tagIncest/TabooShe's Daddy's Little Girl

She's Daddy's Little Girl


My Daddy is like the janitor at this kinda real snooty private high school, you know, so they let me go there for free. I started in the ninth grade and now I’m a senior. For sure, I wouldn’t be going here if it was just up to me, with all those bitchy rich girls who think they are just so all that and stuff. But Daddy says it’s important that I get me a real good “eddy-kay-shun” as he says. He doesn’t want me to turn out like my Mom who ran off with this truck driver guy when I was about eleven. But the girls here are always so mean to me. Like they’re always calling me trailer park trash and making fun of me and Daddy cause he’s the janitor and has to cleanup after them. He says they are all little pigs!

But I don’t think that’s the real reason they hate me. They didn’t hate me so much before last summer, cause I was always like kinda skinny and stuff. I mean I think I was pretty and everything, but I didn’t have any kind of figure at all. Boys didn’t pay much attention to me. My legs, which are pretty long, kinda like Brittany’s, were probably my best feature, and my hair, which is real curly and naturally blonde, is pretty good, too. But I was pretty blah otherwise, especially in boobs and ass department. You know, the stuff guys really like. Flat as a board, that was me. I mean I just barely even filled up a A cup.

But the summer between junior and senior year, everything changed. I just all of a sudden started to develop. I mean talk about a real late bloomer. (I didn’t even get my first period till I was almost seventeen!) First my boobs started growing. I mean ohmygawd they would get bigger every day. They were always so tender and it just hurt so much even to touch them. But Gawd, I loved having them. Finally! When it was time to go back to school, I was already like just completely spilling out of a C cup, you know, and my butt had got real round so it really did kinda look like J Lo’s. I got so I just loved to look at myself in the mirror. Finally, I had a body.

Thing was, Daddy couldn’t afford to buy new clothes for me, so I had to wear last year’s, which were way, way tight on me, but, Gawd, they sure did show off what I had. I kinda liked that, I gotta admit. My skirts and pants just made my ass look like so fabulous, you know, and tell the truth, I could hardly get my tops buttoned. And sweaters, ohmygawd! I started getting way lots of stares from all those snooty girls’ boyfriends … and lots of teachers, too! I didn’t mind all the stares, especially the ones I got from the popular girls’ boyfriends. I’d smile at them, and I loved it when they all started to come on to me. I wouldn’t ever do anything, but it was fun to kinda just to flirt and stuff. So I think that’s why they hate me.

I guess I did maybe kinda flirt with the teachers a little bit. Maybe some of them even started telling stories about me, and I just know some of the girls started saying I was easy and that all the teachers were doing me and stuff. It wasn’t true, not a bit of it. They were just jealous. Believe it or not, I was still a virgin. But I think lots of people believed I was kinda like a slut, you know, I guess even some of the teachers did.

Like one time, Mr. Barnes, he’s my English teacher, kept me after class and just all of a sudden started feeling me up right there in the classroom and saying that he’d like to fuck me. Ohmygawd, I was so surprised. I just ran right out of there, but the weird thing is, I kept thinking about the way he touched me and stuff and how he got all turned on and it kinda made me all tingly inside. I should of told on him, I know, but maybe I kinda liked the stuff he said to me? I dunno. It did make me feel all special and stuff. And I guess I kinda liked having an older man get all turned on. I even started to like it when he would walk by my desk when we were taking spelling tests and I could see him trying to look down my blouse. One time when I had this kinda skimpy like bra on, I even unbuttoned two buttons on my blouse and leaned way forward so he could see better. Isn’t that just awful? I could see he started to get kinda hard like down there and had to walk away. I thought that was just so awesome. I hope I’m not going to turn out like my Mom. She’s a whore, Daddy says.

But I guess people really were starting to say bad stuff about me, cause one day, about a month after school had started, Daddy got this letter from the headmaster saying that they were going to have to dismiss me from the school. I guess I wasn’t really too, too surprised. I’m not very smart and I don’t even really like school. I was flunking a lot of subjects, specially math. But I was really surprised when I read down at the bottom that like that wasn't even the reason? They were dismissing me for “moral reasons”! That’s what the headmaster wrote. I mean, ohmygawd, like I couldn’t believe it! The headmaster was the one that was always coming on to me the most, like putting his arm around me and “accidentally” touching my boobs and stuff like that!

