tagNonHumanShift In The Right Direction Ch. 01

Shift In The Right Direction Ch. 01


Charlotte was rounding the block in the last quarter mile of her morning run. It was already humid and hot, though it was not yet 6:00 am. At mile 3 she'd pulled off her long-sleeved tee shirt, tying it around her waist, so now she ran in her running shorts and sports bra. What the hell difference did it make, she thought - it covered more than a bikini top would and no one was even up at this hour. So much for the City that Doesn't Sleep. Now and then a lone taxi would come into view, and there was a crowd of after hours club rats walking home, still drunk, singing loudly, still in their Friday night outfits.

As she approached lower Madison Avenue, she spotted more signs of life. The police had put out a series of wood barriers and a collection of motley trailers and vans were parked at odd angles on the deserted street. Another street fair - fantastic, Charlotte thought. You could never have too many pairs of cheap tube socks, used paperback books, and funnel cakes. She decided to quickly alter her course to avoid the strange, gypsy-like people who moved from street fair to street fair, doing their set up here for the day. She wondered whom they all were, and whether they also had straight jobs or if they could make enough money just selling fresh lemonade or sausage and pepper sandwiches to live in expensive New York.

Her new path took her down a tiny alley that she knew had an outlet by Union Square Park. From there she would cross over to Chelsea and head up toward her apartment. Midway through the alley, she heard a loud crash over by the collection of dumpsters. She slowed to a stop - her senses alert. This part of town is not normally dangerous, but there were no people around. She peered cautiously toward the darkened corner, poised and ready to run if necessary. She reached into the thigh pocket of her running shorts and pulled out her house keys, threading them through her fingers, creating a makeshift weapon. It was a tip she learned in a self-defense class at University.

She jumped and almost ran when a trash can lid clattered to the pavement behind her. Turning quickly, moving into a slightly crouched position, she sighed with relief and then laughed at her own nervousness when she realized that the source of this noise was nothing more than a stray cat. He walked out of the darkness and sat before her, regarding her gravely with large gray eyes. He was a large Calico, white with patches of gray and black. He was very regal even there amid the city garbage.

"Well hello there, handsome." Charlotte said to the cat. "Was that you making all that noise? I thought you must be 10 times as big." Not surprisingly, the cat did not reply, but simply continued to stare at her.

"Aren't you gorgeous." She said, looking admiring at the rather large, graceful feline. He rose at this and walked lithely over to her, rubbing his head against her calf, mewing softly in a rather deep voice.

"Are you a stray, baby?" She asked, as she leaned down to rub his head and back. The cat arched up into her had, his large and strangely expressive eyes looking up at her almost longingly. "No collar, and no offense darling, but you look a little shaggy and thin. Are you hungry?" At this, the cat rose on his hind legs and placed his front paws on Charlotte's thigh. He let out a half purr, half meow that sounded almost like a plea. Charlotte got the distinct feeling that he was asking to come home with her. The idea formed in her head as if he'd spoken. Always a cat lover, she thought: This might be just what I need. She reached down for him and he nearly leapt into her arms. She was pleasantly surprised as he rubbed his large soft head against her jaw and neck, purring loudly in contentment.

"Okay sweetie, let's go home then." She said to her new companion. She carried her new roommate the few blocks home. When she opened the door to her apartment, he jumped lightly down from her arms and walked about the place, seemingly surveying the rooms. He walked in a methodical pattern from the kitchen, to the living room/dining room, a quick look at the bathroom, and then her bedroom. He hopped up onto a windowsill just behind her bed, looking out the window briefly before turning back to regard Charlotte.

"I see you've made yourself at home - so that's good." She laughed. "How about some tuna? It's all I have now - but I'll get some supplies after I get showered and dressed." He stepped over the headboard and walked across Charlotte's neatly made bed, perching himself on the footboard near her. Charlotte leaned down toward this lovely, strange creature and was amused as he leaned up to her face and sniffed her cheek softly before rubbing a sandy tongue across her salty skin.

