tagLoving WivesShe's Not Washed Up Yet!

She's Not Washed Up Yet!


For my wife's thirty-eighth birthday we planned a three-day weekend retreat to the Florida Gulf Coast. We both enjoyed the beach and the break from some pretty stressful jobs. Friday we had a delightful afternoon on the beach followed by dinner. As we visited over an early dinner, Pam mentioned to me that the steady stream of men on the beach that afternoon didn't seem to show the slightest interest in her in spite of her wearing a very nice bikini. She seemed to have some concern that with turning thirty-eight she might be loosing her appeal. I assured her that my presence probably dissuaded any double-takes and that she should rest assured that she still had what it took to appeal to men of any age. My wife is a beautiful woman. Wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, 5'-4", 130 pounds and curves where there should be curves. I particularly like her shapely hips and well-defined waist. Her full 34C top is a perfect fit for her frame and her sensitive shapely breasts have always attracted attention.

Pam still seemed concerned and overly focused on her age when I told her that I bet I could prove it to her that she was still attractive -- noting that a bikini was not always the best bait. I told her that I would prove it to her if she cooperated and followed my instructions. When we returned to our beachfront room I told her to show me what she had packed. I picked out her sexiest items, a white mini-skirt and fitted white blouse, white thong panties and a lacy white demi cut bra. I told her that if she went wading along the shore with that outfit on I would guarantee that men would quickly begin to pay attention. She thought I was nuts and was not at all convinced. In addition, she vetoed the skirt and blouse I picked out as too revealing in favor of white shorts and a cotton tank top. In spite of the change to more conservative clothes I told her that the bet was still on and that she should remove her wedding ring. I fixed her a large, strong Margarita and told her to wade in ankle deep water along the shore a if she were looking for shells. It was about 8:00pm and the sun was getting lower in the sky.

Pam headed off still convinced I was nuts. I followed about 15 minutes later. I found Pam about 300 yards down the beach. She was visiting with two young men who appeared to be in their twenties. They were in full flirt mode and Pam was obviously enjoying the attention. I casually sat on the beach some distance away but still within good view. The waves were lapping at her legs and occasionally splashing a few drops on her shorts. The margarita was gone and the laughing was louder. Then some splashing began, playfully at first but when Pam retaliated a full-fledged water fight ensued. The two-to-one odds resulted in Pam quickly protesting but to no avail. Attempting to retreat, she fell backwards and was completely soaked. As she stood up it was clear even from my distance that her outfit was clinging tightly to her very shapely body. The white shorts were thin fabric and clearly showed the outline of her thong panties.

Her stretch top was clinging tightly and her boobs were clearly visible bulging over the top of her low cut bra. She quickly realized her predicament as did the two guys who had huge grins on their faces. She tried to retaliate by pushing one of them down but they both went tumbling over and now were both drenched. It was clear that Pam's appearance was having an effect on the guys as they had embarrassing bulges in their wet shorts and headed out to deeper water. By now, three other men of various ages had gathered on shore pretending to look at shells or the sunset but clearly eager to watch Pam wading in the surf in her soaked clinging shorts and top. After the horseplay subsided Pam turned and walked to shore with a grin. As she approached me she gleefully noted, "You were right".

My normally modest wife appeared to enjoy strutting her stuff as she walked toward me. Her hardened nipples were straining against the soaked top and her thin shorts hugged her and revealed very enticing panty lines.

That evening we had fantastic sex as Pam reveled in her success in attracting attention. She was amazed at what had happened and was flattered and empowered by her ability to attract male attention via a skimpy soaked outfit.

Pam said that this must have just been a lucky coincidence but I assured her that was not the case and I would prove it tomorrow. She smiled as we finally went to sleep Friday night. Saturday morning was spent golfing but Pam seemed distracted. That afternoon I told Pam we were going shopping for part of her birthday present. We went to an outlet shopping center and I quickly found a lingerie shop. I told Pam I was in charge of her wardrobe shopping and wanted to get her some sexy summer outfits. I quickly settled on a virtually sheer stretch bra, a satin push up bra, several pair of very sexy panties, two garter belts and couple of pairs of stockings. Pam protested the clothes were too revealing and that she never wore garters and stocking. I explained that they were for the rest of our experiment.

