tagRomanceShe's Special Ch. 07

She's Special Ch. 07


Chapter Seven


He couldn't wait any longer. He had to be inside her. Covering her mouth with his, he thrust deep inside her and had to stop. Her heat and the feel of her muscles squeezing him tight almost made him lose it before he even got started.

Clint was trying to regain some control, but Katherine had other ideas. He could feel her pussy clench and release around his cock, milking him. He groaned, "Baby, stop...let me..."

She begged him, "No...do it...let go...just don't stop...please..."

He did just as she begged. Clint rammed into her over and over, harder and harder. He heard her moans getting louder and covered her mouth with his, trying to muffle her cries. He couldn't hold back as he felt her climax rock through her. She clamped down on him, tightening almost painfully around him. Clint thrust into her one more time, burying his cock as deeply as possible and let go.

Clint buried his face in her neck, gasping for breath. He didn't want to let her go. A sense of urgency incited panic inside of him. He knew the second her feet touched the floor she'd leave. I need to tell her now how much she means to me.

Katherine couldn't believe she let this happen. She couldn't even blame Clint, not when she told him to do it.

She could still feel him deep inside her. He was softening and she didn't want him to withdraw from her body. Part of her wished he could stay there. Lord knows they didn't have any issues when it came to sex.

That's when it hit her.

There really weren't any issues between them, other than her insecurities. How was that his fault? It wasn't his fault that her sex life with her ex was abysmal. From where she stood at the moment, that issue had a lot to do with Jake and the fact that she should have never married him in the first place. She didn't regret it though. At least they had a great son together, even if Jake didn't see that.

Katherine thought back over the past few months with Clint and realized that not at any time did he act like he was growing bored with them. He seemed like he enjoyed being with her and Sean. Even when they went out somewhere, if another woman flirted with him, he ignored it. He didn't seem to even notice.

It was only a matter of time before he would notice. There was that doubt again. Why did she feel like she would never be enough for anyone? Because I never have been, she thought to herself.

But with Clint, it was different. Had anyone ever looked at her the way he does? Had anyone ever touched her the way he does? Had anyone ever made her feel the way he does?


No one had ever made her feel like she was the center of his world. No one had ever kissed her with such heat and intensity that she felt it to her toes before. No one had ever made her want to be more for them, either.

Katherine groaned and Clint must have thought she wanted him to let her go, because he told her, "Just a few more minutes, baby. I don't want to let you go just yet."

She wrapped her arms around him tighter, "I'm not going anywhere."

He growled, "Your damned right, you're not."

God, she loved how he got demanding and how his voice dropped lower when he was in that mood. It made her hyper-aware of him and every nerve ending in her body. She clenched her pussy around his softening cock and laughed when he hissed.

Katherine kissed his neck, nibbled on his ear. She felt his arms tighten around her and him shift. Clint looked into her eyes and she saw confusion there. He probably thought she was going to take off or be mad at him, but Katherine now realized that she couldn't. More than that, she wouldn't give up and walk away from him until he told her he didn't want to be with her anymore.

"I'm sorry, Clint." When he went to talk she brushed her lips against his, "I should have talked to you about getting a different office."

"Baby, I don't care about that anymore. I shouldn't have raised hell over it without asking first." He kissed her, "If it's what you want, I will just have to cope."

She asked, "Think you can let me down?"

Clint bit her neck, "I don't want to."

Laughing, she told him, "Maybe we can continue this later."

He tugged her hair gently and Katherine moaned a little. His voice rumbled through her, "Katherine, did you just say what I think you said?"

"I'd really like you to come to the house tonight." She played with the hair at the base of his neck, "I'll cook dinner and you can hang out with Sean. And..."

"And..." Clint urged her on. She could hear the encouragement in his voice.

"I've missed you," she admitted. "I'd like to explain what I was thinking with the whole office thing."

Clint searched her face, "I'll be there, baby."

After cleaning up and picking up some roses in a deep purple shade, Clint headed to Katherine's. Maybe he was being hopeful, but he also packed a bag with several changes of clothes. As he pulled onto Katherine's street Clint felt excitement course through his veins.

Not only did he look forward to seeing her, but he couldn't wait to see Sean. He'd only seen him twice in the past week and he missed him.

Clint felt that tightening feeling in his chest when he saw Sean sitting on the front porch. He could just imagine coming home to that every night, hell, for two months he did. It had never lost the appeal.

He jumped out of the truck and Sean came barreling towards him. Clint picked him up growling, acting like he was going to throw him into the air and Sean gave that full belly laughter like only a child can. God, he missed that laugh. Even after a horrible day, hearing that would make it all go away.

Sean wrapped his arms around Clint's neck, "I missed you!"

Clint told him, "Little Man, I missed you more than you know."

Instead of putting him down, Clint carried Sean in the house on his back, giving him a piggy-back ride. What he saw when he entered the kitchen stole his breath as well as his heart.

Katherine was dancing around the kitchen while she cooked, completely relaxed and comfortable. She had on one of his t-shirts and a pair of stretch shorts that hugged her ass like a glove. With his heart in his throat, Clint could only stare. He pictured in his mind coming home to this scene for the rest of his life and realized that he wanted that. He wanted the whole enchilada with Katherine.

