tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 05

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 05


The breeze from the ocean was surprisingly strong and Mollie could feel it pulling the blanket, and the sharp thorns, across her naked body. She had no idea how long it was since the boys had left her like this but her whole body ached, spread-eagled as it was, and her head hung loose and limp over the top edge of the bamboo frame. She could not sleep but was slipping in and out of her conscious state. It scared her, and she could feel water and things splashing up at the naked underside of her body. Shadows played tricks with her mind and Mollie was so, so scared. She really thought that Neil had taken things too far now and that she would die during this very long, very painful night.

Her head was flooded with all sorts of images. Her mum, her sister, Veronica and the small furry bear that she had given to her then quickly the images took a more sinister turn and Mollie re-lived the invasion of her body from earlier and saw visions of herself being raped again and being forcibly humiliated. Her head moved feebly as best it could from side to side, trying to shake these pictures away. But it was no use.

Her mouth had seized up. The strong 'Neil-made 'O' gag', held her lips and teeth wide apart. It made breathing difficult and swallowing almost impossible. Such was Mollie's condition. Then she imagined a long thick cock at her mouth and she grunted her concern.

"Nhhgggghh," she groaned weakly. But the cock remained. This time the image was real – a full blown hallucination. Then she heard a voice.

"Mollie, oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" It was Pete and he was masturbating into her 'O' gag. Mollie squealed when she realised that he was real only to find her throat gagged with Pete's seed as he pumped jet after jet of salty, thick sperm into Mollie's mouth.

"Oh fuck, you hot Asian bitch, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Pete milked every last drop of juice into Mollie's mouth. The poor girl had no fight left in her now at all and her head hung slack off the edge of the bamboo frame. She stared up at Pete with wide, empty eyes as cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.

Pete looked down at their captive. He suddenly became sacred when he saw how shallow Mollie's breathing was and the slackness of her jaw.

"Fuck Mollie what have we done."

He started to untie her. First he carefully removed the blanket making Mollie groan as the thorns extricated themselves painfully from her skin.

"Shhhh, we can't wake Neil, he would be furious if he knew what I was doing."

Mollie just stared at Pete, her eyes now showing a little more vitality.

Pete undid Mollie's wrists and ankles next, leavings all of the ties in place. Then he scooped her up into his arms and took her almost lifeless form back to his hut.


"Th ... thank you Pete," Mollie stammered through a stiff jaw once the 'O' gag had been removed, "I was really losing it out there."

"Yeah well I saw that. I only came down to you because I couldn't get you out of my mind and had a permanent hard on so needed relief."

Mollie looked away as he spoke these words.

"Why are you doing this Pete?"

"For fuck's sake Mollie, look at yourself. Your one of the hottest girls we've had on this island and right now we're doing it because we can. Don't mistake this kindness for weakness; cos I'll have to have you back out there on the frame fully gagged and covered with the blanket again before Neil wakes up. And if you say anything about what I've done I'll make your life even more miserable, understand?"

Mollie nodded. She was grateful for the relief Neil's actions had afforded her to even think about betraying him.

"Come here," Mollie moved to Neil and stood before him allowing him to bathe the scratches from the thorns in antiseptic. She winced as he wiped the marks, and there were lots of them.

"I'me gonna have to make sure that these aren't visible on the footage I send back on Saturday."

"Pete I really appreciate this."

"Okay, it's okay."

Mollie paused and then spoke again. "Pete what are you and Neil going to do to me?"

"Shut up Mollie, don't ask me that. Me and Neil's got some ideas but you won't get to know 'til such time as we decide, ok."

Mollie could sense Pete getting angry now and she decided not pursue this line of questioning choosing instead to remain silent while Pete finished tending to her marked skin.

"So little slut," I reckon that I need to have you back on the frame by around 5am. It's 1:30am now so we have time to play then I will let you get some sleep, okay." It wasn't really a question and so Mollie just nodded, her hopes sinking fast. She had hoped, almost against hope, that Pete would just leave her alone, but he had only rescued her so that he could have her to himself for a while.

"Please don't hurt me..." Mollie weakly ventured.

