tagRomanceShe's Special Ch. 04

She's Special Ch. 04


It had been two weeks and three days since that night in the kitchen with Clint. True to his word, he didn't even try to touch her even in passing. Katherine should have been happy with that decision, but she'd known from the moment he told her she'd have to ask for it, she was screwed. She was in hell.

Working with him and trying to forget the way he kissed her and made her feel was damn near impossible. Especially when he decided that he needed to share her office. In the past, she had no problem sharing her office with her uncle, but Clint was not her uncle. Just being near Clint made the most mundane tasks seem monumental.

The worst part wasn't even working practically side by side with him. It was seeing and watching him with Sean. Sean absolutely adores Clint, to the point of idolizing him in a way. Clint had made sure that he was at every one of Sean's games to cheer him on and help him when asked to. Now Clint was going to be one of Sean's coaches. It was maddening. Clint had managed to worm his way into her life and her surroundings, yet he still hadn't even offered or hinted at anything more.

Katherine cringed as she heard Clint slam a drawer on his desk for the eighth time. He was really starting to drive her insane.

His deep voice pleaded, "Please tell me you know where I put the updated plans from today's meeting." She wasn't purposely ignoring him, she was trying to think of where they could possibly be, but he didn't give her a chance. He asked, "Katie, do you know where the plans are?"

She almost snapped, "Wherever you put them!" But somehow, she restrained herself. Mentally counting to ten, she wondered how he managed to ignore the attraction between them so easily. Had he already grown tired of the thought of her? Every time he was near, her body practically turned to mush. It was insane. Why him of all people?

Calmly, she asked, "Did you leave them in your truck, again?" Silently she added, for the ninth time this week!

He grumbled, "If I knew, I wouldn't be asking."

That did it. Glaring at Clint, "What on earth is wrong with you today?"

He cursed as his knee hit the corner of his desk, "Dammit to hell and back!"

Fine if he didn't want to tell her, it wasn't her problem! She got up and walked to the drafting table in the back corner of the office, and surprise, surprise. There sat the plans he was looking for. Katherine looked over her shoulder, "Hey, Clint. Come here."

Grouchily, "What is it, Katie? I'm trying to find those..." he paused as he saw the plans. His jaw clenched, almost as if he was having a hard time with his temper today.

She touched his arm and he flinched. She was just going to ask what was wrong, but his reaction to her touch shocked her. Katherine needed away from there, now. She turned away from him, grabbed her purse and her keys. As she tried to walk past him he stepped in her way.

His broad chest was in her face as he asked, "Where are you going?"

She wanted to scream, "Away from you!" Yet she ended up saying, "Lunch."

As quickly as humanly possible, Katherine left the office. Was she going to get lunch? No. She just didn't know how to deal with being that close to Clint anymore. She needed air. She needed space. She needed him to wrap his arms around her and kiss her senseless just one more time. NO!!!

Maybe it was time to get her own building for her interior decorating business. Before, it was just convenient to share an office with her uncle because she worked with him on a lot of jobs, but now with Clint taking over for her uncle it might be better to have a separate space. She could still work on the jobs with the company, but just from a different locale.

Katherine was walking down the block, mulling the idea over in her head and found herself in front of her friend Sarah's salon. Maybe it was time for a new look. Something a little shorter might be good. She ran her hands through her long wavy brown hair. Layers might make it a bit easier to deal with in the mornings.

Sarah was sitting behind the counter reading, "Wake up woman. I need a new look."

Sarah gasped, "You're kidding!"

She laughed, "Nope. How would layers look? I don't want to lose all of the length though."

"But, Katie..." Sarah looked thoughtful, "You haven't changed your hair in almost ten years."

"Maybe it's a good time for some changes then." Katherine said as she sat down at the hair washing station.

"Does this have anything to do with that hunk?"

"Nope, he and I are only co-workers."

Sarah laughed, "I doubt that."

"Seriously, Sarah, we just work together."

The door chimes jingled over the door and Sarah laughed, "Oh really?"

Sarah laughed as she helped Katherine up, "What's so..."

Katherine froze. Clint stood there tall and imposing, his arms crossed over his chest, "What are you doing?"

