Shift! Ch. 02


Note: This is a work of fantasy. Please note that our protagonist is currently in his girlfriend's body. So when I speak about his body parts. They are the ones he is in control of now. Hope you enjoy. Please send any comments, suggestions and compliments!


Robert woke lazily the next morning. He had slept naked in Kayla's body. The silk sheets beneath them had felt amazing on his soft feminine curves. In the distance, Robert could here the shower running. Every so often she would surprise him in the shower, and now it was his chance to do the same.

Quietly, he tip toed into the bathroom and slid into the back of the shower. Luckily she was facing the other way, so she didn't notice him enter. Her arm was waving furiously and it took Robert a moment to realize what she was doing. "Need some help there?" she asked.

She jumped. Spinning around, cock in hand, Kayla screamed at him, "What the hell!" After a moment she joined in with Robert's screaming laughter. "How do you deal with this thing?" She asked trying to calm down.

"Well, I have you," he said coyly. She stepped forward, pulling him into an embrace. Her wet body pressed into his firmly, forcing her cock to poke into his stomach. He bared it, as he knew she had many times before. In fact he was quite relieved that she had the same reactions with his body that he had.

Impatient, Kayla reached down and firmly pulled his leg up so it rested on the edge of the tub. As fun as shower sex can be during the foreplay, the actual act itself was almost always a comedy of errors. Warm water spayed over his body as Kayla pivoted to find a better position. "Mmm," he moaned rubbing the warmth into his skin. When Kayla finally entered him his pussy was already wet from more than just the shower.

She pressed him hard into the cold wet wall and began to thrust furiously. Having been working at it for a while now, Kayla's climax came quickly leaving Robert far from his own once again. 'No wonder women complained,' he thought feeling sexually frustrated. This time however their intimacy didn't end there.

When Kayla exited his folds, she spun him around so he was now in the running water. Then with nothing but a bar of soap and a cunning look in her eye, she began to wash his entire body. Soap smoothed hands ran over every inch of him. Swirling at random, Kayla's hands weaved a trail of pleasure. One second she used her strong hands to knead his ass forcefully, and then a moment later they were gliding teasingly over his breasts.

Then a one quick motion, Kayla used one hand to pull him into a passionate kiss while the other slipped the shower head off the holder and switched it into the massage setting. Robert bucked in time with each jet as it slammed into his swollen clit. In a sexually induced state of hyper-sensitivity, he could feel each pulse, and every drop as it tickled its way down his pussy lips. Robert must have screamed then. But he couldn't hear anything but the pounding of his heart. Despite the warmth of the shower he shivered as post climax waves pulsed through his small feminine body.

Kayla, turned off the shower and passed him the towel she had brought for herself. It hadn't occurred to him to bring one of his own. Toweling down quickly, he passed it back before exiting the shower. "The hair dryer is under the sink," she called out to him.

"Um," he began finally finding the high feminine voice that had disappeared in the shower. "Is there anything special I need to do?"

"Not today," she said now dry and out of the shower. "I made sure to plan our little experiment when I wouldn't be in cycle. And I waxed up before you came yesterday. At least one of us was considerate eh?" Robert finally noticed that Kayla must have shaved her face before the shower. While the dark look of stubble was still noticeable, her face was smooth.

"Hey! It's not as if I knew."

"You should always be prepared dear," she said in a jovial way. In response, Robert slapped her firmly on the ass. They both laughed.

"Hurry up so we can get you ready." She said walking out the door. Being in his body, she was finished already, and was completely dressed by the time he was done drying his hair.

"I picked out an outfit for you there," she said pointing to the bed. A simple white and red floral sundress laid there, neatly folded with a pair of matching white panties and bra.

The panties felt nice, being a simple bikini fit but the bra was a bit more awkward. Lining up the hooks took much more coordination that Robert had ever done in his dressings before. Once the dress was on he reveled in the feel of the light material. The tightness on his curves, the simple, but sexy flow of the skirt, it felt empowering.

