tagBDSMShipwrecked Into Slavery Ch. 04

Shipwrecked Into Slavery Ch. 04


The last of the guests' carriages pulled away from the castle, and those who were staying at the castle retired to their allotted bedchambers. Anxiously from behind her mask, Catalina watched her two half-brothers leave. Once again she gave silent thanks to Haverstoke for not submitting her to her own brothers' sexual ministrations. It would seem that he believed her to be Donal Penlerick's daughter at last.

When the castle was finally silent, Haverstoke returned to the Great Hall. He approached Catalina's gilded cage and eyed her with a crooked smile on his face.

"You may glare at me all you like, but I know you enjoyed your handling. You are a woman made for the sexual pleasures of the body. Perhaps because you are so strong willed, your abject humiliation at the hands of others heightens your enjoyment. Whatever the reason, your presence here has aroused me like nothing else. I'm ready to take you now."

Catalina continued to stare at him through narrowed, glittering eyes. She was as ready to take him as he was her.

Haverstoke opened the door of the cage and unhooked Catalina's leashes from the bars of the cage. He offered her his hand as if she was a grand lady, and she took it in the same spirit. Then he led her up the winding staircase to his own bedchamber. She heard Elizabeth's door close softly as they passed her room, a strangled sob muffled within its depths.

There was a crackling fire in the huge grate and a claw-foot tub before it. Steam rose from the hot water, as Haverstoke handed Catalina into the tub. She sat down in welcome relief, the water swirling around her tender flesh. Haverstoke himself rolled up his sleeves and began sensuously soaping her body. The leashes had been removed but the gold rings on her nipples and her bud remained, welded into place. He washed the grime of the other men's pleasure from her body, and as she relaxed he began to tug gently on her rings. She responded immediately, her nipples hardening at his touch.

He pulled her up out of the tub and rubbed her body dry. She then stood still in front of him watching as he removed his clothes. For the first time she saw his body totally naked and it was a sight to inspire unbridled desire within her. She was tall, but she still had to look up to him. His shaggy blond hair gleamed around his large head, falling in tangles to his shoulders, which were broad and well muscled. Golden hair was sprinkled across his massive chest, a line of it leading down toward his pubis where it clustered around his already erect member. His manhood was certainly not the longest at the castle, but it was thick and heavily veined with a huge engorged head. His massive balls hung low, nestling against his upper thighs.

His eyes gleamed as he watched her watch him. "Do you like what you behold?"

Catalina nodded mutely and reached out for him. He brushed her hands aside. "Ah, now it's your turn." He stepped into the tub she had just vacated and motioned for her to bathe him.

She soaped up her hands, running them across his shoulders and chest. Light fingers trailed down his back, and she teasingly let them flicker at the insides of his thighs. Finally she brought her hands to his cock where she slowly encircled it, gently at first and then with a little more force. Her fingernails tickled his balls and caressed the space between his sack and his anus. He flinched and grabbed her hand. Their eyes met steadily, and then he rose from the tub, his massive frame dripping and towering over her. She stepped back with a secretive smile, grabbed a towel that had been warming by the fire and proceeded to dry him.

As she kneeled before him, he grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her mouth to his straining cock. She took him in, relaxing her throat to swallow the length and breadth of him. She grabbed his muscled buttocks, digging her nails into him as she steadied herself. He pounded against her, his balls slapping her chin. Sensing his gathering force, she pulled back as he lunged at the air. He looked down at her in surprise, his cock startled by the cold after her warm mouth. Catalina sat back on her heels and slapped at his bobbing member. Haverstoke sucked in his breath and made a move to smack her, but she quickly gathered his heavy balls in her hands and gave them a sharp squeeze. He jerked back and glared down at her, now in possession of his sack. His cock ached with his pent-up effusion, but she tightened her grip.

"Not yet, my lord. You've waited this long, you can wait a little longer."

"What game is this you play, slave."

Her lip curled. "I'm not your slave tonight. I'm your Mistress, Mistress Cat."

A slow smile spread over Haverstoke's face. "Oh, ay…Mistress Cat." He said in a soft, dangerous whisper, "Watch yourself, my girl."