"I thought you forgot that bet," she said, as she immediately got both nervous and excited.

I made Pam try the items on and they fit great and looked fantastic, even dry. Next we were off to a dress shop where I chose a powder blue clingy thin stretch sundress. Too nervous to go to dinner, we headed back to our room with some fast food. I fixed a strong martini to calm Pam down.

In the bedroom of our suite I laid out an outfit. I decided on the white mini-skirt that Pam had vetoed the day before but I carefully cut out the lining with my handy Swiss army knife, a pair of silk bikini panties, a white garter belt and white stockings, the white satin push up bra and thin white silky button-up blouse. On entering the room Pam grimaced as she saw the outfit. I helped her dress and told her that we would go down the beach a few miles to a location more distant from our resort. When finished she looked great and was so distracted by the thin top and garter belt and stockings that she didn't even notice the missing skirt lining. She added some makeup but protested going out in the daylight in the sheer tight top that she normally wears only with a camisole. I insisted she had to keep her part of the deal and that her clothes were no more revealing than a bikini. I told her to grab a bag of towels. I gave her a wine cooler as we headed for the car. I grabbed my camera and tripod on the way and snapped a few shots as Pam's shapely ass wiggled toward our car. In the bright sun one could easily see the outlines of her panties and garter say nothing of her bra easily visible through the thin top.

Pam was getting cold feet as we parked the car and was reluctant to go down to the beach alone. She took a few chugs of her cooler and I quickly reassured her by saying that I would come along and that we would pretend to be doing a photo shoot near the shore. After reminding her she had made a bet, she got out of the car.

There were a few folks sitting on the beach and a steady stream of folks walking up and down the beach. As Pam walked toward the water I stayed back about 15 feet and told her how to pose. Within about ten minutes three men had gathered to watch. I instructed Pam to wade out into the water and pose her body in various positions as I took some shots. Her sandals and stockings became wet as she posed in the foot deep water. When I asked Pam to kneel she protested.

I said, "If you don't cooperate I will get some of these guys to help me."

"You wouldn't." she protested.

I couldn't tell from her voice how she would react but I took my chances and requested volunteers. No problem, two fellows quickly volunteered. I asked one to grab her arms and the other to take her legs and hold her horizontally as if they were going to throw her in the water. Pam protested and splashed the guys but they quickly grabbed her and in a matter of seconds had her hanging over the water, one holding her arms and the other both legs. As Pam squealed and squirmed her mini-skirt worked its way up her legs and the tops of her stockings with the attached garter straps became visible. The man holding her feet was getting quite a view up her skirt and seemed to be enjoying it. I was asking the men to lower Pam closer to the water as I was clicking pictures as fast as my camera would allow. In a few moments the tops of the small waves were reaching Pam's ass and the fabric of her skirt was soaked. She was a perfect victim, first begging for mercy then threatening everyone if they didn't immediately release her. But her tone was playful and fun and only served to further motivate the guys. As she squirmed her skirt worked it way up on her hips and her lace stocking tops and garter straps were fully visible. Pam's top was still dry but the struggling had resulted in another of the blouse buttons becoming undone. Her cleavage was bulging as the satin push-up bra did a great job of accentuating her gorgeous boobs. Pam's face was red with embarrassment as she threatened revenge for her predicament.

The guys grinned as they slowly lowered Pam into the water. In a matter of seconds Pam was completely soaked. Her skirt clung to her hips and clearly revealed the skimpy silk panties and garter belt straps framing her shapely ass. I suspect that the brown hair on her pubic mound was very visible through her soaked panties to John, the man who had hold of her legs. Pam's boobs were practically popping out of her bra and her blouse was now virtually transparent. As Pam wiggled free she quickly stood up only to fall forward, again dousing her front. She then took off chasing John. He headed for deeper water getting his own shorts fully soaked. A little past waist deep, Pam caught John. Bob, the other guy, caught up with both of them. As Pam tried to splash, the guys grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back. Some interesting struggling ensued with Pam tightly sandwiched between the two guys.

