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She's the Boss


Some people would think that it would be difficult having your wife work directly over you. I've found quite the contrary. She calls the shots around the house, so it wasn't a stretch for her to call the shots at my job.

It is actually a funny story of how we met. We weren't working together at the time. Actually I had been working at the company for about 3 years. After my manager had gotten promoted, I was next in line to receive a promotion to his position. But, it turns out that they were interviewing people from outside the company for the position. This left me pretty frustrated, and I knew going forward I would likely resent anyone that received that position over me.

I must have been pretty obviously pouting because they did end up offering me an interview. As I was approaching the office, I saw the most beautiful young woman step out of the office. She about 6 inches shorter than me and 6 years younger by my approximation. She looked confident but I sensed she was fronting a little. She had blond hair that was put into a professional bun, perfectly natural makeup that truly highlighted all of her natural facial features. She was professionally dressed in shortish dress with a loose blouse, so I couldn't make out her bodily features. From what I could see, she had fit legs, and she did fill-out the breast of her blouse well. She looked like she had just graduated college and she thought she was getting the management job over me!

I entered the interview, and everything went perfectly. They said this interview was formality, and that they'd like to hear where I'd take the company. This was such a softball question I had practiced the night before that I nailed it out of the park. Long story short, the interview went great. I felt like a shoo-in for the position.

After the interview, I was running on such adrenaline that I needed to get outside for fresh air. This is where I met her. She was sitting outside holding her cell phone in her hand, but the screen was dark. I'm sure she was recovering from her first rough job interview out of college. I was feeling so good that I had to approach her, if nothing else to console her loss. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Angela, Angie for short. I asked her if she was interviewing for the manager position. She told me it was her first interview since receiving her MBA and she felt like it went "okay" but not great. She said she was having a bad day on top of it because her phone was out of battery and she didn't know how she was going to get home. It was right around my lunch break so I offered to give her a ride, since she didn't live far.

We immediately hit it off and talked the entire way to her house. It felt so natural to set up a date. We went on dates about every 2 nights and I soon figured out this was the woman I would spend the rest of my life with. I was so excited that I had the prospect of getting this promotion and on the same day, met the love of my life.

A month had passed and I hadn't heard anything about the promotion. I figured they were just getting their paperwork in order to offer me the position. I knew with the new position I would be able to support my new found love and I bought a ring and decided to pop the question.

I took her to a very nice Brazilian steak house. When I got down on one knee, I felt a collective gasp from the entire restaurant. I told her that when you know that you found the love of your life, you know almost instantly, and I had known since I dropped her off at her house, the first day. She told me she knew then too and she said yes.

She, of course, was crying from happiness. She then told me she couldn't believe she would get two life changing moments in one day.

I paused, "Wait, what was the other thing?"

"They offered me the job and I accepted!" She responded.

My heart sank being dealt this crushing news in such a matter-of-fact way from my future bride. The rest of the night was bittersweet for me, and truly decadent for her.

Our relationship was pretty typical and there were no real major hiccups along the way to getting married. We decided that it would be best if we split the costs of the wedding to spare our parents financial distress. She also insisted on the most extravagant features and services because this was (or should be) a once-in-a-lifetime event. With my more meager salary I took out a small personal loan to pay my half, but I ended up living paycheck to paycheck making payments on the loan. With her salary being over twice as much as mine, she was able to pay for her half of the wedding no problem.

After getting married, we went through a typical cooling period. She would often get frustrated that I wasn't taking her out for dinners often enough and she would jokingly threaten to find someone else to pay for her dinners.

It had taken me about 4 years to pay off the loan for the wedding and I could finally start taking her out to dinners. We went out to celebrate. She had worn her skimpiest cocktail dress and we went to a bar that was known for their dance floor.

After a couple of drinks and a couple of songs she declared to me "I'm so horny. Why don't you go home and I'll meet you there later."

I nodded in agreement, I was so excited to get some action. I was surprised, she didn't even need to get dinner tonight before having some real fun.

I went home and I waited for her to return. Sometimes those bars can get so busy, she must have been held up trying to pay the tab.

After about an hour and a half I started getting concerned, so I gave her a call. She didn't answer. I texted "Hey whats up?"

After about 5 minutes she responded, "Oh sorry I forgot to update you".

I waited another couple minutes before the next text, "I met a really cute guy, Frank. He paid for my dinner".

"Dinner? I thought you were coming home first because you were horny."

"No, Frank paid for my dinner so I'm going home with him tonight. Sorry for the miscommunication. Don't wait up, I'll see you at work tomorrow. XOX!"

I was flabbergasted, I never thought she would actually go home with another guy. Our marriage was built on trust, so I trusted that she was going to behave herself and I choose not to hound her on it. I texted back, "Good night, I love you. We can talk about it tomorrow". But she never responded.

The next day I saw my wife slink into work. She was wearing a sweatshirt that was too large for her and some men's athletic shorts. I wanted to go talk to her right away, but I was in the middle of an email that I needed to send before 10. I was very distracted because I could see and vaguely hear the female coworkers talking to her in her office. They were laughing.

Some of the select out of context phrases I heard from her: "He was so tall", "yeah, my favorite dress is ruined", "Not that much bigger".

I finally finished the email and sent it. I got up and approached her office. I had to be careful not to make too much of a scene because it would look bad in the office setting. As I approached, The women stayed for a little bit awkwardly finishing fictitious conversations when I arrived. I could see them suppressing their giggles as they left though.

"So what happened last night? Did you behave yourself?" I asked her cordially.

"Of course. I was very lady-like." She responded defiantly, "When a gentleman takes you out for a meal you have to have proper etiquette."

"So you gave him a kiss good-night before going to bed?"

"In a way, yes," She retorted, "A lady always kisses her gentleman before she sleeps with him. Look, we wouldn't be having this conversation if you'd be willing to open your wallet for me every once in a while. Now if you don't mind, I have a lot of work to do and I'm very tired. I didn't get much sleep last night."

From that point on, our relationship was no longer typical.

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by Anonymous

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by sexymeup09/28/18

nothing funny

all I see is a whore, I was seeing red flags from the very beginning, even before they got married, she wanted a high costing wedding instead of asking what they both could afford without putting himmore...

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by Orchidectomy09/21/18

5 stars

Thank you for a well written and enjoyable story, which deserves a follow-up.

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by Anonymous09/12/18

Maybe supposed to be a joke on the readers?

Unfinished feel leaves it rather flat as a joke or story.

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by jasjon09/12/18

1 star

Read the story twice. Where's the humor? All I saw was a whore wife.

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by Anonymous09/12/18

She's the boss!

Way to go, Angie! I love it when a beautiful woman takes control and puts her husband in his place. When he didn't want to let loose of some of his money she let loose of some of her pussy. Now he'smore...

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