tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 06

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 06


By the time Pete had climbed the short, but uphill, distance to his hut Neil had disappeared back inside. Pete stood cautiously poised to open the wooden door. He was concerned as to what he might find. He could hear nothing, but then on top of this small hill the ocean and the breeze drowned out a lot of the noise. He twisted the handle and pushed. The room opened up in front of him. The scene grabbed him by the throat and he gasped.

Neil was sitting on a chair at the desk in front of the computer. Mollie was ... well Mollie was ... beautiful. Perversely that was the first thought that Pete had, despite the position Mollie was in. As his mind began to focus he saw Mollie more clearly. She was kneeling on the wooden floor with her arms stretched high above her head. Her wrists were tied tightly with rope connected to the thick roof rafters and her body was stretched in the most delicious manner. Each erect nipple sported a clothes peg, viciously closed around the hard teat. She looked forlorn making muffled sounds under her heavily taped mouth.

Before Pete could speak Neil sprung up and stood behind the kneeling Mollie. Reaching down he pinched her nose tight shut. Suddenly Mollie could not breathe. Her head shook but Neil held her tightly.

"Neil what the fuck are you doing, let her go."

"You pussy Pete, you've spoiled our little game with your night time trysts, you and our little captive here. So now it's just me against both of you and I will stop her breathing for as long as I like you stupid bastard."

Pete was dumbstruck. He considered rushing Neil to take him out, but Neil was athletic and powerful and on his guard. Pete could not be sure that would work. He saw Mollie's struggles getting less frantic and noticed how her eyes began to roll upwards.

"Please stop Neil, please."

"Hmmmm, okay Pete ..." he released Mollie's nose and she sniffed in large gulps of air desperately.

"So what will you do to stop me doing that to Mollie again?"

"Neil please, just leave her ..."

"What will you do Pete?"

"Anything Neil, just don't hurt her anymore."

"Ok Pete, get naked."


"You heard me," and with that Neil pinched Mollie's nose again.

"Okay, okay."

Neil retained his grip on Mollie's nasal passage as Pete pulled his T shirt up and over his head and wound his shorts down. After kicking off his flip flops he stood naked. Embarrassingly for Pete his cock was somewhat aroused and not flaccid by any means.

"Tut tut, you see Moll, he pretends to want to save you but look at him getting hard. So stud, make yourself properly hard for your little Mollie."

"Come on please Neil," Pete begged.

"Do it!" Once again Mollie was beginning to suffer and Pete had no idea just how far the boy islander would go.

"Okay, okay."

As Pete's hand circled his cock and gripped, Neil released Mollie's nose making her sniff in air frantically once more.

Pete moved his foreskin back and forth in front of his audience whilst Neil took pictures for posterity! Despite the hardening of his cock Pete tried to remain passive but his natural emotions forced him to emit a soft moan has the movements of his shaft became slicker.

"Okay stop." Pete did as he was asked leaving his pulsing organ thrusting, erect and hard.

"Ok buddy, you see that rope hanging over the rafters ..."

Pete looked up and saw another rope the same as the one holding Mollie, except this one already had 2 loops in the end with large pre-tied suturing style knots.

"Put your wrists into the loops Pete," Neil said pinching Mollie's nose for a third time. Pete, traumatized by his own situation and compounded by what Neil was doing to Mollie, did as he was ordered. Neil then pulled on the end of the rope which secured the sutured knots around Pete's wrists and at the same time stretched his arms high above his head.

Letting go of Mollie's nose, Neil left the hapless girl desperately seeking air, whilst her took the loose end of Pete's rope and pulled it hard. Pete was forced to stand on his tip toes and shuffle nearer to Mollie until he stood only inches away from the kneeling student, his cock protruding uncomfortable near to Mollie's face. Neil then tied the end of the rope around Mollie's neck -- ingenious!

"Fuck Neil, don't do that please!"

Neil laughed, "You're just gonna have to keep as still as you can Pete aren't you, unless you want to strangle your darling Mollie, ha ha ha!"

Mollie grunted in agony as the rope closed around her slim neck and Pete teetered on his tip toes trying in desperation to minimize his movement. Neil had trapped them both good and proper and he was taking pictures and video to add to his collection of incriminating evidence.

"So this is nice isn't it guys?" Neil stated with mock sincerity. Mollie's eyes darted left and right, up and down ... anywhere to avoid the burgeoning erection that was only inches away from her tape covered mouth.

