Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you can no longer tell if you're awake or still dreaming? I often wonder if I am still dreaming. The life I lead now, the impossibility of it all. It all started when I had a dream.

My name is Logan. I was 23 when my tale begins. My life was going nowhere and each day was just another opportunity that I would waste. You see I had little confidence, very little experience with women, a dead end job, and no motivation to improve my life. But then I had the dream, and slowly, it all changed.

I hadn't slept well for about a week, until Friday when I had a killer headache and left work early. I work for a cardboard box company, filling orders of... cardboard. It's not particularly exciting.

That night I slept much better, after the headache finally died that is. Then I had the dream, an extremely vivid dream where I met myself, a very confident looking version of myself. He told me that I was special, gifted. Then he went on to detail exactly how I was special. To recite all the details here would be far too time consuming. But when I awoke I remembered it all clearly. Of course I dismissed it as just another strange dream at the time. I recorded the dream on my computer in great detail so I wouldn't forget any of it. I often did this when I had a particularly vivid dream.

It was a good six months later when this dream began to impact my life. I had completely forgotten it at this stage. I was at work when a bad headache developed. But it was short lived; it peaked and died very quickly. But in its wake it left a strange sensation in my head. I'm not sure how to explain it except that it felt like something had shifted within my mind. This feeling worried me a bit, but it wasn't unpleasant. It persisted for most of the day, and then disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived. It was like my mind just snapped back into place and everything felt normal again.

That night while lying in bed I remembered something. The dream I had six months earlier talked about a headache and a lingering shifting sensation, I was suddenly sure of it. I jumped out of bed and onto my PC to lookup the dream I had recorded. In it I found this section of text, describing some of what the "dream me" had said.

"When your gift has fully developed it will unlock itself within your mind. This may cause a snap headache, but it will pass. You will also feel the shift for the first time. Take note of this feeling, as you will learn to replicate and use it. This is the key to your power; it will allow others to accept whatever you show them. "

It perfectly described what had happened to me that day. It wasn't until the next day when I was re-reading my dream journal that I decided I should try to replicate that feeling. I didn't yet understand the power being described and hadn't yet read further in my journal to find out, but at the time it sounded to me that it was simply a way of boosting self-esteem and confidence, things I lacked. It was for this reason I didn't dismiss it as ridiculous, and decided to try.

Throughout Saturday I stopped for five minutes here and there to concentrate on trying to recreate that shifting feeling. It wasn't until sometime around 8pm that I finally succeeded. It's like a part of my mind side stepped, giving that shifted sensation once again. It slipped back again very quickly. I continued to practice until I could shift, and stay that way until I decided otherwise.

I didn't feel any different apart from this strange mental sensation. I resumed reading about the dream, skipping over the journal entry in a rush. I found I had remembered almost none of it. That's when I realized it wasn't anything to do with confidence and how I felt about myself. This was about a mental persuasion power. By acceptance it meant I could do anything I wished and nobody would think negatively of it or try to stop me. In fact, they would wish me to continue whatever it is I wish to do and help me achieve my goals, no matter what the situation.

I once again dismissed it as a strange dream, like all dreams it didn't really mean anything. But it had already described the shift in such perfect detail, and I had succeeded in recreating it. I may as well see if it has any effect on people.

I live at home with my parents, in case you hadn't already guessed. I also have two younger sisters, also living at home. There is Eva, 20 years old and about 5'9" tall. She has an athletic figure, shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Then there is Kristen, 19 years old and 5'3" tall, the short one of the family. She has long full bodied wavy dark blonde hair that comes down to her lower back, a slim figure but not as toned as Eva, hazel eyes and a very cute face. I always admired her long hair, and the work she must put into maintaining it.

I myself am 6'1" tall, the tallest of the family.

This particular night, it was just Eva and myself at home. Our parents were at some function, and Kristen was at a friend's party. She goes out to clubs and such quite regularly. I tried to think of something I could try on Eva, being the only one home. I needed something that would confirm to me whether this dream was onto something, or if it was just a coincidence, but something that wouldn't embarrass me if it didn't work. It was tough. I went for a very simple approach.

