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The slow elevator ride up to Kayla's apartment seemed to take extra time in Robert's excited state. The two had been dating now for over six months and had known each other in every way a couple can, but still this weekend held a potential that felt electric inside him. Not only was it a long weekend, but they had both planned to take a shared two week vacation together. Kayla had promised to plan something incredibly special for them.

For a month she had been teasing him with hints to run his imagination wild without really giving anything away. Well except for a new set of lingerie that he had picked out for her online. His blood felt like it was going to boil when he thought of her in the outfit. Initially she was hesitant as the black leather and lace corset and matching panties was far wilder than anything she had worn for him before.

"Would you wear it if you were me?" She had asked bluntly. He of course agreed whole-heartily that he would. "Okay," she agreed and bought it in a smoky grey and blue that she hinted would match her thigh high fuck me boots perfectly.

Robert found it was funny how many times their conversations would end up in the hypothetical about him being in her position. Perhaps she was trying to teach him a lesson in empathy, but Robert didn't really think so. She would often ask his opinion on clothes, make-up and accessories. So often that he probably now knew more about them than a man should. They had even once talked about playing dress up, but in the end they decided against it because of his prominent masculine features would be too hard to get around.

With a bottle of campaign in one hand, Robert knocked with his typical 'shave and a hair cut' style. She greeted him as she often had, with a passionate kiss and busy hands. Not long after the door was shut behind him, he found himself completely nude and being pressed hard into the cool door. Part of him had hoped she would answer the door in the outfit he had picked out for her, but that disappointment disappeared as quickly as her clothes.

Completely overwhelmed with passion he became more aggressive in their embraced and twisted Kayla around so she was the one now pressed against the door. Wrapping her hands around his neck she made a deft hop that wound her legs tightly around his abdomen, resting her hips just above his own. The position had been well practiced in through their six months of dating and was now seamless. Soon she was gasping hard into his mouth as her pumped increasingly harder into her.

Her nails dug in hard as she began to slip slightly. While reducing the force in his thrusts, this slip also forced him in deeper into her folds. She screamed in what Robert had grown to identify as her orgasm approaching. Tightly he clenched every muscle he could to postpone his own, a technique she had taught him early in their dating life. It was rare now that he came before she did. The familiar tightening in her pussy told him she was on the edge, a few more seconds and shuddered in his arms, squealing in Ecstasy.

As he pulled away, she dropped to her knees and rewarded him for his control. At first she licked his hard cock in long strokes to both tease him and clean off all of her own juices. The thought always drove him wild. Knowing he was not far off Kayla switched tactics and took the head of his cock into her mouth. After few quick swirls of her tongue, she began to bob furiously until she worked him deep into her throat where he unleashed his cum with a deep guttural moan.

With a coy smile she stood up again pulling him down into an embrace. At first the post blow job kisses had put him off, but he had always tolerated them for Kayla's sake. After all, he loved it when she didn't shy away from her own juices and it was impossible to argue that his were any worse. A thick mixture of their juices and saliva hung between them briefly as she pulled away from him. Breaking it with a quick swipe, Kayla licked the remnants of their love from her fingers as though it was the most delicious thing she had ever had. Even limp, his cock jumped at that.

"What did you bring?" she asked bouncing away as though oblivious to the fact she was still completely naked. Bending over at the waist, Kayla intentionally pointed her round ass in his direction as she picked up the bottle. As her cheeks parted, Robert got a nice glimpse at her post-coital pussy, glistening invitingly. 'If only men weren't so limited!' he lamented to himself.

"Ooh, Campaign, real stuff too. I'll put it in some ice. Dinner will be ready in a second. Go a head and put your stuff away."

Obediently, Robert made his way into her bedroom to unpack his small bag into the drawer that Kayla had cleared for him. The spare clothes he had packed for the two weeks, and his toiletries easily fit. Knowing he had a few moments as Kayla put everything together in the kitchen, Robert closed his drawer and opened the one just above it. Kayla's underwear drawer. He thumbed through her silky panties and bra's searching for the outfit. As his hand grazed across the smooth fabrics he remembered the last time he had come over. She had him wear her panties for the night. When she asked, he was forced to admit it felt nice and it was a definite turn on. His search was fruitless however, so he re-stacked everything the way he remembered it and quietly slid the drawer closed again.

When he emerged back into the small kitchen slash dining room, their plates were already made up, and Kayla had even found time to slip her clothes back on. "I'm just going to wash up! Pour us some of the bubbly!"