As I clicked away with the camera while zooming in, it was clear that some of those four male hands were having fun. Bob held both of Pam's arms from behind and John stepped away and began a barrage of two-handed splashing. Torrents of water were dousing Pam's face, hair and front. With all the struggling it looked like another button or two of Pam's blouse came undone or popped off as her boobs were clearly visible, barely contained in her white push-up bra. As the struggling continued Pam's right nipple popped out of her bra cup to the delight of all the male onlookers.

By now there were three single guys and three couples watching as the splashing and struggling continued. The five minutes of splashing seemed like a half hour. Finally Bob and John headed toward shore. Pam headed to shore as well and only when she was in knee-deep water did she realize the size of the crowd and the condition of her outfit. Her sheer blouse barely covered any of her front, with a single button holding the tails together. The wet skirt did little to hide her garter and skimpy panties, and one stocking was down to her knee. But there was a huge grin on her face. Beyond tucking her boob back in her bra, Pam made no effort to cover up as she approached my busy camera and me.

She said, "I guess you were right! Now get me a towel."

I thanked John and Bob for their help and they quickly nodded, "Our pleasure."

I bundled Pam in towels and put her in the car to head for the room.

By 7:00pm I had Pam towel dried with her hair blown dry and her gorgeous body covered in kisses on our bed as I raved about how sexy her performance was. She commented that she hadn't ever had two men groping her at once and it had been a long time since anyone else's cock had been brushing up against her ass and legs. As she tried to unbutton my shirt I stopped her and noted that we had one outfit left. She looked a little incredulous then smiled and said, "If you say so."

By 7:30 I had Pam dressed in an ultrasheer white stretch bra, matching thong panties, a satiny white garter belt and tan stockings underneath the powder blue stretch sundress. I buckled the sandals on Pam's pretty feet and slid my hands up her sexy legs to pat her bottom. I noted, "Let's make this three for three and prove once and for all that at thirty-eight you can still attract attention." I think Pam realized how much I was enjoying this and that she was as well.

The plan this time was to head for the beach in front of our resort. I told Pam to go ahead and see what happened and that I would follow. With a sly smile she started chugging another wine cooler and headed to the beach. She said she was eager to get this over with so she could continue where we had left off earlier in our room.

I followed Pam over the sand dunes but stayed back as she approached the water's edge. The sun was low in the sky and her silhouette was awesome as she swayed her way toward the water's edge. Pam walked about 400 yards down the beach drawing lots of attention but no one approached her. A few moments latter a gentleman, perhaps 45 approached and struck up a conversation. The man was tall and handsome, in a snug swimsuit. They visited for several minutes obviously enjoying each other's company. I sat on the beach some distance away. A few minutes later Pam walked my way alone. As Pam got close she said that "Stan" had invited her to go for a sunset swim. I told her to find an excuse to go swimming in her dress.

Pam said, "If you are really ok with this I'll do it."

I smiled as my third straight victory was near. As she turned, I said, "Pam, you know it is cruel to tease guys too much."

She stopped in her tracks and said, "What does that mean?"

I said, "Remember when we first dated and you used creative ways to relieve my sexual frustration?"

She smiled and said, "We'll see."

With that Pam headed back toward Stan. I moved closer to get a better view and did my best to act like as innocent tourist out to enjoy the sunset. Pam and Stan walked into the water to just above her knees where she hesitated to get her dress wet. Stan coaxed her with a little hip bump and she quickly lost her balance and fell backward, her cute bottom leading the way into the surf. The water engulfed all but her head. She quickly struggled to her feet. Wow, what a sight! As Pam stood up, the water streaming down her body, her outfit was virtually transparent. Even from twenty paces her hardened nipples could be seen clearly protruding through her sheer bra and thin dress. Her garter belt and lace top stocking were visible through her dress and as she turned, her thong framed her ass cheeks. Stan was taken aback by her sexy looks. He quickly developed a large bulge in his swim trunks and stared at his good fortune in stunned silence. As he gathered his wits he again took Pam's hand and walked her to chest deep water. Two other couples had stopped on the beach to watch the show. After about ten minutes of horseplay with Pam's boobs bouncing enticingly in the shear stretch top, she and Stan moved into an embrace. They looked like horny teenagers as they hugged and groped each other. I could only imagine what was going on below the water line. At one point Stan lifted Pam out of the water, nuzzling her breasts into his face as she looked over his head toward me on the beach. I gave her a thumbs-up signal as she was being lowered into the water. A few moments later Stan was sliding the dress and bra straps off Pam's shoulder then his head disappeared below the water to, I presumed, feast on Pam's boobs. The commotion continued for about ten more minutes visible to anyone watching closely. I had all I could do to contain myself -- wondering exactly what was going on and how far Pam would go.