Eva was in her room doing homework when I shifted, then knocked on her door. I feel like a complete fool doing this, I knew it wouldn't work. I was doing something from a dream, was I insane?

"Can I borrow some money?"

"Sure, how much do you need?" I was shocked; she would never lend me money. I was always the one lending her money!

"What about all of it?"

Without hesitating she grabbed her purse and pulled out three $20 notes and handed them to me.

"That's all I have in here."

"Oh, thanks. That's fine."

It worked! No way! I still had doubts, I needed a bigger test. Something there is no chance she would accept. But if I did something extreme and it didn't work I'd never live it down. I gave her money back saying I just realized I had some hidden in my room and wouldn't need it after all, and then I left, allowing my mind to shift back to its normal state.

I couldn't think of anything harsh enough that would prove beyond a doubt that this power was real, but also wouldn't ruin me if it failed. So I decided to assume for now that it was real and proceed to stage two. There was another layer to this power according to my dream journal. I could exhibit fine control over an individual via direct mental commands. That's right, full blown mind control. However it was limited and only affected individuals, unlike the general shift which affected everybody.

If this worked there would be no doubt, but if it didn't then nothing would happen. I still felt foolish, it's a feeling that even to this day I can't fully shake. Am I going to wake up one day and find none of this was real?

I shifted, and then closed my eyes to concentrate. I tried to push on the shift in my mind like the dream said to do. I kept pushing until I felt more of a shift, like a mental crack was being pushed open and energy was leaking out. I then tried to imagine my sister Eva in the next room and directed a thought towards her.

[ Come to my room. ]

Nothing happened. I tried again, trying to imagine the energy I was feeling flowing into the words I was thinking. Again, nothing happened. Damn, it was an extreme long shot anyway. I tried one last time, just because I'm a stubborn person. I had already decided it was a load of rubbish.

[ Come to my room. ]

This time it felt different. Seconds later I heard my sister's bedroom door open. My door opened a moment late and my sister walked in, closing the door behind her. I looked up at her, not sure what to think or do. Now what? What was she thinking?

"Yes?" I asked.

"I wanted to ask you something I think, but I can't remember what it was. Never mind"

And with that she left my room as quickly as she had arrived. I watched her tight ass as she walked away, leaving my door open, which I promptly closed once she disappeared into her room down the hall. It had worked! Or had it? What if she really had to ask me something? I had to go a step further. I'd never stop wondering if I gave up here.

I was becoming excited, I found myself thinking of my own sister in ways I had never allowed myself the pleasure of doing before. Should I do it? Yes, if this worked there could be no consequences. The mental command will initiate the situation and make her think it was her idea. Supposedly I could also erase her memory if anything went sour. I knew logically I had nothing to fear, but my stomach was still in knots. I drew more power from the shift and pushed it at my sister in the form of thoughts.

[ Come to my room, and show me your tits. ]

An eternity seemed to pass as I waited for her door to open. Finally it did, although I know only seconds had passed. My heart lurched when I realized it was really happening. This was real. There were so many implications. Then I stopped, I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe she was just going out? I was still backward rationalizing what was happening, trying to fit it into my narrow view of the world.

My doorknob turned and in walks Eva. She closed the door, then without any hesitation reached for her top and pulls it up over her head. It drops to the floor behind her as I glare at the bra encasing her breasts. Before the shirt even hits the floor her fingers are at the clasp to her bra. Then it's on the floor too.

Two pink nipples are staring right at me, and I stare back, dumbfounded. Her breasts are very perky and perfectly formed, in their prime. They were a very impressive 33D. I have a strong urge to look away, out of embarrassment. My dick is already straining against my jeans. I try to cover it with my hands. I glance up at her face and she is just looking me in the eye approvingly, as if she is enjoying this.

I squeaked out, "What's up?"

"Not much. I just thought you might like to see these." She replied.

"You came in here to show me your tits?"

She just nodded, and then there was an awkward silence. I didn't know what to do.