Well, when I read the letter to Daddy (he doesn’t read too well), he got all upset and he called the headmaster right up and told him he just couldn’t do this, and Mr. Wheeler, he’s the headmaster, told Daddy that they probably wouldn’t need his services anymore either. Oh man, I could see Daddy got way, way upset about that. He has this kinda drinking problem, you know, and this is the first job he has ever been able to keep. They must a just kinda ignore it for some reason, cause I know he’s drunk lots of times at school. Those snooty bitches tell stories about that, too!

Anyway, Daddy is almost crying on the phone, saying how he needs this job and stuff and I mean like begging Mr. Wheeler. He said he’d be willing to do anything to keep his job. It was kinda embarrassing really. I felt so, so sorry for him. It’s not his fault he’s an alcoholic. He says it’s Mom’s fault that he drinks. I guess maybe it is. She was pretty much a whore even before she ran off, Daddy says.

Good thing is, Mr. Wheeler ended up telling Daddy that the two of us could come by to his office that evening and we’d “discuss the matter.” He said maybe there’d be something he could do.

Now I can see that Daddy is just like so worried and stuff. Besides his drinking problem, he doesn’t have much schooling, so this job is really important to him. I can tell he’s real, real scared. He gets all mad and asks me what I’ve been doing there at school and I tell him that I hadn’t done nothing really. When I tell Daddy about some of the stuff the headmaster said to me and how he touched me and stuff (I kinda made some of it up, but I was pretty mad too, you know), well, Daddy got this really, really weird look in his eyes.

“You sayin’ he kinda likes you, Honey, you know, that way?” he asks me.

“Yeah, I think he does. He’s always sayin’ how pretty I am and how I’ve grown into a beautiful woman, stuff like that.”

“He calls you a growed up woman, eh. And he touches you and stuff? Do you let him?” Daddy asks me.

“I don’t let him, but yeah, he’s always kinda like patting me on the butt or rubbing my back and sometimes even, you know, kinda touching my boobs a little bit.”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Daddy said, kinda pacing around the room. “Listen, Honey, I been a thinkin’. I want y’all to wear somethin’ what makes you look real, real purty when we go see Mr. Wheeler,” Daddy suddenly says.

I’m like kinda surprised, but I say okay and go put on this real cute sundress and sandals that I got that summer, and when I come out and ask him how I look he just shakes his head and tells me that he means “growed up” pretty. He says I should go look at some of the stuff my Mom left behind. I thought that was kinda weird, I gotta admit, but I thought it might be kinda fun and exciting, too.

So I walked back to where Daddy keeps all Mom’s old stuff and started going though it. Some of it was really outrageous, you know the kinda things like you see in Frederick’s catalogues and stuff? I didn’t think he wanted me to wear that kinda stuff, but since almost all of Mom’s things were sexy like that, maybe he did. Tell the truth, I was getting all excited about trying some of it on. I had never ever thought about wearing clothes that looked all sexy like that, but now, you know, I really, really wanted to. Weird, I know.

I tried on everything and every time I’d look in the mirror I’d get this great shock. I mean was that me? I mean, wow! Like I really did look like a grown woman! A way sexy grown woman, I kinda thought! Not at all like a barely eighteen-year-old high school girl. It was like I was turning into my Mom. I finally picked this really tight red leather micro-micro mini and this tiny little backless white silk camisole. I couldn’t wear a bra with it, which kinda worried me, but ohmygawd it just showed off my boobs so, so perfectly, you know, the way silk just clings to you and stuff. I found a pair of five-inch ankle strap pumps that made my legs look so long and sexy. It was pretty hard to walk in them, but Gawd, I loved the way they made my boobs bounce up and down when I walked. That looked just so, so sexy! I just adored the way the shoes made my ass look all tight and jutting out. It looked so inviting. Like I said, it was kinda hard to walk in those shoes, but ohmygawd, the whole “package,” as guys say, looked so, so sexy, kinda like a Hollywood actress! And I felt sexy, too!

I was a little nervous about walking out and showing Daddy. I was pretty sure he’d be mad and everything. I mean, this was pretty outrageous. At first I thought he was mad cause he just sorta stared and stared, and I thought he was going to get like way mad at me and tell me to go change. I started to turn so red I was so embarrassed. Well, Daddy just walked right over to me and kissed me and said, “Now that’s more like it. Damn, girl, you look hot!”

Ohmygawd, it was just the perfect thing for him to say. I felt so relieved and all of a sudden like way, way confident. I wasn’t at all embarrassed now. I love to please Daddy. But I still didn’t know why he wanted me to dress up like this for Mr. Wheeler. All I could think of was that he thought if Mr. Wheeler saw how pretty and grown up I looked he would think I would be a credit to the school. He was always talking about people being a “credit to the school.”

