Shifting Hearts Ch. 04


"I want watch your face as you scream sweetheart." Then without any notice, Xavier ejaculated himself inside of Marco, and pulled his hair extra hard. Making him scream until he felt his lungs would give out. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as his orgasm over took him, and his talons elongated scratching the sheets as he felt another coming up.

He could feel Xavier slowing down as his erection softened and the tension he felt earlier eased away. Marco laid down on the bed in euphoria. This was the best sex he had ever experienced in his sixty years of living. Sex with werewolves was always amazing, but sex with Xavier Salvatore Russo was unbelievable.

'Whoever that Sallie person is, she is one lucky woman to have him as mate. God only knows I would I love to have him warm my bed every night and having great sex.' He thought to himself. He felt the bed shift again. He looked up to see his werewolf lover standing off to the side.

"Thanks for the sex. I needed it."

"You're welcome. Good luck with your mate."

Xavier was just a step away from the door, when he heard that. "Thanks." Xavier felt a glimmer of relief at the support of the young vampire.

He hoped to the great goddess Luna he too would find his mate. Also praying for the blessings that she would bring Marco when does.


Sallie Mae woke up the next morning feeling like the same ole same ole. But, this time she had more darkness and dread within her. Not only was she out of a job, but the man that fired her, after treating awfully all those years, claimed to be her mate. To top it all off, her best friend refused to help her with a hexing spell. Now she got something to be even sadder about as she walked through the halls of the hospital to visit her mother. She always hated coming here once her mother got sick. It always depressed her and the hospital always had a very strange smell that she could not stand. That was beside the point. She promised she would visit today and so here she is. Walking to room 626, she knocked on the door with a gentle tap.

"Come in" a nasally voice said within the room.

She entered in the room with a smile a on her face. Every time she came here she would always try to be positive, reassuring to her mother everything will be okay in the end. That she will make it all in one piece. "Hey there, Sal Pal. How's it going?"

"Umm pretty good. I got fired." She said sarcastically. Sallie walked in the room and sat at her mother's bedside.

"Ohh honey, I am sorry to hear that. Are you upset about it?"

"Naw, I mean yeah kind of. I guess I am more upset that I let my boss treated me the way he did after all those years I worked so hard. I was the only witch working long hours and overtime but received chump change, more heartache and disrespect."

"Honey, I told you to quit that job a long time ago. There was no purpose of you working there any longer."

"Yes I know, but you were sick, the house needed its bills paid until I could rent it out to someone, and on top of that Morgana--."

"Ha Morgana, that bitch is delusional at best sometimes." Sallie sat back with shocked perplexed on her face. In all her life, she never heard her mother talk ill of anyone much less the High priestess of their coven. She was going to say something but her mother beat her to the punch.

"Yes. I called our High Priestess a bitch. You can be shocked all you want too."

"But mom, why? I thought you loved her? I thought you would do anything for her? What made you say that?"

"Sallie, darling you have to learn in life that although you love someone, they are not good for you at times. I realized that with Morgana. I am sure she means well most of the time but sometimes that woman is off her rocker. She gives ass backwards advice as well, but that does not take away what a wonderful teacher she is. How you think I got so good at my craft?" She said with a chuckle

"Well I have never been around the woman long enough to notice."

"Of course not. She is very selective with who she show her true colors too. Hey, I can say the same thing for myself."

"What? Mom I known you all my life, you have already shown your true colors to me. You are a good witch, and I aspire to be like you one day." She reached her hand out to her mother's hand rubbing it. Her skin was soft and warm, but her energy was very low.

"Sal, what I am talking about is, I got a call from Annie and Jo telling me you were thinking about taking a path that a gray witch should not take."

"Ugh, those snitches, I can't believe they would do something like that. I thought I could trust Jo, with everything, that bitch."

"Hey, hey. You bets cool it, while you are in my presence you will not use any curse words. Now sit your ass back down and let me explain myself. And release that frown, you don't want to look an old hag by the time you are thirty." Sallie instantly felt bad that she reacted the way she did.

"Now let me explain myself. They did not go into grave details. All they told me was that you thinking about doing something you should not do, well, Annie did. She told me that you were thinking about putting a Kiss of Death on someone, is that correct?"

"Yes, but mamma you have to understand my former boss is nothing but a terrible monster. If anybody deserved to kick the bucket it's him and his damn pack. I can't believe they can be so hypocritical by not getting rid of that asshole, but yet have no qualms of getting rid someone else."

"Hey, how many times do I have to tell you to cool it? They have every right to call me with this crazy ass bullshit you're thinking about doing. I will not let you go down the path that I went down. Now I understand your need for revenge, trust me Sal, I understand that. Actually the old me would have encouraged it, but once you get a taste of the dark magic it's hard to turn away."

"But what about Jo and Mrs. Dawnson? I find it pretty ironic they can play with dark magic and they have the nerve to warn me about that mess."

"Sal, this is a whole new side to you, and don't call their nature a mess. They can do those things because it's what they are. You and I on the other hand are not like them. I tried and look where I ended up."

