tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 07

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 07


Chapter 7 – The worm gets the chance to turn

"Mollie he's out cold." Pete's mind was clicking into gear but Mollie just stared disbelievingly.

"Come on Moll, help me get free and I will tie him up."

Mollie looked back at Pete, her head cocked to one side as if she was still trying to take in what had just happened.

"Look if I stand up and walk towards you the rope gets slacker and you can just about touch my wrists with your fingers."

"How do I know you won't just do to me what he's been doing?" Mollie, not surprisingly, didn't quite trust Pete fully.

"Fuck it Moll, just help me please. Haven't I shown how I feel about you?"

Pete maneuvered himself so he was crouched on his haunches. Mollie took up a similar position so that their bodies pretty much met as planned. She started to tug at the ropes with her fingers.

"Shit Pete every time I pull on them they seem to get tighter!"

"Keep trying."

Mollie stuck at her task and sure enough after a few minute the ropes binding Pete's wrists began to loosen.

"That's it Moll, just a little more."

Then he was free. For a few seconds Pete rubbed his chafed wrists then, leaving Mollie where she was for the time being, he slipped the rope away from her neck and set about tying the unconscious Neil.


Mollie reached out towards the grassy bank, and, fighting against the pull of the water she pushed herself upwards.

"Argghhh, fuck," Mollie uttered as she clambered onto the grass leaving a wet trail under and behind her. She flopped down enjoying the feel of the sun and stared out at the mass of blue lagoon ahead of her. Scenes like this showed the other face of the island to her. The nice face that distracted her mind from the hell she had endured so far. It had only been a few days since the female islander had last been here but so much had happened to her.

She now knew about things that had never even crossed her mind when she first arrived. Bondage, rape, lustful desire and being so terrified that she thought she would die. But now she was free to enjoy the island once again. It was Thursday and tomorrow was the day when Pete was supposed to submit film back to the mainland and another islander arrived. Mollie smiled to herself as she thought of how they would manage and what they would do from here on. What a mess!

But that was not to be thought of right now. Mollie rested back down onto the grass and let the sun start to dry off her naked body, scratched and marked but now feeling soothed once more.


"Hi Pete," Mollie said cheerfully. Pete looked up from his camera and stared at the lovely Asian girl. She had dressed in a baggy red T shirt and white bikini and she looked radiant with fresh clean hair and a smiling face.

"Hey Moll, you feeling okay."

"Never better." She turned and looked at Neil. She eyed his naked body with his hands tied above his head to a large, thick protruding tree branch. His waist was secured, tied tight with rope, to the main trunk of the same tree. He couldn't move much at all and he looked dazed still.

Mollie moved to him and reached out towards his head. She gripped his hair and smiled as he yelped. His head came up to face her as she pulled hard.

"What shall we do with you huh Neil? Remember all the things you did to me eh, and to Pete? I hope so because I sure do!"

With that she reached for his erection.

"I would never have dared do this when I arrived but you have taught me so much Neil."

With that she began to stroke his cock which, despite his state, sprung immediately into life.

"Ohhh, p ... please Moll, not again."

"Oh Neil, I'm gonna make you so want to cum before I've finished that you will beg me."

Mollie had already brought the bound Neil to the edge of orgasm several times and as her hand began to move back and forth she proceeded to do so again.

"Ohhh fuck Mollie," Neil groaned as his cock bulged under her touch.

"Wanna cum Neil?"

"Y ... yes please,"


"Fuck yes!"

"Ask me nicely then."

"Please Mollie, please let me cum."

"What's my name?"

"Mistress Mollie, please Mistress Mollie please let me ... oh fuck no!"

Mollie let his erection drop.

"Not yet my lovely!" she mocked.

She moved to Pete and pulled him to his feet. Winding her arms around his neck she kissed him hard. She pulled away from his saliva covered lips and looked him in the eyes.

"Thank you babe, for all you did for me. Let's put on a horny show for our guest shall we?"

"Yeah Moll, let's."

There was already a sexual tension between them and they kissed again.

"Mollie your lips are so gorgeous, just right to kiss."

Mollie smiled.

Pete toyed with her lower lip and then kissed her deeply. Neil tried to look away but he could not and the sexual atmosphere that Mollie and Neil were creating simply added to the burgeoning nature of his erection.

Mollie broke free again and pushed away from Pete. Slowly she began to strip for him. First her T shirt was pulled over her head and then, without much delay her bikini top followed. Pete ogled her small but very attractive breasts and hard nipples as Mollie slipped her fingers into her pants and wound them down her legs. She had freshly shaven her own mound, liking the feeling, and now Pete stared at her naked beauty taking everything in as if he might never see it again. His gaze went all the way down to her feet and then back up again until it reached her cunt, and his focus settled there.

"Your cunt is beautiful Mollie, so ... perfect, like a work of art."

Mollie smiled again, as Pete moved behind her and lifted up the hair on the back of her neck ... she moaned as he traced his finger lightly all the way down her spine. As he reached her hips he moved his hand to her front and sought out her cunt. He pushed Mollie's legs wider apart, found her opening and spread her lips before pushing his finger inside. As he did this Pete moaned.

