tagLoving WivesShe's Doing It For You, Charlie

She's Doing It For You, Charlie


The story that I'm about to tell you is true, as to the basic facts. I have changed the names of the people, the town, and the motel, so that where this happened, and who the people are, will not be evident to those who know this family.

The year is 1962. The yearly wage for a policeman or an insurance adjuster is five thousand, two hundred dollars a year. A top salesman for a company such a Dow Chemical would make ten thousand.

Charles and Lynn Van Hoven liveed in Jamestown, New York. Both work for Jamestown Fine Gifts, a company that employed seventy-two people, of which thirty were women. Lynn's two younger sisters, twins by the name of Donna and Debby, both worked there part time, and went to the University of New York, Buffalo.

The girl's parents had been killed in an auto wreck. Charles had purchased a duplex, so that the girls could live next door.

They were an average family, living in an average neighborhood, who went to church every Sunday.

A large company in Michigan purchased Jamestown Fine Gifts from the man who owned it. Charles later learned that what the buyer wanted was patents, owned by Jamestown Fine Gifts. All the employees received a ninety-day notice that the Jamestown factory would close.

Talk about a shock. There are few jobs in an old town like Jamestown, which is off the beaten path. Charles drove to Dunkirk, which is next to interstate 90, and Lake Erie. There are several wineries in that area that might have jobs. In his travel, he stopped to read the local paper. In it, he noted that a motel and bar called Lake View was for sale.

He drove to the real estate agent's office. The asking price for both was seventy-five thousand dollars. He went to see it with the agent.

He could not believe what he found. The motel, which had beach frontage of three hundred feet, was in first class shape, and had twenty rooms. The bar sat thirty at booths, and another ten at the bar. "This is a hell-of-a-buy," the agent whispered to him.

"Why is it on the market?"

"Old, Hubert, who owns the place, told me that he has made his. Going to retire in Florida."

What the agent and Charles did not know is that there had been a tanker spill the week before. The beach was coated with a film of oil that would take a year or more to dissipate. An adjuster for the ship owner had settled with Hubert for his loss of income for seventy thousand.

Charles signed an offer to purchase. He got a loan on his duplex. That, with his saving was enough to buy the Lake View. There was a closing a week later.

Lynn manned the motel, Charles the bar. The first night only eight people came to the bar. The next night, a Saturday, was better, with thirty locals showing up. Many had known Hubert well for years. One old coot, after his third beer, approached Charles. "Hey, Chuck. Glad to see that you're going to keep the bar open in spite of the oil."

"What oil?"

"Oh, shit. Didn't Hubert, that old Rascal, tell you about the oil on the beach?"

"He did not."

For the next three months, Charles' attorney tried to locate Hubert, to sue the bastard.

In the meantime, the bar and motel limped along, even thou it was in peak season. A salesman stayed with them. He and Chuck struck up a conversation. "You know," The salesman said. "What this place needs are some women. I know of a place like this near Rochester. A couple hookers stopped by one day. They told the owner that if he would let them use a room for free, that they would stay at his place two days each week. He tried it. Soon ever salesman going to Rochester was staying at his place, drinking up a storm."

"What was in it for the women?"

"They spent the day getting a tan at his pool. Made a ton of money in the evenings. For them it was a vacation."

"Where to hell would I find a woman like that down here the sticks?"

"I know a gal in Buffalo who might be interested."

"Tell her that she can have a free room."

The next day, Chuck told Lynn. "What are you thinking, Charles Van Hoven? Do you really want some cheap whore staying with us?"

"I do if it will save us from bankruptcy"

Well, the woman showed up. She was nothing like either Lynn or Charles had imagined. She was of average height, slim, with hardly any breasts, soft spoken, well educated, and did not smoke. "Bad for your health, she said. Lynn found that she liked Betty Brigham. When she learned that Betty had also lost her parents, Lynn thought of Betty as a friend.

It was the first week of August that Betty stayed all week. By the second Saturday business had doubled at the bar. By the second week of her stay, the motel was seeing half the rooms filled. Word of mouth among the peddlers, and other road warriors, brought more business each night.

At the pool, Lynn said to Betty. "How much money do you make?"

"Standard rates for salesman."

"What is that?"