She laughed and rose, still cupping his balls in her hands. She backed up toward the bed, leading him along with her. Releasing his balls, she fell down on the bed, spread her legs, and commanded, "Now, put your face between my legs and bring me to climax."

His cock still throbbing with need, Haverstoke buried his face in her cunny greedily. He licked up one side of her slit, then the other. Grabbing her ring with his teeth, he tugged at it while caressing her petals with his lips. She ground herself against his mouth and flinging her arms over her head, she cried out as the waves of her orgasm swept through her.

Both Haverstoke and Catalina heard the sigh from the door at the same time and turned their heads in unison, Haverstoke's golden beard glistening with Catalina's juices. Catalina called out imperiously, "Come in, Elizabeth."

Lady Haverstoke crept meekly into the room where her husband was planted between her slave's long legs. She looked on jealously.

Catalina laughed slyly. "I know you want to taste what your husband has on his lips. Come and partake."

Elizabeth advanced eagerly into the room to take her husband's place, but Catalina had other plans for her ladyship. "You may have a taste, but alas, it must be from your husband's own lips."

Haverstoke smirked while Elizabeth turned to look at him with distaste. "Go ahead and kiss your husband."

Haverstoke bent his head while Elizabeth rose up on her toes to plant her mouth upon his for the first time in over ten years. She hungrily sucked at his lips and beard, cleaning off Catalina's sweet cream.

Catalina said prettily, "Now, you can have some for yourself, but you must not neglect your poor husband. Drop to your knees."

Elizabeth knelt in front of Haverstoke while Catalina got up off the bed and faced him. She reached up and grabbed his hair, pulling him toward her. His mouth engulfed hers, his tongue probing deeply and insistently. Their bodies pressed in on Elizabeth, who was on her knees between them. Catalina reluctantly drew her lips away from Haverstoke's and spoke huskily to Elizabeth crouching below them. "Take his member in your mouth, and then I'll allow you to bring me pleasure."

Elizabeth opened her mouth to receive Haverstoke's pulsing cock. Catalina teased him with her tongue, encircling the nipples on his chest and biting at them lightly. Again, as she felt him shudder, she ordered Elizabeth to stop sucking him and turn to her. Once again, Haverstoke was left unsatisfied. As he nibbled Catalina's ear, he whispered, "Witch."

With much greater anticipation, Elizabeth parted Catalina's nether lips with her tongue, flicking at her ring and drawing her bud into her mouth. Haverstoke bent his head and grabbing one of Catalina's breasts in his large hand, squeezed it roughly and ran his tongue across her pierced nipple. With her arms entwined around Haverstoke's neck, Catalina hoisted herself up on his body, wrapping her legs around his waist as Elizabeth's head was pressed between the two of them. Sticking one of her fingers into Catalina's love hole and the other in her bottom hole, Elizabeth continued sucking her now engorged pearl.

With her climax, Catalina bucked against Elizabeth's face, shoving the back of her head against Haverstoke's cock. She then let her legs drop and while she caught her breath, ordered Elizabeth to suck her husband again. With Catalina's juices wetting her face and lips, she turned to Haverstoke and once again took him in her mouth. This time Catalina relented and while Haverstoke's body stiffened and he let out a growl, she pulled Elizabeth back by the hair so that Haverstoke's thick effusion shot over her face and the front of her prim white nightdress.

He tugged at her nipple rings and said gruffly, "I wanted to shoot that into you."

"All in good time, my lord." She studied Elizabeth with a faint smile on her lips; she would get her revenge on this woman who had been the author of so many of her humiliations at the castle. She reclined on the bed as Elizabeth watched her anxiously for her next orders. She knew that whatever game the slave was playing now, she was doing so with Jake's complete approval and Elizabeth dared not protest.

"Your lord and master needs to be refreshed a bit. Clean his cock with your tongue." She watched in amusement as Elizabeth closed her eyes and gingerly held Jake's member in her hand while she licked it all over. Jake rolled his eyes at Catalina, but despite himself, his cock began to stiffen again.