"You seem to be enjoying it" she points down at my crotch. I blush.

I looked back at her large melons and just stared for what felt like a few minutes, taking in every detail. Her areolas were a light brown and not too large, a perfect complement to her lightly tanned skin. I wondered if she sunbathed topless, I couldn't see any bikini lines.

Finally I decided to take another step. I reached out my hand to touch her right breast, but she flinched backwards out of reach.

"What are you doing!?" she yelled.

Crap! What happened? Then I realized I didn't shift. I had extracted the power for the mental command, but didn't shift. Without it she was only accepting the initial conditions of the situation.

I shifted, fumbling around in my mind. I tried again, reaching out for her right breast with my right hand. This time she moved towards me and allowed me to touch. "Sorry. I didn't mean to jump like that, I just wasn't expecting it". It was working, even though I screwed up and she didn't accept my actions, by repeating them with the shift she was now ok with it.

Her skin was baby soft. As the tip of my fingers brushed over her nipple she jumped slightly. They were sensitive, but also rock hard. Was she aroused? My left hand came up to join my right, resting on her left breast. I stood up and moved behind her, moving my arms to either side of her naked upper body and groping her big tits from behind. I squeezed them and bounced them, like I was weighing them. It was fantastic.

Then I realized what the time was. My parents would be home soon. I decided I should call it quits before I got too carried away. I didn't know how far I wanted to take this. Perhaps I should get more comfortable with this power first, and the idea of using it for sexual favours since it seemed by now that is what I was going to use it for. I withdrew my hands, then at the last second quickly leant over and sucked a nipple into my mouth. I applied a light suction and flicked her nub with my tongue. Then let it go.

"You should get dressed and leave. Mum and Dad will be home soon." I said.

"Right, that would be embarrassing. I hope you enjoyed yourself."

And with that she picked up her clothes, turned around and walked away. I closed my door and sat back in my chair with a massive sigh. I can't believe that just happened!

- Experimentation -

The next day I was feeling really good about myself. I decided to go shopping and treat myself to something. I gave Tim a call to see if he wanted to hang out for the day. Tim is my best friend, one of my only friends. He agreed to meet me at the video game store at the local mall.

Before I left, Eva approached me.

"Hey Logan, about last night..."

My heart skipped a beat; I had forgotten to erase her memory!

She continued, "I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't tell anyone that I stripped for you, especially Chris." Chris was Eva's boyfriend.

I replied, "Of course I won't. Does that mean you're ok with what happened?"

"Yeah, I don't have a problem with it. But I don't think it'll happen again is all." She said.

"That's fine, I understand". And with that she left.

I realized what was happening here. She was completely accepting of what had happened while I was shifted and will always be ok with it; the effects of shifting are permanent. But now that I'm shifted and she has thought about it happening again, she isn't accepting of that future prospect. I knew that despite her thoughts now, if I shifted she would do anything with me and be perfectly ok with it. I guess this means I don't have to worry about erasing memories, as long as I make sure she won't go telling people.

I met Tim in the video game store and we hung out for a while. I thought about telling him about my secret, but I didn't know how he would react. Nor did I want to use it on him to make him accept it. I wanted him to participate in my escapades. Perhaps not with my sisters, but we could have a lot of other fun with this power. There was just one problem. He was susceptible to it. I decided to experiment. I sent him a mental command.

[ You will be immune from my shifting power until I mentally command you otherwise. ]

Testing time... I picked up a new game for Playstation 3 and took it to the counter, shifting on the way.

I handed it to the guy behind the counter and said "I'll take this one. But I don't want to pay".

"No problem, I'll just go get it for you." He said.

He took the empty display case then took a sealed copy out of a draw and handed it to me. I proceeded to walk out of the store, the ultimate shoplifter.

Tim chased after me with his mouth hanging open. I guess he was immune.

"How did you do that? Do you know that guy or something?" he asked.

"No. I've never seen him before in my life." I replied.

"Then how did you do that? He just let you take it!"

"Can you keep a secret?" I asked.

