tagMind ControlShe's All That Ch. 07

She's All That Ch. 07


Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


It had been a week since Malaya had literally fucked my brains out and I was still suffering the effects. I'd damn near made it a habit of using an ice pack to soothe my aching balls and wondered if she'd left me sterile after our encounter. I thought about John afterwards and was genuinely remorseful that I'd lusted for his girlfriend. Fate has a way of giving you what you want if only to teach one an abstract lesson about life. Malaya still haunted my dreams and sometimes I was motivated to masturbate in order to get a good night's sleep. I couldn't get over how beautiful she actually was and wondered if the whole "nerd persona" was some sort of disguise that she used for reasons unknown. I hated even thinking about her sometimes because of how hard my cock would get and resolved to stay away from her completely.

The day after I'd been sexually "punked" by Malaya, Angela had walked into the cafeteria while I'd been eating with some of the other members of the baseball team and poured a carton of milk over my head for standing her up. It was the last time I'd seen Malaya through a crowd of onlookers. She was staring at me with this blank expression while her boyfriend laughed at my predicament along with everybody else. Later that day after school Angela had apologized after arguing with me for a good thirty minutes. I can't really say that it was much of an argument as I tended to just sit and brood while she went through her manic drama waving her bony arms around. Somehow Angela decided that we "made up" and I'm ashamed to say that I ended up pounding her into the back seat of my car or "making love" as this clueless twit called it.

Angela had what was known as a model's body being long and lean with barely there tits and she was easy to please. I usually made her lay face down mounting her from behind while she had her legs closed. She never complained and as far as I was concerned; I was just taking what was there for the offering. We had an understanding that we were as you say "Friends with Benefits".

"Hello stranger, been awhile since we hung out." I was annoyed and a little anxious when John approached me in the cafeteria. I'd been doing my honest best to stay away from him as long as he was dating Malaya and this didn't bode well for me at all.

"Been kind of busy with life and shit."

"Darren; we're still friends aren't we? I was just wondering how you're doing but if you want to be left alone; so be it bro." He couldn't have known how much off a douche he sounded like and I was in no mood to enlighten him. John had let his hair grow out a little and I noticed a piercing in one of his ears. It really didn't make him look all that different. He still looked like some middle aged guy trying to recapture his youth and that was a shame considering John was only eighteen years old.

"We're cool man; coach has been coming down really hard on me for not focusing lately." Lying came so easy these days even though I didn't actually know why I continued being false with my buddy. Malaya never seemed to care whether or not I'd tell John.

"Are you sure that's the reason I haven't seen you as of late?" he'd pulled a chair out and propped one foot up on it leaning forward with a slight smile on his face. He seemed so confident and cock sure of himself that I was tempted to get up and paste him one across the lips for good measure.

"What are you getting at?"

"Malaya told me Darren; she told me about the whole thing bro." My heart leaped into my throat with a little vomit and I struggled to choke them both back down.

"WHAT?!!" I tensed expecting a fight of some sort and was surprised when John started laughing.

"Yeah she said you two had a fight because she was pushing you too hard during your tutoring sessions. Malaya can be a little intense sometimes Darren and I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it bro." I just shrugged my shoulders knowing that somewhere my "Mistress" was having a good laugh at my expense. I didn't have long to wait as she suddenly appeared carrying a basket which she sat down on the table and hugged me.

"Hey Darren; I hope we can be friends and put the "little situation" behind us okay?" Before I could react she gave me a deep hug and flicked the inside of my ear with her tongue while obscured from John's view.

"Uh it's okay guys REALLY; I've got to be going to a uh, meeting with coach." I had this weird kind of sensation that pooled in the corner of my eyes as I stared at Malaya looking beyond her thick horn-rimmed glasses and seeing the wild creature that lurked behind them.

"You're not going to have lunch with us?" She actually sounded disappointed.

"Sorry, I've really got to keep that appointment with coach; nothing personal guys." I don't know if I sounded convincing but I just wanted to put some distance between me and Malaya because just looking at her made my dick as hard as a steel bar.

"Bro, she made all this food and you're just gonna walk away?" John sounded angry and looked it as she began unpacking the contents of her basket.