"You're welcome." She said in response. "C'mon then." And walked back into the kitchen, followed closely by the cat. She opened a can of tuna, draining it and dumping the contents onto a salad plate. Then she filled a small porcelain bowl with water and put both down on the floor at the edge of the kitchen door. The cat looked up at her for a moment, his tail flicking excitedly, before he moved over to the food and began to tuck in.

"Bon appetite. I'm taking a shower."

She turned away and walked toward her room, untying the tee shirt from her waist and pulling her still damp sports bra over her head as she walked. She kicked off her running shoes and pulled off her socks, finally pulling off the running shorts. She gathered up her running clothes and dropped them into the laundry hamper. Charlotte was naked as she walked back toward the bathroom door. Suddenly she paused - surprised to see that the cat had left his meal in the kitchen, and was now sitting in the living room looking at the bathroom door, or rather, staring at her. As she watched the cat watching her, she could have sworn his eyes roamed the full length of her body, before returning to her face. There was something in the way he looked at her that was almost unnerving. His tail began to flick from side to side, as if eyeing his prey.

"Do you mind?" she asked, wrapping her arms around her nakedness. Amused at her own flight of fancy, she shook her head and laughed. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door with a decisive click.

After showering, Charlotte dressed in a pink cotton sundress that barely reached her knees. It was going to be another very hot day. She ran gel through her shoulder length curly hair, but decided to let it dry naturally. She had hair the shade of deep auburn, and though of a pale complexion, did not have the type of skin that was completely covered with freckles. She brushed some black mascara on her thick lashes, which brought out the green in her eyes. A dab of lip gloss on her lips and she was ready to go. She walked into her room and saw that the cat had settled himself on the bed.

It never occurred to Charlotte until now that he might have fleas. She shuddered at the thought, and approached the cat to inspect his fur. As she ran her fingers across his coat, he rolled onto his back exposing his lean belly. She saw that, though thin and a bit scruffy, this cat was well groomed. He must be naturally fastidious, she thought. She absently scratched his tummy, and he let out a low soft mew of pleasure. She noticed that he was not neutered - he still had all of his male "equipment."

"Okay, I'll be back with some things for you, handsome." She leaned down impulsively and planted a kiss on the top of his head. He purred loudly and gazed up into her eyes with an almost loving expression on his feline face. One soft paw lightly touched her cheek - his claws still all fully retracted so that there was no scratch, only a slight love tap. "I like you, too." She said.

After a very efficient trip to the pet store, Charlotte had acquired an automated litter box, litter, and a supply of wet and dry cat food, and some treats. On a whim she also bought a few toys and a soft brush.

She arranged to have the supplies delivered, since there were so many large packages. She stopped at a bagel shop and got some breakfast and a large coffee, grabbing the newspaper before heading home to her new roommate. Charlotte felt an odd exhilaration - and she reflected on the fact that she hadn't even realized how lonely she'd been. She'd broken up with her boyfriend over three months earlier. When he moved out, she was at first happy to have the apartment to herself again, but began to dislike the solitude - particularly at night when she was laying alone in her big empty bed. It hadn't occurred to her to seek company from a pet - but this may be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak: companionship and affection without commitment. As for the rest, well - that is what vibrators are for, she thought with a slight smirk.

As she stood outside her apartment door, wrestling in her bag for her keys, she thought she heard the bathroom door open inside the apartment. She stopped to listen intently - pressing her ear to the door. But there was no further sound. Her overactive imagination and the lack of caffeine, she thought. She opened the door to see the cat waiting for her in the foyer.

"Hi babe." She said brightly. The cat walked toward her and purred happily, rubbing his body along her leg. She deposited the newspaper and breakfast on the dining table, and dropped her purse in the bedroom, kicking off her sandals. As she walked past the bathroom, she noted that the glass of the shower door was still wet and the bathroom still smelled of her soap. She hadn't realized it was so strong -- the scent lingered a long time.

She sat at the table, taking her breakfast out of the paper bag and spreading the newspaper open on the table's surface. She read as she ate. The cat leapt up onto one of the other dining chairs, and looked at the newspaper spread out before him. She was amazed at how he seemed fixated on the paper - and assumed that the pattern created by the ink on the page somehow fascinated him.