He agreed and we went to a somewhat private corner of the mall and I told him all about my power; almost. I didn't tell him about the mental commands, only the shift, that I could make anyone accept any proposal or action I made while my power was active. I told him I could essentially do anything and nobody would question it, ever. I added in that I could make people immune as I had done to him. I didn't want to give away all my secrets.

Tim loved the idea, but didn't believe me of course.

"You're full of bullshit. Prove it!" He dared me.

"Ok, how would you like me to prove it?"

"Hmm", he thought for a while then continued with a smirk on his face "Make that hottie over there flash us her tits"

"Ha! That's easy. We think alike, that was my first test also." I said.

I walked over to the tall blonde woman with wireframe glasses he had pointed out. She was very attractive, her breasts looked like perhaps an A cup. Not porn star quality, but they were tits; I love them in all sizes. I shifted.

"Excuse me. Could I trouble you to help out my friend over there?" I said, pointing out Tim. His face went bright red.

"Sure, what does he need?" She responded.

"He would like to see your breasts, just briefly. Could you flash him for me?"

"It would be my pleasure."

And with that she reached under her top and pulled out her bra. Then she flipped her top up over her head, exposing her luscious melons to the cold air. Tim's face was priceless. But nobody else in the mall was paying much attention. There were plenty of people that could see, but they didn't react any differently.

The woman lowered her top again, smiled at me and then walked off, her bra still in her hand. Tim rushed over to me.

"Dude, it's true! You have powers." He said.

I then proceeded to "acquire" a few games for Tim. We spent a long time talking about the possibilities and how this might change our lives. We weren't very ambitious in hindsight. I still didn't have a complete grasp of what I was capable. Then my younger sister Kristen rang.

"Where are you?" she asked, a hint of impatience in her voice.

"I'm at the mall. Why?" I responded, wondering why she cared.

"Dad told me to make sure you remembered we are going to the Harrison's tonight, you need to be home in 15 minutes"

"Crap. I forgot. I'll be right there." Then I hung up.

The Harrisons were friends of my parents. They liked talking to the rest of us, so we always had to go. They had two children of their own, but they were really boring. Neither I nor Tim realized I could have easily gotten out of it with my power. So that was the end of our afternoon. Tim was going away with his family for a week, so we made plans to meet up again the next Saturday.

I had a very boring evening at the Harrisons. Then it was Monday and I had work. For the next week I barely used my powers, only for small things like borrowing money for the vending machine at work. I felt weird about what happened with Eva, she is my sister after all. So nothing interesting happened at home either.

Then it was Friday. While picking an order and thinking about my power and what I should do on the weekend, it suddenly occurred to me. Why was I working at all? With my gift I shouldn't even need to, especially not a crummy job like this. So around lunchtime I conjured up my confidence and bit the bullet.

I shifted and then waltzed into my boss's office. He's a pretty nice guy, so I went easy on him. I told him I needed more time off, so I planned to not come to work anymore. But I still wanted my usual pay. I considered asking for a pay rise, but I didn't want to cause any financial trouble for the company. I could always get more "jobs".

My boss was very cool about it all; of course he had no choice but to accept it. He told me he'd hire someone to take over my position and it wasn't a problem, I'd still be paid my usual hours just without the overtime. I was fine with that, so we said our goodbyes and I walked right out of there. I felt on top of the world! I was free from the monotony of cardboard.

On the way home I stopped by a clothing store at the mall. I picked out a long black coat, with hints of red. It was thin and light, but with a warm lining. It was the middle of winter and I needed something warm that looked cool, and this certainly did. It came almost to my knees and very stylish.

I also picked up a new pair of jeans, a dark gray pair that matched with the coat. I took both items to the change rooms, the coat was fine, but I wasn't sure how the jeans would fit. At the desk was a very hot woman of perhaps 20 or so. She was fairly tall, maybe 5'11" with brown hair, and green eyes. Her breasts were huge, probably DD's, they bulged behind the tight fabric of the store uniform holding them back. She gave me a number for the stalls, and an erection, and then I headed into a stall.

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