When we got to the school, it was just getting dark and I could see there wasn’t anyone else around. That made me feel good and bad. I guess I was still a tiny little bit embarrassed about the way I was dressed, but at the same time, I knew I looked so, so hot that I was kinda disappointed that no one else would see me. Especially those snooty rich bitches…or even more specially, their boyfriends. Oh, I would really like that!

Anyway, Daddy took me down to the headmaster’s office, and when we got there, I was surprised to see the headmaster and the assistant headmaster, Mr. Washington, who is also the football coach. He is this huge black man that everybody says is just so, so mean. I got kinda scared right then. Daddy and me don’t like black people. He calls ‘em “niggers.” (I ‘m always careful to say “nigra,” cause I know they don’t really like the N word.)

Well anyway, Daddy marched me right in there, and as soon as we came in the door, I saw both Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Washington just stare. Mr. Wheeler is kinda nice looking for a older guy, I guess, but Mr. Washington is really kinda ugly and scary looking cause he is so big and so black I guess he used to be some kinda professional football player or something, but he’s kinda fat really. He has these big lips and squinty eyes. He was the first to walk over to me. “Goddamn!” was all he said, and I think he meant it as a compliment. At least I thought he did. It’s weird, but it made me feel a lot more comfortable, even if he is this scary black man. I just wished he wouldn’t be standing so close to me. He kinda had this bad smell, you know, like all sweaty smelling and stuff.

Daddy got right to it. He walked right over to Mr. Wheeler and said, “I cain’t let you throw my daughter out of this here school, Mr. Wheeler. She’s a good girl and I talked to her and she says she be willin' to do anything if y’all will let me keep my job and let her stay in this here school till she graduate.”

I surely didn’t remember saying I would do anything, but I was so proud of the way he just stood right up to Mr. Wheeler and plus I knew he was so scared about his job that I decided right then that I would do anything for him. He sacrificed a lot to take care of me after Mom ran away, and besides I was sure he wouldn’t want me do anything too bad. I mean I was Daddy’s little girl.

Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Washington just looked me up and down, and Mr. Wheeler sat back in his chair, and said to Daddy, “Well, Baily, maybe we can do something for you. Let’s have a little better look at that slut daughter of yours. Turn her around a couple of times.”

The language like kinda shocked me a little bit at first? But then I thought that maybe the way he said it just meant that I looked real, real sexy. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think that it was so bad, so I just let Daddy do what he said. Daddy pushed me over real close to them and then slowly turned me around two times.

“What do you think, Bill?” Mr. Wheeler said, nodding at Mr. Washington. “The bitch has a great rack on her and a fine looking ass. Very fuckable. Think she’s worth keeping?”

I don’t think I must a been paying much attention to what they said, but I could tell they were kinda, you know, like turned on by me and stuff. I must look way good, I thought, and I kinda started thinking it was like really, really neat that teachers were getting all excited about me and everything. I could tell they were. I know this is weird, but I kinda started to like it. I felt so sexy right then...and just way, way grown up! I was so glad I was wearing heels and had put on makeup.

“Yes, sir, damn fine rack on this little whore,” Mr. Washington answered, putting his hands up under my camisole and starting to pinch and pull my nipples. Ohmygawd, I was not ready for that. I just so surprised and way scared, too, and I guess that’s why I just froze and let him do it. I looked over at Daddy real quick like cause I just knew he would be just furious about a nigger touching me. I mean it was just so disgusting. But Daddy didn’t even seem to be too upset at all. In fact, he had this kinda funny look on his face, like he was kinda enjoying it, you know,? So I just decided it must be okay for right now. I just stood there and let Mr. Washington squeeze my tits and pull on my nipples. I didn’t know what else to do. His hands were so big and so black under the sheer white camisole. I was like almost petrified.

“Yes, you’ve got yourself quite a whore, Baily,” Mr. Washington continued, lifting my camisole completely off of me and squeezing and pulling real, real hard now on my boobs. “I like pink nipples on big white tits,” he said. I remember how white my breasts looked when he crushed them in his enormous black hands. When I saw those big fat wet black lips surrounded my pink nipples and felt them slowly sucked into his awful mouth, I just completely froze.