"Shhh little Mollie," Pete spoke in patronizing tones

Pete reached out to pull Mollie closer to him. He remained seated whilst she stood. He parted her legs with his large hands. His warm, thick fingers began to poke inside her pussy, no ceremony, no mercy. If Mollie hadn't already figured it out, she now knew for sure that she was about to be raped again. She tried to snap her legs shut only to have them pried apart again by Pete's ruthless hands.

"Stop fighting me bitch," Pete snarled again, while further mauling her crotch and jabbing his fingers in both her pussy and her ass. Mollie froze when she felt him reach for her bottom, and then bucked as nhe explored the little rose hole of her anus. Pete then pushed his finger inside and poor Mollie bucked hard against the invasion of her ass. Not that her efforts did any good.

"No! Please!" she screamed. "Not there, please!"

Mollie was an ass virgin, in fact she had told Neil that when he had asked her round the fire last night. She hated the thought of anal sex, but that wouldn't matter to Pete, he was lost in his world of fantasy, which unfortunately also included Mollie. She yelled, loudly.

"Shut it slut, or you'll wake Neil!"

Her scream was met with a hard smack on her left ass cheek, then another on the right, then back and forth like a good old-fashioned spanking until the two cheeks were scorched and stinging, and she was squirming to get away.

"Don't you get it, bitch?" Pete said when he finally stopped. "Keep your mouth shut!"

"Maybe I should gag you," Pete said reaching for a roll of duct tape.

"No please, I will try to be quiet, only I have nev ... ohhhhhhh!"

Pete's finger pushed deeper.

At least she could breathe properly, unlike out on the frame. One huge gulp of air drew in the smells of pine and sweat and bacon grease from Pete's hut. A breath of fresh air followed. Rushing in from somewhere the draft of cold air made Mollie's skin chill and everything about her shiver.

She was not gagged but thick tape was slapped over her mouth and the sticky adhesive instantly fused to her face. Mollie had already swallowed all of the residual cum that had pooled in her mouth as soon as Pete had picked her up. Now she felt like the taste would be trapped inside her for ever.

Still naked, Mollie was positioned on the basic wooden dusty floor of Pete's hut and readied for the inevitable rape of her body. It must only be a short while since Pete had cum into her mouth when she was on the frame, but he was very hard and very ready for her once again. Bizarrely, Mollie found herself wondering if he had taken tablets, like maybe Viagra to help him recover so quickly! With her shoulders shoved into the hard dirty wood and her cheek resting on the gritty surface, Pete's pair of huge hands lifted her ass, tucked her knees beneath me and, spreading them wide, exposed her rear from her asshole to her pussy below. A wild, stabbing pain attacked Mollie in the gut and then moved downward.

Any minute she expected the rape to begin, and she prayed that he'd be swift. But for a long while she watched him circle her, his trainers scraping against the wood floor. Poor Mollie could only imagine the expression on his face as he eyed her naked body.

"So, slut, are you ready for me?" Mollie realised that Pete referred to her as 'you' not only slut or slave or fucktoy. He was not as bound up in the formalities of her enslavement as Neil seemed to be – not that he was any less dangerous at this moment in time.

I've given you some relief from the frame but this ain't about me being nice. You're gonna thank me properly now, got it?"

Mollie started to cry.

"Well, have you?"

The poor captive girl nodded and then blubbered feeling a huge sob come over her, which she could hardly hold back.

But suddenly the hard slap of leather striking her ass knocked Mollie into another universe entirely. Thinking about her life and the consequences of what was happening to her became impossible in the face of all that pain.

Her skin burned, and a fiery heat tore through her ass infecting every part of her body. When the beating paused, a rough hand gripped her cheeks and squeezed hard, until Pete's steely fist let go and the leather came down again.

Another respite from the beating brought the same kind of rough ass and pussy massage until Mollie's sexual juices were practically running unwittingly down her thighs. Then again, the hand stopped its mauling and her ass was once more blistered by the strap. Mollie wondered if Pete would just go back and forth like this until she came. Maybe he was proving a point with the massage and the stinging leather; maybe he was just playing out his natural urges. But soon enough, her scorched skin could barely take another smack and she grunted in protest under her breath and muffled by the tape, while her body quivered and squirmed with each new strike.

Then he changed the nature of his attention. The shock of cold lube dribbling down between her ass cheeks made Mollie clench up in fright one more time. The lube was followed by a pair of fingers smearing the sticky stuff over the puckering hole of her tender and sensitive anus. She knew what was coming next, and as his cock prodded the tight place, barely inching the head into the unyielding hole, Mollie tried to prepare herself.

