Shhhh! Mom, Son Now Dad


Mom giggled and then sat between us. Mom leaned forward and started stacking meat and crackers and said, "I'm hungry. Somebody pour the wine."

I poured as Dad began eating and then we talked and ate for a while. I learned and so did Dad about my sister being like Mom regarding oral sex. Mom caught Lynn giving oral sex to an older man that lived behind us when she was eighteen. To keep Lynn out of trouble, Mom let her come in and suck Dad off, sometimes, at night. Mom was laying there watching, so nothing else would happen. And Lynn had to promise to stay away from me. I was Mom's secret. Lynn's first marriage only lasted two years because her first husband found out she was giving oral sex to all his friends. Her second husband agreed to let her have her fun as long as she was more discreet about it. At the end of Mom's revelation, she said, "Even now Lynn sometimes comes to visit just so she can suck off her father as I watch." That's when I remembered Lynn's nickname, 'LOL,' 'Little Oral Lynn.' And I thought of Lynn, sucking me off.

Mom sighed, put her hands between our legs, and said softly, "All this talk is making me horny. Especially, since there are two hard cocks next to me."

Dad and I got the idea. We turned to Mom and started caressing and kissing her. We both went to suck a breast and bumped our heads. Our hands were also getting in each others way as we tried to play with her pussy. "You take up, and I'll take down." I said. Then I moved down between Mom's legs to eat pussy. I looked up to see Dad sucking a breast and pulling a nipple. 'Wow, I never thought, I'd really be doing this,' ran through my mind.

After several shaking and moaning episodes, Mom gasped out, "Enough! Enough already. Stand up and let me suck your cocks." Dad and I stood and Mom took us in hand. Then looking us in the eye she licked the precum from our penises before alternately sucking and stoking us. She brought me to the verge of ejaculation so many times, I was weak kneed.

Mom looked up at Dad and said, "Fuck me." She got on her knees on the couch looked at me and said, "Come around so I can suck your cock." Dad was already stroking away in Mom's pussy before I made it around he couch. Mom quickly pulled my erection into her mouth. I have no idea how many times Mom came. It seemed like she was shaking and moaning constantly.

I was to the point of not being able to hold out any longer when Mom pulled away from me and in a loud lusty voice said, "Oh God, I love this! Change places." Dad and I crossed the couch on each side of Mom. For the first time I was able to push my penis straight into Mom, without ejaculating, and start thrusting hard and fast. I couldn't believe how sloppy, hot and wet her pussy was. Mom was in control as long as Dad and I could last. Somehow Mom knew when each of us needed to change pace. She would have us stop, slow down or switch places. Mom kept it up until I was at the point of collapse or ejaculate. And I didn't know if I could orgasm as out of breath as I was. Thankfully, Mom had us quit and sit on the couch as she alternated between sucking and jacking us. Dad and I slowly regained our strength.

Mom looked up at Dad and asked, "Are you ready for my ass, love?" Dad nodded.

Mom then looked at me and smiling said, "Sorry Sweetie, only your Father gets my ass. Only your Father." I just smiled.

Mom stood, straddled Dad's legs and bent facing away from him. She picked up a tube laying on the coffee table and handed it to Dad. As Dad lubricated her brown puckered ring she began stroking my erection. I watched intently as Dad inserted a finger, twisting and turning it as he slid it in and out. Next came a second finger, twisting and turning, in and out. Mom was moving her butt with his fingers. When Dad inserted a third finger, I reached up and began rubbing Mom's pussy. She looked at me, smiled, and began rolling her hips around.

When she moaned and shuddered, causing her breasts to shake, she pulled away from us, saying, "Put it in my ass love." Then she moved her butt to Dad's erection. Dad touched his glans to her asshole and she pushed down. His glans flattened, then quickly disappeared into her rectum. Mom moaned, "Oh Yes. Ahhhh, slowly love." Dad was making short thrusts as slowly inch by inch his erection went into her. Once he was all the way in her rectum, Mom gripped my shaft hard, dropped her head and started bouncing up and down.

"You like a hard cock in your ass, don't ya?" Dad asked.

"Uh huh." Mom gasped as she bounced faster.

Mom released her grip on me and lay back on Dad. Looking at me with lust filled eyes, Mom softly said, "Get your cock in mommies pussy."

