tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 04

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 04


The enslavement of Mollie Wan-Chu develops quickly when the boys wake and find her as they left her, spread-eagled on the sand ...

Chapter 4 -- The Island Day 3

Pete had slept well in his own little hut. He had a small bed and was comfortable with his fan to keep him cool. He had been awake since quite early and it was only 7am now. But Pete could wait no longer. His dreams had been full of weird visions of Mollie tied spread eagled on the beach, and he had woken with the biggest erection he had had in ages. He wanted to see how their captive had survived the night and so wearing only a pair of shorts and with his hard-on on pressing insistently against the material, he left his small room and headed to the beach.

He could see Mollie ahead just as they had left her the night before. She seemed motionless, but as Pete got nearer to her he could see that she was awake and shaking. As he approached her she turned her head to face him. He looked at her and was shocked.

Mollie was indeed shaking, despite the heat of the sun which seemed to be roasting her poor body. She was covered in a thin sheen of perspiration and red marks where small bugs had clearly feasted on her flesh. Her limbs were stretched further than was comfortable and her breasts had been rendered so flat that they appeared almost non existent whilst her ribs had become visible as her stomach had taken on a concave shape. But she still looked gorgeous.

Her eyes were wide and terror filled. Pete wondered what Mollie had experienced during her night being staked out on the beach. What torment, what psychological terror? He saw that the bamboo gag had rubbed against her dry lips and dried blood had crusted at either corner of her mouth. She looked in bad shape Pete had to admit. Maybe they should take her into the shade.

Mollie made quiet guttural groans. Pete could not tell if she was trying to communicate with him or whether she was just lost inside her own world of pain.

"Morning Pete," Neil sounded cheerful.

"Morning mate," Pete replied. "She doesn't look well."

"Nonsense, she's fine, aren't you slut. I thought about fucking her to get the day off with a swing, but I want rid of that pubic hair first. We need to see her naked muff don't you think Pete?"

Neil obviously remained intent on evolving the enslavement of Mollie even more.

"So, go get your camera as I want to capture the moment that the lovely Mollie begs me to shave her pussy."

"What ... how will you do that?"

"Just get the camera pal, and then you'll see."

Moments later Pete had his lens trained on the spread eagled body of Mollie Wan-Chu.

"So ask me to shave your cunt Moll."

Mollie opened her eyes wide and stained her mouth against the bamboo gag, her sounds becoming ever more frantic.

"Oh right, you can't ask me anything can you. Silly me." He knelt down and untied the gag. As the bamboo came away Mollie retched. She was nearly sick, and if she had had more food inside her then she would have been.

"So ask me to shave you Moll."

"Water ... please ... give me," Mollie sounded delirious.

"Soon slut, when you have asked me to shave you."

Pete could see what Neil intended now, or so he thought, but even he could not have guessed Neil's next move. Standing up the island's boy number one moved to fetch a bucket from behind a rock.

"Look what I've got here slut." He put the bucket down and carefully picked out two vicious looking crabs, one in each hand. The creatures were quite calm until he moved them near to one another and then the crabs turned nasty, trying all they could to snap their claws at the other. Mollie screamed.

"So how about I let them fight on that lovely stomach and tit flesh of yours Moll? Think you'd like that."

"No, please ... d ... d ... don't Master, please." Mollie had remembered how to address Neil and was trying now to please him and keep the crabs away from her skin.

Neil moved one of the crabs so that a claw touched Mollie's nipple. The poor captive girl screamed and released a stream of golden urine from between her pussy lips.

"No, ohhhh Mollie you dirty girl." Neil stood up and moved away while Mollie pissed herself colouring the sand between her thighs. Pete captured it all on film but Mollie could not stop. She needed to pee and her fear had triggered the reaction. After a short while the arc of urine slowed and then stopped as Mollie's bladder emptied. Neil shook his head and returned to her side.

"So, now for the crab fight, okay slut." The crabs touched Mollie's skin and she screamed as loud as she could, which was not very loud.

"You don't want this slut?"

"No, Master, please ... just give me water."

"Hmmm, water comes soon Moll, but if you want rid of the crabs then you need to beg me to shave your pussy."

"Please Master, please shave my ..."

"Go on slut say it."

"Please shave my pussy Master."

"Okay slut seeing as you asked so nicely I will, but first tell us both for the camera what a dirty slut you are for pissing yourself."

