tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 01

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 01


This story is based upon a fictional reality show that is similar to several currently seen on TV. The people involved are of course fictional. It worth setting the reader's expectation by saying that I am attempting to build the story so that you get to know the characters a little, therefore the amount of erotica/sex is limited in the first chapter but hopefully you can get a sense of where it is leading. So please enjoy and I would be very pleased to receive feedback.


Chapter 1 -- Some Good News

"Go on then Moll, open it."

Veronica Stennet implored her friend to put them both out of their misery and open the letter that had been placed on the table next to their drinks

Mollie Wan-Chu turned to Veronica and smiled. The letter had fallen through the letter box and onto the mat in Mollie's apartment with the morning post.

That was over 3 hours ago and she had still not opened it.

"Shall I?" Mollie said, genuinely sounding nervous of what it might say. She knew what it was, and she knew that the outcome could be so life changing for her.

"Yes, do it now. Please Moll, otherwise I shall just get up and go." Veronica offered a tone of mock indignation. The two girls sat in a relatively empty public house. The British Oak in North London was never that full anyway but at lunchtime on a Tuesday it was just about empty save for a couple of lecherous locals who were happy to see 2 pretty female students slowly sipping orange juice in their local pub at this time of day.

"Okay, let's do it!"

Mollie picked up the white envelope and made a small slit in one corner before running her finger along the top. For a final time she turned, brushed strands of her long black hair out of her face and smiled at her friend.

"Here goes, fingers crossed." Knowing how important this was to Mollie, Veronica crossed her fingers too.

Mollie pulled the letter from the envelope and started to read. It took her about 30 seconds of concentration before she smiled and let out a loud scream of joy.

The voyeuristic regulars turned to stare but Veronica just laughed knowing what the letter must say.

"I'm going hon, they've picked me. Fuck V, I'm actually going to be on the television. Fuck!"

Mollie was, clearly, almost incoherent with joy, so Veronica took the piece of paper away from her friend and started to read herself.

"Dear Mollie, it was such a pleasure to see you for your final interview last week and we now take great pleasure in informing you that you have been chosen as girl number 1 for the forthcoming series of Shipwrecked, survivor! This means that you will be the first girl to travel to the Potoma Island in the South Pacific and you will spend a week with boy number 1, being filmed before anyone else joins you.

I have to remind you of course that your involvement in the show must remain highly confidential given the fact that although we are shooting it now we are not showing it on TV until the autumn.

Assuming that you still want to take part in the show then we require you to call the number at the bottom of this letter as soon as you can so that we can make suitable travel and inoculation arrangements.

You will travel out to Potoma on Friday 20th February.

So, well done and congratulations Mollie, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

C4TV Inc."

"Oh Moll," Veronica put down the letter and hugged her friend before planting a resounding kiss on her cheek. The display of emotion turned the interest of the locals up a notch hopeful that they had found a pair of amorous lesbians in their very own pub. But the 2 girls did not oblige that fantasy; instead Veronica laughed once more and shook her head.

"I don't believe it, my little Mollie Chu on the TV! You're going to be on Shipwrecked, survivor! I can't believe it."

"I know," Mollie was ecstatic as tears spilled down her cheeks. "I've got to ring mum and my sister, oh and C4TV! Fuck V, I go in 3 weeks!"

The girls left what remained of their drinks and, much to the disappointment of the guys sitting at the bar drinking, they left.


"But V, how will I look on TV?"

Mollie stood in front of the full length mirror in her room. She lived in an apartment with Veronica and Rosie, also a London City University Student. They had a room each and shared a living room and bathroom. All 3 were good friends but Veronica and Mollie had known each other the longest. Rosie was in class but the 2 other girls had been free of lectures all day. Veronica looked at the reflection of her friend in the mirror.

"Oh Moll, you look stunning as always." It was true that, in a platonic kind of way, Victoria had harboured a crush on her friend ever since she had known her. Now, reflecting upon Mollie dressed only in lacy black underwear and staring into a full length mirror, Victoria's crush surfaced again and she began to seriously question the platonic nature of her feelings.

"Thanks sister, you're a good friend."

"You know that before long they'll have you pole dancing on the island and then featured posing provocatively in FHM or Maxim or something, right?"