"Ten for a blow job. Twenty-five for fifteen minutes of missionary. Fifty for a half hour, and you can use my butt. One hundred for you and your buddies to use me for two hours."

Lynn's mouth opened wide in awe. Her hand rose to cover her mouth. "Betty, How much money do you make a night?"

"Not that much. You are not very busy yet. But it is getting better. I'm averaging one hundred and ten dollars a night."

"You have made fourteen hundred dollars since you have come her?" Lynn hissed.

Betty nodded, and then said, "Lynn, you will need to get a couple girls down here. I have to take a week off and go see my mother. If you don't have any girls, the word will spread and the salesman will stop coming. I'll be back. I really like being in the sun."

Lynn, wearing a two-piece bathing suit, stood up. "Betty, look at me. Would the men be interested in me?"

Betty laughed. "Lynn, of course they would. Don't be silly." Now more thoughtful, she added. "You have a pretty face. You have twice the breasts that I have. You have a small pot tummy that turns some men on. Butt is a tad too wide, as are the upped legs. You will have to pull your legs up by your side to give men complete access. Another trick is to put a small pillow under your butt. It will make your pussy like a aircraft carrier, ready for the guy to stroke his cock into you any way his little heart desires."

"I'm scared to death. How do I start?"

Betty smiled. "Sit down, Lynn. Okay, here is what we do. Tonight will be busy. You mentioned your sisters. Can you have one man the motel? You stay in my room. I'll arrange for two guys to come to the room each time. You will do one, I'll do the other."

"What should I tell my husband?"

"He is stuck in the bar all night. So, you tell him nothing, absolutely nothing, until you have done it for a few nights. Then, if you want to continue, you and I will sit down with him. You will have made a ton of money to show him. I will tell him that it was my idea. I will also tell him that if you do it, and run this motel bar for ten years that you can retire rich. My goal is to make one hundred and fifty thousand, tax free, then go buy a small gilt and flower shop in a nice southern town, marry, and live the rest of my life as a southern lady."

Lynn Van Hoven had never heard another woman speak with such clarity, and authority in her life. She still was scared.

Donna suspected that something was going on when Lynn had her man the motel desk. "I'll be in room twenty, if anyone calls for me."

Donna saw Betty walk two men towards the far end of the motel. She looked at the registration cards. Betty Brigham was staying in room twenty. Donna stepped out of the office just in time to see Betty and the two men enter room twenty.

Betty had carefully picked up the two best-dressed men in the bar. Neither knew the other. She wanted to be sure that they were savvy men, who would understand and utilize the information that she was about to tell them.

Lynn was wearing a sheer black teddy when they entered. Lynn, this is Phil and Frank. Both men smiled, as they looked her over. Betty had told them that another woman would join them.

"Here is the gig, guys. Lynn is a married woman who has only had one lover in her life. She is scared, but she needs money in the worst way. We can do one of three things. First, you can both have me. Second, each of you can have one of us. Three, for fifty bucks, you can both have Lynn for a half hour."

The men looked at each other, and then turned to Betty. Phil said, "With all due respect, Betty, if you don't mind, I want to do Lynn."

"So do I," said Frank.

"Get on the bed, Lynn. Give me the money, gentlemen." The money changed hands. Betty put it in the wall safe. "Tell her what you want her to do, guys. See you later." With that, Betty walked out. She knew that whatever happened to Lynn would be easier for her to take, if she was alone with the men.

Phil wasted no time. He took Lynn by the arms and pulled her to the side of the bed, so that her head hung over the side. "The time is seven twenty. We have until seven fifty. Open your mouth." Lynn did.

Phil's cock was inserted. "I'll bet this is a first for her?"

"Let's give her several firsts," Frank responded, as he ran his tongue up her slit, while his wet finger probed her ass. She immediately started to squirm, tried to say something. Frank's finger was now in her ass. "She is a virgin, here," he added.

"Won't be for long." Phil said with a chuckle.

Lynn panicked. Phil noted her lifting her ass in the air trying to dislodge Franks finger. He took both sides of her head, and thrust forward. Then he had a better idea. To Frank he said. "There is some gel on the dresser. Grease up. Get on your back with your legs on the floor. I'll set her down on your cock."

Both men understood that Lynn was about to get her first anal. Phil knew that she was going to have double penetration at the same time.

