tagTransgender & CrossdressersShipwrecked Pt. 02

Shipwrecked Pt. 02


Here is part 2 and please let me know if you like it. The survivors are moved and prepared before going to the forum. Feedback has been positive so if you want more let me know in the comments.


Preparation Village

I don't remember how long I was out but I was woken up by the gentle pulling on my cock by the tentacles. I then realized where I was, back in the cave with other companions from the fishing trip. Something was new however when I went to sleep I was. being held by my arms and legs. I was also being fed, but this time a tentacle was in my ass and moving forward and back not quit out though. This sensation I believe that and the action happening on my cock woke me.

I looked over my surroundings and saw that Brad was awake too. We couldn't communicate as the ooze was still on our mouths. I looked forward and saw that there were clothes on the stone slabs now that were not there before. My guess is that our turn was coming up, Raina had promised that our turn would be after the others were done with the others. A light came in from the cave entrance and three women came in with Raina behind them. They were carry three bodies. They laid them down on the slabs. They looked wore out but were breathing steadily, which was nice to see.

"Strip them and let the island clean them." Came the order from Raina.

As the other ladies stripped them and tossed the clothes aside, I noticed that the clothe were torn almost to shreds. They threw them in bundle in a corner. Raina tapped the end of her staff on the ground and they burst into flames. I heard moaning and looked over to the heap of bodies on the slabs. The ooze was over them and cleaning them. It paid particular attention to the cocks and balls. I heard a louder moan and looked over toward one of the bodies, Joseph I think, which was spread eagle and separated from the rest.

I watched as he was on his back and the tentacles were more than just cleaning him. They were fucking him. One was on his cock sucking the hardon for all it was worth. Two more were on his nipples either sucking them or playing with them. He moaned again as I saw a tentacle in his ass moving forward and back. He had another in his mouth and it was forcing its way in. I saw his hips buck and he came in the tentacle in his mouth. Apparently he came so hard that it blew the tentacle off his cock and it came back with more sucking strength. The ones in his ass and mouth came into their orifices. He collapsed on the slab and the tentacles were more gentle this time in cleaning him.

"This one was holding back on our Queen with his cum. She came four times but he not once so she ordered that the island force it from him. Those that did not participate will be prepared and brought to us today." Raina said.

The other girls were wearing loincloths and were checking us all out. I could see that they were all shemales as their cocks were beginning to get hard. I could see the desire in their eyes.

"Handmaidens, time to leave. You each will have time for their asses later." They came to stand next to her.

"The cave will prepare you and heal the others. I suggest that you eat when offered as you will need your strength." She said with a smile.

I watched as the cave ooze had cleaned the others and they were being moved to the walls or holding. Some had feeding tentacle in their mouths. I saw that the captain was hanging next to me and was semi-conscious.

"I didn't know; I swear..." He said before the ooze clamped over his mouth and he passed out.

Myself, Brad, and Gary were being lowered and moved toward the clothes. The cave gave us one last cleaning and we reached for the clothes. They were nothing more than loincloths and there weren't any shirts. The cave made sure that we had some of the ooze on our nipples to cover them. I was not sure why until I found out later that they were stimulating us at the same time. The chemicals that was part of the ooze's makeup and made us more pliable.

The cave entrance opened up and Raina came forward with three more handmaidens. She walked around us as if inspecting us. She walked behind us, I felt her move her staff against my butt crack and spread my legs. She placed a gloved finger into my ass ring. It circled around her finger tightly.

"Hmmmmm. Tight they'll like that and so do I." She said as she moved out of my ass with a pop.

"Ladies let's move them out and get them to the preparation village." She turned to the guys hanging on the wall, "You will be healed and fed so rest and thank you for your cum."

We walked out of the cave into the light and followed whoever led us. We were not chained but the ooze made sure we were compliant and aroused. Brad was sporting a semi that you could see through his loincloth. The loincloths were smaller than we were and did not cover our cocks.

Raina stopped at a clearing. She pointed to the handmaidens and they moved to the front of each one of us. She then went behind us and placed the end of her staff on each of our shoulders and forced us to kneel. We were kneeling in front of each of the handmaidens, their waists were at eye level.

"Now service the girls before the main event. This is their reward and it will calm them so they do not rape you before we get to the party. Girls remove your coverings."

