Shhhh! Mom, Son Now Dad


When I arrived for supper, Dad met me at the door. I was a little uneasy, but he acted like everything was normal. Mom appeared and came straight to me and kissed me. I made a show of running my hands over her back and butt. We sat and talked. Mom checked on things a couple of times before announcing supper was ready. As we walked to the kitchen, I put my arm around mom and played with her breast. The table wasn't set as usual, there wasn't a plate where I normally sat. Dad took his normal seat and I started to sit next to where Mom usually sat. But Mom pushed me into her seat. There I was between Mom and Dad. All through the meal, Mom's hand was between my legs and it was really getting to me. When we finished the meal, Mom got up and went to Dad, putting her hands on his shoulders and said, "Be a dear and clean up. We'll be in the livingroom."

Dad replied, "OK, Hon."

Mom and I went to the livingroom and she immediately began making out with me. I had my hand under her blouse, playing with her breast and she had her hand in my pants when Dad walked in. "All finished, Dear?" Mom said as we straightened ourselves up. Dad mumbled something and sat down. Things were quiet for a couple of minutes and then Mom leaned over and whispered, "Take me to another room for anything you want. And say as we're walking away, that it's time for me to please you."

I stood up and then reached out to Mom and said, "Come." Then as we walked away, I said, "It's time for you to please me." I didn't take Mom to a different room, I stopped in the hallway. Dad could hear but he couldn't see. We began making out and it really turned me on that Dad could hear the sounds we made. I clearly told Mom to take off her panties, which she did and then I removed her blouse. At any time Dad could have gotten up, but he didn't, he sat there listening. I sucked noisily on Mom's breasts as I played with her pussy. Her moans seemed to echo in the hallway and I wondered how it was affecting Dad. I spun Mom around and began using my glans to play with her pussy. Mom tried pushing back and repeatedly begged me to fuck her. I knew Dad was listening intently in the otherwise quiet house. I had to enter Mom slowly, otherwise, I would ejaculate immediately upon feeling her hot pussy. I began thrusting and pulling her into me. Our slapping together and her moans getting louder and louder. Feeling myself getting close and her pussy getting hotter, I leaned forward to reach around and both pinch and pull her nipples. Mom moaned out loudly, "Oh God Yes. Cuming. Cum with me." I ejaculated, slamming into her and grunting loudly. I straightened up and told Mom not to move. Then I led Mom back to the livingroom, to stand in front of Dad with cum running down her legs and naked from the waist up. I felt bad but powerful. I kissed Mom and roughly squeezed her breast before walking to the door. Before leaving, I turned and said, "You know the only other thing you are allowed to do."

'Jesus, that was exhilarating.' I thought as I drove away. Still I felt bad, treating Dad that way.

The next day I didn't answer any of Mom's eight calls or the voice mails that followed. I guess I was giving Mom a taste of being denied. Mom and Dad are very habitual and I knew when they were having supper, so I drove over there. I turned the headlights off as I approached so there wouldn't be any sign of someone pulling in. Dad answered when I called, so I hung up and waited a few seconds before calling back. Mom answered when I called back and I asked how she was. She said she'd been calling me and I said I didn't want to talk so I didn't answer. I knew she was upset about it and I cut her off and asked about Dad. She told me he was fine and I asked, "What did you do after I left?"

"We, Uh, I, tied him up and made him smell and look at my pussy as I teased him."

"For how long." I asked.

"For over an hour, until I finally jacked him off."

"Then what?"

"At bedtime, I told him to sleep in your room. This morning, I wouldn't let him go to the bathroom, until I jacked him off."

"And, where is he now?"

"Sitting here, listening."

"Take off your bra and panties and drop them on the floor. I'm on the patio. Come outside now and turn out the light as you leave the kitchen." I knew Dad could watch from the window and with the full moon he could see very clearly. The light went out. Mom came out and walked to me. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me an 'I'm going to fuck the hell out of you kiss.' I pulled her top off, man handled and sucked her breasts before pushing her to her knees. Mom dropped my pants and played with my erection while licking and sucking my sack before taking me in her mouth. I knew Dad could see everything in the bright moonlight. When I had all I could take of Mom's mouth on my erection, I had her sit on the table. I ate her pussy for a minute and then used my glans to play around as I slowly entered her. Very slowly, is the only way I can enter Mom without ejaculating on entry. In a couple of minutes, I was stroking steadily into Moms pussy. She lay back and I leaned down to suck her nipples in turn. My speed increased as I tried to last as long as possible. Mom was biting her forearm to keep from making noise the neighbors might hear. Mom came several times but the big one didn't happen before I ejaculated and so she was cut short. As I waited for my soft penis to slip from her pussy, I told her what to do after I left. "After I leave, whenever you want to begin, I want you to tie Dad up and jack him off repeatedly, until he can't cum anymore." After I slipped from Mom's pussy we made out for a bit and then I just left her standing there.

