Shhhh! Mom, Son Now Dad


Mom stood, bent at the waist. Kissing me passionately, she gave Dad a long look at her gaping, cum dripping pussy. "Now put your panties on." I said.

Then she went to him, straddled his legs and sat down. She took his head in her hands and pushed her breasts into his face. Dad went after them like a starved baby. He was kneading them in his hands and it looked like he was trying to suck her nipples off. From her moans, I knew Mom was liking it. For more than ten minutes, Dad went after Mom's breasts until they were red and swollen. When Mom couldn't take it anymore, she pushed away and slid down to the floor between Dad's legs. She briefly rubbed the bulge in Dad's shorts before pulling shorts and underwear down his legs. Dad's erection sprang into the air to be grasped by Mom's hand. As soon as she squeezed it, a large amount of cum oozed from the tip. Mom quickly licked it up.

"Ah, Ah, Aah!" I said. "Only your hands."

Mom responded with a disappointed, "OooH!" And began stroking his erection while rolling his testicles in her other hand. The look on Dad's face told me he wouldn't last long. He closed his eyes and laid his head back. A couple of minutes later his body stiffened and he grunted as a large stream of cum arced high in the air. It landed on his face and was followed quickly by another stream that landed on his chest. And another that landed just below.

When his body relaxed, I went over and kissed Mom while massaging her breast. Then I said, "Do not do anything else, until I say you can. And, stay home tomorrow." I then left and went home.

I was still bothered by what I was doing to Dad. But, I realized that this was just something to be done once and once only.

Being Saturday, I knew Dad would be puttering around outside so I went over. I saw Dad out back and slipped in the house. Mom was in the kitchen, washing dishes. I quietly came up behind her and kissed her neck. She gasped and jumped, "Oh God, you scared the life out of me!"

She tried to turn around, but I pinned her in place and put my hands on her breasts, saying, "Keep washing and watching your husband." I began kissing, licking and nibbling her shoulder, neck and ear as I massaged her breasts. She moaned and pushed her butt against me. Slowly, I moved a hand down to rub around on her lower stomach and legs. She stopped washing dishes and began moving her hips around. "Keep watching your husband, My dear. " I repeated. Slowly, I pulled her house dress up to give me access to her covered pussy. "Mmmm." She moaned and wiggled more against me. I eased my hand inside her panties and she spread her legs while moaning.

Breathing heavily, I whispered in her ear, "Your hot pussy wants something, doesn't it?"


"What does your pussy want?"

"A hard cock."

"Any cock?"

"Oooo," she shuddered, "Your cock. My pussy wants your cock."

I now had four fingers in her pussy. "Why does it want my cock?"

"Because it made your cock." Mom arched her back pushing against me. "Oh God, Please! Give my pussy your cock. Fuck me."

"Well, OK, since you've asked nicely I'll let your pussy have some of my cock. But I'm saving my cum for tonight."

Mom shuddered again, "I don't care just let my pussy feel your cock, please."

I pushed her panties to the top of her thighs and freed my erection, slipping it between her legs. Mom tried to get right to business but ejaculation wasn't on my mind. I teased her pussy with my erection as I unbuttoned her dress and pushed her bra up over her breasts. I pinched, twisted and pulled her nipples as I ever so slowly pushed my erection into her. Mom was shaking before I was all the way in.

"Now, watch your husband as you feel me slide in and out of you." I said as I pulled her lowered head back up to look out the window. I was able to keep it up for over ten minutes and felt Mom's orgasms several times. I couldn't take it any longer, and as she had a strong orgasm clamping around my erection, I pulled out and left. I knew she was frustrated and so was I. What I had just done was so thrilling. Yet, I still felt bad about doing it.

I was nervous about the coming evening but managed to keep it as just something that needed to be done.

When I got to my folks, I was blown away. Mom was dressed in one of the purple outfits and looked stunning. Dad was busy fixing the meal. Mom asked if I was thirsty and I said I'd get it. She put her hand on my leg and called out, "We need our drinks now."

As Dad brought in our cokes, Mom said, "My servant needs to perform his duties, while we enjoy ourselves." Dad smiled and left us to talk. Mom wanted me to follow her lead but said I should do anything I wanted. Dad came back and said the meal was ready. Mom stood and looking at Dad said, "Your punishment will begin with the first mistake." Then she slapped him between the legs. Dad flinched and so did I, seeing it. We entered the kitchen and Mom had me sit in Dad's place. Everything went well through the meal until Dad served desert. He spilled some ice cream and Mom gave him a stern reprimand and told him to go to his room.