They did and we saw their cocks that were dripping pre-cum and were at semi hard status. Their tits were of good size and a little more than a handful. We were getting aroused and I could see that Brad, at least, was pre-cumming. Gary showed signs of excitement as well. The girls were holding their cocks out as if trying to entice us in.

We moved in like someone else controlled us and took their cocks in our mouths. I let the one that I had, linger on my tongue a bit and tasted the muskiness of it. It was a little salty and the head was spongy. I felt two hands on my head as she moved her cock further into my mouth, I heard her moan.

"That's right, take the cock bitch." She said as she was pinching her nipples.

I relaxed my throat as best I could and she slid down my throat. I sucked on her cock and moved back and forth on it. She released my head and I placed my hands on her hips to assist her in fucking my face.

"Oh god, your mouth is so warm, yeah that's it baby."

I grazed on her pubic hair and the whole thing was in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around it as best I could. It was a thick shaft so I could not get all the way around it and had to pull back to do that for her. I felt more of her pre-cum come out the hole. I took it down. I stroked her cock a bit and all the while I was looking up at her. She had her head back in ecstasy. I put her balls in my mouth as I was stroking her hardon. I glanced over at the others and they were doing some of the same things I was doing.

Brad's shemale actually took his cock in her mouth to savior his taste. He as in a 69 position and while stroking her, he had moved his tongue down and was rimming her ass. While I was watching that scene my shemale had turned around and wanted the same attention on her ass. I spread her asscheeks and found her hole. I flicked my tongue along the crevice and took in her musky scent. I was stroking her cock as she leaned forward to get my face in further.

Gary's head was bobbing up and down his shemale's large cock. She had her hands on his ears and moving his head back and forth on her cock. She was looking down at the action taking place and she thrusted her hips forward to get further down his throat. Gary took her cock and sucked on the tip to take her pre-cum. We could hear her moan loudly as he licked on the underside of the cockhead. He moved to take her in his mouth and she forced her cock down his throat.

"Alright let's get these ladies cumming." Raina commanded.

I stroked faster and sucked on her ass and more of her pre-cum leaked out of her. She stepped back over me and forced her cock into my mouth and with two or three thrusts into my mouth she came inside and forced me to take it all. My cock was cumming at the same time, however the ooze cleaned me up. I had to lick her balls and pubic area for her cleaning. Brad and Gary were finishing up with their handmaidens. I could see the cum ooze out of Brad's mouth as he took it all down.

"That's a good man cleaning his woman. I may visit you later." Said my Shemale.

"Alright ladies now that you are cleaned up put your coverings back on so we can get to the village." Raina said.

The oozed pulsed as it cleaned us and we stood ready to go forward to our fate. We moved forward and were watching the girls' asses as they walked. I was thinking how they could be born men but turned out so sexy and fuckable. I had to keep reminding myself that they were the ones doing the fucking and not us.

We reached a group of huts that were surrounding a huge fire pit. It was morning and our group were the only ones about as Raina led us into the little village.

"This is where you will stay until the forum tonight. The island and the handmaidens will take care of you for the time being. They will get you ready for tonight. So eat and rest. I see our black friend is at the ready again. Good, get him ready girls." She said looking over at Brad's rock hard cock.

We went into the village and the handmaidens' directed us to our own hut. Once inside, I looked around and saw the basics, a bed, chair, and two boards shaped nailed into an X. They had hand and leg cuffs on them. The handmaiden pointed to the boards and I was forced to walk over to them by the ooze. I put my wrists and ankles in the cuffs, she tightened them so that I could not move.

"These will secure you so that you do not run. We want to make sure you are here tonight. You have a nice body and it is my job to clean you up and get you ready. Yes, I will fuck you too, the ooze will make you obey me. I saw how you pleasured Narla earlier and you did really well. I tasted your black friend and his cock, balls, cum, and ass were delicious. He will out on a good show tonight. Now we start getting prepared, my name is Shalana." She took off her loincloth and then took mine off.

"We are naked inside, remember that as you will make sure you and your mistress are tonight. Not that they cover much but it is tradition."

The ooze moved from my nipples to my mouth. It had a calming effect on my muscles and joints. My legs were spread apart and my ass crack was easily accessible. Shalana came up to me, her cock was at semi hard status, with washcloth in hand. She scrubbed my neck and moved down to my chest. She stayed at my nipples and gave them some play. She washed one while sucking on the other. She then washed them both and moved down my stomach and waist.

"You're on the hairy side, some of them like that but we have to make sure you get cleaned up. Also a little musk will help too." She smiled.