It took her a moment, but she answered, "Getting a haircut."

"Why?" He asked incredulously.

"I want to." Was it her or did they sound like third graders? "What did you need, Clint?"

"Oh...um..." Clint looked at Sarah, "Could I talk to Katherine for a moment?"

Chuckling under her breath, "Sure, why not?"

That is the first time in two weeks that he'd called her Katherine and it grated on her nerves. What is his problem today? "Katherine in front of Sarah, what happened to Katie?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Is there any chance you can do me a favor later?"

"What?" Katherine doubted she'd pee on him if he was on fire at the moment.

Clint hung his head for a second then looked up into her eyes, "Would you be my date at dinner tonight?"

Katherine's mouth fell open, "Do what???"

"Listen, I hate to ask, but I have family coming in tonight and if I don't have a date I'll have to listen to them run their mouths."

She didn't want to understand, but she did. Her family was constantly trying to set her up with someone or giving her a hard time over being single still. No one seemed to understand the difficulty of putting one's self back out there again. Even if the one person that you didn't want to want was standing in front of you asking you to be a stand in.

Katherine must have hesitated too long, "I swear. I'll behave."

"What time and how do I need to dress?" She wondered when exactly she became a masochist.

Clint seemed to take a deep breath and for the first time today he smiled, "I owe you." As he turned to the door to leave, he told her, "Just not too short, OK?"

Katherine smiled, "So a bob?" When he made a face she laughed, "What time tonight?"

"I'll be there no later than six. Dinner with family, bet you are thrilled."

Actually, she was thrilled, but would never admit it to him, let alone herself completely. She couldn't help but hope his ridiculous plan of making her ask for him to kiss her would be null and void now. If he even wanted to kiss her again or still wanted her period, she thought to herself. Pathetically, it took him making his decision not to press her for her to see that she did in fact want to be with him. No matter how bad it was going to hurt when he grew bored and left her. She realized that he would never intentionally hurt Sean that was obvious, and helped her come to terms with the fact that she wanted to see how things would go with him. Maybe just having a fling would be better than nothing at all.


Clint was at the end of his rope. The past couple of weeks have been hard as hell. Being close to Katherine and not touching her, it was driving him insane. Every instinct in him told him to wrap his arms around her and make her see what they could have together, but he knew that would only make it harder to get what he wanted. He even started calling her Katie, hoping that calling her that would make it easier to see her as a friend and co-worker only.

The past couple of weeks have proven to him that he would be willing to try a relationship with Katherine. If that's what she wanted and needed in order for him to be a part of her life, he'd do it. Anything to get her in his arms again he was willing to try, even if it went everything in him.

He really didn't want to ask her to go to dinner and meet his brother and sister, but there was no way in hell he'd ask another woman to go with him. Yes, his brother and sister would assume that he and Katherine were more than they currently were, but that was ok by him. Hell, that's what he wanted anyway. Clint knew that his siblings would recognize the significance of her being with him. Since his ex, he only brought women that they knew were just flings, with Katherine, the difference would be obvious.

When Katherine called to tell him that she wouldn't be back in the office that afternoon, he was shocked. He was told by the other guys that worked for him that Katherine hadn't taken a day or even a half day off in a long time. Everyone was wondering if she was ok, just like he was. Was it because he asked her to dinner? If she didn't want to go, he wouldn't force the issue.

He hated the indecision and not knowing what the right thing to do was when it came to her. Anytime he had an interest in someone, he went for it. Well, not quite as no holds barred as he did with Katherine at first, but he made his attraction known. But, none of those women had been Katherine. It still confused him. This attraction he felt for her was more than he'd ever had with anyone. It was unsettling, yet he couldn't walk away from it. He realized that the first time he laid eyes on her.

In his mind, she was his and that was all there was to it. No one would change that. Even if she never wanted to go to the next level, he would continue just being her friend if that's all he could have. Would it kill his soul? Hell yes. It would eat him alive, but being near her would be worth it. Damn, even to him he sounded pussy whipped and he hadn't even gotten any.

There was one night last week that he went to a bar and almost went home with a woman. She reminded him of Katherine, but he quickly realized that he couldn't do it. He only wanted Katherine and no substitute could change that. He looked up at the clock and saw that he had just enough time to get home, shower, get dressed and pick her up.