Frank got up. Phil lifted Lynn. He sat her down facing away from Frank, on Frank's cock. She had no choice, since Phil had her by the back and legs. Frank guided her onto his shaft. Unwittingly, she arched her back trying to get away from the invader, so her back was on Frank's chest. Phil looped her legs outside Franks, so that now, her pussy, which had been eaten by Frank, was an open cavern, just inviting a hard cock to push into her body, into her very soul.

Phil leaned forward, resting his upper body on his extended arms. Too late, she understood his intention. Too late to roll off. Too late to lift her legs. Phil eased his cock into her. His face was red from the excitement of the moment. His was the second cock to use this pussy. He buried himself to the balls, in spite of the fact that she was extremely tight, and made even tighter by Franks cock filling her lower passage.

Frank had her tits tightly in his hands, mauling them. You don't usually kiss a hooker. But Phil gave Lynn a long French kiss. His tongue violating her mouth as he ground his cock in circles, in the depths of her throbbing pussy.

Frank could not move all that much, but he was getting the fuck of his life as she clamped her ass time and again trying to dispel the invader. That, plus feeling Phil's cock, drove him over the edge. He came in her ass, just as Phil pumped his come into her pussy.

Both men got up, went into the bathroom, pissed and washed their cocks. Lynn was suddenly by herself, naked. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror. Makeup was smeared. Tits were engorged, with both nipples out an inch. She studied the face in the mirror. She had done it. She had taken on two men. She could do this!

There was no thought of Charles, or that she was married. Her thoughts was of the fifty dollars in the safe. She knew, absolutely knew, at that moment that financially she would be secure. Only later, would the they, meaning she and Charles, come into play.

Phil and Frank, came out of the bathroom together. They had six more minutes. Each took her missionary style, with some fast fucking. Lynn felt it coming deep in her pussy. Startled, she realized that she was about to have her first orgasm by another man. It came. She moaned, twisted, and clamped her cunt for Phil's cock, who was riding her.

"We will definitely be back." Each said as they walked back to the bar.

In the next hour, Betty and Lynn each had two blow jobs, and two guys who each wanted both women. Lynn was now up to one hundred and twenty dollars. Betty then got a single guy who wanted her. Lynn sat watching.

When Betty returned to the bar, she saw Charles talking to Phil and Frank. Trouble, she thought. She slid over to where she could catch what was being said.

"Another martini?" Charles asked.

"You got it. You have a great place here. Frank and I will be back, since you have two girls here."

Charles was learning that as a bar tender, you listen, but don't react, other than to smile when you hear something odd, or controversial.

Joking, he said. "You mean the one at the front desk?"

"No, I'm talking about the gal in room twenty that Betty, over there, took us to."

Charles, confused, asked. "What does this other woman look like?"

"Shit, Chuck. You own the place and you don't know that there is a great piece of ass for sale in room twenty, right now. Frank and I gave her a first class fucking. Come to think of it, Phil, Didn't Betty say that she was married, and we were the first cocks that she had had other than her husband's."

"That's right. She was worth every one of the fifty bucks that we spent to fuck her." Phil added.

Charles looked at Betty. Her cool stare told him that she knew what he had just heard. She did not blink, just stared at him. He knew. There was no doubt in his mind who the woman was who just received "a first class fucking."

"Did this women have an orgasm?"

Both Frank and Phil said, "Yes."

"You guys planning on fucking her the next time that you stay at Lake View?"

"Either she or Betty." Both said.

Frank and Phil finished their drinks, and then went to their rooms for the night. Betty approached Charles. Their eyes locked. "Well?" He asked.

"She asked me this morning how much I made here in a week. I told her over seven hundred, but that there would be a lot more when business picked up, as it will if you have ladies here. I told her that next week, I had to go see my mother for the week, and you guys needed to make sure that there were ladies here, or you would lose the business. It was a long conversation. The short story is that your wife is trying to make enough for the two of you to retire in ten years."

"Is there that much money to be made?"

"Yes, and tax free. Are you going to let her continue?"

"We would go down the tubes, without enough ladies here for the customers. I have no choice. Would you go tell her that I know, and that I know that she is doing it for us."