"What are you talking about? I grew up with Jo, she's just a witch that her mother turned to dark magic."

"Sal, you have a lot to learn about being a witch and practicing the craft. As well as the life styles of white magic and dark magic and where they come from. Sallie, I am still surprised after all these years you have not noticed, or at least read about it, but I understand it's partly my fault, but Jolenna and her mother are demons. Well, partly," she amended. "They are still human but they have demon blood running through their veins. That's the difference between them and us. They can do things without suffering the consequences us grey witches face."

Sallie sat there in silence as she listened to her mother speak. Her mother took a breath and closed her eyes as she was trying not to let something bother her. She could clearly see something was bothering her mother, something that she did not want to tell, but she pressed on anyways.

"Sallie, I did a lot of things that I am not I am proud of. In fact, the things I did in the past is downright shameful and I am disgusted with my actions. I did things that even Annie and Jo would not ever imagine doing. I have to say I somewhat admire them for being decent human beings." She could hear her mother's voice straining as the feeling of sadness, regret, shame and despair crept up on her.

Her mother was upset about something, that she did not want to tell, not yet anyways. Sallie wanted to push whatever it was she holding back out into the open.

"Sall I--."

"Hi Ms. Jenkins. How are you doing today?" Their attention quickly turned to the nurses walking in. "Are you ready for therapy right now?"

The sadness they were both feeling instantly dropped and they put the fake mask of happiness on their faces.

"I sure am. Sal I'll talk to you later, honey. And remember, honey please be careful. Don't do anything you might regret later. I love you."

"I love you, too Mom. See you later."

She didn't leave until she saw them rolling out her mother in the hospital bed for therapy. When they finally left she quickly made her way out the hospital. She did not want to stick around, and get more depressed.


"So little X, how was your run last night? Did it help? Angie told me you left a mess last night. What happen?"

"The urge to kill came at the right moment. A few humans got in the way when I was hunting some deer., and by the scent of them the world would be a much better place without them."

"Oh X, who knew you, had a heart?"

"OHH, shut up you. I might be an asshole and a monster but never in a million years I would do something like those humans did, even to a human."

"They were that bad huh?"

"Awful. Sick Monsters. And for me to say that is saying a lot, but enough about them. What did you dig up on my mate? How can we find her?"

"You ain't going to talk about Marco? How was he?"

"What's there to talk about? He was a great fuck, gave a decent blow job, but at the end of the day I prefer women. So what about my mate?"

"Yeah, Marco is nice to fuck from time to time. Anyways, moving on to your mate." Ermanno said grabbing papers off his desk.

"The things that I found should have already been common knowledge to you, since you were her boss and everything, but sadly she went undetected by you for so many years."

"Hey it was not my fault I could not get a scent on her. It was hers. If she hadn't hid it from me all these years maybe the outcome of her situation would have been different. Sneaky bitch."

"Really? Do you really think that X?" Ermanno gave his cousin a quizzical look.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Folding his arms over his chest "Well, if she did reveal herself to you, what would happen if your father found out, or hell even your pack? Do you think they would have accepted her and you?"

Xavier had to sit there and think about it for a minute. He had never thought about it. Up until that moment "Well they now have to realize that I am the alpha and my word is law. Any disrespect that befalls my mate or me will have drastic consequences. I don't care what my parents or my pack say she's is my mate and no matter how much I hate it, how hard I try to fight it, she is what she is."

Ermanno just shrugged his shoulders. He knew what would happen when his uncle met that girl, and is was not going to be pretty. He just hoped that when that time comes his cousin would be ready.

"Anyways. I found out a lot about her, that you apparently did not know, or cared to know. She has a mother."

"I knew that."

"She's a part of the Morgana coven."

"I did not know that."

"She went to private schools and was the captain of the chess team."

"A woman that plays chess, don't get many of those."

"And she has a friend named Jolenna Dawnson. Do you know anything about her?"

"Ummm, I didn't even know she had any friends let alone one. But whatever, let's not talk about her friend, let's talk about Sallie. I am getting antsy."

Getting frustrated at his cousin urgency Ermanno finally relented. "Fine, jackass let's find your mate. Get your impatient ass up, come on."

"Wait, are we using your spooky demon magic or are we going do the normal way?"

Ermanno looked at his cousin, and then outside. The sun was out and fall had just begun. "You know what let's take the Jag. I feel like letting wind run through my hair as I ride."

"Are you serious? I am in a rush to meet my mate and you want to set around and cruise?"

"Yes I am dead serious. Plus I am hungry and I am in the mood for waffles and French toast." At the mention of food, Xavier's stomach began to growl.

"Aww, what the hell? I can't find her on an empty stomach and I am the mood for Perkins."

"Hell you won't be able to find her anyways, because she is not at home at the moment. And stupid, you didn't put a track on her."

"Hey I admit I was wrong. Ok,stop beating the dead horse."

"Whatever X. Hurry up. My wolf is getting pissed off, at you lollygagging."

"Hahaha shut up, asshole." Xavier playfully punching him in the shoulder.

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