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Shifting Hearts


Author's Note: Ok. One night I was lying in bed and suddenly this story came to mind. I honestly was thinking about my other series, but apparently my muse decided for me to give this one a shot. So hopefully we will see a positive outcome.

"Ahhhhh, mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh -- that's it, Alpha, oh yes, my Alpha, fuck me -- ahh ahh huh," a pixie blonde-haired girl screamed at the pussy pounding her Alpha gave her. Xavier Salvatore Russo responded with only pounding harder and grunting.

Still being pounded by her Alphas big cock, the little blonde she-wolf that laid under him on his desk leaned, trying to kiss him in the mouth. Not too keen on the on the pack's females' activities with others, he roughly grabbed her chin, turning head her painfully to the side.

"Oww, that hurts. Why do you have to be so rough?"

"Why do you have to be such a slut, coming in here to fuck me after you fucked my brother, you filthy whore," he said as he pounded harder into her. Xavier would be lying to himself if he said he was mad; she was a slut. But he realized he could really care less: she was just a piece of ass to sate his lust for the moment.

His reverie broke by the sudden urge to orgasm. Grabbing her around the neck, he forced her body back down onto his desk and really let loose, making them both climax into frenzy.

"Oh, GOD, AHH YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH, OH GOD, YES, OH, MY ALPHA," Helen screamed at the satisfaction of being well fucked by her Alpha.

The thrill of climax overtook Xavier with harsh grunts and growls. He had to lean on top of his Beta as the hard waves of his climax passed. They both lay, sated in their bliss, for a long passing moment when a witch burst in the door. She opened her mouth to speak, but the sight of them clamped her mouth shut as her eyes dulled with quiet surprise.

"Ummm, The Savannah pack called just not too long ago, and they would like to know if you are still on for the evening appointment at nine pm."the girl said.

For a moment the girl forgot who she was intruding on and forgot who she was speaking to, until he raised his head. The angry glow of his amber eyes made her spine stiffen. Helen glimpsed at him, then over to the girl and watched realization's fear filter over the girl's face as her eyes softened and her jaw slackened. The girl's mouth worked to speak, but silence made the air feel like concrete. She did her best to turn around and leave but her commanding employer's voice had her rooted right in that place where she wanted to leave.

"Have you forgotten who the hell I am witch, huh? Did you forget who the fuck's office you barged into? Or are you just fucking stupid?"

"I...ummm... I didn't think, sir, I am sorry."

"No -- of course you did not think. You just barged in here inexplicably like you are in charged forgetting your place here on my pack grounds," he said with a growl. Helen smirked at the preview of things flashing in her head. Her growing expression of worry stirred something deep inside as her knees weakened, weight shifting, brows furrowed -- she feared for her life.

"I mean sir I was only trying to --"


The sudden burst from cool calm rage into straight screaming at her always scared her.

Part of her didn't know why she should be scared, she had become used to the verbal abuse her boss always inflicted upon her whenever she was around. When he finally began to yell she had no choice but to close her eyes and hold back the tears he was inflicting upon her.

In a timid tone she tried to keep her strength and not to show fear: "Sir please I was not--"

"Oh, now you are begging and pleading after another fuck up you have made. I tell you what: since you seek forgiveness for another fuck up you made, come clean up the mess we have made, and be grateful that I did not take more drastic measures for your punishment for barging in on me," Xavier said, rising up off of Helen.

As she hopped off the desk, Helen's face fought, but ultimately relented to, giggles at the verbal assault the witch had taken. Having been already naked when she came in to seduce the Alpha, she had no problem with walking out naked and shifting to her wolf. Walking to the door, she got one last look at the witch before shaking her head to leave.

Just like every other Werewolves that was out there, she despised witches with every fiber of her being. They were at the bottom of the food chain of the supernatural and they always pretended to be something they were not.

Ever since The Alliance of the vampires, wereswolves, demons and witches every coven, clan, nest and pack was recommended to have a witch on stand by. This was suggested by each leader to put on an image of peace, harmony and tolerance. And the image before Helen was too pathetic for words.


