tagIncest/TabooShe's Not My Daughter

She's Not My Daughter


Since my married days are long gone by, I'd start a new series of sexual tales. Remember truth is stranger than fiction.


It's funny how after a bad breakup or a divorce, like in this case, you seek out the comfortable and what you know. I had moved back in with an old girl friend that I had kept in touch with, she was going through a more recent break up. Since it was quite some time ago when we were together, it was pretty cool that she had the same place. Rent controlled in the city, before we lived with her father. Yet a little strange since now she had a teen aged daughter that was in college.

I have to say that the sex was always great, and even after so many years that didn't change at all. My lady was just as vocal as ever, and didn't care who heard she was getting a good fucking. I just had no idea her daughter was listening in. Well, we will get to that part soon enough.

Lately I had been having some health issues, unable to work in my field, and was doing a lot of working out with free weights to build up my strength. I had set up the dining area off the kitchen, it was mirrored on two sides so I would get a good idea of my progress. It also acted to get me pumped up to keep myself motivated to keep up with it.

I was working out one afternoon when I heard the front door open up downstairs, someone was coming up the stairs. I grabbed my towel and wiped off my face to see Sandy's, my girl friends daughter, her best friend Jesse coming up in a very slutty schoolgirl outfit. I was a little embarrassed since I was in some shorts, and a tore up old t-shirt I would wear working out.

I didn't want to startle her, so I sat on my bench and started a set of front presses from the shoulder up, and called out to her that Sandy's not here Jesse.

"Oh .. I know I got out of school early .." I watched her looking me over in the mirror as she put her bag down on the counter in the kitchen.

"They ley you dress like that for school now ..?" I have a difficult time not having my cock get hard thinking about it to this day.

So let me describe this little minx for you. She is about 5'1" long blonde hair which was in a ponytail on that day. She is very in shape, not an ounce of fat on this girl. Very sexy blue eyes, and sweet above average breasts. Wearing a very short pleated skirt, white dress shirt tied in the middle of those sweet tits, and some high heeled fuck me pumps.

"Of course not you silly man you!! I changed for the party we are going to. " she said as she laughed.

"I'm not sure I want to know what kind of party you girls are going to .. " I said watching her in the mirror open the fridge. She bent over grab something, and that skirt rode up.

She was either wearing a super small thong, or nothing was covering up that little pussy of hers. I actually had to look away, you look into the sun to long, and stood up wiping off my face from sweat again.

"It's a Schoolgirl or Stripper Party at a Frat house." she walked over to me and handed me a water she got from the fridge.

"How do I look?" she spun around quickly and her skirt flew up showing me her beautiful naked ass that was under it.

"I'm not sure which you are." I nervously laughed off drinking down my water.

"Aww .. your so sweet." she grinned at me. Putting her water on the end table, she bent over from the waist pushing her ass out, giving me a really good look at her beautiful naked ass and her legs.

She very sexy like strutted over to me, put a hand on my chest, putting her other hand on my arm squeezing my muscle.

"Well you look great too." she smiled giving me a peck on the cheek, and the hand on my chest slowly rubbed moving down to my shorts. Yes, I was already half hard just from everything going on. She stroked up and down on my bulge, then gave it a firm squeeze.

"If you want to find out which I am today follow me." she whispered in my ear giving it a lick as she pulled away.

She walked away going up the stairs to the hallway that led to the bedrooms. While I stood there with a complete hard on, and my mouth wide open.

Well that didn't last too long I just had to find out what she meant, and if she was just teasing an old man. I went upstairs, down the hallway and swung open the door.

She was over by the bed putting a some music on the CD player. Turning around she undid the knot in her shirt letting those amazing young tits free. She kicked off the high heels stood right in front of me and leaned up to kiss me. A very sexy light kiss.

"If we had more time I would strip for you Daddy." as she sank to her knees pulling my shorts down to expose my hard cock. She took my cock in her mouth giving it a good hard suck.

"Mmmm, I knew you would have a nice big cock." she stood back up stroking my cock with one hand and pulling off her skirt with the other. I was right, no panties, if fact she was shaved completely smooth.

I reached down to feel that smooth mound, and felt the wettest pussy in my life. She moaned as I slid a finger in past her pussy lips and into her tight hole. She kissed me wildly putting her arms around the back of my neck and grinding into my fingering.

"We don't have much time if you want to fuck me." she looked into my eyes very seriously.

"I'm so ready for you to fuck me Daddy." as she pushed down on my probing fingers. "I'm so wet and ready for your big cock." she groaned. "I want you inside me!"

"I guess I better do what my little baby says then, and give you a good deep fucking." playing along with her.

She then jumped up wrapping her legs around me. "I want you to fuck me hard Daddy!!" as she slipped her tongue into my ear.

I stepped out of my shorts, and carried her over to the bed. Laying her down, and then I pulled off my shirt. She was rubbing her pussy hard, looking up at me biting her lower lip. I think she was so turned on that she was cumming already. As I leaned over she reached out for my hard cock, pulling it towards that wet pussy. She rubbed the cock head on her mound, then guided it into that tight little twat.

"Oh yes yes!" she moaned as I pushed my hard cock inside her. "Get it in me, I need it deep in me!"

I looked down into those sexy blue eyes, they looked to be pleading for me to fuck her hard. She was so hot, my cock was getting burnt from the heat in her pussy. She kissed me, her tongue going wild in my mouth.

"Yes Daddy .. fuck me Daddy .. fuck your little baby hard!" as her hips pushed her up against me. You could here the squishing wet sounds coming from our fucking so loudly. I was pumping her hot pussy so fast, so hard I wouldn't last long at all.

"I'm cumming, cumming all over your big cock!" she said looking up at me. I felt a rush of heat wash over my cock, and now even I couldn't believe I was able to stay inside the hot pussy of this sexy hot bitch.

My balls were tight, and my cock was throbbing but I wouldn't stop stroking her. She grabbed my face with her hands, and looked deeply into my eyes.

"I feel you throbbing inside me. I have to feel you cum in me. Cum deep inside me!!"

That was all I could take, and I gave a final deep thrust as I came. I looked down at her, and her eyes got wide as I pumped a huge load of my seed inside her pussy.

"That's it Daddy, fill my pussy with your cum. It's so hot!" she moaned softly into my ear.

She was grinding into me to get out every drop I swear, her pussy held onto my cock so tight I couldn't move if I wanted to. Then she pushed me backwards, and my shrinking cock popped out of her tightness. I stood there amazed as my cum was running out of her pussy, but she just smiled up at me scooping it up with her fingers. She brought it to her mouth licking those fingers clean.

"Mmmm tastes so good." she said licking up more of the cream she fingered out of her pussy.

Then she hopped up on her knees on the bed tossing her arms around my neck kissing me. "I knew that was going to be so hot. I've wanted you in my pussy for a while now." she said jumping off the bed.

"I better clean up. I'll take the bathroom across that hall, you better take the one in your bedroom." as she grabbed her clothes.

As she went through the doorway she looked back over her shoulder, what a great view of her perfect ass. "Thanks for the good hard fuck Daddy, next time it won't be a quickie."

She laughed and ran across the hall. Then I thought "Next Time??"

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