However, there was nothing that could prepare her for the first hard thrust of his erection into her virgin asshole. It happened much too fast. Screaming pain shot through her and she wrenched away, grunting and groaning in shame and agony until his cock finally eased off enough for her to breathe again.

"Don't make this hard for me slut!"

Mollie could have laughed at the irony if she hadn't been in so much pain.

"Do you want me to strap your ass again stupid cunt?" Pete's terse voice warned.

Stupid, yes she was being stupid. Mollie heeded his warning and took a long, deep breath, trying to settle.

The second thrust inside her ass went in much easier than the first; by then, Mollie was loose enough to suffer the fucking, even though every jabbing plunge was agony. At least Pete was swift. Just seconds, maybe a minute, of rhythmic thrusting was all it took to have him grunting his pleasure into the steamy night of the small hut, and deep into her bowels. The brusque way he pushed Mollie away when he was done, she could almost see his scowl of contempt as he stared down at her curled up body seeping sperm onto his dusty floor. He leaned down, took her limp arm, and ripped away the duct tape from her mouth in one agonizing motion. Then Pete led her to his bed.

"Now you'd better get some sleep," he said, "You've got a long day tomorrow."


"Hey Mollie, wake up." Pete gently pushed Mollie's shoulder. As he stared down at her beautiful nakedness covered only by a flimsy sheet he couldn't help but feel moved. Despite the fact that he had used her for his own pleasure just a short while ago he genuinely believed that what he and Neil were doing to her was very, very wrong. It was not what she had signed up for and they needed to stop. Mollie was a lovely girl both inside and out.

He would talk to Neil, he decided, but he would have to be careful about how he approached the boy islander as Pete suspected that Neil could be very volatile. So, for now, Pete would need to return Mollie to the bamboo rack and then figure out a plan. Maybe as a concession to his feelings he wouldn't tie the thorn blanket quite so tightly over her already scratched flesh.

"Come on Mollie, we gotta get you back."

"Mmmm, what, where ..." Mollie turned over and looked up at Pete through sleepy, sexy eyes. Then she remembered.

"No, please don't, please."

"I have to Mollie,"

"No, look we can work something out; I can be yours, just for you if you just tell Neil ..."

"Mollie, listen I will help you, I like you ..." he smiled, and despite what he had previously done to her, she smiled back, "... but I have to keep an element of surprise if I'm going to save you from Neil. So I have to take you back and make it appear as though nothing happened. Okay?"

Mollie looked at Pete even more intensely and nodded.

"But you will help me won't you, please? It's awful, you know, what you have been doing to me, unthinkable really. So please help me Pete." Mollie reached up and touched his cheek and as she did so the sheet slipped away to reveal her naked right breast which Pete couldn't help but ogle.

"I will Mollie, just give me time to think."


Neil watched from his sleeping bag as the shadowy forms of Pete and Mollie walked past him on the dark beach. He smiled to himself and was grateful that he had seen this and so could plan his next move. It was obvious that Pete had freed Mollie and probably enjoyed her for himself for a while, and had now come to some sort of understanding with her. They must be intent on deceiving him somehow otherwise why would Pete have bothered to return Mollie to the bamboo rack if not to make Neil think all was still as they had left it the night before.

Neil smiled to himself as he watched Pete's shadow refasten Mollie to the rack. He heard her cry out again and Pete attempt to shush her. Incredibly he thought he saw Pete kiss her lightly – was his co-dominant falling for Mollie, if so then Neil could have a bigger problem than he thought.


Once back on the rack the bound Mollie began to hallucinate again. The position of her body and the mental games being played out in her mind were driving her to distraction. It was still dark and she could hear the ocean waves and feel the breeze on her body, especially the naked underside. She was so grateful to Pete, even though he had used her for himself, and she hoped that he would come up with a plan for making her situation better. With Pete barely gone Mollie sensed a new shadow by her side.

"So bitch, you're playing little games with Pete are you?"

"Huh, no ... what ... we weren't doing anything, he just wanted me for himself, I hated it in fact being back on here is better than what he did to me Neil ... Master, honest!"