"You see if Pete moves his hands then this happens," Pete pulled on the rope end fastened around Mollie's neck and Mollie began to rise up off her knees. The rope was not fastened tightly, so not really designed to strangle her, but it was too close a fit to slip off over her head and so it did, very effectively, pull her upwards in an uncomfortable manner. Hollie moaned and Neil let the rope go.

"Consider yourself truly collared Mollie," Neil mocked.

"Okay, guys time for some fun." Neil laughed to himself and took more photos. He returned to the computer and connected the camera.

"What are you doing Neil?" Pete questioned. Neil turned the keyboard and screen to face the bound male.

"Protecting myself," Neil smiled. "You can see that all of this video and photo stuff is now on this memory stick," he held the stick up to show them, " and the best bits I have sent onto my personal email address and so I have copies for use should either of you piss me off. Clever eh?"

Pete knew that he and Mollie were highly compromised.

"But what will you do when the end of week 1 comes around and I have to send footage back to the mainland? We only have one more day before then y'know."

"I haven't thought that far yet buddy, but I'll think of something."

"Please, Neil, don't do this!"

Neil got up from his seat and moved to Pete. He stared him in the eye creating a threatening tension and then he moved his fist quickly and smacked Pete across the jaw. Pete reeled backwards pulling on the rope and dragging poor Mollie upwards by her rope collar.

Pete groaned as a trickle of blood slipped from his mouth and Mollie cried out, the sound muffled against the tape binding her mouth. Neil laughed. Both his captives were now standing and had moved further apart.

"Stay like this my slaves," Neil ordered. He moved to Pete first.

"Ever been wanked off Pete ... by a guy?"

"No, no please no." Neil's hand moved to Pete's erection and made as if to touch it, stopping just millimeters short. Pete jerked his body further back and once more pulled on Mollie's neck rope. Neil laughed loudly and turned to Mollie.

"Did you like that show my little Asian slut?"

Mollie looked impassively through him. He slapped her.

"Well, did you cunt!" he shouted now.

Mollie nodded.

"Look Pete how hard these little buttons are."

Pete reached out to Mollie's naked, erect nipples and twisted each one pulling on the clothes-peg until Mollie screwed her eyes shut and made muffled protests for him to stop. New tears sprung from her eyes as he pulled the pegs away from her body extending her nipples to an unnatural length, before ripping them off her small breasts.

"How I wish I could pierce these for you Moll, you could wear my rings then!"

He kicked her thighs apart and cupped her shaven mound. Mollie took a sharp intake of breath as her stroked her slit.

"You will need shaving again soon slut, but for now let's feel you getting wet."

He began to stroke her, slipping his finger inside her moistening entrance. Mollie's natural reactions tried to force her legs closed, but Neil's incessant finger kept rubbing her. Mollie so wanted to fight him but after a short time she began moving her hips, and then her thighs parted giving him better access to her pussy. Neil took advantage of her movements and really attacked her clit, causing Mollie to moan and move her lower body even more frantically. The Asian captive was now bucking hard and clearly ready to climax when Neil pulled his hand away. Mollie gasped under the tape binding her mouth, her hips still moving in a fucking motion searching for the missing finger.

"Look at her Pete, what a slut! And look at you!"

Neil looked down at Pete's hard on which was now pulsing even more erect. Neil moved to Pete and once more reached down towards his cock. Pete recoiled again shaking his head. Neil held his fingers up to Pete's face.

"Look at the lovely Mollie's juices Pete, don't you want these coating your dick eh?"

Pete shook his head again, "not if you're doing the coating."

"Shut it Pete." Again Neil punched him, this time knocking him off his feet. Pete fell over and pulled the rope holding his wrists which of course then wrenched Mollie's neck pulling her to the very tips of her toes.

"Oh, I like that position. " Neil looked at Pete sprawled on the ground and Mollie with her body stretched to its maximum length. Pete's nose now also trickled blood.

"Please Neil stop this, stop it now. You're mad!"

Mollie writhed trying to control the rope as it became tighter the more her body moved upwards.

"Okay Pete," Neil spoke ignoring Pete's comments, "I want you to ask me nicely to wank you off."

"Eh, no chance!"

Neil laughed and moved to pick up a length of springy but hard bamboo.

"Okay the slut gets 5 lashes of this, and then I will ask you again Pete."