In the corner of her eye, Sallie Mae Jenkins noticed the she-wolf's nasty look that reminded her how some werewolves hated witches. The wolf shifted and left the room. She was now alone in the room with Xavier Salvatore Russo her boss and the pack Alpha.

She heard him gathering up his clothes. She could not help herself but to get a quick glance.

Although Xavier was a certified asshole and very mean and cruel to boot, she still had to admit to herself that he was a handsome man and had a gorgeous body.

She could feel a slight warming sensation forming inside of her. She shifted to her other leg, hoping that would divert the sensation from going to her pussy but by the way Xavier suddenly tensed up, it obviously did not work. "Shit," she said to herself when she felt his angry heated glaze

As Xavier put on his last article of clothing, he and his wolf caught a whiff of the witch's arousal; he shook his head in contempt at the witch's quiet pining. He returned whatever the witch felt for him with total disgust. Almost every powerful supernatural such as vampires, werewolves and demons didn't care much for humans, so they sure in the hell did not care for witches. To them, witches were nothing more than humans playing with magic tricks to entertain their friends, but he had to admit they had their uses.

Buttoning up the last button on his shirt he walked over to the witch.

"I want this office spic and span when I return. There have better not be a single spec of filth in this room, got it?" he said in a low, menacing, cruel tone, and the look he gave her indicated she was nothing better than dirt.

Maybe in his mind that's all she was: just pure filth. Releasing a long-held sigh, she responded, "Yes sir," and was grateful that he left immediately.

When the door closed behind him, she released a torrent of sobs. She had to ask herself why is she constantly doing this to herself? Why put up with a race that hates you? Then the sudden image of her very ill mother and her coven's head priestess came into her mind. She was there for them -- well, mostly the head priestess -- and deep in her heart she knew her mother would pull through the illness that is taking over her body. She's a tough old witch, so this little mysterious cancer that just popped out of nowhere would be fought to the very end.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out, she went over to the mess they had left. She looked around to see more of a mess when she saw sweat stains on the walls and her boss's leather chair. She wanted hurl in disgust at the mess she was required to clean.

"Okay, girl, pull yourself together -- think and feel your magic," she said, shaking her hands in front of her."Oh, look what a big mess I have. There is so much to clean, and I only have soap and water but that does not matter cause I am doing whatever I can to make this office spic and span." She smiled to herself as all the cum stains, sweat stains, loose paper, an overflowing trash can and a dusty bookshelf was all fresh, clean and put back into its proper place.

A small smile spread across her face just. She gave the office one last inspection while walking towards the office door. Looking around, she was sure the Alpha would be pleased with her work. Everything looked clean and tidy -- why shouldn't he be? she thought to herself. With no other thought she turned and left the office.


Once she left the office, Sallie Mae did her usual work of filing, taking calls from big name corporations that deal with both supernatural and human affairs, and making potions for the pack. She glimpsed at the clock; it was almost time to leave. Which she was grateful for cause she tired. She sat there in her tiny cubicle and waited until six o'clock came around. Since she got everything done early, she hoped that she could get the hell out of Dodge and avoid Mr. Alpha Russo.

She had only thirty more minutes to go, and then she would be out of here. If there was any way to hurry up and speed time to six o'clock, she would have. But that would mean she would use magic, and the whole pack would have noticed her using magic. They would cause a fit, and the Alpha did not like the use of magic unless it benefited him or the pack.

Exhaling, she decided to use the rest of her time to go over spells and potions. The moment she pulled out her own little book of shadows, a dark, overwhelming shadow perched above her while the unmistakable scent of fresh earth surrounded her.

"WITCH!" Sallie Mae jerked back at the sudden outburst of her employers tone.

"Shouldn't you be working instead looking at that ridiculous spell book, huh? You are one useless, wasteful witch, you know that? You should doing something productive around this den, but yet you are sitting here reading."

"But sir, have you noticed that I am finish with everything you told me to do?"


