tagErotic CouplingsShe's the Boss Ch. 02

She's the Boss Ch. 02


I was in Jennifer's bedroom, and she was standing against the closed door, looking at me with hunger in her eyes. I couldn't believe I had just sucked off two men for this woman, yet at the same time, I knew I would do anything she asked.

"That was hot," she said with a look of both amazement and eagerness for what was yet to come. "I've always fantasized of watching a man suck another man for me, but I never thought it would actually happen."

I couldn't say a word. The excitement I felt in every ounce of my body made me too tense. Sexual adrenaline coursed through my veins. She smiled her devious smile and said, "I'm so glad you came for a visit."

That made two of us.

My cock bulged in my pants, and my breath came short and fast in anticipation as she walked toward me, unbuttoning the last button of her blouse, revealing more of the smooth white skin underneath. My heart raced as we met, embracing one another. I turned my head slightly as we both leaned in for a kiss.

I had wanted this for years. I had fantasized about Jennifer since the moment I laid eyes on her at work -- her straight blonde hair, the light blue eyes, the body that she worked so hard to maintain. And here I was, moving in for a kiss.

When we met, the touch sent a warm, tingling sensation from my lips throughout my body. The kiss was much softer than I expected from the passion I saw in her eyes, and I knew that she had wanted this for some time, too. Our embrace tightened as our mouths opened slightly, just enough to allow our tongues to meet for the first time.

The kiss was slow, warm, and sensual, and it went on for longer than I had anticipated. My hands slipped under her blouse and ran gently over her sides before moving to her back. As I pulled toward me even more, we took several steps to the bed, where we fell on top of the soft, plush covers.

We moved toward the center of the bed, our eyes locked. With my body of top of hers, I dipped down for another kiss before moving my lips along her jaw to her ears. "I want you so bad," I whispered, brushing my lips along her ear lobe as I did so, my hips pushing into hers.

Her voice came out as a soft gasp when she said, "Me too."

I brushed open her blouse and began kissing down her neck, focusing a few gentle kisses on her clavicle. Her breathing became a little faster as I kissed lower toward her chest, letting my hands caress the top of her breasts. I pulled up just enough to get a view of those lovely orbs. I couldn't imagine why she'd ever want to get a breast enhancement. They were small, sure, but they were beautiful.

I moved my lips over her left nipple and then her right, kissing them both and flicking them with my tongue. I licked the tip of my thumb and ran it over one hardened nipple as I gently sucked at the other, occasionally moving from one breast to the other. I could do this for hours, I thought, but Jennifer squirmed ever so slightly beneath me, her knee raising and lowering next to my side as if she could barely contain herself.

I kissed down to her flat stomach, trailing my tongue up and down in a straight line that aimed to the spot between her legs. When I got close enough, I pulled her skirt over her hips, down her legs, and over her ankles. I tossed the skirt to the floor and did the same with her underwear.

I rose up enough to soak in the sight before me. She was stunning. More beautiful, more sexy then I ever imagined. Her stomach moved in and out rhythmically as her fingertips danced along the skin of her hips. I could tell she was doing everything she could not to move those fingers to the warmth below.

Jennifer's pussy was magnificent. She kept it trimmed nicely, with the area to either side of her lips perfectly smooth. Her pussy beckoned. Her lips were enlarged and reddened slightly. I took a breath, calmed myself, and moved down to her center. My hands resting on her soft thighs and pushing them out just a little, I hovered my face over her pussy, inhaling the sensual musky aroma.

I kissed to either side of her several times, teasing her just a little, but I couldn't resist for long. I moved my mouth over her and kissed her pussy lips before inserting my tongue. She moaned as I moved my tongue along her slit from top to bottom and then back to the top, where I circled it around, flicking it back and forth.

I inserted a finger, and then another, sliding them in and out, opening her up to me. I moved the tip of my index finger around until I found her clitoris. I circled it a few times with my finger, before spreading her lips gently and running my tongue over it. At first I simply ran my tongue over the little pearl, but as her breathing increased, so did my pace. I flicked my tongue faster and faster over her hardened clitoris, her moans getting louder and louder.

Her hands moved through my hair, pulling me into her. I moved my tongue faster and faster. She pulled her knees up and then down again, her body moving from side to side just a little, as if struggling to contain a great force.

She began to quiver. Slowly at first, but then the energy built inside of her. She was so close, so I moved my tongue over her a few more times. Her back arched. Her body tensed. And she exploded.

I continued my tonguing, but with less pressure and much slower. As the pace of her breathing subsided, I kissed my way up her stomach, over each breast, to her neck, and finally to her waiting mouth. I looked into her eyes. She was calm. Spent. But also ready for more.

I stood up and she asked, "Where are you going?"

"Nowhere," I said, taking off my shirt and pulling off my pants and boxer shorts. "Believe me, I'm not going anywhere."

When I got back onto the bed, she reached out for my hard cock. She ran her hand over me and spread her legs. Our eyes were locked again as her hand led me inside of her. She let out a soft gasp as I moved into her, and she relaxed into me as I moved further and further inside.

She felt amazing. So warm. So wet. I thrust gently into her and pulled back, our hips quickly finding a rhythm as we moved back and forth. I wanted this moment to last forever, but the excitement of the day was almost overpowering. I thrust harder and deeper, our pace quickening. We were both panting together, our bodies as one.

After several more thrusts, my own body began to tremor. As I moved to pull out of her, she looked at me intensely and held me close, indicating that I was to continue. I kissed her waiting lips and began the rhythmic motion again, moving faster and faster, thrusting to the hilt, pushing up against her.

With a gasp and one final thrust, I exploded inside of her. The shockwave surged through my body, and after several more bursts, my shaking began to reside. Our panting slowed in time with my slowing thrusts. I pushed all the way one final time before I gently collapsed on her.

I rolled over onto my bag, and she moved to be partially on top of me, her head resting on my neck. We lay there, my fingers running through her hair and hers running along my chest. We were at peace, having both spent a moment in heaven.

After about ten minutes, she said, "James."

"Yes?" I said.

"That was great," she said, seduction in her voice. She rose on to her elbow, looking at me intensely. "But now I want you fuck me. I mean, really fuck me."

And I did.

Several times.

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