Good thing, since the entire day had been wasted. He hadn't been able to concentrate worth a shit and he knew his crew noticed it. Thankfully no one pointed it out though. Even when his lead foreman told him that he should go find something else to do so he could get his job done, no one pointed out how useless he was.

Clint groaned as he stepped into the shower, with thoughts of Katherine in his head as usual, he fought the urge to stroke himself. He needed relief, but there was no way in hell he would jack off again. He wanted to feel her hands on his body, feel her hot heat envelope his hardness. Quickly, he turned the water to cold hoping a cold shower would help even though he knew it wouldn't. Only Katherine would be able to take care of this gnawing need eating away at him.


When Clint got to Katherine's house, he stopped in the driveway and stared at the warm and inviting home. Is this what it's supposed to feel like when you come home? Whenever he arrived to his townhouse, he didn't get this feeling of contentment. After taking a deep breath, Clint opened his door and walked to her front door. He could hear Sean talking a mile a minute and smiled. He really liked her son. He was a great kid that never stopped.

He knocked on the door and Sean answered, "Come in, mommy will be down in a minute."

Clint asked, "How was school?"

Sean wrinkled his nose, "Boring. They want me to learn how to subtract and I'm not good at it."

Laughing, Clint pointed out, "You use subtraction all of the time, Sean. It's like when you take away my life points on that dueling game we play."

"I don't think so. The game is fun. School isn't at all." He didn't sound convinced.

Katherine was behind him and said, "He's right. Do I get a hug? I don't know how late we'll be." After Sean hugged her, she told him, "Get in there and help Mary finish the cookies you conned her into making for you."

Clint hadn't said a word since she appeared. She looked stunning. Even though she'd obviously gotten her hair cut a little, the length was still there. It seemed to be layered and framed her face perfectly. The dress she wore fit her hour glass frame like a glove. He loved the way the soft blue color made her skin practically glow. The v neck line hinted at a peek, making him want to see more. It came to her shins and even her shoes did the peek-a-boo act. She was simply a knock out.

As his gaze travelled up her body, he clenched his jaw. How in the hell was he supposed to keep his hands off of her when she looked like that? She was a cross between a pin up girl and innocence, the two warring with each other. Clint just knew that if he kissed her right now she'd melt and the innocence would no longer be a factor.

He was about to do just that when he realized what he was doing. Quickly, he brushed his lips against her cheek and inhaled her scent, telling her, "You are gorgeous, Katherine."

Katherine's smile all but dazzled him. She genuinely looked pleased with him telling her she looked good. Clint vowed silently to himself to continue to point out as often as possible how beautiful she was.

After she grabbed a small purse and told the babysitter bye, she turned to him, "Ready to go?"

Clint admitted, "I wish just you and I were going out to dinner."

She chewed her bottom lip for a second, "Maybe next time?"

He was in the process of opening the car door for her and paused. Did he just hear her right? He clutched her arm right above her elbow and turned her to face him, "Katherine, did you just say..." When she smiled at him he went for broke and asked, "Would you like to go to dinner with me on Saturday night, Katherine?"

What she said shocked him even more, "How about you come here to the house for pizza and movie night with me and Sean on Saturday?"

He didn't even hesitate, "I'll be here." Gently, he brushed his finger down her cheek, "I really like spending time with you and Sean."

After he made sure she was in the truck, he slowly walked around and climbed in. She laid her hand on his arm and leaned towards him. Clint held his breath, hoping like hell she was about to make that all too important step. If she kissed him right now, all bets were off. She was his. He watched intently as her mouth came closer and closer. When her lips were so close that he could feel her breath mingle with his he wanted to growl and take her lips, but he held still waiting. She had to do this.


Katherine knew she had to make this move. If she didn't, she'd regret it for the rest of her life. She had to know if what she felt a couple of weeks ago when he kissed her would be as explosive now. When she was barely an inch away she licked her lips, savoring this moment of anticipation. Then ever so softly, she brushed her lips against his. Just a mere whisper of a kiss was all she allowed. That brief whisper of a kiss had her entire body sizzling.