"Want the sports section?" She asked facetiously. He looked up at her curiously, and she laughed as she bit into a half of her bagel. The intercom buzzer sounded, and both Charlotte and the cat looked toward the door.

She walked over and inquired over the intercom, and hearing as she expected that it was the delivery from the pet store, she buzzed him in. She ran back to her room to get a tip from her purse for the deliveryman. As she opened the door, she noted that the cat had positioned himself in the foyer and was watching the proceedings intently. The deliveryman was in his late 20s, and rather flirtatious. He brought in the two bags and the large package containing the litter box into the apartment, and set them down near the kitchen, looking around boldly. He tried to make small talk with Charlotte as she handed him the tip, and wasn't really taking his cue to leave, as he should. She was slightly uncomfortable, since this strange man was in her house, so she politely walked over to the door and held it open for him - a clear signal that he should go now. He tried to ignore the broad message and started talking about pet care and being a dog versus a cat person. He leaned over toward the cat as if to pet him. The cat walked around in a circle, then facing the deliveryman arched his back menacingly and hissed, emitting a low feline growl from the back of his throat. The deliveryman straightened up abruptly, stepping back. The cat continued to advance, a low panther like growl getting louder. At this, the deliveryman looked nervously at Charlotte, asking if the cat was aggressive. She told him that she honestly couldn't say. He walked nervously toward the door - muttering a hurried "thanks" as he left.

Charlotte looked back at the cat, wondering where the aggression had come from. He showed no further sign of any agitation now that the man was gone. Rather, he moved toward Charlotte and purred as he rubbed his head against her leg.

"My hero. I thought he'd never leave." She said, leaning down and scratching his back.

The cat stood up on hind legs, indicating that he wanted to be picked up. Charlotte obliged and pulled him into her arms, cradling him like a baby. He purred loudly, mewing slightly as he rubbed his head against her breast. One paw reached up and padded softly against her cleavage.

"Uhh... goodness, there's no doubt you're a male, is there? Straight for the breasts." She leaned her head down and planted a kiss on the top of his furry head. He gazed up at her, his eyes half closed in contentment. She realized that his fur smelled like her soap - how strange. But then she reasoned, maybe he had prowled around the wet bathroom after she left the apartment. The scent of that soap really was pretty strong.

"Let's finish breakfast and get you set up."

Later that night, the pair had already settled into a cozy routine. The air conditioners kept the apartment very cool, so Charlotte didn't even mind that the cat seemed to crave contact with her almost all the time. In fact, she rather enjoyed it. As she lay on the cushy sofa, watching a movie, the cat curled into a ball between her thighs, sometimes even looking at the TV as if he was watching as well. While Charlotte got ready for bed, the cat waited at the foot of the bed for her to join him. Slipping in between the cool sheets, she watched, fascinated, as the large cat walked gracefully up the length of her body, touching his pink nose to hers, flicking that sandy tongue across her face by the corner of her mouth like a good night kiss. Then he settled down on the mattress next to her, his tail gently stroking across her bare arm as he purred softly and closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, sweetheart." She said, as she drifted off to sleep.

Her lover cradled her body from behind as they lay side by side. He was murmuring soft words of love to her in a language she didn't understand. He planted sweet kisses along her neck, up to her ear, gently catching her earlobe between his teeth as she lightly gasped. His strong, large hands moved over her, cupping her breasts firmly as his fingers sought out the nipples that hardened under his touch. He pulled down the sheet that covered her body, and turning her onto her back, pulled the silk chemise up her body, over her head and off in one graceful movement. He was already naked, and his long, lean body was chiseled and defined, his salt and pepper hair was rather long, well past his ears and almost to his shoulders. His eyes were the most arresting feature of all - large, wide set and pale gray, under thick dark brows. He smiled at Charlotte, and in the dark she could see that his teeth were perfect and very white.

He caressed her face with his large, elegant hand. "You're so beautiful, and so very sexy, my sweet darling." He said. His voice was deep and he had a slight accent that she could not define.

"Who are you?" She asked, as she ran one hand up his pronounced abs and chest, reveling in the velvety feel of his hard body and smooth, cool skin.