"Don't forget his balls. They should be cleaned as well."

Elizabeth's eyes were wide as she stared at Jake's huge sack. He grinned and shoved himself forward toward her face, his balls slightly bouncing as he did so. She gagged a little as she licked the wrinkled surface.

"Since I want you ready for other pleasures this night, my lord, please drop to your hands and knees."

Haverstoke was about to protest and have an end to Cat's game until he caught sight of her reclining on the bed, legs slightly spread open, a gleam of humor in her eyes. So he obeyed her bidding and got onto his hands and knees. She was still directing Elizabeth's actions.

"Go behind him and spread his ass cheeks open." Both Lord and Lady Haverstoke caught their breaths. Elizabeth approached him from behind and placing her two hands on either side of his ass, parted his cheeks.

Catalina's voice was hard. "Now clean him there as well."

Jake gave a snort of laughter as Elizabeth recoiled. She shook her head and whimpered.

"The reward for disobedience will be the lash. Do as you're told."

Elizabeth gulped and leaned into the crack of her husband's ass. His musky smell revolted her, but she began running her tongue along the length of his crack.

Catalina's cruel commands continued. "You must also clean inside." Elizabeth didn't even hesitate this time as she plunged her tongue into his hole.

Catalina watched Jake's face closely. The humor had left it, and his mouth had slackened with his arousal. She saw his balls tighten up under his stiffening rod as his wife worked her tongue into his ass, and slowly he began to lunge at the air.

Jumping up from the bed, Catalina dragged a chair across the room in front of Jake's face. She sat in the chair, spreading her legs wide and positioning her bottom at the edge of it. Jake lifted his head and in the heat of his passion, began feasting on her cunny. Her shaved lips now red and puffy filled his mouth. And as his tongue probed her depths, so did Elizabeth's probe his. Once again, Catalina soaked his beard with her juices, giving full release to her climax, as her bottom bounced up and down on the chair. His mouth rode her to the end until she collapsed back in the chair.

She then called Elizabeth away from her task and whispered something in her ear. Elizabeth left the room, and Jake sat back on his heels. "What do you have in store for me now, wild cat?"

"You'll see soon enough, my lord."

And he did, as Elizabeth returned to the room with one of Catalina's own phalluses and a pot of cream. He eyed her warily as she passed him on her way to Elizabeth, and as she brushed by him she whispered, "Relinquish control."

She took the items from Elizabeth and placed them on the bed. "Since you've been such a good girl this evening, I'll allow you to prepare me for your husband." Once again Catalina lay back on the bed and opened her legs. Elizabeth comfortably secured herself between Catalina's legs and lapped at her eagerly. She reached up and flicked at her nipple rings, letting her hands trail along the smooth mounds of her breasts.

Catalina then pushed her away and said, "Now prepare your husband for me."

Jake's already hard cock was standing out straight from his body. Elizabeth wet him with her mouth and then moved away as he approached, almost trance-like, Catalina's prone body on the bed. She bent her knees and let her legs fall apart, and he moved into the void. His cock found its target, after brushing up and down her protruding nub, and he plunged into her lustily. Her sugared walls held him tightly as he shoved his entire length into her.

Catalina turned her head and signaled to Elizabeth, who placed the well-lubricated phallus into her hand. Then as Jake was pumping her furiously, she reached around him and nudged his hole with the phallus. He stopped suddenly as he felt the invasion, and then seemed to resign himself to his fate as he let her begin to probe his opening. Catalina shoved the tip in and met resistance. She said hoarsely, "Let go, let go." He seemed to relax, as she began to work the phallus into his ass.

The ring around his hole burned, but he began to exult in her advance. He plunged forward into her and then bucked back against the phallus in his ass. There was no escaping the pleasure. He'd never felt so completely possessed by a woman before. When his climax came, it exploded throughout his body. Even after she sucked every drop of gush from him, his ass felt like it was on fire. At last he collapsed on top of her and she pulled the phallus from his ass.