Suddenly, Clint's hand was in her hair pulling her back to his lips. He growled as he opened his mouth over hers. She couldn't breathe, couldn't think. He devoured her mouth and she loved it. Her whole body was on sensory overload, he was wreaking havoc on every cell of her being.

Katherine was in awe and shock. Just his lips and hand in her hair had her body blazing like a wild fire. Never could she remember a time that a man was able to affect her so completely. Feeling him nip and lick her bottom lip left her whimpering. She needed Clint to stop, but didn't want him to.

It was as if he read her mind, he pulled back. His gaze burned into hers and she wanted to climb into his lap and do it all over again, only this time with their bodies touching every place possible. Clint leaned his forehead against hers, "Damn, baby. I want you so much it's killing me."

His words made her moan, "I want you, too."

"Katherine..." he groaned as his cell phone rang. He looked at it and grimaced. Sheepishly he told her, "It's my brother."

Katherine nodded her head and moved back to her side of the truck, trying to get her hormones under control. She squeezed her thighs tightly together trying to ease the ache. Closing her eyes, the only thing she could think about was his lips on hers and how thoroughly he possessed her with his kiss. The feelings he stirred within her scared her. It was going to destroy her if or when he decided he was done with her. That thought in her mind reminded her that she needed to try and protect herself as much as possible.

Clint had finished his call and told her, "Well, they are on the way to the restaurant. Are you ready to head that way?"

She looked over at him and realized there was no way to protect her heart. It was already completely his. She took a deep breath, "Ready when you are."

He laughed, "Baby, the only thing I am ready for is to take you home to my bed."

When they pulled up to the restaurant, Katherine saw two couples standing outside waiting. A fit of nervousness washed through her. She asked, "What do I expect here, Clint?"

His hand guided her chin so that she looked at him, "You can expect dinner. You can expect a lot of ribbing and grinding me over the coals to embarrass me. You can also expect me to kiss you every chance I get and touching you as much as humanly possible." The heat and desire radiating from him made her gasp. He leaned forward and kissed her softly. When he pulled back she felt like putty. His to mold any way he wanted.

Clint led her towards the waiting couples, his hand on the small of her back branding her with his heat. Katherine schooled her features, smiling as they all introduced themselves. His sister was a very striking woman. She wasn't overly feminine primarily due to her height. She had to be almost six foot tall without the high heels she currently wore. Her husband was extremely tall as well. He towered over his wife by at least three inches and had warm brown eyes and a friendly smile that could make anyone feel like a friend immediately.

Clint's brother was the same height as Clint, but where Clint was dark in coloring his brother was light. He was a flirt and it was obvious. He winked at Katherine as he kissed the top of her hand, "I'm Steven, Clint's older brother. This is my wife, Amy." Katherine smiled at Amy, who pulled her into a hug.

"It's nice to meet you, Katherine." Her voice was soft and almost melodic and her eyes were an interesting hazel color. Not quite green and not quite brown.

"I'm Elizabeth, Clint's older sister. This hulking giant hovering is my husband, David."

David smiled, "Nice to meet you, Katherine. You are definitely an improvement over anyone in the past."

Katherine laughed, "Oh really? Do tell."

Clint groaned, "Don't get them started, baby."


True to his word, Clint kept her hyper aware of his presence all through dinner, constantly touching her, kissing her, and whispering in her ear all in front of his family. Katherine was ready to spontaneously combust by the time they said their goodbyes. All of them planned to meet for dinner the following week, including her. To say that shocked her would be an understatement.

Clint stopped her before she got in the truck. His hands on her waist, her back to his front and he kissed the side of her neck, "How long can Mary stay with Sean?"

Katherine's body trembled slightly to his touch, breathily she told him, "At least a few more hours."

Turning her in his arms, "I don't want this night to end, yet." He rubbed his thumb across her bottom lip, "Will you come to my house, Katherine?"

She knew she wanted to more than her next breath, but agreeing to go scared her. What if he didn't want her once he had her there? Jake told her that she wasn't warm enough and was an ice queen in the bedroom. What if Clint thought the same thing? She decided it would be better to find out if that was the case now instead of waiting, "Take me to your house, Clint."

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