Pete was aghast as Mollie shook her head frantically.

"And she gets them across her front."

Mollie mewed her protest and shook her head splaying her long black hair about wildly.

"Neil stop, please stop."

"Shut it Pete. She gets 5 strokes then you get another chance to save her."

Neil took a position facing Mollie. He looked into her eyes, which were squeezed tightly closed, and took aim. The bamboo rod flashed quickly through the air and the hard stroke lashed full across her belly.

Neil was using as much force as he could manage; loving the feeling of brutal power it gave him to whip his squealing slut without reserve. The next stroke was slightly lower, catching the top of Mollie's mound. Neil thought she was going to pee herself as her muscles contracted in an attempted defence to the stroke, but the bound girl did not.

Mollie could not understand why her stomach and abdomen were not torn open and bleeding. The pain seemed so great, and Neil slashed the bamboo rod over her breasts, marking her flesh and her nipple, seemingly lost in a sort of sexual frenzy. Even though she was not cut, the front of Mollie's body was becoming discoloured with angry looking stripes of glowing red. She was screaming under the gag, terrified half out of her mind, convinced that Neil was going to beat her to death in one continuous orgy of lust.

Then he stopped and turned once more to the prostrate Pete.


"Okay, okay Neil please will you wank me off, just leave Mollie alone," Pete made to get up in an attempt to relieve Mollie of the neck rope. Neil allowed him to do this but then said,

"Ask me again buddy, I want it on camera." Pete was mortified, but despite his predicament, his cock was still harder than he could ever remember it being before so when he looked into Neil's camera and once again asked Neil to give him a hand job, it looked convincing.

"Okay Pete let's get you turned on then!" Neil laughed. Pete watched as Neil brought a small wooden table, which was just the right height, and made Pete flip his erection so that it was laying flat against the surface of the table.

"Good looking cock Pete," Neil commented letting his fingers walk around the hardened length of Pete's flesh. The bound guy's breathing was becoming deeper as he anticipated what he was about to experience. However, he was not expecting what happened next.

Neil once more took up the bamboo cane he had just whipped Mollie with and began to stroke it along Pete's cock. Pete recoiled in horror.

"Fuck me, mate, no you can't ..."

But Neil did, and so with a hefty flick of his wrist he brought the bamboo rod swishing down across the width of Pete's cock.

"Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!" Pete yelled as a red line now spanned his erection. Neil turned to look at Mollie, and her eyes were wide open in disbelief.

"Again, Pete?"

"No, no please," Pete's body was shaking. But once more Neil lashed the bamboo down onto his bound co-islander's erection.

"Look Mollie, he's getting harder." And it was true that despite the pain Pete was becoming more stimulated.

"Okay let's try something else."

Neil reached out and grabbed a large white candle that Pete kept in his hut. The bound male captive watched as the candle wick was lit and held over his hard on. He watched the wax drip onto him as if in slow motion until the hot wax scorched his foreskin, then he groaned. Drop after drop of hot, scolding wax fell onto Pete's cock and each time it did his climax felt that much nearer.

"Fuck Neil please stop, I'm gonna ..."

"I know you are pal, but hold on there don't spurt just yet."

Neil took a small piece of white material from his pocket and opened it out to reveal a brief pair of Mollie's cotton panties. He moved to Pete and, with the panties in his right hand he used them to handle Pete's cock. As soon as the material touched him Pete thrust his hips forward.

"Shit man, you really are close aren't you?"

Pete remained silent and, looking away from Neil and Mollie, he tried to think of something entirely non sexual. But the panties were wound round his penis now and Pete felt strong fingers moving his foreskin back and forth. He groaned as Neil made sure that the entire cock was covered in material and then he masturbated Pete harder.

"Ohhhh shittttttttt!!!"

Pete came in one long embarrassing, humiliating climax. His wax covered, beaten cock released jet after thick jet of sperm into Mollie's panties as he thrust his entire bound body forward.

"Oh yeah man, go on let it all go," Neil laughed. Pete's body came to rest and Neil carefully removed the cum filled panties leaving the weakening erection to drip its final release onto the table top.

Pete hung limp in his bonds and unwittingly pulled on the rope around Mollie's neck. She squealed and Pete altered his position for her.

"Oh how touching kids, a lovely gesture Pete."