Mollie was beside herself now with a whole myriad of emotions, none of them positive.

"I ... I am a dirty ... s ... slut ..."

"Go on bitch."

"... for pissing myself ..."

"Ask me again to shave you." Mollie had fresh tears pouring down her face.

"So please ... M ... Master, please shave my ... pussy."

"There you go Pete, told you the slut would ask us nicely. Can you take these creatures back to the ocean and I'll get a razor. This is gonna make great TV bud!"


He wormed his forefinger below the hairs to trail it gently along the warm flesh of her slit, caressing the lips of her vagina and the moist fleshy groove that lay between. To his delight Neil heard Mollie moaning softly, and for a moment he imagined himself as her lover, preparing her willing body for a night of unbridled passion.

"Please Master, don't do this, leave me alone, I'm hurting enough!"

"Shut up slut, that's for me to decide."

Mollie groaned.

Neil held the brand new hard bristled shaving brush in his right hand.

"Fuck Neil, go on shave her." Pete was clearly quite excited by the thought of what Neil was about to do.

"Don't make the fucking camera wobble Pete," Neil joked before he poured a bucket of ocean salt water onto her crotch in order to cleanse Mollie of the residual sand that was still scattered about her skin.

"Right bitch, here goes." Pete caught a delightful shot of the lovely Mollie as she screwed her eyes tight shut and held her breath. Then Neil commenced the task. He had not expected the brush and razor to cause Mollie so much discomfort, and her reaction surprised him. She squirmed on the sand, begging him with whispered pleading to stop what he was doing as he shaved away her pubic hair.

Mollie winced as her skin was nicked and a spot of blood appeared but Neil was good at this and careful and he worked his way down from her mound, onto her slit and then underneath to make sure the passage to her ass was hair free also.

Neil worked diligently leaving her vagina as smooth as satin, and Pete captured every erotic moment. Mollie's pink slit now seemed even more tender and vulnerable; the image so exciting to Neil that he felt a strong urge to fuck her there and then. But he wasn't yet satisfied with his work. Wanting to clear her of every last piece of stubble he again set about his task.

Mollie groaned anew but she dare hardly breathe, her chest was tight with fear and nerves.

Pete continued to film as the brush pressed against Mollie's pussy, the bristles prodding her most sensitive flesh. Her delicate folds gave way before the unrelenting torment of the hard bristled brush and the fresh layer of white cream. It was stinging her now. A combination of this being her first time fully shaven, combined with the brush, razor and salt water caused a painful sensation like she had never before experienced in that region of her body. It seemed to spread from her groin to every vein and sinew of her helpless and now writhing form.

From her very dry throat there rose a strangled cry that continued until Neil eventually removed the brush from her bare mound and pussy folds. Only then did Mollie's screams and wails become sobs and whimpers. The poor girl's entire body shook uncontrollably as her senses reacted with horror to the burning pain in her intimate parts and the thought of what had been done to her.

Neil stood back and once again poured fresh salt water between Mollie's legs. She reacted as if someone had punched her in the stomach. The sensation took her breath away and she opened her mouth as if to cry out but could not.

"Fuck Neil, great job man. She looks so fucking smooth and so delicious."

Mollie heard how they were talking about her but she had almost stopped caring, so trapped did she feel. But there was something else, a feeling, a damp, moist feeling between her thighs. Oh fuck no, thought Mollie, don't let them see that they've made me wet!

But it was too late!

"Fuck Pete, look at this." Neil ran his finger down the entire length of poor Mollie's damp pussy lips. "She's soaking. Does slut like being treated this way?"

Mollie shook her head frantically, but inside she could not deny her reaction to being dominated by the boys.

"Let's fuck her," said Pete in a very matter-of-fact way.

"Please ... Master ... let me have some water."

"Let who have some water," Neil replied emphasizing the word 'who'.

"Please, let your slut have some water Master."

"Would you mind fetching me a glass of water for our fucktoy Pete? I'm gonna play with her some more."

As Pete made his way for the water Neil continued to stroke Mollie's pussy. She pulled at the ropes holding her widespread limbs. She was largely numb but she could feel his fingers as they set about making her even more wet.

"Does slut like this?"