After she returned the two ate with light conversation on fashion and local gossip. Neither had any family left, Kayla's aunt, who died last month was her last living relative. For Robert, he knew he had a few cousins left somewhere, but he hadn't seen them in nearly twelve years. So almost always, their conversations focused on other people and things.

"So what are we up to tonight?" Robert asked diverging from the normal conversational stream.

Kayla just smiled coyly.

"Oh come on now. I'm here now!" he begged.

Nervously Kayla put down her fork and knife, opting to chew her bottom lip instead of the steak in front of her. Robert began to worry slightly. He had never seen this side of Kayla before. Worried, shy, for the moment she was not the confident woman he had been dating. Reaching out to her, he offered some words of encouragement, promising that he wouldn't judge her.

Still holding his hand, she pulled him into the living room space to sit at the couch. Robert forgot his hunger, too concerned about how his girlfriend was acting. "You know how I told you I'm wiccan?' she started slowly, her voice faltering a bit.

"Yeah," her responded. As an afterthought, he squeezed her hand gently, hoping it was showing his encouragement.

"Well, it's not really true." She paused as if trying to find the right words. "I grew up practicing a religion much older, the one it was based on. I'm a Witch. For real. I need you to believe that okay?"

"Okay," he said not really believing, but not wanting to hurt her feelings either.

She smiled at him giving him a hug.

"So, what does this have to do with our vacation? I mean I understand that was difficult for you to tell me, and I really appreciate that you feel comfortable enough to do so, but I'm a little confused."

Again Kayla chewed on her bottom lip, but this time the effect was different. The look she gave him dripped sexuality. His heart raced. "I want to try something with you."

"Okay," he said maybe too eagerly. In truth there was little he wouldn't do with her. He even once agreed to receive anal, though it was more in an effort to try to convince Kayla to receive it rather than any desire he had for it himself.

"My aunt left me a book of spells."


"One spell in there is a shift spell."

"Which is?" he prompted

"Well, you know how we've talked about stuff, and how you said it would be interesting to know what it was like to be a girl?"

'Ah,' he thought to himself. 'So she wants to try the role reversal stuff.' He nodded, waiting for her to continue.

"This spell will do that. Well kinda. It will switch us. But only if you really want to." She paused looking deeply into his eyes. "Do you want to try it?"

"Okay," he agreed. The panties thing had been fun after all, and if he received first, maybe she would be open to it later on. "What do we do?"

Her eyes lit up with excitement. "I've set everything up. And we've already done the first part." When he looked inquisitively, she continued. "Exchange of fluids," she smiled her coy smile. " Next we stand in front of each other like this. Now close your eyes. This is going to feel weird. I don't really know how its going to feel, but it will definitely be weird. Don't fight it okay?"

"Okay." He had expected her to lead him into her bedroom, or the bathroom and start redressing him. Instead she began to chant and spray him with oils. As her chanting intensified, a feeling of vertigo washed over Robert. He could feel himself sway and lurch forward. Just as it was all becoming too much Kayla grabbed him firmly by the shoulders and the world suddenly stopped spinning inside out.

Opening his eyes, he saw himself in the mirror, and blinked hard to clear his head. The champagne must of had more of an effect than he thought. "That was weird," he said. 'Strange,' he thought. 'Why didn't my lips move.'

A smile crept across his face, coy like Kayla's. Looking back at it, he would wonder why it took him so long to understand what had happened. After all Kayla had told him it was going to happen. A few minutes must have passed before he finally realized that he wasn't looking in the mirror. He could feel his lips tremble in confusion, mouthing words that wouldn't come.

Robert nearly fell as he took a step toward the actual mirror that was hanging across the hall. His centre of mass was all wrong. He watched the image of Kayla grow as he approached. Her slender hips swayed causing him to overbalance with each step.

"Relax," came a masculine voice behind him. His voice. "Try not to over think it, let my body do the work."

"Your body," he said. It was. It truly was her body he was in. Fear gripped him at first but Kayla came in a close second using what had moment before been his strong arms to hold them both up. When strength returned to the feminine legs beneath him, She let him go, and stepped back.

"Don't worry," She reassured him. "I can switch us back at any time."

Robert, in Kayla's body, must had stood there for a half an hour just letting the reality of the situation sink in. Six months of conversations suddenly came back to him. He had said several times that it would be amazing to know what it was like to be a woman. He began to wonder if he had he meant it then. Back when it was just a hypothetical.

