tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShipwreck Ch. 05

Shipwreck Ch. 05


The reality of that hit home that night. I don't know whether Sara had talked to the other two girls or they just sensed something was up, but they kept to their corners of the shelter, as Sara sidled up to Davi. She kissed him passionately for a long time, his hands running over her body, squeezing her ass, carressing her firm breasts, pinching her nipples, running up and down the length of her slit. She wanted me to see how completely he owned her body.

One of her hands stayed around his waist, and the other gently massaged his massive balls. His huge cock was pressed between their bodies, so long that, when his balls rested against her pubes, the head of his cock was lost between their breasts. When they fucked, he'd be in her almost up to her sternum! I knew this, having seen it many times, but I got a fresh reminder of how completely he filled her up and how inadequate I was by comparison.

After drawing out the kiss as long as she could, Sara got on her knees and started a long, sensual blowjob. As painful as her admission earlier was to hear, my cock was still rock-hard watching them. Usually, she was in a hurry to get that enormous phallus inside of her, but today she was stretching things out as long as she could. I think she wanted to make her earlier words hit home to me. She never looked over at me, as all of her attentions were focused on coating all 11 inches of Davi's cock with saliva and precum, but I knew this was a show for my benefit.

Finally, she lay down and spread her legs for him. She was so wet that he slid his full length into her in one smooth motion as she cried out in ecstasy. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer to her. That wasn't her usual style — she nearly always spread her legs as widely as possible to accommodate his girth. But she held him tight as he fucked her slowly and sensually for ages, Sara clealry loving every second. Eventually, she spurred him on to fuck her harder, digging her heels into his ass and setting a faster rhythm. Her cries grew ragged, as Davi fucked her to orgasm. He pounded into her even harder until she had another. He had been fucking her hard for about half an hour, when he started moaning himself. He started to slide his hips back, to pull out and shoot his seed all over her, as he had nearly every night for the last few months. But she gripped him tight with arms and legs and held him inside of her. A few more powerful thrusts, and he tried to withdraw again, but she held him tight, and her wordless cries of pleasure pleaded with him not to stop. He stopped trying to pull out, and pounded her pussy with abandon as both their climaxes built. We all knew what she wanted. Both of them cried out, and Davi pinned her down into the sand, grunting again and again, as I knew he was shooting rope after rope of thick, white sperm directly into her womb.

It was only in that moment that the enormity of my loss hit me. He was making her pregnant. The woman I was supposed to marry. I had seen Davi's massive loads cover her from tits to thighs in the past, and now every drop of one of those loads was deep inside of her, searching for one of her eggs. Sara, the woman I loved — yes, even still — was going to have another man's baby.

Their orgasms subsided, and Ruby and Siobhan let out a cheer. Davi had impregnated both of them in turn, and now Sara was finally joining their sisterhood. They had both eagerly taken his sperm into their fertile wombs, and contentedly watched their bellies swell up as a result. Now Sara was doing the same, and there was no doubt that it was only a matter of time before she would be heavy with his child.

I felt a burning in the pit of my stomach. There was no going back now — she belonged to him body and soul now, as their baby would soon be growing in her womb. But awful as I felt I looked down to see sperm running across my fingers, all the way down my shaft to my balls. I had shot a massive load at the same moment Sara was being bred by her new lover. Now matter how low my ongoing humiliation sank, I never failed to get off watching my bride-to-be be taken by this well-hung stud.

And take her he did. He left his cock buried deep inside of her, so no sperm had a chance to escape, and she kissed him breathlessly until he was ready to start fucking again. Nine times, Davi fucked Sara, sending millions more sperm rushing towards a fertile egg. I know, because I stayed up all night watching them, wanking myself until my cock was sore and my belly and balls were both slick with my own semen. Usually, they switched positions throughout the night, and she enjoyed lowering herself onto his cock and riding him cowgirl-style, but this time she spent the whole night on her back, taking his seed into her deepest recesses, again and again. During the brief times he pulled out, she lifted her ass up so that not a drop of sperm would leak out.

The sun was up when their marathon fuck session finally ended, and they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, Sara looking well-fucked and utterly content. She was still on her back, ass propped up by a mound of sand, so that the copious seed she had taken throughout the night would all run downhill, towards her waiting eggs. She had been bred as thoroughly as any woman ever had, and in the morning she was sure to be pregnant with Davi's baby. These thoughts drifted through my head as I finally fell asleep, and I dreamed of Sara's taut, black stomach growing fuller and rounder as the baby inside of her grew. I dreamt her breasts were swollen and full, and I was sucking milk from her puffy, brown nipples. I woke up with a raging hardon, which got even harder when I saw that Davi was back to work breeding my fianceé.

The other girls had prepared some food for us while we slept, which it turned out was most of the day. The two of them were kind enough not to say anything about the night's events, but neither could hide a wicked smile at the latest turn of events. As we ate, Siobhan's gaze would travel from Sara's red, raw pussy to the brown-skinned baby sucking at her own breast. The message was clear — Sara's going to have one of these in nine months.