The next morning, I was awakened by one of my dreams, or so I thought. When I opened my eyes, there was Mom. Bent over and bobbing her head up and down on my erection. I could see Moms breasts bouncing around and that's all it took to empty my testicles. Mom turned her head and looked at me, my softening penis stuffed in her smile.

"Jee-sus Mom!" I exclaimed. "What're you doing here?"

"Your father brought me. He said my lover needed me."

"But, I haven't talked to anyone, since I saw you last night."

"I thought you called. Mmmm, maybe your father is pushing this to the conclusion he wants."

"You never did tell me what that conclusion is."

"In due time love. In due time. I don't want you to know until it happens. OK?"

"Sure Mom. I'm doing this for all of us anyway."

"Well, what are we gonna do today?"

"Let's just take it easy this morning. You know, maybe, we could just talk and think."

"I am wearing your favorite outfit." Mom said and turned side to side, wearing only the leather heels. "I know. You do whatever you need to. And I'll clean house like this."

"Mom, you're hopeless."

"Yeah, but you love it." Mom said and kissed me. "Now scoot and I'll clean. Oh yeah, breakfast is on the table."

As I ate, I could hear Mom moving around. I began feeling guilty as I started thinking about everything. I felt as though I was showing Dad no respect. I mean, Jesus, rubbing his nose in the fact that I was fucking my Mom, his wife. And, no longer having the discreet relationship I wanted but flaunting it in public. I was really beginning to feel low and depraved. I had to talk to Mom because I didn't know if I could continue like this.

I went and got my robe, took it to Mom, told her to put it on and said, "We gotta talk!"

"Is something wrong, Sweetie? Have I done something?" Mom questioned almost fearfully.

"Yes something is wrong! I keep feeling guiltier and guiltier about what we're doing." Mom started to talk and I said, "Sh! Let me finish! I can handle Dad knowing we are having an affair. A discreet affair. What I can't handle, is what we're doing to him and this public display. He deserves respect Mom!"

I paused, Mom touched my face and said, "Sit down and let's talk about it." We did and Mom continued, "I'm sorry it's doing this to you. Guess I have been pushing things hard and fast, but you know why. We are racing against time." At that point, all I could do was look down and shake my head. "I should have considered your feelings more, but believe me, I never wanted to hurt anyone."

Mom paused and when I looked up she had tears in her eyes and I said, "Mom, it's just that I don't feel people should be forced. When you do something, it should be because you want to. Not because someone's making you."

"Oh Sweetie." Mom said with that sensitive sorrowful tone and look. "I'm so sorry if you've felt forced to do this. I thought it was OK with you to help me do something, I could never trust to a stranger."

"Forced or controlled, all of it has me confused. I'm not like that. I mean, I am supposed to be in control of you. You are in control of Dad. I am then controlling you and Dad. But, you are really controlling me as I control you and Dad. Oh Jesus! See what I mean? I'm consensual, not controlling. I admit, I have gotten a thrill out of doing things. But the guilt I feel afterward gets worse, and I don't know if I can keep this up."

"Hmmm! Well, if you want to stop we'll stop. But, please let me tell you about your father first." Mom said with a questioning/pleading tone.

"Yeah, OK. I guess."

"It began before we were married. Your father liked to be tied up. It grew into harsher restraint and then verbal abuse. The degradation he wanted me to subject him to increased over the years. He figured out a way for me to give him what he wanted without involving someone else."

"What do you mean."

"He wanted to experience me, after I had sex with someone else. I had to describe it in detail and have him eat my cum filled pussy."

"How'd you do that?"

"Oh my! Well, we would make love in the afternoon. I wouldn't clean up and I figured out that I could use a small sponge to keep his cum in me. Then after supper, I would tie him up and dominate him. Ending with him eating my lovers cum from pussy."