By way of reply Mollie groaned and arched her body upwards as far as the ropes would allow. He opened her up and slipped two fingers into the poor Asian girl whilst continuing to stroke her clitoris with his thumb. Mollie fought his actions with every ounce of her will power but could not stop her body from reacting just the way the boys wanted it to.

"Fuck Neil, she's hot look at her man, writhing all over. Let's fuck her."

"Listen Pete we will only fuck her when she asks us to. No rape, only consensual."

"What? How will that ever happen?"

"Give me the water Pete."

Without stopping his ministrations Neil took the Water. He looked down at Mollie and saw how dry her mouth was.

"Do you want this?"

Mollie responded as if someone had offered her a million pounds. She nodded vigorously and then bucked as a third finger entered her body. Neil could sense how much she was nearing a climax. He tipped the cup and poured a drop of water onto Mollie's cheek.

The poor girl's eyes opened wide in horror as the cool wet water ran away from her mouth. Mollie's tongue darted out frantically trying to reach the drips but Neil was toying with her. Again the water was poured away from her mouth. He could see the myriad of emotions in Mollie's face. She was now breathing deeply and quickly as her orgasm got nearer but with tears in her eyes as she so desperately tried to taste the refreshing water.

"Want the water slut?"

Mollie nodded, "Y ... yes please Master."

He continued to finger fuck her.

"Want to cum slut?"

Again Mollie nodded, "Y ... yes, p ... please Master."

"Ok slut can have both if she begs to be fucked."

"Nice one pal," said Pete laughing.

Mollie shook her head.

"Suit yourself." Neil slowed his fingers down but did not stop, and once again dripped more water onto Mollie's face.

"Please, please, please!" Mollie was begging now.

"Slut needs to ask me to fuck her."

"Master, please fuck me, please."

"Sorry, slut, who is me?"

"Oh, Master please fuck your slut."

"That's better. So slut wants her Masters to fuck her does she?"

"Yes, Master. Water please ... ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" The orgasm was almost upon Mollie. Neil removed his fingers from the pliant folds of Mollie's pussy and showed Pete how wet they were. Then he propped her head up in his arms and fed her the cup of water.

Mollie gulped it down coughing and spluttering.

"Look at this body Pete, it's made for fucking!" Even though degraded to the level she has been Mollie was still shocked at the crude, wanton way in which Neil talked about her to Pete.

"No, don't do this please," the spread-eagled girl pleaded quietly.

But as she said this Mollie watched Neil stand and push his shorts down to the sand before kicking them off. She stared wide eyed at his cock, hard and ready for her. Mollie closed her eyes as she felt him kneel once more between her thighs. Shipwrecked, survivor contestant Mollie Wan-Chu realised that she was about to be raped.

"No, don't......." she whispered once again, but to no avail as his cock was positioned at her wet slit, already soaking due to the finger fucking Neil had given to her. His entrance into her was smooth and easy. He taunted Mollie as he edged inside her.

"Are you ready for me Mollie, because I'm ready for you."

He slid the first inch of his penis into her pussy. Mollie bucked, arching her back. Pete watched in silence.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she groaned, both from the invasion of her body and the pain of the sand rubbing against her skin. Despite the ministrations of his fingers Mollie was rapidly becoming dry beyond the opening of her lips and so Neil decided that he needed to help her. Moving his fingers downwards he began to rub her moistening Mollie once more.

"Ohhhhhh, please!" she begged not quite knowing what she was begging for. Did she want him to stop or was she now simply craving release?

Mollie bit her lip as she became unwittingly aroused. Despite her agony she began to writhe under him.

"Go on slut make me hot!" he mocked. As her juices began to flow he pushed himself in further, then further until she moaned as he impaled her fully.

"Hmmmm, at least slut has been used before Pete." Pete was too spellbound to reply. Mollie turned her head away from looking at Neil as he began to fuck her properly.

In, out, faster, slower he fucked her. His fingers still worked her clitoris and she groaned anew. He rode her harder and she cried out. Suddenly, the pent up desire, that the enslavement of his co-islander had created, was released. Neil's back arched and he slammed his cock into her. Mollie screamed as his hands twisted her breasts and his sperm filled her.

Spurt after spurt flowed deep into the bound Asian girl until Neil had fully emptied himself and collapsed on top of her. Mollie lay sobbing as he slowly stood up and allowed his limp cock to withdraw from her leaving a thick arc of semen connecting them.

She glanced up to see Neil pulling up his shorts. She could feel his juices running freely from her ravaged pussy.