I was just feeling so, so weird looking down at those ugly black lips sucking one nipple and then the other, getting them all hard and erect. And those huge black hands pawing at my white tits. I was all scared and confused. All I could do was stupidly say, “I’m not a whore! I’m still a virgin!” And you know what’s really weird? I couldn’t believe how disappointed I got when Mr. Washington took his hands off my tits and walked back to the desk. I mean ohmygawd, my nipples were so hard and I had such a tingly feeling between my legs. I really didn’t know what was happening to me.

“That true, Baily? Your little bitch whore a virgin?” Mr. Wheeler smirked.

Daddy looked over at me, and I just nodded yes to him.

“Yes, she is Mr. Wheeler,” Daddy said proudly.

“Bring her cunt over here. Let’s have a look. Why don’t you check that out for us, Bill. I find it a bit hard to believe that a hot little cunt like that wouldn’t have been fucked fifty times by now. Surprised you haven’t fucked her, Baily…or maybe you have,” Mr. Wheeler laughed.

“Oh, no, I ain’t never done that,” Daddy insisted, kinda scared like. “She’s a virgin, I just knows she is. Y’all can check, cain’t ya?”

Both Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Washington laughed at that and motioned for Daddy to bring me over to the desk. I was really, really scared now.

Daddy pushed me over to the desk, and Mr. Washington just immediately started to tug my mini up over my hips. “Don’t let him touch me down there, Daddy,” I stupidly blurted out. Both Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Washington really laughed hard at that. Mr. Washington just slipped his hand right into my panties. I started to pull away when I felt his black finger start to push into my vagina, but the look on his face just made me freeze.

“She may not be a whore, but the bitch is damn wet!” Mr. Washington said. I was so embarrassed when he said that, but I just couldn’t help it. I didn’t know why I was all wet down there.

“You wanna be fucked, don’t you, you little whore?” he snarled, slipping that awful finger a little deeper into my wet cunt. “You want you some black meat fill up this tight little hole, don’t you cunt?”

I was way too scared to answer. I just stood there and stared over at Daddy. I mean, my Gawd, a black man was sticking his finger in his daughter’s tight white virgin pussy and he didn’t even get all mad?

“Just do what the man says now, Honey,” Daddy said.

I couldn’t believe Daddy was letting this happen. I just sorta murmured, “Okay.” I felt my knees start to buckle when I felt his big black finger push deeper into my tight little pussy and begin to probe my hymen.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Mr. Washington growled, pulling his finger out of my cunt. “The bitch is a virgin. Her cunt’s nice and tight. I think we’ll enjoy this.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant. I honestly couldn’t believe they were going to fuck me, specially since I was a virgin. That’s how stupid I was. But I’m so ashamed to say how I really did want him to put his finger back in me after he pulled it out. Oh, Gawd, so much!

All of a sudden, Mr. Washington lifted me right up and put me on Mr. Wheeler’s desk. The next thing I knew. He had slipped my panties off , spread my legs apart, and was kissing me right between my legs. Ohmygawd! I felt his ugly black tongue begin licking all around my pussy lips and then flicking my clit over and over. This is just so embarrassing. I hate to say this, you know, with him being a black man and everything, but I was like starting to like it. Know what I did? I just started lifting my ass up and trying to push myself harder into his face. I was even making these stupid whimpering noises. Talk about embarrassing!

“What do you think, Bill? Want to fuck Baily’s daughter?” I dimly heard Mr. Wheeler ask Mr. Washington.

“You come down and taste this sweet little pussy. That ought to make your mind for you.”

“I’ll take your word for it, Bill,” Mr. Wheeler laughed. Turning around to daddy, he said, “Your little whore daughter is too hot to pass up, Baily. I think we can work something out here. Here’s what we want you to do. You to take your daughter’s cunt home and shave it till it’s smooth as silk. Don’t you fuck her now. If she doesn’t come back a virgin, all deals are off. Got that? Then you get her all made up and dressed in the sexiest outfit you can find. Then you take her down to Bixbie’s bar. We’ll pick her up there.”

That just made me forget everything. Ohmygawd, I was going to get to go to Bixbies! Gawd, that was so, so cool. I mean I was scared and everything, cause I didn’t want that awful Mr. Washington pawing at me, but I was really pretty excited, too. I had heard lots about Bixbie’s. Everybody at school talked about it, you know how cool it would be to get to go there. I had heard that some of the girls had got in by dressing up all sexy, but I never knew if it was true. It was just the hottest, coolest place. All the college kids go there. There was supposed to be just tons of hot guys there. I was so looking forward to getting to go to there, too. It’s all I could think of while Daddy was driving me home. I couldn’t wait to get home and go through Mom’s things again and find something really hot to wear. Gawd, Bixbies! Wow!

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