tagRomanceShe's Special Ch. 03

She's Special Ch. 03


Even though Sean's team lost their first game, the kids had a blast. Katherine still couldn't help but wish that Jake would have shown up for Sean. Luckily, Sean hadn't noticed his father's absence, or maybe he just chose to ignore his absence. Either way, she still couldn't get over the fact that Jake had decided to just walk away from Sean. Didn't he realize that when they were together, they were miserable? Katherine still remembered all of the fighting, hurt, and betrayal their relationship was riddled with. That type of environment would have hurt Sean worse in the end. Coming to that decision two years ago was one of the hardest decisions she'd ever made. She was brought up to believe that once you married, it was for forever, no giving up and walking away, especially when you had a child. But, some hurts were just too much to deal with. When your husband tells you point blank that you aren't enough for him and he needs to have flings, well, let's just say that it was a breaking point.

Sitting through the game with Clint had done a number on Katherine physically and emotionally, but she was trying to ignore that fact. No doubt about it, she wanted Clint. Common sense told her to run, hard and fast away from the temptation that was wrapped up in one package, namely Clinton Davis. They had left the game and gone to the pizza place with the team and Clint was playing air hockey with Sean. She still couldn't get over the fact that Clint was so good with Sean. Watching them together made her wish for things that she shouldn't; like wishing that she and Clint could be together, that he would want to be with her and Sean as a family.

"I think you found a keeper with that one, Katie."

Katherine was startled from her own musings at Sarah's voice. She jumped and half-heartedly laughed, "Hey, Sarah. It's not like that."

"Why on earth wouldn't it be like that?" Sarah asked shocked.

"I work with him. He's not the forever type anyway." Katherine shrugged her shoulders.

"The forever type is overrated, girl!"

Katherine laughed and looked up to see Clint making his way towards her and Sarah. Clint wrapped his arm around Katherine's waist and pulled her close, kissing her cheek. Katherine noticed Sarah's amused smile, "Clint, this is Sarah. Sarah, meet Clint."

Clint extended his free hand to Sarah, "Nice to meet you."

"I don't get a kiss, too?" Sarah teased.

Clint laughed, "Those are reserved for Katherine, sorry."

Sarah raised her eyebrow, "It's not like that, huh?"

Katherine blushed as Clint asked, "Like what?"

Mumbling, Katherine told him, "Just girl talk."

Sean hollered for Clint, so he kissed Katherine's cheek again, "Nice to meet you, Sarah. Sean's wearing down quick. We'll probably need to head out soon, Katherine."

Smiling Katherine asked, "Is Sean wearing down, or can't you keep up with him?"

Playfully Clint wiggled his eyebrows, "Oh, I can keep up, baby. The question is, can you?"

Sarah laughed and Katherine blushed, "I'm ready to head out whenever you all are."

Katherine dodged questions from Sarah for the next ten minutes. No, she and Clint weren't dating or sleeping together. No, Clint wasn't more than a friend, just someone she worked with that wanted to hang out with her and Sean tonight. No, there was absolutely no way she and Clint would become more.

Katherine desperately wanted to believe everything she told Sarah, but the simple truth of the matter was that she did want Clint. Too much and that's why she needed to stay away from him. She didn't think she could go through a bad breakup with him and recover from it. Sean was priority number one. What Katherine wanted or needed would have to wait, therefore, no men or relationships in the for-see-able future.

On the way home, Katherine noticed that Clint was right. Sean had fallen asleep in the back seat of his truck before they left the parking lot. Sighing, she laid her head back against the headrest and stared out the window. When Clint's hand covered hers, she closed her eyes tightly.

His husky voice sent goose bumps over her body as he told her, "Thank you for letting me tag along tonight."

She cleared her throat, "No need to thank me. Sean enjoyed you being there, especially when you played nearly every video game with him at least twice."

Clint smiled, "He's a great kid. I had fun spending time with him...and his mother." As he came to a stop in her driveway, he asked, "Katherine, when can I see you again?"