"Here, try to walk in these." Kayla said dropping a pair of strappy sandals at his feat. At four inches the heel looked high, but thankfully the thick wedge style provided good support. Taking a few awkward strides, Robert quickly got the hang of balancing in them. The trick he found was to let the body do the work for him. In Kayla's body, it felt natural to stand in the heels. Watching himself walk and sway in the mirror, it took Robert a few moments to realize that Kayla had been running around the apartment.

Two luggage bags were already packed on the beds. "Uh, Kayla?"

She smiled warmly at him. "We're going out on a little trip."

"But what if-"

She laughed cutting him off. "What if someone finds out you're a guy? Do you think they'll stare deep into your soul and see it as male?" His face burned with embarrassment. "I thought it best to leave town just in case we run into people from work. And by the way, you should call me Robert. Those tits will fool anybody, but calling me Kayla might be a bit strange."

"Deep breath now," she ordered then began directing him on how to put on some subtle bits of make up. Nothing fancy. A bit of base, a pink lip gloss, and a light eye liner just to accent his eyes. The effect was simple but quite remarkable.

After a quick breakfast they were finally on the road. The early morning rush quickly dispersed as they left the city heading south. "So now can you tell me where we're going?"

Finally she relented. "Grand Falls. I scored an amazing five star apartment for next to nothing. There are some great festivals going on, but I'm not sure which we'll have time for." Grand Falls was five hours away. There were a plethora of other similar places that could have been found much closer, but Robert was quickly beginning to trust that the surprise would probably be worth it. Even if there was no secret hidden in this trip, the drive was incredibly nice.

Kayla started shifting in the drivers seat. It was too early to be that uncomfortable. Was she thinking about the adventure a head of them. 'If so,' Robert thought noting the reason for her discomfort, 'it must be exciting.' Between her legs there was a growing bulge. The jeans she chose to wore left little to the imagination. They were his 'ass' jeans. The tight fit showed is ass off very nicely, however a consequence of that was it also was hard to adjust an erection discreetly.

Almost without thinking, Robert bent over undoing the zipper of the jeans. "Wha-" Kayla started before her now fully erect cock sprung loose. Robert had begged her on many occasions to do this for him but she always had shied away. Perhaps if he did it first, she would be willing to do it sometime in the future.

The moment his lips touched her cock, Kayla's foot dropped accelerator an extra inch. Quickly she pulled back, and then set the cruise control. Robert slowly swirled his tongue around the head of her penis while sucking at it gently. Ever so slowly, he continued his ministrations dipping lower, sucking harder then pulling back and easing off. Kayla moaned above him. She wanted to let go of the wheel and force his head down onto her shaft, but she didn't dare.

Then after a flurry of bobs and twirls, Robert felt a Kayla's cock tense up. She was very close. Evilly, he pulled away sitting back up in his seat. A look of shock mixed with betrayal crossed her face. Still breathing hard she begged him, "Please."

"Aww, but I thought you didn't like this," he teased. One hand rested gently on her shaft. Motionless.

"Oh, dear god," she moaned. "I promise to do this for you on the way back. Please!" she continued.

"Well, maybe if," he started thinking that he might be going too far, but having too much fun with it.

"Anything! Just get back down there!"

"Okay," he agreed readily. Taking her cock into his mouth once again, he slowly built her back up to the edge of her climax. He wondered briefly about what this act meant about his sexuality, but then pushed it away, with the reassurance that it was Kayla in his body. Driving deeper, he soon worked her cock fully into his throat and after a few quick bobs felt the spray of her hot cum tickle its way down his throat. Knowing there was always a bit more, Robert continued to bob, but more gently, alternating with soft swirls of his tongue to clean every last bit of cum from her shaft.

"Thank god I don't have a gag reflex!" Kayla gasped. She leaned over and kissed Robert quickly.

He smiled feeling pride in his administrations. The remainder of the trip was spent in pleasant conversation. The country side soon gave way to small buildings, shopping malls, and then sky scrapers. Soon they were in the heart of Grand Falls, and pulling into the underground parking of the Domminico, one of the cities finest hotels.

"Okay, so here's the problem," Kayla began as she pulled the car into an empty spot. "As I was the one to make the initial booking, you're going to have to go check us in. My cards and the confirmation are all in your purse. Just remember, your me."