She wiped down my legs down to my feet. Then she went behind me and washed down my back.

"Ok, move to the table we need to clean everything out."

Since the ooze was making me compliant, I couldn't resist and moved to the table. I bent at the waist and laid my chest on the cold slab. My legs were spread apart so she would have easier access to my ass ring.

"Good boy. We'll have the crack stretched and cleaned out soon enough."

She came up behind me and scrubbed my back. I felt her cock on my ass moving in time with her cadence. She took a lot of time scrubbing my back down to my waist.

"I need more room to get your shoulders and you have a nice round ass."

She moved in and put her cock inside the folds. I felt her breasts against my back and I closed my eyes expecting her to penetrate me but she didn't. she continued to clean my back. she got to my ass and again spread my asscheeks. She wiped the crack and the folds alongside it. She then moved down to my legs and cleaned then as well.

She moved to the sink basin and wrung out the cloth. I saw her get something out of the cabin and apply it to her hands and her cock. She walked over to me and leaned in my ear.

"I am going to clean your ass not with my cock first. The ooze will catch any of your pre-cum so feel free to cum as much as you want. I know I will."

She spread my asscheeks and found my inner ring with her fingers. She placed one finer on the crevice and slowly entered the hole. The application she had on her fingers was both cleanser and lubricant. She moved hr finger forward to move past the muscles and into the inner resources. I felt a pop and her finger was inside me. I felt her moving it around until she found the prostrate button and my semi became an instant hardon with precum and all.

"That's my boy." She said as she cupped my balls. She messaged them as well with gentle squeezing. This massage was to increase cum production or so she said.

"Now my friend I will enter you with my cock. I just wanted to prepare you for that and try to relax. It will make it easier on you."

She stood and I felt her cockhead against ass' hole. She pushed forward gently. She made it just inside the muscles and stopped. This was so that I could get used to the sensation. It was the longest time of my life. There was some pain but as I relaxed it went away. She moved forward more and then popped inside. She stopped and waited for me to get used to her. It felt like I needed to go to the bathroom but I knew it was her cock. I grunted and relaxed some more.

"That's my tight assed boy. Relax your muscles as I enter you. Most of what you're going to have tonight will not give you any time to relax. Now to get to the fucking."

She moved forward and back in my ass. She was fucking me and my cock was responding. The ooze on my cock was almost stroking me to her rhythm. She started to move faster and harder in me. She then moved me around so face her and my back was on the table. I did not think she had the strength to do that, but she surprised me. She knelt down and kissed me through the oozed with her tongue.

Then standing she picked up her speed again. She grabbed my cock and was stroking it in time with her movements. she was holding onto my cock and fucking my ass all at the same time. My nipples were getting aroused and pointed up. The ooze responded and moved over them to stimulate them. I was in ecstasy. I tried not to cum right away so was holding back.

"Trying to hold your cum in? Good try, but with all the stimulates being pumped into your system; you may not be able to." She smiled.

I felt my balls move up to my cock base and my hips started to respond. She squeezed my cock a little and moved her thumb on the inside groove. That was it I shot my cum all up and all over her tits. Some hit my face. I was laying there twitching not knowing what to do.

"Nice, my boy. Your orgasm is heartwarming. But it's my turn."

She stayed inside my ass but was pumping in and out, holding onto my cock for leverage. I saw in her face that she on the verge of cumming and then with one final thrust forward she came inside me. I felt the juice move up into me. I orgasmed one more time. We were both laying there on the slab twitching. Finally, she moved off me and let the ooze do its job.

It went into my ass and was absorbing her cum. She had moved to mouth and held her cock for me. I licked her and sucked her cockhead to get all the cum off.

"Good boy, that'll please the elders when they take and cum. Now time for you to relax and sleep on the bed. You should be tired."

She helped me move to the bed and laid me down and I fell asleep. She went about cleaning up our mess. I thought I heard voices but since they weren't about me I ignored them. Something about them wanting to keep Brad here instead of going to the forum.

"Have you broken his cherry yet?" Raina said.

"Yes, he was tight but I was able to do it. He loved it almost too much. We tested this out and took him to the other and he fucked the shit out of him. It was like he couldn't be stopped."

"Interesting, but the forum must have his cum and taste him. They will decide to keep him as is or change him." Raina's word was final.

They stopped to let us sleep. Even in our dreams we were being pumped with thoughts about fucking and being fucked.

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