I got up and at first didn't know what to do since I'd never done this before. I finally straddled Dads legs and started rubbing my glans on Mom's pussy. I wasn't moving fast enough for Mom, because she hissed, "Get it in me, dammit!" I shoved forward and Mom moaned loudly, "Oh God Yes! Finally! Two hot cocks fucking me."

Mom started to move in an effort to bounce on us but it thwarted me and Dad. And frustrated her. She tried to support herself on her arms, taking her weight off Dad. This worked only a short time because she wasn't strong enough. She tried to hang on my neck and swing up and down. But that threw me off balance and brought me down on the two of them. All in all Mom could only experience one or the other of us thrusting into her at a time. She wanted us both pounding into her.

I had an idea and asked Dad if he could stand up. Mom's eyes got big and she smiled, saying, "Yeah, standing up."

Dad nodded and said, "I'm kinda pinned down here."

I pulled Mom up against me and reached back to get the coffee table so I could sit on it. I definitely had the better of this deal. My erection completely in Mom's hot pussy, her breasts flattened against my chest, and her nuzzling my neck. Dad sat up and I said, "Whenever you're ready we can stand at the same time and both of us hold her up. Dad put his arms around the two of us and I felt him push up so I did as well. Up we went and Mom's weight pushed down on our erections. Dad and I got our hands situated and we started lifting and dropping Mom. Believe me, it was a lot easier than having to balance and swing Mom in and out. Mom sure liked it cause she started saying, "OH!" on the way up. And "God!" when she hit coming down.

"Damn, this is easy with help. And it feels, fuckin' great too!" Dad said.

"Oh My. Shit. Yes. Yes. Yes." Mom started saying.

I could feel Mom's uterus vibrating on my penis as Mom's pussy heated up. She was into her climatic strings and began trying to bounce harder and faster, like a wild woman.

Mom gasped out, "Fuck ... Me ... Hard. Fuck Me ... Hard. Hard." Then she suddenly went limp. Her head fell back smacking Dad and her arms dropped to her sides. Stunned, Dad and I looked at each other. We almost stopped but instead slowly moved Mom up and down.

In seconds, Mom's eyes opened and she whispered, "That was go-. Your still fucking me! Oh yeah, fuck me boys." And she began bouncing herself again.

I was gritting my teeth trying to hold out and from the look on Dad's face, he was too. I felt Mom's pussy heating up again and bam, she went limp. I thought, 'Oh shit! I gotta cum!'

It took Mom longer to open her eyes and when she did she just started bouncing. I looked at Dad and said, "I gotta cum."

Dad was panting and said, "K."

We began raising and dropping Mom as fast as we could. I was first and thought I'd pass out as sperm blasted from my penis while I spasmed. Dad followed closely and looked like he was having a fit through his ejaculation. And Mom went limp again. We couldn't keep standing and our legs just bent sitting us down. Our impact jarred Mom and she came to. Dad fell back on the couch, taking Mom with him. I kinda wobbled in place. Mom raised her hands to her face and softly said, "Dear God. That was the best fuck I've ever had. I Love you two." She reached out to me and I bent to kiss her. Trying not to put any more weight on Dad.

I sat up and my penis slipped from her pussy. Mom put her hand there and looked back at Dad saying, "Hey back there. Think you can go again, while I suck my pussy off our son's cock?"

They made it to the floor, without uncoupling. Mom had me lay underneath her and began sucking me erect again. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds being made. Dad was grunting. The two of them were slapping together. And, Mom was moaning with my erection in her mouth. It took Dad quite a while to have another orgasm and I wondered how Mom's asshole could take that pounding. While Mom's mouth felt very good, I was having trouble getting there. Finally, I heard Dad's gasping grunting breaths as he unloaded in Mom's ass again. I thought I might not be able to cum until I heard Mom say wantonly, "Come on Sweetie. Give mommy some more of your delicious cum to eat." As her lips went down my erection again, my sack tightened and unloaded into her greedily sucking mouth.

The three of us were spent. Dad had fell back on the couch. Mom was laying half on and half off me. And I just seemed to melt into the floor. We lay there a long time and when we got up we looked a mess. Mom went to clean up first. Followed quickly by Dad. I figure they ended up washing each other. When they returned, I went.

After a lot of hugging and kissing, I went home. Completely wore out.

When I got home there was a message from Lynn on my machine. In a stern voice she said, "Call me immediately!"

"Not tonight, Lynn." I said to the machine, and went to bed.

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3 way

this is what me and my older brother do with my mom.

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