"But it was his cum."

"Yes, but it helped fulfill the fantasy."

"Well hell. That's not so bad. I've done that with Bev during sex."

"But, it went on Sweetie. It went to sucking the cock that was going to fuck me. To sucking the cock that had fucked me. To sucking the cock that fucked me but came in his mouth."

"You're not going to tell me, next, that Dad wants to be fucked, are ya?"

"Oh No, No, No. It's all oral. You see, your father admitted to me years ago, that when he was in school, he witnessed something. Something that stayed in his mind and turned him on over time."

"What was that?"

"There was this teacher and her husband that he saw with a, nerdy, well hung kid."

"Yeah, what'd they do?"

"Your father was hiding in a storage room, skipping class, when they walked in. The teacher handcuffed her husband, on his knees. She then dropped the boys pants and made her husband suck the boys cock until it was hard. Your father said it was the biggest cock he ever saw in real life."

"Is that it?"

"No. Then she had the boy fuck her and she kept telling him to tell her when he was going to cum. When he said he was ready, she spun around and grabbed his cock and stuck it in her husbands mouth. She told the boy to go ahead and cum in her husbands mouth. That he wanted to taste her pussy, on the cock that fucked her, as it came in his mouth."

"Wow, I never seen anything like that in school."

"Over the years, that is what your father came to want. And that is what all of this is leading to. I just wanted to give him his fantasy, and you are the only one I could do it with."

"Shit! ... Hmmmm. ... As long as I don't have to fuck him. I guess I could push through it. Can he wear that hood? That way I might be able to think he's someone else."

"You'll do it then! Good. I don't know. He needs to be able to see us fuck. Maybe I could cut slits in it or something. Oh My. You know, part of this is for me to."


"Yes, I've always wanted us to do a three way. You know, your father, me, you." Mom said as she touched her butt when she said 'Father.' Touched her breasts, when she said 'Me.' Touched her pussy, when she said, 'You.' I only let your father have my ass, once in a while. And I've always wanted a real cock in my pussy instead of a dildo, when he does."

"Ooh, Mom, stop. A vision of that flashed through my mind."

"Good. Keep that thought. Both of my men, fucking me at the same time, would be, Fantastic!" Mom leaned into me and began kissing. "Mm, are you, mm, going to, mm, keep me, mm, waiting, mm, all day? Continuously kissing me. We were making out like lovers in no hurry. Caressing each other all over. Clothes slowly being removed. Nothing oral but a steady approach to the joining of genitals. Even with this slow approach, I guess the mental excitement pushed me to the point of almost ejaculating on entry. Ever so slowly, we were fucking each other, matching pelvic movements. Mom broke the tempo first, increasing her speed slightly. I responded and we kept that pace for a while. Then suddenly, Mom sat straight up and went into a fast hard grinding on my erection. Her hands were on my chest, arms straight, and still her breasts bounced hypnotically. Her pussy began to heat up and I felt it clamp around my shaft harder than it ever did before. Mom began to shake all over and moan loudly with her head back. Everything, brought my ejaculation bursting forth and I was pushing up as hard as I could. Mom remained frozen for several seconds, then slowly brought her head forward and lay down on me. She snuggled into me and said, "God, I Love Fucking You." We lay like that for several minutes. Then we showered, washing each other. I've always enjoyed washing a woman in the shower.

We dressed and went out to eat. Mom then wanted to go see a romance movie. At the movie, I had my arm around Mom and she took my hand and slid it through the armhole of her blouse to her breast. She then snuggled into me and put her hand between my legs. During various scenes, she would rub and squeeze my erection. Needless to say, I was pretty horney by the end of the movie. Taking her home, Mom sucked on me but asked me not to cum. She said she wanted to build me up so that I would give her more after supper. Her plan was for us to be under a blanket and I would fuck her in front of Dad, as we all watched a movie. Of course, being under the blanket, Dad couldn't see it. He would just be right there.

I spent the remainder of the day concentrating on what we were doing. It is just giving Dad his fantasy and not a lifestyle for us to get into. Still, I was nervous when I got to their house for the evenings escapades.