Elizabeth had watched their coupling in a daze. She knew she'd never be allowed to have the slave to herself again. With a mounting sense of unease, she watched them lying on the bed next to each other now, simply gazing into each other's eyes, like two parched souls drinking a long draught of water. She said hesitatingly, "Shall I take her back to my room now?"

Jake never even turned his head to look at her. "No, she's staying in my bed tonight. You can leave now." Elizabeth quietly left the two lovers alone.

Jake enfolded Catalina in his arms, as she entwined her legs around his. Then he fell into an exhausted sleep.

The castle drowsily came to life the next morning rather later than usual. The sun was already high in the sky when the overnight guests roused themselves to partake of breakfast. Haverstoke came to life as if out of a drugged sleep, and he reached across his bed to pull Catalina to him. But she was gone.

Several months after the defeat of the Spanish Armada, life had returned to normal at the castle. England was supreme in its power and the Queen had never been more popular. Her speech in front of her troops before they fought the Spanish was now well known throughout the land. Haverstoke thought ruefully about her words, "I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart of a king, and of a king of England, too." He doubted that Queen Elizabeth believed she was weak or feeble. In fact, he doubted his own long-held belief that women were weak and feeble.

His own Elizabeth, his wife, had returned to the pleasures of London, and so he alone accepted the invitation to the Penlerick's ball. Their estate was some miles down the coast, so he planned to take his own carriage and return home after the ball. All of the leading families of Devon had been invited, and he felt it his duty to attend.

As was his custom, he arrived a little late. The ball was already crowded and the guests seemed more animated than usual. He spotted one of his cronies and made his way across the room, acknowledging greetings as he did so.

"Well Haverstoke, quite a piece of news this night."

Haverstoke lifted his brows. "Oh? I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. I just arrived."

"Oh, the reason for this ball…seems the Penlerick's discovered some long-lost sister. Of course, she's from the wrong side of the blanket and all, but that's not too surprising considering old Donal Penlerick. Still the boys are anxious to treat her like a sister, and she happens to be Spanish."

Haverstoke had been listening to his friend's discourse in growing amazement. So she had done it. She found her way back to her father's family.

"Have you seen this sister, Gilbert?"

"Yes, and she's a beauty. Looks like some Spanish princess, tall and haughty, although what Penlerick's bastard has to be haughty about I'm not quite sure. Still the brothers have accepted her, so should we all."

Haverstoke was scanning the room for a glimpse of his Spanish slave when he heard Julian Penlerick's voice behind him. "You haven't met him yet; he came late as he always does."

Haverstoke turned slowly to see Julian leading forward a beautiful, young woman, tall with generous curves and mocha skin, her blue-black hair pulled back with curls over her ears. Her dark green dress was cut low and square over her bosom and was cinched at the waist and pulled back into a bustle, revealing a shimmering white under dress. The ruff at the back of her dress accentuated her long neck and gave her a regal bearing.

"Lord Haverstoke, may I present my sister, Catalina Penlerick."

She held out her hand to him without a flicker of emotion crossing her face, and he brought her fingers to his lips and lightly brushed them.

"Haverstoke's lands are on the coast, most likely near where you shipwrecked." Julian turned to Haverstoke. "It's a most amazing story, really. She was coming across to find us, or rather, our father, when her ship broke up in the Channel. She was the only survivor and made her way to us."

Haverstoke said dryly, "That is an amazing story. When did this fantastical journey take place?"

Julian answered for her. "Just a few months ago, it was just after we defeated the Armada."

Haverstoke's eyes danced with amusement. "You were most fortunate, Miss Penlerick."

Her eyes met his briefly before her lashes descended. "Oh yes, I consider myself quite fortunate indeed, Lord Haverstoke."

Her brother had other guests for her to meet and as she turned to follow in his wake, Haverstoke stepped in front of her. He bent to whisper in her ear, "wild cat." Her face remained impassive and for a moment, he feared that she would pretend their interlude never happened. But just for a moment. She glanced around quickly, took one finger and pulled down the bodice of her dress. For a brief second, the gold ring on her nipple gleamed before she stepped around him to follow her brother.

Haverstoke whispered after her again, "wild cat," and she turned as if she heard him and gave him a smile.

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