"Relax baby; Darren didn't know that we were going to spring this upon him and you should understand that." He seemed to calm down as she put reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Sorry man." They began making out and I found myself watching tentatively as his big hairy mitts seemed to instinctively cup the cheeks of her bubble butt.

"Yeah whatever; don't you have a meeting with coach to attend?" I nodded and began shuffling off when Malaya quickly ran up behind snagging my wrist in her grasp.

"Here Darren; have something sweet to eat." She held a rather large chocolate chip cookie in her hand wrapped in a napkin and I was reluctant to take it. She made a pouty face and dug her nails into my wrist. The sudden and sharp pain made me wince.

"Have something SWEET-TO-EAT Darren." She whispered in a monotone measured tone I was used to since meeting her.

"Yes mistress." I replied like the trained savant I'd been trying to suppress since she'd turned me out before taking a huge bite out of the cookie and chewing until she looked pleased. Malaya grinned pinching my cheeks and walked back to her boyfriend making sure to move in such a way that my eyes were drawn to the subtle sway of her buttocks.

Forty five minutes later I was sitting in the back of my English class taking notes when a strange feeling began to slowly engulf me. It started off as an invisible sheath of warmth that slowly and steadily grew in intensity until I was sweating profusely all over my desk. Some of my classmates began to take notice of it as well as my teacher Mrs. Oderkirk who stormed to the back of the class to take a closer look at me before sending me off to the school nurse. By that time my clothing was drenched in perspiration and my nerve endings felt like they were on fire. The sensation was incredible as I alternately felt cold and hot at the same time. A classmate this guy named Shawn silently warned me not to go to the nurse because a mandatory drug test would be given to me. He also asked if I still had some of the acid I was quite obviously "tipping balls" from.

I half staggered into the hallway as my jeans became extremely tight from the massive erection I was suddenly sporting. I addition to the heat and growing anxiety, I was being cursed with a painfully throbbing boner. I needed to get my cock into my hand or fuck somebody. I fished out my cell phone and made a call to Angela but got her voicemail time and time again. At this point I was openly groping and kneading my cock while I staggered along the hallway. I heard my name repeatedly on the P.A. System and began working my way towards the exit. I had become extremely paranoid at this point and hit the exit barely making it to my car.

It was a miracle I didn't have an accident as I sped home in my car after fishing out my cock. I had to resist pulling over and jerking off several times before I reached my house thanking the stars that both of my parents were still at work. It was an overcast day and rain had already started pouring down as I pulled up to my home.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!!" Malaya was sitting on my porch with her laptop resting on her knees. I covered myself with my hands but I know she caught a glimpse of my raging erection.


"What are you talking about?!!" I was anxious to get inside and she was blocking my way.

"I came to get fucked Darren." She replied casually while still tapping away at her laptop. No matter what was happening to me, I didn't trust myself or her enough to go down that road again.

"Where's John; your boyfriend?!!" Whatever she'd put in that cookie had me nearly going into hysterics.

"I ditched him of course stupid; now you appear to be in serious need of release Darren. I can help you out with that." She was closing her laptop and I saw an opening pushing past her and letting myself into my house. My heart was racing as I locked the door and flicked the deadbolt.

"WHAT 'D YOU DO TO ME?!!" I was nearly hyperventilating and had roughly taken to stroking my cock to relieve the pressure.

"I drugged you obviously; a special recipe of my own creation and I thought you might be a little more receptive at this point. Your body must be on fire at this point and you're probably wondering about that strange itching pulsing sensation running through your cock." She was just outside the door and I was struggling not to turn the door knob.

"YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY!!" I screamed as I came on the hard wood floor in front of the thick oak door. You'd think my erection would have abated by now, but it pulsed even more and I stroked harder.

"Open the door Darren."


"Darren I assure you that things are not going to get any better until you stick your burning cock inside of something. There's really no other way and why fight me when you could just impale the living fuck out of me instead?" Her sociopathic reasoning was astounding.

"LOOK; JUST GO-THE-FUCK-AWAY MALAYA!!" It was quiet for a few moments as I violently jerked off and stared at the closed door.