"No way V, never! I will not be stripping off for anyone not least of all several million horny Sunday morning guys slumped in front of the TV masturbating off their hangovers! And as for those crappy poor excuses for porn magazines that you mentioned, then forget it. Now if you were talking Playboy or Penthouse then maybe I might be interested!"

"Moll, no, really?" Victoria's eyes opened wide.

"No, silly, of course not. Look I am going on this show because I genuinely want to broaden my horizons, meet new people and experience new things, and not just so I can be a teenager's wet dream!"

"So, Waddya think V?"

Victoria scanned the image of Mollie's 5 feet 4 inch Asian frame. She roved her eyes up the length of her friend's shapely legs to her flat stomach and on upwards to her small but pert breasts, and then to her face. Mollie's face was the best bit. She had beautifully sculptured features, a small nose, lovely brown eyes whose shape reflected her Chinese descent, and full, red lips ... warm and inviting! Victoria shook the fantasy out of her head and replied, "You look lovely Moll, and you'll knock 'em dead, of course you will."


In the few days and short weeks leading up to the time she was due to depart, Mollie was very, very excited. She had told her parents and her little sister of course but no-one else, other than Rosie and Victoria. Mollie had been made to sign a confidentiality agreement such that she kept everything else to herself until the time that the show's real events were played out on TV. It was highly frustrating but that was the way it had to be and Mollie understood that.

Having called C4TV quickly after she had received the letter, Mollie had received the appropriate booster injections for inoculation and had been treated to a whirlwind of preparation. If she had been in any doubt about one of the show's main attractions, despite her own principled reasons, Mollie's delusions were cleared up when she was allowed to choose 6 brand new bikini's from shops on Oxford Street just for use on the show. She would be wearing little else that was for sure, which made Mollie kind of excited but even more determined not to play the exhibitionist when she was on the island.

She was also asked to provide a small pen picture of herself for distribution to the shows production team and her co-islander, boy number 1. She presumed that he had also been asked to do this and so it was no surprise when an email arrived with both hers and boy number 1's pen pictures attached. Sitting at her screen Mollie opened the email and decided to re-read her own first.

"Mollie Wan-Chu, 20 years old. Student at City University, London studying Language and Business. She speaks 5 languages and is grade 7 on the piano. Mollie is looking forward to being on Shipwrecked, survivor so that she can meet new people, enjoy the experience and learn new things about herself. Mollie is single and is not looking for romance on the island."

Mollie cringed. Reading her own profile made her sound like a real geek who would struggle to see fun if it leapt up and bit her on the ass. But she wasn't like that, 'oh fuck what a crap profile', Mollie thought to herself. She decided to read about the boy she would be living with for the first week.

"Neil Adams, 22 years old. London based banker. Neil grew up in Germany until he was five, before coming to the UK. He is sports mad and has run the 100 meters for his county on several occasions at the National Championships. He is proud of his well toned body and six-pack stomach. Neil is also a total ladies man, so we'll see if his cheeky humour has the right effect on the girls - he certainly hopes it will."

Oh man. Who was this guy? Mollie thought that his profile was more attractive and engaging than hers but she also thought that he sounded like a proper jerk. Suddenly Mollie was not quite so excited at the thought of spending the first week alone with 'Neil Adams'. But soon, and upon reflection, she decided that nothing would spoil this opportunity and when she thought about how inaccurate her profile was she soon convinced herself that Neil would be just fine. At least he sounded attractive and even sexy, though, as she kept reminding herself, a relationship of any sort whilst on the island was the furthest thing from her mind.


Mollie woke reluctantly. First her eyes blinked at the sunlight peeping in through the break in the curtains and then the loud alarm of her bedside clock cut into her mind.

"Fuck, shut up clock!" she shouted at no-one but the clock. Slowly she dragged her body out of bed. In was 5am. Today was the day. Mollie was flying via LA to Tahiti where she would be met by the C4TV team and whisked away to be 'Shipwrecked'. She had to be at Heathrow by 7:30am and her flight to LA was scheduled to leave at 10:30. It would be a long haul and she only had economy tickets. Still they were free and paradise awaited her, so it was hard to complain.