Katherine didn't know what to say. On one hand she wanted to see him again, but on the other she knew it would only hurt her and Sean when it didn't work out. Finally, she admitted, "I don't think it's a good idea for us to see each other outside of work."

Clint let out an exasperated sigh, "Why not?"

Instead of making up excuses, Katherine decided to tell him exactly what she was thinking. She took in a deep breath and checked Sean in the back seat. Finally, she looked at Clint, "Can we take him in the house first? I'd really rather not say this in front of him."

He didn't agree or disagree with her, but got out of the truck and walked to where Sean was sleeping in the back seat. He unbuckled his seat belt and lifted the sleeping child out, following Katherine into the house. Katherine led Clint to Sean's room and watched as Clint gently laid her son on the bed, removed his shoes, and covered him up with a blanket. She could feel tears start to pool in her eyes as Clint kissed Sean's forehead and whispered, "Goodnight, Little Man."

Trying to get a check on her emotions, she walked to the kitchen and pulled out a couple of glasses and the tea pitcher. She could feel Clint standing in the door way and asked, "Would you like some tea?"

"I'd rather you tell me why you don't want to see me, outside of work."

Katherine turned to face him, leaning against the counter, "For one, we work together."

"Not good enough. There is nothing in the company handbook that states co-workers aren't aloud to see each other. I checked."

"But, why..." Katherine shook her head, "You aren't looking to settle down are you, Clint?"


His decisiveness only solidified the reasons for not dating him. She still couldn't help but be hurt by it, though. Her voice shook slightly, "I am. I want the whole picture, happily-ever-after, and all that comes along with it." Wrapping her arms around her waist, "I don't think that Sean or I getting attached to you would be a good idea."

"Listen, it's not that I don't want to have children someday, I do. I just won't get married again. Been there, Katherine, and it didn't work out. Am I against relationships? No. Hell, you are still dealing with the aftermath of your marriage. What makes you think that it will work a second time around?" Clint sounded irritated with the whole topic.

"I know the odds aren't good of it working out, but the point is I want to take that chance with someone, again."

Clint stalked towards her, keeping his voice low, "What if I were to tell you right now that, yes, I want to get married again? What then, Katherine? Would you change your mind about seeing me?"


He crowded her against the counter, bracketing her hips with his hands, "I know I should back off, Katherine, but I can't. I don't want to."

Suddenly, Clint's mouth was covering hers. The touch of his mouth against hers felt like a wildfire. All heat, flame and burning out of control. Katherine knew what was best for her, unfortunately that did not include Clint...no matter how much she and her body wished otherwise. If only she could break away from him, but no. Instead, she clutched his shirt, leaning into his body, her soft to his hard, causing her to all but purr at the contact. Oh, how she loved it when a man nibbled on her bottom lip like that, loved it even more when he chased the slight sting away with his tongue.

Clint broke the kiss, panting hard. Katherine watched in utter fascination at his display of control over the situation. She only wished she could have done that. Mainly, she wished that she had never told him that she didn't want to see him. She tried to catch her breath and to get her hormones under control, because more than anything she wanted him to take her right where they were.

His deep voice sent chills through her, "I won't do that again, until you ask me to."

She stuttered, "W-what?" Did he just say he wouldn't kiss me again? What in the hell? Oh, right. This would be my fault. Katherine then realized that she was still clutching his shirt and released it, almost like it burned her fingers.

Clint lifted her chin, so they were looking into each others eyes, "You will have to ask me to kiss you, if you ever want to feel my lips on yours again." He brushed his thumb across her swollen bottom lip, "Trust me, baby. It will be hard as hell waiting, but wait I will."

Katherine was dumbfounded. She wanted to tell him not to leave it up to her, just take it, but she knew he wouldn't. Not completely anyway. Clint was a contradiction. He was bold, domineering, arrogant, and then he was nice, caring, and great with kids. Then it dawned on her, maybe he's not so much like Jake after all.

She was still shocked and a little bit in awe over her revelation when Clint kissed her cheek, "See you on Monday, baby."

To be continued...

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