"Darren, I'm going to ignore your misplaced hostility because I am not unsympathetic to your plight. Here; this may help." The mail slot in the door opened and some sort of cloth bundle softly hit the floor. I nervously picked it up and unfurled it.

It was Malaya's panties.

I found myself holding a pair of light blue bikini junior panties that must have looked spectacular on her unusually plump butt and rubbed the crotch with my fingers finding it damp to the touch. My fingers kneaded the spot for moments as I was overcome bringing the soft pungent smelling cotton up to my nose and inhaling deeply.

"Yes Darren luxuriate in the aroma of my dirty panties you idiot; let the smell of my sopping wet cunt excite you!! I'm so fucking wet for you monkey boy and all you have to do is open this door and take what you want. Come on; FUCK ME Darren-FUCK ME HARD!!" She was right because I regretted it the moment the damp crotch of her underwear touched my nose. Malaya had this strange sweet smelling musk that speared the senses with a slight hint of bitterness.

"Go on Darren; you know you want to...DO IT; DO IT!!" She sounded out of breath on the other side of the door and I imagined that she was masturbating. My eyes were drawn back to the mail slot noticing a single almond shaped eye staring in my direction. I was breathing hard from the effects of whatever it was that she put inside that cookie. The panties were quickly wrapped around my cock and I began jacking like a madman quickly climaxing and shooting a thick wad of cum across the hardwood floor along with my earlier efforts. My cock remained hard and I began to wonder if the effects of the drug would ever wear off.

"You're burning up Darren; you need to push that cock into something! What are you gonna do' jerk off all day when I'm right here? Darren...I REALLY want to HELP YOU. Come on baby; FUCK ME!!" My heart was beating really hard and I was trembling feeling as if I would lose it any second. My penis was pulsing in time with my heart and everything just made sense as I stared a hole into the doorknob.

"Darren." Her voice sounded almost like a child's whine through the door. I didn't want to let her in because I knew that she'd dominate me in some way, humiliate me as was her habit of late.

"DAAA-REN." Her voice sent shivers up my spine and was grating in a manner similar to running one's nails over a chalk board. I cupped my hands over my engorged member and considered running upstairs and locking myself in my room.

"FUCK ME YOU GOT-DAMN FAGGOT!!" Something snapped inside my mind and I nearly ripped the knob off of the front door forgetting the latch while she started laughing on the opposite side of it. A white hot sensation shot through my mind as I beheld Malaya standing there looking especially small and petite from my stilted point of view. It was like having an out of body experience as I watched my hand grab the front of her immaculately ironed shirt in a single fist yanking her towards me and being surprised how light her body was. My hands found the smooth globes of her ass spreading her cheeks apart while the tips of my fingers dipped into her honey pot. My ears were caught in her grasp as her tongue invaded my mouth twirling around like a wild thing as I half collapsed onto the hard wood floor.

"OOOOOHHHH SHIT!!" She gasped as my rod impaled her to the floor and I started pounding into her soaking box like a man possessed. I hadn't even bothered to close the front door leaving it wide open while I fucked Malaya as hard as I could for anybody that happened by. After a few moments plunging deep into her juicy snatch I was aware of the draft wafting in from the open door and just didn't give a fuck. I grabbed the underside of her thighs and hooked her legs over my shoulders as I slammed repeatedly into her curvy body.

"OOOOH DAA-REN; OH SHIT...you're FUUUCKING SOOO HAAARD!!" Malaya sounded like she was on the verge and was matching my speed bucking her rounded hips up into my thrusts just as hard.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" I snatched her glasses off and tossed them across the floor into the dining room and she didn't miss a beat locking an arm around my neck and forcing my head down enough to lock lips. In short we became this mass of entangled limbs and a mess of bodily fluids as we literally fucked each other silly. Malaya locked her legs in the small of my back prodding me with heels to fuck her even harder while she chuckled and gasped. I was a mix of emotions conflicted as fuck partaking of her boundless lust. Just making out with her while she instinctively tightened her cunt on each of my out strokes had me reeling. She liked to use her plump lips, teeth and tongue in tandem biting and pulling on my thin lips while her tongue swirled around in my mouth. I suspected it was more to leave a bit of herself inside me than anything else.