Robert was struck at the sheer opulence of the hotel. Inside the foyer a massive fountain stood four stories high. The sculptures within it here solid marble of mixed colors. Details on the lower statues were accented with a with gold leaf inlay. Massive leather couches filled the waiting area where only a few sparse people sat waiting or idly reading the paper. Walking up to the desk, Robert noticed not only were the staff sitting on the most expensive furniture he had ever seen, but even the Bell Hop was dressed better than he ever had. A fear of judgment swept through him, causing him to hesitate. One of the front desk staff smiled at him warmly. But Robert thought he felt a note of superiority even there.

"Can I help you ma'am?" he asked as if bored of waiting for her. His eyes dipped up and down quite obviously. He was judging his appearance, but there was something else too. 'Is he staring at my chest?' Kayla had very nice cleavage, and even in the simple sun dress it was quite prominent.

"Yes, Dan." He said reading his name tag. "I'm Kayla Simmons. I have a reservation."

"ID," he sighed knowing he was now bound to only passive aggression since Robert was actually a customer. Dan took one last stare at his chest then switched his gaze to the computer.

Robert's nipples strained. Was it his attention that gave him the sudden reaction or was it how cool it was in the lobby? He wondered if his own gazes at Kayla, and other women for that matter, were as clumsy and obvious as the man's. Deciding to have fun with it, Robert walked up close to the desk and leaned in. His breasts strained against the thin material of his bra and dress as they were pushed further upward.

The effect on Dan was immediate. His eyes darted from her and the screen. He coughed, as though he could drive back the growing flush on his face. "Okay, everything seems to be in order. Here's your key card."

Robert intentionally brushed his hand before taking the card from him. Again Dan's blush grew. This time he found something really interesting to look at at on the computer screen to distract himself. Robert walked away smiling, putting a little extra swing into his hips with every step. Kayla's thin legs and pert ass almost rivaled her cleavage, and a quick glance back showed him that they had gained just as much of Dan's attention.

Kayla met him at the elevator. "Any problems?"

"No." He replied. "But, do all men stare so obviously?"


"Even me?"


"Oh." After a few moments of listening to Muzak in the elevator, Robert couldn't help but ask. "Do you enjoy it?"

Kayla stared at Robert with a sexual hunger in her eyes. He gaze was so intent that Robert could swear that he could feel it as though it were a third hand. His nipples ached when she passed over his breasts. When her gaze switched and rose up his long legs, his pussy tingled hotly. The feeling was intense but insubstantial. It drove him crazy. Then with no warning, Kayla relaxed he gaze and smiled warmly. "It can be fun when it comes from someone you like or we are the ones initiating it. But it can also be creepy from some people. We usually shrug it off unless it really bothers us."

Robert nodded feeling a mix of shame, for not knowing, and excitement from participating on the other side. The feelings of sexual excitement still tingled deep within him, so he slid in tightly to Kayla for a hug and a gentle squeeze of her ass. But before he could make any significant moves on her the elevator rang out their floor. Sighing, he unconsciously grabbed the larger suit case and strained his way out of the elevator. Kayla quickly grabbed the heavy luggage from him and with a wink and the two made their way into their room.

The opulence of the hotel didn't stop at the lobby. The first area was a sitting room the size of most three or four star hotels. After removing their shoes they continued on into the living room. Another large leather couch sat in the middle. It faced a massive 56 inch television that was currently streaming a canned greeting about the various amenities the hotel offered. Further past the couch was a large enclosed balcony that overlooked the falls. The view out of the window was breathtaking.

A familiar hand caressed his ass before resting on his hip. Robert leaned into a half embrace leaning his head back onto Kayla's shoulder. He sighed tearing his eyes away from the view to see Kayla staring back down at her. This time it wasn't the hungry sexual stare from the elevator, but a softer loving one. Going up on his toes, Robert kissed her lightly. "Thank you."

She kissed him back, more deeply before pulling away. "Come on. Let's unpack before we head out."