Soon Lynn walked into the bar. Without saying a word she came up to Charles and gave him a long kiss. She then walked over and sat with Betty, who was talking to four guys who looked to be farm boys from one of the vineyards. One of them put his arm around Lynn's shoulders. His other hand went to her breast. The six of them got up and walked out. Lynn did not look at Charles. Lynn and Betty returned a half hour later, fifty dollars richer. Each had two fifteen minute missionary fucks with two different eager, aggressive, farm boys. Betty had come once, which was unusual for her, while Lynn came both times.

Charles whispered to Lynn, "How much have you made tonight?"

"One hundred and seventy dollars, Charles."

Charles was stunned. That was as much as the bar and motel had made in profit last week.

When Lynn relieved Donna, so she could drive home, Donna pulled her into the inner office. "Just what is going on Lynn Van Hoven? I know that you were in room twenty, and that a stream of guys went in and out of it while you were there."

"You don't want to know."

"Yes, I do. How much money did you make in that room tonight?"

"I made one hundred and seventy dollars."

Donna, age twenty-one, and five years younger than her sister was stunned, just like her brother-in-law had been. "All of that tonight, just since I've been here?"


"You know that I'm working two part-time jobs and trying to take twelve credit hours at State. One night here, and I would make more then I do in three weeks."

"Yes, I know that."

"Then you have to let me do it too. I think Debby will want to also."

Crudely, Lynn said. "This isn't some game. This is fucking strange men anyway that they want to fuck. Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am."

(To the reader, I would point out that this was happening in the early sixties, when free love, drugs, and group sex was common at universities.)

Donna just laughed. "Lynn, let me tell you about the last party that I went to. I got drunk, smoked some pot, and let a guy take me to his room. He and his three roommates took turns screwing me. You know how much I made being a fuckee, fuckee? Nothing. Zero, Zilch. Did I like it? You bet. My little pussy loves a lot of attention. I have had twelve businessmen check in tonight. You know how many asked me to come to their room? Twelve, Lynn. If I had charge what you charged, what would I have made?"

"Let's see. If each was a fifteen minute just plain sex, it would be one hundred and eighty dollars, for three hours work."

The sisters stood looking at each other. Both knew that the next night that there would be either two or three sisters working along side Betty.

The next day, after Debby had said that she was game to try it too, they told Betty, who smiled and shook her head. "You know what will happen, don't you?"

All three of the sisters said, "No."

"When the word spreads that there are four girls here, all under thirty, who are available, we will draw a mob, like bees to honey." Three weeks later, Betty was back. Donna and Debby worked every other night. Lynn seldom drove to their home in Jamestown, which was for sale, so she was an all day, wherever you can stop by piece. When the duplex sold, Donna and Debby moved into the motel, as did Charles and Lynn. Charles put a bed in the inner office, so Lynn would not be disturbed when with a client.

Within six months, all loans were paid off. Charles added two thousand feet to the bar, so that it now had a kitchen and dance floor. He bought some land, which he paved for truckers. Three months later, he added a full service truck stop. In a year and three months, it was all paid off. Then came twenty more rooms.

Each night was a mob scene. Betty had become a madam of sorts, choosing which man could go with which girl. She talked to both Charles and Lynn. "We have a problem. Four girls can't handle this much longer. Each of us should take a week off here and there to recharge out batteries."

"I agree," Lynn said, without hesitation.

"Lynn, do you know any housewives that need more money?"

"More than twenty of the women that were laid off when I was are still without a job."

"Any of them single, or single moms?"


"Any come to mind who you know are easy for a guy to get to know, sexually?"

"I can think of one who is separated from her husband, one who is divorced, and one who is single."

"Okay, call them up. Tell them that you know of a job over here. When they come, you introduce me to them. We will go sit by the pool and I'll fill them in on what is to be had here. I won't tell them that you or your sisters are doing it, until a girl has done it here one night. That way if a girl were to say no, that she can't go blabber her mouth about you back in Jamestown."

Two days later, there were seven good-looking chicks that a guy could take to his room, for a price, at Lake View. Strangely, Lake View became the pick-up, party spot for older singles from all over the county, so often there would be thirty or more women who had drove there in twos or three, looking for action with the traveling men. Charles added more rooms. He now had forty, filled most nights.

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