tagIncest/TabooShe's Daddy's Girl Now Ch. 02

She's Daddy's Girl Now Ch. 02


Later that evening, her father was working late. Stephanie was moving her things into his bedroom, they'd decided she would sleep with him from now on.

She had her back to the door, filling boxes with her things. She felt someone behind her, she was afraid to turn around. She glanced at the clock, it was only six thirty. Her daddy wouldn't be home til atleast seven.

She slowly turned to the door, Tim was standing there. He was completely naked with his cock poking out at her. Just behind him stood Tom. He was naked also.

She stumbled back against the dresser. She knew what they wanted, she shouldn't have been flaunting her relationship with her father in front of them. They expected to be given the same treatment.

"Daddy said he'll punish you if you touch me."

Tim laughed, "Yeah right, your precious daddy won't find out. If you tell him, we'll rape you every day. You'll never escape it."

Tom grinned too, "I just want my dick sucked. You seem to be good at that."

Before she could stop them, they overpowered her. Tom held her on the bed, his cock and balls above her face. Meanwhile, Tim held her legs over her head and pressed the tip of his cock to her clit. She sobbed.

Tim quickly pushed himself inside her. As he fucked her, she tried to push him off. His weight on her was too much, she couldn't do anything.

Tom was trying to get his cock or balls into her mouth, but she wouldn't open. Instead, he leaned over and bit her nipple. She cried out.

Tim was pumping in and out of her. His moans seemed like he was about to cum. He didn't pull out of her. He filled her with his juices.

As he moved off of her, he grabbed her hair and pulled her off the bed. He pushed her to her knees and pinned her arms behind her back. He used his free hand to grab her hair and hold her back.

When she cried out, Tom took the opportunity to stick his cock down her throat. She was choking and trying to spit it out. Before she could, he spit out his cum deep in her throat.

They left her on the floor naked and sobbing. Before she could get to her feet, her father came in the door downstairs.

"Steph, baby, where are you? Daddy's been waiting all day to fuck his hot little princess."

She pulled herself up and stumbled to the door. Her face was tear stained and she was shaken.

At the sight of her, her father raced up the stairs and pulled her into his arms. "Oh, baby, what happened to you?"

She couldn't speak. She cried and held tight to her dad. He knew who it was, he stormed to the basement where the twins were.

He slammed the door so hard, it cracked off the wall and both boys jumped up.

He slammed Tim against the wall. He slid down and just sat on the floor. He took Tom by the arm and pinned him against the wall.

"How fucking dare you! I warned you bastards!"

He yelled up to Stephanie, "Bring me the black bag in my closet!"

She grabbed the bag and took it to him. He still had Tom pinned.

"Tell me who's idea it was!"

Tom was afraid, he pointed with his free hand at his brother.

"It was his idea. He fucked her. I just got a blow job."

So her father slammed him onto the floor and made his way over to Tim. He yanked him up and held him against the wall by his neck.

"Did you touch your sister after I told you not to?"

Tim's face was red and he had tears streaming down his face. "I'm sorry dad, I just wanted some of that sweet ass!"

"Wrong Answer!" his father shouted.

He opened his bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He pushed Tim onto the bed on his knees. He cuffed him so that his ass was arched up.

He went over to Tom, grabbed a handful of hair and yanked him over to his brother.

"Take off your brother's clothes."

Tom hesitated, "What? I'm not doing that!"

Her father pulled something else out of the bag, his taser. "Either do it, or I'll do this."

Tom was shaking, he moved over to his brother on the bed. He left his shirt on, but pulled his pants and boxer down to his knees.

"I said take them off boy! That means all his clothes!"

With his father and sister watching, Tom stripped his brother naked. Tim's dick was limp, flopping against the bed.

"Now, take off your clothes boy!"

At his father's demand, and being afraid of the taser, Tom stripped naked.

"Now make yourself erect!"

"What? What kind of fucked up fantasy are you trying to get me to do? I'm not doing it!"

His father's face became angry, he picked up the taser and took two steps over.

Before he could get closer, Tom began to jerk on his cock. He was so scared it took longer than normal to get him hard.

Once his cock was hard, he continued to pump it. He wasn't sure what else to do and he was too afraid to stop.

"Now, get over there and fuck your brother."

Tom's face showed his shock. "You want me to do what? I am not doing that."

His father glared at him, "Either do it or I'll cuff you and he can fuck you. Your choice, choose fast or I'll call my buddy Big Rick to fuck you both."

Tom climbed onto the bed behind his brother. The head of his cock pressed against the puckered asshole his brother offered. He was sure he didn't want to be ass fucked. But, could he do this to his brother?

He could see his sister, half naked curled against their father. They had settled on the couch and she was playing with his semi-erect cock.

"I said Fuck Him son! Don't make me come over there."

With that, Tom pushed the head of his cock into his brothers' ass. Tim screamed, begging him to stop. Tom knew he couldn't.

His cock was dry and he could feel the soreness on his cock. He was fucking his own twin brother. Tim's cries grew louder. He was practically hysterical.

Tom was close to orgasm, even though he was fucking his brother, he couldn't help it. The friction had him on the brink of cumming everywhere.

He looked at his father, but he was not interested in his sons. He was too busy enjoying his daughters' lips on his cock.

Tom couldn't help it, watching his sister's mouth over their father's cock was too much for him. He came, filled his brothers ass with his cum.

When he has finished, he slumped back on the bed. His sister bobbed deeper on dad's cock. He watched his father's expression change to pure ecstacy. Stephanie slurped his cum as quick as he released it.

When they got up from the couch, their father belted out, "If you didn't understand me last time, I think you do now. Stay the fuck away from her. She's mine!"

Then he tossed the keys to the handcuffs at Tom and left the basement.

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build me up ... buttercup

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