Mollie showered and before long felt awake. She had packed her stuff the previous evening and C4TV had arranged for a car to pick her up at 6:15. So she just had to get showered and dressed and then she was ready. Mollie wanted to look good for her first impressions and so took care to wash and dry her hair, shave her bikini line and underneath her arms and then she was ready to get dressed. She had packed a fairly big case with most of her decent clothes, including the 6 free bikini's but she had left out a grey vest top, a blue button blouse to go over it, jeans and Mollie intended to wear her North Face jacket and long boots to cater for the London Winter. It would be Summer in the South Pacific and she couldn't wait.

Mollie had at one point thought that she and Neil would travel out together but now realised that they were to be kept completely apart until they met on the island beach for the first time. This was so exciting Mollie would have butterflies in her stomach all the way out there.

Taking her luggage into her hand she took a last look around her room, said a whispered goodbye and was about to leave when the door to her room burst open.

"Byeeeeee Moll!" It was Veronica and Rosie.

Their sudden appearance at this early hour touched her and Mollie sensed her eyes watering.

"Oh girls, come here." Mollie released her luggage and held them both in a big hug.

"We'll miss you honey, but have a great time, you hear us?"

"I will, don't worry. And I'll be back soon full of stories to tell you. Look after each other while I'm gone."

Mollie pulled herself free from the embrace and started to make her way to the front door and the waiting taxi. Veronica moved towards her again.

"Here Moll, take this and think of me." Veronica slipped something into Mollie's hand and gave her a light kiss on the lips. Mollie smiled and said,

"Thanks V, I love you."

"I love you too sister."

Mollie looked down and saw the small furry bear on a key ring with the engraved word, 'Don't forget me Moll, love V xx'

As Mollie left the house she was crying.


The flight was long, cramped and largely uneventful. She ate, slept ... kind of, and watched 3 movies; a couple of uneventful flicks on the way to LA and then one of her favourites, 'Love Actually' on a TV Gold channel on the Tahiti leg. It took an unbelievable 22 hours to fly to Tahiti and so by the time Mollie had spent that amount of time on the plane and taken into account the plus 11 hours difference between Tahiti and London her body clock was shot to pieces.

After staggering through her disembarkment and waiting for what seemed like an age for her luggage, Mollie stumbled into the arrivals hall at Tahiti's Faa'a international airport and was greeted by a C4TV card being held up with her name on it.

"Welcome Mollie," said a smiling face. Despite feeling like shit Mollie smiled back and even managed a little wave.

"Hi," the Asian student replied in a tired voice.

"Welcome to Tahiti! Here let me take your bags."

Mollie was on Autopilot and if she had heard the order to undress in the middle of the airport she would probably have obeyed, which was worryingly unlike her. But soon she was sitting in the back of a very comfortable Mercedes being taken to the Tahiti Hilton.

"You okay back there, Miss Chu?"

"Oh, erm, yeah sure. Where're we going did you say?"

"The Tahiti Hilton Miss. You're gonna meet my boss Tricia Gayle one of the C4 documentary producers in charge of Shipwrecked."

Mollie just nodded. She was almost asleep.


"So tonight you can unwind, but you should try to stay awake until at least 9pm that way your body clock will adjust and then tomorrow you will be taken out by boat to Potoma, okay?"

The word okay had pretty much woken Mollie up, and so she just sort of nodded before allowing herself to be whisked up to her room by a very enthusiastic porter.

"There you go Mollie ..." The young local, Tahitian native, porter opened the room door for her, and was being annoyingly familiar using her first name and all. But once the door was open Mollie just stared not believing her eyes. She had been allocated the most sumptuous suite ever, with the biggest bed and a view looking out to the Ocean. She could have cried with joy.

"Lovely room you've got." The porter continued his chatty ways whilst taking her bag into the main living room area, "shall I put it just here for you?"

Mollie looked towards him and nodded, "yes please." The boy stood his ground, and Mollie looked back at him. The moment became awkward.

"I usually get a tip Mollie," he said, "but I know you're just a young girl, and so if you want to pay some other way ..."

"What. I beg your pardon, what do you mean?"

Taking her question as a statement of interest instead of rebuke, he replied.