We finished desert and Mom said, "If you'll follow me, I have to see to his punishment now." As we entered the bedroom, I saw the chair Dad was tied to last time. On the bed was the outfit Mom bought along with all kinds of restraints and whips. Mom walked in front of Dad and slapped him as she said, "What are you doing dressed!?" Mom went to the bed as Dad quickly took off his clothes. Mom picked up a paddle and walked back to Dad. Hitting his butt hard, Mom said, "Ankles." Dad bent and grabbed his ankles and Mom asked, "How many?" Dad replied softly, "Ten Mistress." Mom quickly hit Dad ten times, bringing his butt to a dark red. Then she used her hand to softly caress each cheek, saying, "When you make mistakes, you get punished. Now, on your knees at the chair."

Dad moved to kneel by the chair as Mom got handcuffs and legcuffs. "Put these on." Mom said as she handed them to Dad.

I watched with interest as Dad did what Mom told him to, without hesitation. With the restraints on, Mom clipped the chains to the chair leg. She bent and kissed him while running her hand down his torso to his genitals. She cupped his sack in her hand. At first she was gentle, then she squeezed. Dad winced. Mom stood and said, "I told you not to fuckup tonight!"

I was watching something, I never thought my parents would do. Especially Dad.

Mom turned to me and said, "You see, I constantly have to straighten him out. It seems like he never will learn." Then she winked at me, put her arms around me and whispered, "He needs to watch you control me."

My hands were on her sides. I kissed her and slid my hands down to knead her butt and pull her against me. Mom wiggled against me and moaned. I turned her around and kissed her neck. Slowly I eased my hands down and pulled her dress up. Her G-string exposed, I began to rub her pussy. Mom wiggled to the movements of my hand. Looking down, I saw dad watching intently, his engorged penis standing tall.

As I moved us up to Dad, I eased her G-string aside and whispered, "Tell him to eat your pussy."

"Oh Yes," Mom moaned. "Eat my pussy and get it ready for our son's cock." Mom said sexily. Dad was straining forward but couldn't reach, so I pushed Mom against his face. Mom let out a shaking moan and slumped down on his mouth. "Ooooh, Mmmm." She moaned as Dad licked and sucked her moistening slit. I was nibbling her ear and when I felt her tremble the second time, I pulled her back, and said, "Leave him your G-string."

Mom removed her G-string. She placed the pad on Dad's nose and hung the string on his ears.

We stepped into the hallway and I asked how long we were going to leave him there. Mom replied, "It doesn't matter. I often tie him up and go shopping for an hour or two before I come back to finish up. Oh, I know. We can go to that dance place down the road for a drink or two then come back. But first, I need to strap him up." Mom went back in as I stood in the doorway and watched. First she put the hood on Dad's head. I noticed she had made mesh covered eye holes. She covered the eye holes with a blindfold before removing the restraints. She had Dad sit in the chair and placed leather straps on his upper arms, wrists, thighs and ankles. She attached the straps to the chair with snap hooks. She then knelt on the floor and played with Dad's penis and sack, saying, "OK, Bad Boy, it's time to get good and hard." Mom didn't have to play much, Dad was quickly erect. Mom reached under the chair and got a strap. She put the strap around Dad's penis and sack. Mom pulled the strap tight and Dad winced. "Are you complaining?" Mom asked as she pulled a little more on the strap. "No Mistress. My apology." Mom pulled out another strap and wrapped it around dad's sack, pulling it tight as well. Mom squeezed Dad's deep red erection and said, "That's better. Just the way I like it." Then she gave Dad a quick kiss and we left.

We were gone for about an hour and a half, and I asked Mom several times if she was sure about leaving Dad like that for so long. She said, "Oh yeah, he'll be fine. It's usually an hour or two. I did leave him for almost eight hours one time. I'll never do that again. It hurt his cock and balls and took almost a month for him to recover."

When we entered the bedroom, Mom walked over and flipped Dads testicles with her middle finger. It hurt, because Dad cried out and his stomach muscles tightened bringing his head forward.

Mom took some oil and squirted it on Dad's genitals and began gently massaging him, saying, "There, there, is that better?" Dad softly said, "Yes Mistress. Thank You."

Mom came to me and said, "I'm going to move the chair close to the bed so he can watch as we make love. So, improvise. Do anything you want. And start talking. Make me and your father do what you want."