He turned to face Mollie and, having gathered Pete's sperm into a pool inside the panties, he held them to Mollie's face. She tried to back away but there was nowhere for her to go. Neil reached out and in one motion he ripped the tape off Mollie's mouth. She cried out with the pain but then quickly started to cough and splutter as she gulped in air.

"Ready for more slut?"

"N ... n ... no, p ... p...lease, leave me, leave us alone ..."

She coughed some more. Neil paraded the considerable pool of cum to Mollie. It was so close to her face that she could smell its odor. Neil reached out for a ring of tape similar to that which previously covered Mollie's mouth.

"Okay then slut, open wide." He pinched her nose between the finger and thumb of one hand and at the opportune moment he pushed the panties, cum pool first, into Mollie's gaping mouth.

She spluttered even more, but now, having forced the panties all the way into her mouth until the material completely disappeared he held her mouth closed while he taped it back up again. Mollie's eyes were wide and frantic as her main air source was once again taken away from her, this time even more effectively. Mollie gagged as she tasted Pete's sperm and felt it run in thick streams down her throat to pool in her stomach.

"Wow Moll, that was so hot!" Again he turned to Pete.

"Look at you Mr. limp dick." Pete's cock was indeed softening, having left behind a residue of sperm drops on the table top. Neil took the bamboo rod and without warning thrashed it down across Mollie's breasts. She looked like she was about to vomit into the gag as she tried to curl her body up into itself.

"You bastard Neil, why?"

"To show you Pete what I will do again and again if you don't get on your knees now and lick up that pool of cum you've left on the table top."

Pete looked disbelievingly. Neil smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"Go on then," he said simply whilst swishing the bamboo rod through the air.

With a feeling of intense nausea rising from the pit of his stomach Pete got to his knees. Pulling the rope with him of course stretched poor Mollie upwards and it was the thought of her suffering that forced Pete to carry on with his task. Kneeling as ordered Pete looked down at the drips of cum splattered on the table top among the wax residue. Neil swished the bamboo rod through the air reminding Pete of what Mollie would feel if the sperm was not cleaned up.

Tentatively Pete moved his face towards the wooden surface and began to lick at the juices. He took the sperm onto his tongue and into his mouth. He wanted to puke but forced himself onwards, licking at the cum again and again. Mollie watched wide eyed as Pete obviously swallowed the slimy substance leaving drips hanging around his mouth.

"Good boy, Pete, fancy licking mine up as well?" Pete looked horrified at Neil.

"Only joking, man."

The table top was cleaned as Neil had requested, and so he turned his attentions back to Mollie.

"Mmmm, time to fuck you up a little more slut." Mollie struggled and begged but her pleas were muffled under the tape and the panties in her mouth.

"So I found these Moll," Neil produced several lengths of chain and a number of small shiny new padlocks. Moving to Mollie he shifted the rope out of the way and proceeded to wind a length of thick chain around her neck, tightly but not dangerously so. Once he had created her chain collar he took a padlock and clicked it into place fastening the chain around Mollie's neck and leaving a dangling length to act as a leash. The small click was one of the most deafening sounds that Mollie had ever heard. The padlock and chain made her feel more owned than she had ever done, unwittingly her nipples hardened and her labia became just a little slicker.

"There now slut, a true slave if ever there was one. More chains though I think."

Mollie shook her head, but to no avail as Neil wound more chain tightly over and around her breasts. Mollie mewed her discomfort as this chain was bound very tightly. 3 padlocks this time secured her bondge.

"Please man, leave her alone," Pete still pleaded on Mollie's behalf.

"Mmmm, okay Pete you got it." Pete looked relieved, until Neil continued.

"You know though, on second thoughts I think I'll fuck her instead."

Mollie, despite the weight of the chains on her body wriggled frantically until the rub of the rope on her neck forced her to stop.

"No Neil, don't can't you see, she's had enough ..."

"Shut the fuck up cum swallower," Neil mocked Pete. He moved the table from in front of the bound boy and over towards Mollie. Neil made Mollie stand up but told Pete to remain on his knees. Then Neil pushed the poor bound Asian captive face down onto and over the table top. With Pete still on his knees the rope pulled against her neck and she screamed from underneath the gag. The chain collar clattered across the wooden surface and the chains around her breasts pressed flat beneath her, her ass was high in the air. Mollie tried to protest but could only make gurgling sounds around the gag in her mouth.

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