Sara and Davi ate apart from the rest of us, so I didn't get a chance to speak to her before she was on her back again, being bred hard and loving every second of it. They were clearly tired from the previous night's exertions, as Davi only managed to get two more loads of cum inside of her before they fell asleep in each other's arms.

I finally got to talk to Sara in the morning, after they had fucked twice more and she had washed off in the ocean. She got right to the point.

"I love you, but I'm going to have his baby."

"Yeah, I figured that out for myself."

"I just need you to understand. I don't love him. How could I? We can't even have a conversation. But I need his big cock fucking me, making babies in me. I thought having that monster inside me every night was enough, but it's not. I need to feel his cum inside of me, filling me up, shooting directly into my womb, knowing I'm fertile for him. Knowing he's giving me a baby. I've never felt anything that could compare to that feeling. Knowing beyond a doubt that his sperm was impregnating me. I want his baby inside me so badly. So much more than I ever wanted you."

I was crushed to hear her say that, but at the same time, my cock was rock-hard at the thought of her overcome with lust at the thought of being impregnated by this man. My head swam with visions of her belly swelling up with his baby, her breasts filling up with milk. And of course, the memory of Davi breeding her so well, fucking her again and again as she willed him to knock her up, would stay with me for the rest of my days.

She stroked my hard cock and smiled.

"I love that you enjoy watching me fuck. And it means so much to me that you enjoyed watching Davi put a baby in me. Because I'm never going to stop fucking him. And I'm going to make sure he never pulls out again. I'm going to have as many babies as he wants to put in my womb. And you're going to get to watch him breed me every time. You're going to get to see my belly swell up with another man's baby, again and again."

She hadn't even finished her speech when my cock started spurting. As awful as it was to hear all of this, that I had lost Sara for good, at least in the sexual arena, we both had proof that, deep down, on some level I wanted this to happen.

So it happened. For the next few weeks, Davi and Sara were joined at the hips, as he spent morning, noon, and night dumping as much cum into her much-abused pussy as his oversized balls could muster. Most of the conversations we had were about what a constant high she was on from all that fucking, how stretched out and sore her pussy was, and how much she was looking forward to her belly swelling up with his baby.

As the weeks went on, I found my hurt at being rejected subsided, and my excitement took over. It came as a surprise to no one that Sara's period never came, and once we were all sure she was in the club, Davi went back to fucking all three girls. I had accepted my role as the beta male on the island, and was content to satisfy myself while watching the action. Occasionally Sara would stroke me to a climax, or even give me a blowjob while we watched, and I ate her pussy at every opportunity, even when it was leaking Davi's sperm! But my cock didn't touch her pussy or anyone else's.

It wasn't long before Sara had a very sexy bulge in her tummy, and I think we all enjoyed watching it grow. Seeing her swell up with a baby made the other two girls broody again, but as they were both breastfeeding, it took months for Davi to breed them again. But breed them he did. By the time Sara pushed a baby boy from between her thighs and into my waiting arms, both of the other girls' bellies were starting to swell.

I hated to admit it to myself, but I was in heaven. I was surrounded by three sexy women, constantly naked, openly fucking in front of me, at least one of them pregnant at all times. As Sara didn't care what I did, the other girls eventually let me drink the milk from their swollen boobs, and the sperm from their dripping wet pussies. And of course, I got to watch Davi fuck all three of them better than I ever could.

I wanted it to go on forever. But to everyone's surprise, we were eventually rescued. A Russian freighter came within eyesight of the island, so we lit a fire, they saw the smoke, and that was that. None of the sailors spoke English, or Spanish, or Portugese, so it was tough to explain how long we had been on the island. But looking at six brown-skinned children, it was clear that they were all Davi's and none of them were mine. And seeing the protective way he stroked Ruby and Siobhan's big, swollen tummies, it was clear the two more on the way were his as well. I could hear the sailors laughing behind my back, and I had no illusions as to what they were laughing about.

Sara was between pregnancies, but expected to be fertile again any time now. So she was disappointed when the Russians split us up. They gave the girls each separate cabins with their kids, and put Davi and I in with the sailors. Over the weeks we spent on the ship, Sara and I talked about what would happen when we got back to the mainland. The three women living as Davi's harem wasn't realistic outside our island paradise. Suddenly, I had something to offer again. She said she'd still marry me, as planned, provided I took care of her two kids. I had been helping raise them from the beginning, and I was there for the conception, of course, so I felt like they were partly mine anyway. I made her promise we could have one more. She smiled and said she didn't think that would be a problem.

We didn't end up having sex again until we were on dry land. When we did, I could tell she was disappointed and trying not to let it show. I knew it'd be a problem getting back to normal, and that it might take a long time for her to get used to a normal-sized cock again. But she had little choice — Davi and Ruby settled down in Brazil, and we went back to the States. She still says she wants things to go back to normal, but I keep waiting for her to find another well-hung stud to give her what she needs. At this point, I'm almost hoping she does — watching her get fucked senseless every night wound up being more enjoyable than trying to satisfy her myself and failing.

At least she made good on her promise to have another baby. Only trouble is, it wasn't mine! While we were on the boat, she snuck away to fuck Davi every chance she got, just to make sure he knocked her up one last time!

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If there was much of anything new or interesting about this tritely typical “Lost in...

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