"Well, you're a young, beautiful girl and I'm a fit young porter and so if you give me half an hour of your naked body then we'll call it even. What do you say?"

Mollie looked at him and smiled. "So all you want is a little time with me is it lover?" Her fingers began to trace the hem of his blue jacket lapel. Not believing his luck he nodded, "yeah just half an hour Mollie, that's all."

Her fingers moved nearer to his face and she moved her hand back and brought it down with a resounding slap.

"How dare you! Leave now before I call someone and have you fired!"

The boy rubbed his cheek and made his exit muttering 'bitch' under his breath.

"You haven't seen the bitch in me yet you jerk," she shouted after him, overhearing his whisper.

She slammed the door shut and smiled. Staring out into the Ocean nothing could spoil her mood, not even an oversexed, over expectant porter.

She flopped onto the bed and began to doze.

It was a loud knocking on the door of the suite that woke Mollie from her slumber. Despite knowing that she ought to try to stay awake, the comfortable king size bed had made it impossible. Mollie had fallen into a deep, coma like sleep and so by the time she was trying desperately to open her eyes the banging on her door was very loud and almost frantic.

"Coming," she shouted wearily. Mollie rolled off the bed onto the floor and picked herself up. She opened the door and saw Tricia Gayle again, the show's producer and a young man. The man stared at the girl in front of him, the girl who would soon be "Shipwrecked, survivor's girl number 1". Her long hair was loose and mussed and, she looked so hot as she swept her hand through the jet black locks.

"Hey Mollie," Tricia spoke, "you look like you were sleeping?"

"Mmmm, yeah I was ... couldn't help it ... eyes just closed ..." Mollie was talking as if she was in a trance.

"Well, we want to share with you the plans from here on if that's ok?"

"What ... oh yeah, sure, come in." Mollie stepped aside and let the pair of C4TV representatives in.

"Look Mollie," Tricia spoke again, "why don't you unpack and then we'll talk."

"No, no it's fine I'm not unpacking much am I 'cos I'm only here for tonight."

The man was still eyeing Mollie as if to undress her. Then he too spoke.

"But, y'know, you should get a shower Mollie and wake yourself up for a few hours. That way you will adjust your body clock much easier."

Mollie actually thought that this was a good idea and failed to pick up on the man's second agenda which was to sneak a glimpse of the Asian student while she was naked.

"I won't be long, is that ok? Just make yourself some tea or something."

"Yeah Mollie take your time."

Mollie had already stripped off her loose button blouse, and her grey vest top showed the C4TV guy a bit more cleavage than he could see before and so he was already smiling. Mollie took her overnight bag and wandered off to the bathroom.

In just a few seconds the shower was on and the guy started to imagine what Mollie looked like with the water splashing down over her naked body. Tricia, his boss, had stood up to make a phone call and was standing on the balcony looking out to the ocean. Now was his chance.

He stood up and moved to the bathroom. His smile got even wider when he saw that the door was not locked and had actually slipped an inch or two open. He could see nothing yet but he had the opportunity to change that. Checking that his boss was still focused elsewhere he pushed on the open door and the two inches became 5 times that number. Now he could see.

He stared at the steamy shower cubicle and saw Mollie's obviously naked body relaxing under the hot water. He looked down on the floor and saw her clothes. He saw Mollie's jeans and vest and he saw her black lacy bra and matching panties. Her lovely black, tight boxer style panties and he started to go hard. He loved Asian girls and Mollie was as hot as any he had seen for some time.

He stood and watched as long as he dare before he moved back into the room and waited for her to get out. This time he sat in a different place, a chair from which he could see into the bathroom. Then the shower spray stopped.

He sensed her enter the bathroom before her naked form became visible. He saw the steam leave the shower cubicle, mercifully blurring Mollie's sight and the fact that she was being watched. He looked away, briefly embarrassed, and then he looked up again as the student's tight, firm Asian hued body emerged wet, unclothed and glorious from the mists of shower steam.

She was frantically brushing her head and hair with a towel which left the rest of her body deliciously damp and bare, available for him to drink in. Mollie flowed, rather than walked, across the floor, her movement slow and languid, dripping wet. Her smooth motions like a vision, like someone comfortable in their body... like someone who knew how to use it -- he wondered how much Mollie had used it.

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