The commotion subsided and Stan turned and walked to shore. Emerging from the water he had a grin on his face but was absent the visible tent in his trunks. He walked away contented.

The sun was now very low in the sky as Pam walked toward shore. A half dozen eyeballs were glued to her every step. Pam got to thigh deep water and signaled for me to come to her. As I approached I could see that while her dress straps were back in place, her bra was wrapped around her waist inside her dress and her garter and stockings were disheveled. Her dark pubic triangle was visible through the soaked panty and dress fabric. She was a gorgeous sight as her sheer dress clung to her aroused boobs.

Pam said, "Quick, come finish this."

I walked to her in my dress shorts eager to get close. Her dress skirt was bunched near her waist. As I approached she grabbed my waistband and pulled me toward deeper water. By the time we were waist deep she had my belt and zipper undone and was fishing for my now huge hard on, oblivious to the folks on the shore. Before I could say or think anything she said that she had never been this horny in her life. Stan had fingered her to orgasm and she had jerked him off in their mutual grope fest but now she needed to be fucked. "And bad."

I turned Pam's back to the shore and swiftly pulled her dress straps off both shoulders in one quick move. I grabbed her head with one hand moving our lips together and the other hand quickly moved for her ass. A deep tongue kiss followed as my hands massaged Pam's bottom. Turning her slightly sideways to me, both hands were undre her dress feeling for her panty waistband. I managed to get her thong, garter and stockings down to her knees. Her nude boobs were partially visible to those on shore still watching but the darkening sky limited their view.

Pam and I had had ocean sex in the past and knew what to do. I worked my own shorts down to my ankles then took one foot and hooked Pam's lingerie to push it down so I would get one leg free. A quick spin, slight lift and I had Pam's hot box lined up with my rock hard rod. Slowly we worked on penetration. This doesn't work well in fresh water, but with a well-lubed gal (and Pam was well lubed by now) and salt water, ocean sex is fantastic.

Pam's moaning got embarrassingly loud but she didn't care and I had other things on my mind as well. As we worked on our rhythm I took advantage of the salt-water buoyancy to use my hands to fondle Pam's breasts and ass. As I knew I would not last long, I worked my finger toward Pam's ass. Pam's moaning turned to near screaming as we both came together. We stood there hugging for several minutes relishing the adventure we had just completed.

All the people on the shore wandered on and the sun disappeared below the horizon. I fished for my shorts with my foot and restored them to their proper position. I put the remains of Pam's lingeriein my pocket and repositioned her dress as we headed to shore. Up close Pam looked naked beneath a shear dress -- which in fact, was the case. Neither of us much cared, as it was now quite dark and quiet on the beach. We walked toward our room with my thoughts turning to a hot shower and tender romp in the bed. However, Pam's experience with wet clothes wasn't quite over as the resort's night floodlights clicked on just as we were passing a large party grilling on their patio. Pam just smiled as the hungry eyes devoured her sexy body in the clingy soaked dress.

Pam's confidence in her sexuality was certainly restored that weekend and we quickly scheduled an additional beach weekend before fall. I purchased several additional outfits that I knew would look great when soaked and Pam has stepped up her workouts to get in even better shape. We reviewed the photos we took on numerous occasions and they served as a great incentive for our next adventure. For my birthday she gave me a DVD camcorder with powerful zoom lens and joined me in a soapy shower in a bustier, thong and stockings.

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