"You can call me Lucas, my love."

"Lucas, am I dreaming?"

"What do you think, my beautiful Charlotte?"

"If I'm dreaming, I can do anything I want..."

"And what is it that you would want, if I told you that you were indeed dreaming?"

"I'd want you to make love to me, Lucas"

"In that case, my beautiful girl, you are most definitely dreaming." His mouth came down over hers, gently pushing her lips apart as his tongue moved inside to plunder the sweetness within. He growled in the back of his throat as she responded feverishly to his kisses, winding her arms around his neck and threading her fingers through his thick hair. He moved on top of her, pressing her body back into the soft mattress, his legs pushing hers apart as his sex, which was growing increasingly large and hard, moved against the already wet folds between her thighs. She moaned in pleasure as she felt him tease her with his erection.

His mouth moved over her face, down her jaw line to her neck, and then traced the lines of her collarbone. He stopped suddenly and moved back up to reclaim her mouth, his body moving against hers in a slow, sensual arc. She was likewise moving against him in a soft, feline way, as she ran her hands down his back, feeling his taut muscles as she pressed his body into hers.

Lucas moved down to run his tongue over the nipple of her left breast, then taking as much of the tender flesh into his mouth as he could. She arched her back and clamped his head to her, groaning loudly now in delight. He raised his head and said hoarsely: "I couldn't wait to taste these luscious breasts ever since I first saw you."

He then moved to the right breast and repeated the action, but impatient, Charlotte pulled him up and held his face in her hands, looking fiercely into his now dark gray eyes, begging: "Please, Lucas, I want you inside me!"

"Mmmm," he growled, "One more thing first." And he moved with lightening speed down her body, his face slamming into her warm, wet pussy. Charlotte practically screamed, feeling a sensation like she was falling suddenly from a great height.

His tongue parted her and plunged inside, and she could feel every inch of it as he moved in and out of her, then he dragged his tongue up over her clit, making her shout out his name in ecstasy. He closed his lips over that hard little knob and lightly sucked, his teeth making the slightly pressure. She was writhing wildly, thrusting upward toward him as tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks. As she felt his fingers slip inside her wetness, she exploded into orgasm, holding his hair and rocking until the aftershocks slowed. Her heart raced and her skin tingled from the electricity he created in her.

Just as suddenly, Lucas rose up and crushed her lips with his. She screamed into his mouth as he jammed his penis into her still pulsating pussy. Charlotte pushed her pelvis up to meet his, stroke after stroke, with a sensual intensity that caused a grinding against her clit. Soon, she knew she was readying to cum again, and she frantically whispered in his ear that he should not stop - that she was going to climax again. He raised his head to look down at her as he obeyed her command. Lucas told her that he wanted to watch her face as she came. He soon had his wish, and this one was even more intense than the first as wave after wave of pleasure shook her frame. He felt her pussy convulsing around his penis, and this was the final straw for him, as well - and he shouted as he exploded into her.

They lay still, panting from the excitement and exertion, sweat gleaming on their naked skin in the moonlight streaming through the window. Lucas planted soft, sensual kisses on Charlotte's swollen lips. He slid to her side and pulled her into his arms as they both fell into a deep, contented sleep.

The morning light fell on Charlotte's face, causing her to emerge reluctantly from sleep. Nooo, she thought. I want to lay here with my Lucas a little longer. She curled back toward his side of the bed, finding only empty space. Her sleep-addled brain began to focus more clearly and she realized that it was all a dream. The disappointment was sharp. She opened her eyes and released a long, sad sigh. The cat was sitting on the bed, staring at her with his large round eyes.

Charlotte was surprised to find prickly tears forming in her eyes. How ridiculous! It was a great dream, yes, but nothing to cry about. Boy, she must really be horny, she thought with a laugh. The cat moved closer and rubbed his large soft head against her face, purring deeply. She scratched his head and ears, and he flopped down next to her, gazing up with a strange affectionate expression.

"Maybe I should call you Lucas, what do you think, handsome?" His tail flickered happily and he rolled onto his back, emitting a deep mew. She absently scratched his belly as she remembered how vivid last night's dream had been.

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