even collect herself.

"Darren!" She called after me as I half ran out of the equipment room.

My mind was solely on Malaya and the fact that John was probably still fucking her in the library.

...to be continued.

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