Sean laughed and Katherine turned around smiling. Clint cleared his throat, "I found some new kind of monkey outside. Have any idea which zoo to call?"

Katherine smirked and walked towards Sean still hanging onto his back, "Hmm...I don't know. Maybe we should keep him? He is kind of cute, well for a monkey and all."

Seeing her eyes light up in amusement as Sean protested, "Mom!"

She smiled at him and stood on tip-toes to brush her lips against his, "Hi."

Clint leaned in for a little deeper kiss only to laugh as Sean made vomiting noises, "Hi, baby. I missed you."

Katherine helped Sean from his back, saying, "I missed you, too." She put Sean down, "Go clean up, supper is almost ready."

He pulled her close as Sean left the room, kissing her again. She leaned into him and melted against him, moaning against his lips. Clint pulled back hugging her tight. Against her ear, it shocked even him when he whispered, "I love you."

He heard her breath catch, felt her stiffen in his arms. Clint couldn't believe he blurted that out. He meant to tell her after they talked later, before he made love to her again. When Katherine pulled back and looked up into his eyes, Clint was truly afraid of what she might say or do. Did he already screw up within five minutes of being back into her life?

She had tears in her eyes and her voice was shaky, "Did you just say...?"

Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her gently. Finally, he pulled back to stare into her eyes, "I love you, Katherine."

Katherine couldn't have heard him say that, but when he held her face and looked into her eyes, he said it again. She wanted to cry, she wanted to hug him, and she wanted to kiss him. Sean came barreling into the room and she felt Clint kiss her lips again gently.

Barely above a whisper, she admitted, "Love you, too."

Dinner turned out to be a lively occasion. Sean was in rare form with Clint there. He kept everyone's attention on him and continually asked questions. Katherine was worried that Clint would get upset for a moment like Jake used to, but he didn't. He just chuckled, telling Sean, "Hey, I'm not going anywhere. We have plenty of time, little man."

When bedtime finally rolled around, Sean asked if Clint would be there in the morning. Katherine told him, "That's up to Clint. He's more than welcome to stay if he wants to, isn't he?"

Sean tugged on Clint's hand, "Will you read to me?"

Katherine watched as Clint told Sean to go brush his teeth and he'll be there shortly. Then Clint's attention focused on her and little bolts of electricity lit through her veins. She wanted him so much that every cell in her body felt as if they were pulling her towards him. When he got close, she wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him tight.

She felt his arms squeeze her, "I'll be back down in a few minutes."

Katherine brushed his lips with hers, "I'll be waiting."

She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She could hear Clint's deep voice reading to Sean and heard him chuckle as Sean said something, smiling, she walked outside to sit on the swing. Katherine was nervous.

Never in a million years had she expected this. He told her those three magic words. Did he mean them? Was it possible that he could really love her?

Desperately, she wanted to believe him. She wanted to believe in them. She needed to believe in them.

"You're over thinking everything, baby."

She jumped, she hadn't been expecting him this soon. She asked, "Sean's already asleep?"

He nodded and leaned against the railing on the porch, "Do you want to know when I knew?"

Katherine wasn't sure if she wanted to know, "Clint..."

Clint pinned her with his gaze, "The second you left. I fought it and didn't want to believe it, but I knew then." He walked towards her and bent down in front of her, "I don't want to lose you again, baby."

Tears had formed in her eyes and were slowly trickling down her face, "I'll be here as long as you want me. I'm not going anywhere."

The look in his eyes stole her breath, his words made promises that she knew were real, "You willing to do forever with me, then?"

Three weeks later...

Katherine had never been happier in her life. It was the last game of Sean's T-Ball season and the kids were having fun. Not only that, the game was close. So close that as long as Sean's team kept the other team from scoring, they'd win.

She held her breath as the last batter hit the ball. She watched as it flew to center field, directly towards Sean. It was a pop-up. Clint and Sean had been working on those hits for a few weeks and Sean had gotten great at catching them. Everything seemed to go in slow motion.

Sean moved under the ball, setting his feet, opening his glove, and placing his other hand to cradle it once it hit inside the glove.

Katherine stood up just as Sean caught the ball. She laughed and almost cried at the same time at the look on her son's face. He was in shock that he caught it. If she could have, she would have run onto the field and hugged him, but she didn't have to. Clint was there.

She watched as Clint ran and picked up Sean, watched them laugh and all of his teammates run to congratulate him. Katherine saw the look of love and happiness pass between her son and Clint. Sometimes it was almost surreal. She never thought that it would happen.

Katherine waited by the dugout as the teams lined up to shake hands. The voice behind her shocked her to say the least.

"I can't believe he caught that." Taking a deep breath, she turned and faced her ex. He looked different. For the first time in years, he was in old jeans and a worn out t-shirt. He cupped her arm, "Hey, Katie."

It wasn't lost on her that he hadn't called her Katie in years. Actually, he stopped calling her that when they found out she was pregnant with Sean. She nodded in his direction then turned back towards the field, giving him her back. He chose to walk away from her son. She didn't have to play nice anymore. He was nothing to her.