I cupped her round face with my hands pushing down on the top of her head as if that would help me get deeper inside of her while her nails dug painfully into my buttocks. Every time I sunk into her honeypot she would clench up around my shaft as tightly as she could until I could feel my crotch seizing up and from the look on her face; Malaya could too.

"Cum with me." She whispered into my ear following this up with a tantalizing lick of my earlobe. She was moving in complete synch with me at this point and we were fast approaching complete nirvana.

"Uh- Fuck; yeah okay." It only took three more pumps into her saturated box as we came together in complete unison with Malaya arching her mound up against me just as I was pushing down as hard as I could. Our mouths were locked together as we trembled and shook through a perfect tandem orgasm. Moments later I realized it was over and I was completely exhausted lying on top of Malaya like a dead weight. She was lying flat staring up at the ceiling and breathing heavily. Her shapely body was pinned under me and her remaining clothing was drenched in sweat.

"Can I please have a cup of water Darren?" I weakly nodded and managed to make it to my feet noticing that the door was still wide open. It was dark out, raining heavily and the street was plainly visible from the street lights. I was light headed and moved on rubber legs past the dining room into the kitchen. Whatever Malaya had drugged me with had worn off and I didn't know how to feel about all that happened. The light from the refrigerator hurt my eyes and I was barely able to pour a glass of ice water when I looked up getting the shock of my young life.

My mother was standing in the darkened dining room staring at me with this wild-eyed expression. I was completely shocked and caught off guard figuring that I was on my way to foster care and expulsion from the family for being a sex maniac. All of the color drained completely out of my face and I was thankful that the refrigerator was obscuring her view of my hanging flaccid cock. I stealthily pulled my jeans up over my tumescence never taking my eyes off of my parent.

"Darren I've put up with a lot of crap from you this year with your grades, getting you to keep your room clean and your recent troubles at school. You're a good enough kid and I know you mean well but, YOU COULDN'T EVEN CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR BEFORE GETTING A SNACK?!!" I almost laughed in her face realizing that she was clueless too what had happened.

"Uhm; sorry mom?" I was relieved but still slightly addled as my mom switched on the light in the dining room placing her purse on the table.

"Sorry is not going to cut it mister; you're in deep trouble mister. As much as it pains me to say this; you're grounded in your room without dinner tonight Darren! I hope whatever was good enough in that fridge was enough for dinner tonight; now get up to your room!!" I was just happy she hadn't walked in on a wrecked Malaya splayed out across the floor and was happy to go to my room. Malaya's glasses were on the floor in one corner of the dining room and I quickly snapped them up. I guessed that Malaya had rushed out right before my mother came in from work.

"Is your mom always so fucking clueless?" I found Malaya reclining nude in my bed propped up against my headboard with a couple of pillows. She was a sight with her hair down and that familiar mischievous smile reading across her lips.

"Don't worry; I'll sneak you out when she goes to bed."


"You can't be serious' my mother's down stairs; get your clothes on; HEY where's your clothes?"

"Now isn't that the question of the day." She sat up never losing my gaze and knelt in front of me taking my cock into her mouth. My body betrayed me as my cock became instantly erect. She climbed up onto my bed and got on all fours facing my window. I didn't waste any time shucking off the rest of my clothing and climbing on the bed with her. In moments I was taking her doggystyle and luxuriating in her body. Malaya rested her stomach on my bed and raised her round butt in the air twerking it around my cock. I came again rather painfully coating her tan bubble butt in a thick glaze of cum before passing out from exhaustion.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find her sleeping softly curled into a fetal position beside me. I spooned up against her pulling my bedding over us and draping an arm over her body. She snuggled pushing back against my body and gave my forearm a few light kisses before dropping off to sleep again. My cock swelled and surged against her supple butt cheeks.

"I love you." I whispered into her ear before dropping off again to blissful happiness.

"DARREN!!" I was jarred awake by my mom and panicked for a moment realizing that Malaya had long since left in the middle of the night. I'd overslept and she was pissed as I happily jumped in the shower and got dressed. On the way to school my heart was leaping in my chest in anticipation of seeing Malaya and she didn't keep me waiting. I spotted her standing with some of her friends near the school entrance. I half ran to greet her not caring if anybody was watching.

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