The moment he started yelling, Sallie Mae became instantly scared. She quickly adverted her gaze away from him, and shrunken back into her seat

"SHUT –"


"Oh, my God, you are so lucky that my father does not pay you much, because your sorry, pathetic ass would be out of this compound long ago. The six dollars you make per hour you already receive should be cut down to half of that."

"I ... I... um ..."

"Don't speak when I am talking to you, blabbering idiot. There are a million things you can do around here besides just sitting here, reading this stupid book, and – speaking of which – give me this." He reached over and snatched the spell book out of her hands.

"Ugh," he said in disgust as he flipped through the pages. After a moment, he finally had enough and tossed the book to the side. Her eyes started up to him, but his growl stopped her.

Once she heard that, she grappled with her anger. If she did not control it, her shields would drop, and she did not want that to happen.

"Hear my warning witch, and you better listen good, if I ever catch you doing anything else that is not require for you to do, then you can kiss your sorry ass goodbye off the compound, got it?"

"Got it." After a few moments she still felt his heated, hateful gaze, but that feeling dwindled when two eighteen year olds came walking by in nothing but their birthday suits.

The twin's cocks bounced up and down as they walked by. Xavier gave them both a nod of acknowledgement.

"Good Evening my Alpha," they said in unison.


The girl walked down the street with a mixture of confused emotions. One minute she was sad and whining the next she upset and angry at something or someone.

Roger could hear her muttering all the way in the sky where he was flying. He took notice to the girl the instant she cut through the woods walking on a path that usually serves as a nice little short to the other side of the city, for humans and supernatural alike. So he knew with the way she was going her job and her home wasn't to far from each other. Although they were both moving at a pretty rapid pace, he caught her scent from all the way above.

She smelled of the earth and fresh flowers after a summer thunderstorm. Her scent was so intoxicating that he almost flew into a tree.

When he finally came out of the daze of her exhilarating scent, he was able to keep a steady pace with her as she walked through the woods to her destination.

When he saw that she was heading into the direction of what looked to be a magic shop, he flew quickly the remaining short distance and landed on a stair rail of the magic shop.

"Hey there Sallie Mae how's it going" he heard the older shop lady asked.

'Sallie Mae' he repeated her name over in his head. Such a sweet country bumpkin name for a girl these days, he liked it.

Hopping off the stair rail he landed on the shop's window seal to look in on the girl he was lusting after. The image he observed was outstanding. She was made of smooth flawless coco brown skin, a heart shape face, big black eyes, fanned with long lashes, pouty lips and what looked to be a nice big rump all put together nicely in a five foot three package.

He even liked the idea that she had stylish cornrows.

"I am doing just fine ma'am. Do you have any more panda lily root and orchid candles?" he heard her sweet voice asked.

"Yeah, we sure do, we just them in last week. But, they are running out, so you are in luck, we have only a few left." Then the older woman turned and headed towards the back to retrieve the items the girl needed.

"Thanks, Ms. Maggie" When the woman stepped away that gave time for Sallie Mae to roam around the shop to look at the shipment. At that moment the girl turn towards him and he saw the startled, shaken look in her eyes.


When Sallie Mae turn to her right

"Aaaaahh" she let out a scream when she saw a black crow setting on the windowsill l of the magic shop. Her heart galloped in her chest but she was transfixed.

They stared into each other's eyes. A pair of swirling, amber eyes stared back at her. Those eyes held so much depth she could have sworn this being had another half to it. It had so much soul in its eyes that could have belonged to a human

"Hey, Salle Mae, I heard you scream. What happened?" the voice snapped her out of her trance . Maggie emerged from the back.

"Oh, I, um ... was startled by that crow on the windowsill," she said, indicating to the crow with a with her eyes.

"Oh, God, I have never seen a crow around these parts, and definitely have not seen one up so close before. I wonder what's its doing here up so close and personal? Oh, my God, look at those eyes!"

"I know, right? They are so freaky." Sallie Mae turned her head back to stare at the crow

"Well, anyway," she said with a dismissing wave, "this is ... is the last of the orchid candles. And here is the last panda lily root you asked for. You know what – just take them – free of charge."