Jake sighed, "Katie, can I talk to you?"

"Why, Jake? You walked away. Why are you even here?" She couldn't keep the anger out of her voice as she turned to face him.

He asked, "Are you happy?" He nodded his head towards Clint, "With him?"

Katherine was shocked. What did it matter to him? She searched his face, trying to understand why he was here. Why he was asking that question. She thought she saw some of the old Jake, the one she knew before he turned into the one she divorced. She nodded, "Yes, I'm happy. He makes me and Sean happy."

He still hadn't mentioned Sean or asked about him. How was that possible? She had to ask, "Did you ever care about Sean, or want him?"

At least he had the decency to look ashamed as he admitted, "Katie, I wanted you. When we had him, I knew it made you happy. At the same time, he took you from me. I just couldn't, well, can't handle that." He rubbed the back of his neck, "I don't know how to be a father, and I really don't want to be one."

"Wow." Katherine's jaw dropped. How did she not know he was that selfish? She stammered, "I...I...what am I supposed to say to that?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. I guess we really are through, aren't we?"

"Yeah, Jake, we were through the second I got pregnant and neither of us realized it."

Jake cleared his throat, "Listen, I'll leave you alone. I just needed to be sure. Katie, if you ever change your mind..."

"I won't, Jake. I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I wish you knew what you were missing out on with Sean, but there's no way to change that."

Jake stepped up to her and leaned down, pressing his forehead against hers, "I wish I could have been the man you deserved."

Clint chose that moment to walk up, "Get away from her, Jake."

Katherine heard the leashed fury in Clint's voice. Jake turned and faced Clint, "I'm going." He stood toe-to-toe with Clint, "Don't hurt her."

Clint growled, "You already did that enough for the both of us."

Sean's voice called out, "Dad!"

Both Clint and Jake turned to him, only Sean walked up to Clint and grabbed his hand, "Are we going to the pizza place again, Dad?"

Katherine held her breath. He'd asked a couple of days ago if he could call Clint dad, and both she and Clint told him that it was his choice. Clint told him that he would be honored to be called 'Dad' from him, but he didn't have to. They hadn't expected this situation though.

Clint nodded his head, "Yeah, little man."

Sean looked up and realized that Jake was there, but didn't say anything. He just stared at him. Jake spoke first, "So, you like Clint?"

Sean nodded. Katherine intervened, "You all about ready to go?"

In a small voice, Sean asked, "Are you mad at me?"

Jake bent down to Sean's level, "I'm not mad. I'm happy that you like Clint so much. I'm glad he'll be here for you." He sighed, "Listen, I'm going to be moving and won't be around, but Clint will be here for you. OK?" Sean nodded his head and Jake told him, "I'll see you around. Oh and by the way, that was the best catch I've ever seen."

Later that night, Clint was still so damn mad he couldn't see straight. How in the hell could Jake just walk away and act like it didn't matter? Sean didn't admit it, but Clint knew it hurt him that his real dad didn't want to be around him. He was a young child, but Sean was extremely intelligent. He knew what was going on.

Katherine was reading to Sean and he only hoped that he was OK. Clint paced in the kitchen. Then he decided to make his way up to Sean's room, just to see for his self, he had to know that he was OK.

He leaned against the door in time to hear Katherine explain, "Honey, sometimes people can be parents and have no idea how to actually follow through with it. You real dad, well, he just didn't know how to be one and he knows that. In a way, it's a good thing that he realizes that and is honest about it, even though it hurts us."

"But Mommy, Clint isn't a real dad. Will he not want to be a parent either?"

Clint walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, "Little man, you are stuck with me. The second I met you, I claimed you as mine. For good, bad, or even ugly, I'm your dad. No matter what, I'll be here for you."

"Like when you and Mommy were fighting and you were here and let me call her, even though she couldn't know you were sitting with me?"

Katherine gasped, "What?"

Clint chuckled, "Yeah, but that was supposed to be our secret." Sean giggled, and Clint told him, "Get some sleep. We're supposed to go fishing in the morning."

Clint had been with Sean when he was supposed to be with her aunt and uncle? How did that happen? She wanted to ask, but at the same time she was just grateful. Even when they were separated, he made a point to be with him.

Katherine walked downstairs and stood stock still at the foot of the steps. The entire living room was covered in candles. Every available surface had rose petals covering it. Clint stood in front of the window, looking outside with his hands in his pocket. He heard her intake of breath and turned to face her.

He held his hand out to her and slowly, Katherine made her way to him. As she stepped in front of him, tears streamed down her face when he went bent down on one knee.

"The moment I saw you on that couch in the office curled up to Sean, I knew you were special. It scared me to death, but I decided then that I wanted you. I never thought I'd fall in love with you like I have, but I'm yours, Katherine. I love you more than life itself. Not only that, I love your son, too. I want to be your friend, your lover, Sean's father, and most importantly, I want to be your husband." He pulled a ring from his pocket and held it out, "Will you marry me?"

Katherine wrapped her arms around him, "Yes."

The End

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