"Thanks Mollie," he mocked, "Come on Pete, your turn." Mollie watched helpless as Pete removed his shorts, took his place between her spread legs and revealed his large, thick cock to her.

Kneeling down he reached up and undid her right wrist.

"What are you doing bro'?" asked Neil.

"I want to watch her play with herself." Pete released her wrist and took hold of her right hand. Placing it under his he moved it to her pussy. Under the guidance of his own fingers he began to encourage Mollie to stroke herself. So reluctant was she that, at first, he was forcing the actions, through which frantic stimulation was being given to her ever stiffening clitoris.

But after a short while Mollie was overtaken by the strong feeling of need in her stomach and she became entranced by the motion and took the lead, introducing a finger into her own pussy folds. Pete continued to frig with her until Mollie accompanied the first finger with a second and became lost in her growing desire and ecstasy. His cock stood at the now very wet entrance to her slit. Inch by inch he slipped inside her. She gasped as she took his entire length.

With her eyes screwed tight shut, the feel of him inside her caused Mollie to concentrate on her own pussy and she rubbed it furiously. She began to squirm under him, as she became even more turned on.

"Mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhh no, no, no please," she moaned and moistened her dry lips with her tongue. He was ready to cum almost immediately but steadied his thrusts until he felt Mollie too was ready. Pete could sense her thigh muscles starting to flex and knew she was ready so he let go flooding her with his sperm.

"Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk I'm cumming!!" Mollie yelled, as her release came and she had a desperate orgasm, the like of which, despite her pain and suffering, she had never experienced before. Shaking her head from side to side she groaned with desire gyrating and writhing under him, oblivious to the pain her body still felt.

Both Mollie and Pete collapsed following their intense experience. Gently he pulled out of her leaving Mollie still bound on the sand, exhausted and almost unconscious.

Neil glanced down at the sand between their captive's legs.

"The slut's full of us pal, you can you see cum oozing out of her." Neil laughed; Pete smiled and went to check on the camera which he had left rolling throughout their gang rape of the poor bound Mollie.

"Let's untie her and throw her in the water, she's filthy and needs to be cleaned.


"Minutes later Mollie writhed in agony, curled up on the sand as the blood began to flow through her body properly once more. Her ankles and wrists were burned from the rope.

"You'll have to make sure that you don't show the slut's rope burn marks on the film you send back Pete."

"Yeah I know, don't worry I can sort that."

"Fuck Pete I'm getting hard again man watching her roll about like that. Wanna fuck her some more?"

"No, bud we should get her sleeping bag and let her rest properly."

"Yeah Pete and we will, all in good time. But first I'm gonna fill her again."

Mollie heard him state his intention and tried to drag her ravaged body away in a pathetic attempt to escape him, but her evasive action was to no avail.

"Please don't hurt me," she said seriously as she looked into the uncaring eyes of her co-islander.

"Get on all fours," he demanded using his foot to push her around the sand.

The Asian student hesitated, but then placed her hands on the wet sand. Her thick, black mane fell to the sides of her lovely face and her pert breasts dangled enticingly from her chest. Her position was serving to continue Mollie's humiliation, nude and on her hands and knees. How had she ended up like this?

Pete watched in gaping wonder as Mollie, upon Neil's command, began to slowly crawl towards the rock upon which the island boy was now seated. He could see their sperm running down her thighs and a jolt of erotic sensation swept into his groin and through to his rock hard erection. He wanted to look away, but he couldn't. His eyes were fixed on the pink nipples that pointed downward to the floor from Mollie's tits as she made her way on her hands and knees towards Neil.

Despite having already been raped twice, Mollie felt vulnerable once again giving in to his demand to crawl towards him. Her intense, slanting brown eyes met Neil's and she felt a wave of shame come over her combined with a tingle of desire which rose like a phoenix from the pit of her stomach. Was she really such a slut, she wondered? The glazed look in his eyes left no doubt that he considered her a plaything and nothing more.

She continued crawling towards him until she was within a few feet and he told her to stop.

Neil rose from the rock and approached the island girl who was becoming more enslaved by the minute. She flinched for no specific reason as he approached and she lost sight of him as he moved behind her. She had never, ever felt so degraded before. She was clearly frightened, but she had to admit to herself that the anxiety had a sexual edge to it. What was he going to do?

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