After Mom moved the chair and removed Dad's blindfold, I walked over and took her in my arms. I said, "Isn't your wife beautiful tonight?" to Dad. He didn't say anything and Mom picked up a short strap and smacked him across the legs, saying, "Answer!" Dad softly said, "Yes, she looks beautiful."

"I bought this outfit for her to wear for me. So, remember, every time she leaves the house wearing this, she is coming to me."

"Mmmm, that's right." Mom chirped. "When I wear this outfit, I'm going to fuck my Son."

I saw Dad's erection throb. Mom and I began to make out and I made sure Dad could see me touching her everywhere. I had undone but not removed Mom's outfit as we stood next to Dad, giving him frequent glimpses of my hands on her breasts, butt and pussy.

Mom knelt down, placed her hand on my bulging erection and said to Dad, "Now you can watch me suck our son's cock. You might even get to see him cum in my mouth." She dropped my pants, grabbed my shaft and licked the tip. "Mmmm, He has such a nice tasting cock." She said and put me in her mouth. Mom worked on me for several minutes and then said, "I've been doing this all week, while all you got were handjobs."

Dad moaned and his erection throbbed and oozed. Obviously, he was liking what was happening. As good as Mom's mouth felt, I wanted her pussy. I wanted to worship it, and I wanted Dad to watch. As Mom sucked on me I got my clothes off. Then I pulled away from her and told her to strip and get on the bed. As Mom lay on the bed, I said, "Play with yourself." Mom began moving her hands all over her body. She progressed to massaging her breaasts and playing wih her nipples. One hand slowly moved down her body stopping between her legs. She paused, then her fingers began moving up and down.

I moved next to Dad and whispered in his ear, "Isn't she beautiful?"

Dad whispered, "Yes."

"Would you like to eat her pussy?"

Dads breathing increased as he said, "Yes, I'd like to eat her pussy."

"Well, you can't. Not yet. Maybe after I've fucked her, I'll let you eat her pussy."

Dad was breathing rapidly as he whispered, "Anything. I'll do anything you want."

"Right now, you can watch me have my way with your wife."

Then I moved in between Mom's legs. As I caressed her thighs, she opened her eyes and smiled. Leaning down, I kissed her thighs. She wiggled and moaned, then asked, "Does my baby want to eat mommies pussy? Hmmmm? Does my baby want to suck mommies clit and make her cum?"

Dad let out a deep breath and said, "Yes! Yes! Suck your Mothers pussy! Suck it good!"

He startled us both and we looked at him. So, I started doing what we all wanted. I didn't let up or stop until Mom clamped my head between her legs and pulled me against her with her hands. I pulled away and eased forward.

As I was rubbing my glans up and down Mom's pussy, she said, "Oh, Darling, watch as he plays with my pussy and slowly enters. If he doesn't do it this way, Mommies pussy makes him cum."

Dad was breathing heavy again and moaned, "Yes, Fuck Her."

I kept a steady pace, not wanting to ejaculate to soon. Mom asked Dad, "Can you see it? Can you see our son's cock as he fucks me? Oh, our son's cock feels so good. Can you see it? Is it turning you on to watch our son fuck me?"

Dad moaned out, "Yes. Yes. Yes. It turns me on to watch our son fuck you."

Mom looked at me and said, "Oh baby, did you hear that? Your father likes to see you fuck me. Let's give him a closer look."

I didn't understand how we could give him a closer look. Then Mom said, "Let me stand between his legs and you can take me from behind, right in front of his face."

I got the idea and reluctantly pulled out of her. When Mom stood up she whispered in my ear. "Now is when you need to get nasty. Have him eat me. Have him suck your cock." She kissed me passionately and continued, "And when you're ready, you have to pull out of me and cum in his mouth." She paused searching my face with her gaze. "OK, Sweetie? This's what it's all been about."

I nodded and Mom smiled. Mom then released something and the front of the chair dropped down so she could stand between his legs, inches from his face. Mom squatted and ran her fingertips around Dad's erection and sack, saying, "Your doing very well, your cum is oozing nicely." Mom took my softening penis in her hand and pulled it toward Dad and said, "Suck it." Dad didn't move and Mom smacked his testicles. "I said, suck it. You need to taste my pussy on our son's cock." Dad leaned forward sticking his tongue to the tip of my penis. Mom squeezed his erection and he opened his mouth to take my glans between his lips. Mom cupped dad's testicles in her hand and said, "Start sucking or it's going to hurt." Dad began moving his head back and forth, taking almost all of me in his mouth. "Better." Mom said and pushed Dad back. "Did you like tasting my pussy on our son's cock?"