The question was sobering in a way as he now began to think about how he truly felt about it. He could now safely see what it was like, and return to himself at any time. Possibilities began to rapidly occur to him. Endless questions that all began 'what would it be like to..." flew through his mind. A smile must of crept across his, or rather Kayla's lips, because he saw his own body smiling again back visibly relieved.

Looking at the reflection of his girlfriend in the mirror, he tentatively placed a hand on his face then traced the feminine curves with soft fingers all the way down to the nape of his neck and stopped. Kayla, in Roberts body, appeared directly behind him in the mirror. He could see it peripherally, but paid it no mind until a masculine hand reached up to bring Robert's feminine hands down further, resting briefly on her soft breasts before squeezing them gently. The feeling was incredible.

"Go a head," Kayla prompted in his voice. "I wouldn't have done this if I was worried about you touching all my naughty bits."

That was all the encouragement he needed as he continued to gently knead his new C cup breasts. Kayla's shirt flashed by quickly breaking his grip momentarily. "Oh god," he moaned, as he now felt his breasts without the hindrance of shirt and bra. He rolled each in his hands feeling their weight in a new way. Robert's long fingernail flicked across her erect nipples causing an electric jolt to rack through his small feminine body. Gasping, he would have fallen to the floor if Kayla had not caught him.

He had never known he was that strong. Gently, but firmly, she pulled him up to stand again, then kissed him hard in the nape of the neck. Robert could only gasp as Kayla caressed him, raising one hand to her knead his left breast, while the other traveled south to rest on his thigh. Her kissing trailed up his neck sucking slightly on the jawbone, then moved forward. Instinct caused Robert to lean back into the caressing lips, meeting them with his own feminine ones. When Kayla's opened to him he responded by pressing his tighter together.

A moment of confusion light in his brain. 'Do I want to kiss a guy, it's really Kayla, but-' His line of thought vanished abruptly as a new wave of pleasure ran through his body. Kayla had pinched his nipple firmly, then began to caressed it in circular pattern. He moaned into her mouth and allowed their tongues to finally meet and twist together as they always had.

Another time he would think about how the similarities really made the differences stand out, but currently, he was no longer capable of rational thought. His new feminine body ached in sexual pleasure and it was in full control.

Kayla pressed him firmly into wall. It was never cold in her apartment but in comparison to his body it felt like ice. His breasts reacted instantly to the temperature difference, bringing another loud moan from his lips. Just as the pleasure seemed to hit a ceiling, Kayla slipped her hands down into his panties. He hadn't noticed how hot and wet he was until her hands slid easily across his pussy lips.

Then with a quick rip the panties disappeared. Robert couldn't help but be disappointed when Kayla's hand didn't return to his pussy. It felt as though there was a fire down there, and he needed her to continue. Instead, Kayla dropped her second hand down to knead his ass, spreading the cheeks, and then her legs apart. Robert pulled up realizing what was about to happen, but it was to late. Kayla had already slid her cock easily into his drenched pussy, slowly pushing it in as deep as she could.

New waves of pleasure tore through his body as she began to ease into a rhythm. His initial reaction forgotten, Robert now pressed back into Kayla matching her thrusts. "Fuck!" screamed out, wanting more. Air came only in ragged gasps.

A masculine grunt came from behind him. A grunt he was very familiar with. Almost immediately after, a warm fluid spurted inside of his womb. Desperately he pushed back harder into Kayla, but to no avail. He was too far away from his own orgasm. 'Maybe she will go down on me.' he thought turning around. But at first sight he knew she was too beat. Exhaustion and bliss mixed on what was his face.

Looking his old body over, he saw himself much differently than he ever had through a mirror. Perhaps it was the post coital sweat but he had to admit he was fairly attractive. Curiosity overpowered common fears as he looked over ever inch, something he was never inclined to do before. Crossing from head to toe, his gaze finally rested on her penis. The quickly fading erection glistened with his pussy's juices. He wondered at how it must taste them, what it would feel like to have a cock in his mouth. If she hadn't already came, he might have mimicked her own actions from earlier that night right then.

"Wow," she finally said breaking the silence. When he nodded in reply she asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I mean at first I was weirded out, but then - okay, holy shit! I had no idea it felt like that."

"Dido," she smiled. "We are probably more conscious of it being in each others bodies."

'Makes sense,' he thought. Then said, "I'm sorry."


"I didn't really believe you earlier."

She smiled warmly. 'Did my smiles ever look like that?' he wondered. "So, what's up for the rest of our vacation?"

"It's a surprise!"

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