When I got there, I could hear Mom and Dad around back. As I approached the patio, Mom stood and came to me, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. Dad sat there and smiled. We were sideways to Dad and he could plainly see me pull Mom's halter aside, exposing her breast before bending to suck her hard nipple. When I raised to kiss her again, I recovered her breast. Then I said, "Hi," to Dad. We walked over to sit down and I had Mom sit on my lap. As we all talked, I caressed her bare legs moving my hand almost to her pussy. A couple of times, I slipped my hand into her halter to fondle her breast or pinch and pull her nipples. Mom wasn't totally passive, she was playing with my bare leg and pushing her hand up under my shorts to play with my sack. Dad continually smiled with the bulge of his hardon betraying his excitement.

When we went to eat the seating was the same as before, with me between Mom and Dad. The meal over, Mom asked Dad to clean up and bring the drinks and snacks to the livingroom while we got the movie ready. As we stood up, I pulled Mom's halter aside exposing her breasts. She walked to Dad, stood briefly then bent to kiss him.

In the livingroom, as we got things ready, I asked Mom, "Are you sure about continuing this?"

"Oh My God Yes! Your father and I had a talk before you arrived. And you wouldn't believe how excited and happy he is about getting to live his fantasy." Mom said, before kissing me, "Now keep it up. He loves it. I love it. And I know it's turning you on."

Mom and I settled on the couch for some kissing and fondling before Dad brought the stuff in. We talked about various things for a few minutes before the movie. As the movie got going, Mom and I started making out, getting more and more heated. I noticed Dad was watching us more than the movie. It was obvious that we were headed for a fuck. Mom covered us with the blanket and removed her soaked panties, putting them on the coffee table. As Mom leaned back, I pulled her against me and nuzzled her neck as I slid one hand to a breast and the other to her pussy.

"Mmmm." Mom moaned.

"Like that, do you?" I said loudly.

"Oh yes. Your hands feel so good." Mom said, breathing heavily. Dad squirmed and adjusted his hardon. Mom's hand moved between my legs and she began pulling roughly on my throbbing shaft. Mom moaned several times through light orgasms with my fingers curling in and out of her pussy. Dad was actually breathing heavily watching her.

I asked Mom to hand me my drink. Her halter tied in front and I had untied it, leaving it hanging down her sides. As she leaned forward to get my glass, I held the blanket. The blanket pulled away from Mom, exposing her breasts to Dads view. His gaze zeroed in on their wiggling and he moaned. As Mom handed me my glass, she whispered in my ear, "You really got your father with that move." We drank and ate some snacks for a while before returning to our intimacy. I slowly eased us down on the couch, Mom laying on my arm. I continued to play with her pussy and breasts. Mom raised her leg, making a tent of the blanket and Dad took in a gulp of air. She took hold of my erection and began rubbing my glans between her pussy lips. "Is my baby gonna cum as usual, when he enters me?" Mom said in a deep sexy voice. Dad jerked in his chair. "Turn loose of me and let's see." I replied. Mom let go of me and I pushed forward, slipping quickly all the way in her pussy. And, I ejaculated! "Oh God, I guess so." I grunted loudly. Mom was looking at Dad as she said, "I love it that my baby just can't help cuming in mommies pussy." I saw Dad, close his eyes and shake. Mom lowered her leg and began slowly fucking me. I couldn't do much, being pinned against the back of the couch. But I could flex to meet her. We got a rhythm going and Mom never took her eyes off Dad. Mom began her repeating orgasms. Moaning louder and louder as the time between them shortened. I couldn't last much longer. I was going to ejaculate soon, whether Mom had the one she was building to or not. Mom surprised me. She let out a long deep moan and started shaking as my sack tightened. She went limp, before I ejaculated, grunting and pinned against the couch.

Mom slowly began moving and turned her face toward me saying, "Oh Sweetie, that was ... did you cum?"

"Yes. Right as you went limp." I whispered in her ear.

As much as I wanted to lay together, I needed something to drink. Again I asked Mom to hand me my glass. I didn't need to hold the blanket. Mom just let it fall. We drank and then Mom turned to whisper in my ear. "That turned your father on. He has a wet spot in his shorts."

I looked and sure enough there was. I felt kinda sorry for Dad just sitting there, so I stepped it up a little. Rubbing Mom's back, I said, "You know, he's been very patient and I think you should relieve his tension." Mom looked at me as I unbuttoned her skirt. "I think you should let him suck and play with your titties before you jack him off." Mom kissed me and started to rise. I held her in place and whispered, "Stand up and spread your legs to give him a good look at your just fucked pussy."

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