"Well now I can see that's not quite true because if he was really keen on making you suffer he would have fastened this much tighter."

Neil took the blanket of thorns and pulled it tight again over the front of Mollie's naked body."

"Oh fuckkkkkkkkk!" she yelled. Fortunately the sounds of the ocean and the breezes drowned out the sounds of Mollie's suffering and so Neil knew that Pete would hear nothing.

"Ok slut, you need to be punished more."

"No please what ..."

But Neil had left her and made his way back to the beach. He soon returned. Mollie held her breath as she felt something heavy placed on top of the blanket over her stomach pushing the thorns into her skin. Then a second object and a third and fourth.

"Oh please take them off Master, ouuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhh, fuck!!"

Neil was placing large, very large, pebbles onto the blanket covering Mollie's body and he knew just what the effect would be. Mollie screamed deliciously into the wind and the ocean.

"Mmmm that's better," Neil commented as he looked down into his captive's agony filled face. He could see her better now and knew that it would soon be light and he would need then to be a step ahead of Pete. He hoped Pete's night time exertions with the lovely Mollie would leave him sleeping late and so he took the chance to have a little more fun with the bound girl racked before him.

Moving to the blanket he shifted the pebbles he had placed on her thighs and over her mound and added them to the weight on her upper body. Free of that burden, the blanket could be pulled up and away from Mollie's body. Neil smiled as he saw how the thorns were being pulled free from her skins leaving scratched and blood droplets behind. Mollie just groaned.

Neil now had her spread thighs and exposed pussy available for his pleasure.

"Please, no." Mollie begged quietly and simply.

"Your Master is now going to fuck you." Neil answered simply.

Straining her unsupported neck to see what he was doing, Mollie stared in further agonized disbelief as she felt his fingers move between her thighs and then slowly draw the lips of flesh apart. She shook her head.

"Nnooo ... nghh..."

"Doesn't this little islander want to make her Master happy?"

"Nnhh ... pleeeeease no."

Mollie shook her head as one fingertip moved slowly across the soft slit of her pussy, then his whole hand was opening her, calmly invading her body, peeling the folds away to expose her for the fingers of his other hand.

"Nnngh... nhh... uhh..."

Several digits together were worming their way into her, forcing her wide, then stroking. Mollie to her shame felt herself nearing orgasm.

"Wow slut you are very wet. Enjoying this too much aren't you!"

Mollie grunted as his fingers withdrew from her pussy.

Neil reached down and scooped up handfuls of sea water before pouring it over her thorn-scratched thighs and mound. The salt stung poor Mollie and she screamed anew.

Then his fingers went to work again. Mollie felt one hand under her ass, stroking over the rose of her anus, and the other focused on making her pliant and open. Mollie grunted as the invading finger was screwed around the opening to her sphincter until it softened and yielded. When a fingertip slid a little way inside her bottom Mollie bucked and writhed as far as her bondage would allow.

"You like that slut, perhaps I should give you something a little more substantial to enjoy?"

Neil left her alone for a moment or two before quickly returning to his position.

"Ever tried one of these, slut?" he asked.

Mollie lifted her head, morbidly intrigued to see what he had brought. She saw him wielding a cucumber, long and hard, a wicked grin on his face as he stroked the vegetable along the length of her now very moist pussy. Mollie groaned and Neil became even more erect. How he loved having the lovely Mollie as his plaything.

He began to use the cucumber to open her slit up and Mollie gazed up at him, eyes wide with alarm and she shook her head begging Neil not to.

"Mollie, Mollie," he taunted, "just lie still and enjoy the feeling."


"Hush slut, just enjoy it."


"A little more lubrication I think. Let's try again."

Mollie felt Neil's fingers rubbing her clitoris, as his other hand moved away from her ass.


He pushed the cucumber forward into her pussy again ... penetrating, invading and filling.

"Let it all in, there's a good girl."


Mollie so wanted to close her legs but the rope ties held her spread as she felt the hard, cold vegetable being pushed inside her body, her pussy being forced wider to accommodate it's thickening shape.

"Uhh ... fuckkkkkkk" It was now embedded fully 8 inches inside her. Mollie bucked, the sensation almost making her choke.

"There, how does that feel Mollie?"

Mollie painfully angled her aching neck once more to see Neil looking down at her, a cruel smile on his face.

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