This delighted Sallie Mae all to much.

"Thank you, Ms. Maggie. I really appreciate this and everything you do for me."

"You take care now, you hear?"

"He-he-he ... you know I will Ms. Maggie. See ya."

When she grabbed the two items from Ms Maggie, Sallie Mae turned around to look at the crow one last time.

His haunting eyes scared and excited her at the same time.She shook her head, like a cat shaking a blow; the demanding boss flashed in her head – so did her sick mother – all stresses she decided had given these eyes deeper relevance in her mind.

She left the shop and headed home.


The moment the girl left, Roger remained right on her tail. He sensed a trail of fear and unease riding her. He knew he had something to do with her fear; her pace quickened with every block she passed.

Her pace became a jog as she neared a cottage that sat far off to the end of her block. The overwhelming feeling of guilt creep up on him when he saw the fear in her eyes as she glanced over her shoulder once more before she ran inside of her home.


Fear was all over her body as she walked home. She felt the eyes of an entity that hid in plain sight, but refused to make its existence known.

When she made it to her home, she jogged to the door, hoping to be rid of this unseen assailant.

She threw a quick glance over her shoulder and saw that her fear could be just part of her overactive imagination. She saw that her front yard – in desperate need of maintenance – and then a squirrel running up her big tree.

Using her magic she chanted a spell to unlock her door and stepped into her home. Slamming the door shut with her back, she was finally able to feel the tension easing away.

She felt her heart beating at a regular pace now that she was in the comfort of her home. Leaning away from the door, she used a quick magic trick to lock her door, and keep her home protected from uninvited visitors.


The moment she turned her head before stepping in her home, Roger ran up the tree and got a good opening on a branch where he was able to quickly shift back into the crow and take flight. I shall make my appearance known, my sweet, just you wait.


"SALLIE MAE, WHAT THE FUCK IS TAKING YOU SO DAMN LONG?" Her boss yelled from his office.

"I am sorry, sir. But what you are requesting is a near impossible feat and I am the only witch working today." Sallie Mae said while working to mix a brew for him.

"Oh, my God, can you get even more pathetic, you fucking witch? Making spells and potions should be your knack -- instead you can't even do a simple potion for my men. What kind of witch are you? A sorry ass one that does not how to do a fucking potion, for Christ's sake." He was now standing behind her looking over her shoulder. She had to stand there mixing a potion that required a lot of energy, time and certainly more than one witch, but Xavier had gotten rid of the other witches that were employed by in the pack because they refused to give blow jobs to a few of the betas. So now she was the only witch working which meant that she worked 24/7.

That in itself did not mean the potions were not possible for her to make, it just meant it would take more time to complete them properly.

"Can you please be patient, sir, I am trying—" she was suddenly cut off by a yank of her neck pulling her body back very painfully.

With a face very ugly with rage, lips snarled, saliva hanging off his lower lip, eyes raging he growled with anger. "You have some nerve talking to me like that. You are nothing but a worthless human that plays with magic tricks, and you are not even good at that. You are wasting my time. I have asked you to do one simple thing but, you came up short like always. Hell, if I didn't find your species so disgusting, the only thing you would be good for is fucking, but I am pretty sure you can't you that right either. You have wasted my time and energy for the last time. I no longer have any use of you. From this moment on, you are FIRED."

Sallie Mae landed on the ground with a hard thud.

"You have five minutes to leave the property before my betas come and handle you themselves". He said spitting to the ground next to her.

Sallie Mae lost all sense of reality and all sense of her being; with that loss, everything turned for the worst. One moment she was on the ground with a hurt neck and throbbing knees, and in the next moment heated rage consumed her. Her vision was clouded with red hot anger

"You have wasted one minute by being on the floor too long. Hurry up and get the fuck off my property". At those words, heavy footsteps rushed up the stairs. She knew his betas raced to force her off the compound. She did not care. She just wanted to rip his face off.

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