Robert followed her waiting for an explanation. Opening the large suit case that was full of Kayla's clothes, he began to sort and place each one in various drawers. True to expectations, Kayla was finished putting away what Robert had packed long before he was finished. Unable to bare the anticipation any more Robert cried out. "Oh, my God! Where are we going!" To which Kayla laughed.

Pulling him into her arms she rocked him back and forth slightly. "Well, I thought we would head out on the town for a bit. Go shopping, dinner, then there is a club just down the street I am dying to try out."

Again she was hiding something.

"Okay. Play that game." Robert stated sliding one hand down to cup Kayla's cock while his lips came within a hair's width of brushing hers. "Just remember who's hormones are likely to break first. And who has to be in the mood now."

For her part, Kayla took the warning with a confident smile. She had no worries it seemed. "Should I change?" Robert asked slipping away from their dance.

"No, what you'll be wearing tonight is still in the stores."

"Didn't have anything slutty enough eh?"

"Not for you!"

Laughing, the two made their way out, and to the shopping district a few blocks away. It all started the same as it always did. Robert followed Kayla as she made her way passed stores, briefly looking in the windows before deciding where to enter. The first shop was a small boutique of high end fashions. Unlike previous trips, when Kayla spotted an item she liked it was Robert who was directed into the change room. His initial boredom gave way to excitement as he slipped on different dresses and outfits to parade around in for Kayla, who would critique him and sometimes give pointers on how to move in a given style to get the most out of it.

The miniskirts and mini-dresses were by far Robert's favorite to try on. The gentle flow of the pleated skirts teased naughtily, and the straight skirts hugged his ass accentuating each cheek as he walked back and forth. While they naturally teased, they were also controllable. A quick flip would flash his lacy panties on demand. Robert couldn't help but notice that the modeling of these clothes were having a powerful effect on Kayla. A fact that Robert enjoyed greatly. On more than one occasion, he called her in to "help" with an outfit, to only tease her relentlessly. He almost took pity on her and offered to give her some release only to remember that she still was hiding something. So he continued to flash, grope and model his way though countless outfits.

The day flashed by in a stream of clothing and accessory stores. So engrossed in his teasing, Robert didn't notice how many bags they had accumulated until they began to make their way back to the hotel. After he finished modeling in each store, Kayla had been the one to bring the pile of the best clothes up to the cash registers. Robert lamented briefly that it was his credit card she was sacrificing. However, when they returned to the hotel, the opulence their reminded him that her own card must have taken a severe hit, no matter how great the deal could have been.

"Why don't you order us something while I sort through the day's spoils." Kayla said heading straight to the bedroom.

Amazingly he only felt slightly peckish. But if history was any indication, Kayla would be starving in his body. Dialing up room service, he ordered a steak for her and a chicken salad for himself along with a bottle of white wine. By the time she came back out, he was off the phone and watching the hotel's advertisements on the TV. One glance at her told him she still hadn't settled down from the day's teasing. Her cock strained against the tight jeans, and a small patch of wetness seamed to be making its way through.

Sliding in beside him, she slipped one arm in behind while the other sat not too subtly on his bare thigh. Robert was feeling his own pussy growing wet, but wanted to tease Kayla some more. Keeping his thighs tightly together, he snuggled into her. One of her common defenses against his advancements. "Do you want to watch something? The food will be a half an hour or so."

Her body sagged in grief. But it was over. Robert had found nothing to combat this tactic in their six months together. "Sure," she said picking up the remote and flipping through the guide. Kayla proved to be more devious than Robert ever was, though truthfully it was a maneuver he would never dare try. After a quick scan, she inputted a channel named aptly. The Ho House. Immediately the figures of two well endowed women were shown writhing together. Sweat poured off their bodies as they humped desperately against each others legs.

Robert felt his nipples straining again and his pussy re-light in sexual fire. A quick glance over showed that it was having a similar effect on Kayla. 'Who can last longer?' Robert wondered. The game was on. Sitting next to each other, they were both profoundly aware of each shift and sway the other made as though a different position might give them an edge. The scene with the girls came to a screaming end before switching over to another.

Robert breathed deeply using the brief and laughable set up acting to bring himself back under control. Kayla was doing the same, but maybe not as well. 'Good,' Robert thought.

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