"Yes." Dad whispered.

"Which did you like more? The taste of my pussy on his cock. Or sucking his cock."

Dad moaned and said, "Both Mistress. I liked both."

Mom kissed Dad as she stood up and then said, "Good. Because I'm told you're going to suck some more." Mom bent over and I pushed my erection into her. Mom moaned out, "Oh his cock feels so good. Watch him. Watch our son fuck me."

After a couple of minutes, Mom pointed at Dad. I got the message and pulled out to stick my penis in Dad's mouth. Dad went to sucking and I felt his tongue swirling around. When I felt my pleasure rising, I pulled away from Dad and entered Mom again. We did this for nearly half an hour. A couple of times, I pushed Mom against Dad's face, so he could eat pussy. Finally, I said, 'Here Goes,' to myself. I stayed with fucking Mom until I felt my ejaculation on the way. I pulled out and stuck my penis in Dads mouth. He started sucking. His lips hadn't went up and down my shaft more than twice before I erupted in his mouth. I thought he would gag or spit or something, but he clamped his lips around my shaft and was moving his tongue to draw my cum out. When my penis softened, I pulled out of his mouth. Mom said, "Good boy!" And quickly kissed him.

Well, it was over and it wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact it didn't feel much different than the women in my life.

Mom stood and kissed me passionately, then whispered, "Thank You Sweetie. Thank You. We owe you more than you know, for doing this for us. Thank You." Mom kissed me passionately again and said, "Now sit and watch as I suck your Father off."

Mom took his hood off then knelt down and started kissing and licking his genitals. I could tell Dad wanted her to get to it, but Mom took her time. When Mom finally opened her mouth and slid her lips down his shaft, Dad moaned and started breathing faster. Slowly up and down Mom's tight lips moved on Dad's penis. After several minutes, Dad's hips started jerking and he began grunting loudly as he filled her mouth with cum. Suddenly, Dad went limp as he passed out.

Mom stood and said, "Help me put him to bed. He'll need to rest a while before we continue."

'Continue,' I thought. Then I helped Mom put Dad to bed. I started to get dressed but Mom gave me one of Dad's robes to wear instead. Mom put on a very short, see through, robe and the leather heels.

I asked Mom if there was something wrong with Dad and she said, "Oh No, Sweetie. While he's in the chair, he is constantly trying to get free. By the time a session is over, he is wore out physically. Add to that the intensity of his orgasm and he is drained. He always passes out and then sleeps for about half an hour. When he wakes up he'll be ready to give me a good fucking again. Believe me, we've been doing this for years."

Mom put a robe on the bed for Dad and we went to the livingroom. We snuggled on the couch and Mom said, "This is really one monumental night."

"How's that?"

"I've wanted your Father to live his fantasy for years and you've given it to him. And, I'm going to get what I've wanted since the first time I felt your cock inside me."

"A three-way?"

"Not just a three-way. A three-way with my husband and son. I've always thought about that. That and something else early on."

"What 'Something else,' Mom?" I was thinking, Mom and another woman or something.

"Having your baby."

"Whoa! Really!"

"Yes. But I knew the risks and harm were too great to ever do it. Still Sweetie, I did think about having your baby. Especially, since I thought I was pregnant after our first time."

"I guess it's confession time. As a horny young man, I thought about taking you away from Dad and getting you pregnant, too."

"I guess, dirty minds, think alike." Mom said and kissed me.

We sat there holding each other and I thought about everything Mom told me lately. Thinking back over the years, I wished things had been different. At least now we can do what we always wanted. A few minutes later we heard Dad stirring. Mom went to see about him as I waited. When Dad came in the livingroom, I stood up and asked how he was. He said he was fine and hugged me.

Then he said, "Thank You. Really, I mean it. Thank You. You've given me something I've wanted for years. Now that it's out of my system, I can keep the memory."

"Where's Mom?"

"Oh, she's putting together something for us to refuel with."

About that time, Mom walked in with a huge platter of meat, cheese and crackers. As well as another bottle of wine (Blackberry).

"I like those shoes." Dad said.

"Thanks." Mom replied. "My new lover bought me the outfit."

"Outfit?" Dad said, looking Mom up and down. "What outfit?"

Mom slipped her robe off and turned around before holding her foot in the air and turning it side to side, and said, "These are the outfit. A special outfit from my lover."

"OK! I definitely like it." Dad then looked at me, winked and said, "I never woulda thoughta that."

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