"I want to ... kiss you Moll, you know, really kiss you." Pete whispered into Mollie's ear.

Neil's gaze was transfixed on the scene.

Mollie allowed Pete to push her down onto a towel on the sand and he moved his face to her cunt, giving her gentle licks and releasing the very sensitive feelings Mollie's cunt revealed. Her juices flowed freely and Pete couldn't get enough of his lover. He reached his hands upwards and their fingers interlocked either side of her hips. Mollie could feel Pete's hair on her thighs brushing as he stayed down on her. She was in heaven.

Mollie moaned as Pete now attacked her clit and her hips bucked to meet his mouth licking out her cunt.

"Oh fuck Pete I can't hold it any longer," Mollie moaned loudly and hearing herself whimper tipped her over the edge and she came so hard, so very, very hard.

Pete looked up at Mollie and smiled.

"Spread your legs Mollie." Mollie obeyed and Pete just stared, mesmerized by her pussy, her cunt her sensitive juice covered lips.

He moved up her body and kissed her deeply before laying at her side. Mollie played with his chest hair. Neil still stared at the scene but the two lovers had momentarily forgotten all about him. Mollie ran her hands up and down from his sternum to his belly button before kissing him again, hard on the mouth. He moved to push her downwards towards his stiff cock.

Mollie backed off a little. "No Pete, that's all for now, no more."

He just stared at her like an angry caveman and pushed her head back down. They fought and tussled a little but they both know that she would let him win and that she would be going down on him this time.

Mollie licked the top of his cock and he moaned as she placed her mouth over the top.

"Fuck Moll take me inside please, fuck yeah that's it, shit you can take so much of me ... ohhhhhh"

She started to move up and down taking him as deep as she could.

"Fuck Moll, you're amazing!"

Pete reached down and pulled at her long dark hair.

"Stop, oh fuck stop now ..." Mollie did as she was asked, but as she made her way back up his body she lightly bit the side of his thigh, giggling as she did so.

"Fuck me, please Mollie!"

She said nothing, but simply smiled and straddled Pete placing her cunt over his cock. He took his shaft in his hand and guided himself into the warm, juicing slit hovering above his groin. Despite her recent use Mollie was surprisingly tight and she let out a long sigh as Pete filled her totally.

Mollie threw her head back and arched her body and his shaft work in and out as she worked it up and down through movement of her hips.

"Moll you're gorgeous," Neil moaned as he ran his hands up and down her naked flesh. Although Mollie had just climaxed she was still very wet and he slid inside and out of her very easily. It took just a short while before Pete was thrusting more vigourously and then he too came – gloriously long and hard shooting jet after jet of thick sperm into Mollie's cunt.

She yelped and he groaned long and loudly.

"Mollie I love youuuuuuu!" He shouted. She just laughed.

Finally after he had come to rest Mollie eased herself up and away from him. As she straightened, Pete's juices ran freely down her thighs.

She moved to Neil.

"Enjoy that my slave?"

Neil stared her right in the eye.

"Well, it sure looks like you did," she grabbed his stiff cock again and once more began to move his foreskin back and forth.

"Oh please Mollie ..."

"What's my name slave," she squeezed him tight and Neil yelped.

"Mistress, Mistress please ohhhhh"

She wanked him faster and he began to thrust into her fingers.

"Awwww, you sure want this slave don't you?"

"Yes Mistress, oh fuck yes."

Again Mollie took him to the edge, but then she stopped. Stepping away from her captive Mollie watched amused as his body continued to thrust into thin air, its immediate stimulation having been lost. Then she moved back towards him and knelt down.

"Fuck please, if you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do then make sure you finish me off, please!"

Mollie laughed and kissed the head of his cock. The she covered the top with her lips and licked at the small hole in the end. He groaned.

"Please Moll ..."

Mollie removed her mouth and slapped his shaft.

"It's Mistress, slave, how many times do I need to tell you?"

She resumed her task, taking him deep before pulling her mouth back up his length again. She was good at this, as she had discovered, and thoroughly enjoyed having a body as fit as Neil's to play with.

Pete had turned onto his stomach to watch proceedings feeling a little pang of jealousy as the girl he had feelings for performed on another guy.

"Ohh Mistress please let me cum," Neil was writhing as much as his bonds would allow as Mollie brought him to the edge again before getting up and leaving her captive thrusting aimlessly once more.

She stood inches from his face.

"So how sorry are you for what you did to me?"

"Moll, listen, please it was just a game ..."

"You fucking raped me you bastard!"

Again Moll handled his cock, before leaving him in situ whilst she retrieved a small tea light type candle.

"Let's warm things up eh?"

"Fuck Mistress no please," it was Neil's turn to beg now.

Mollie just laughed as she lit the candle and waited until the flame was bright and tall, then she held it an inch above his cock ... and poured.

"Noooooo, stop Mollie that hurts, no stop."

Mollie and Pete laughed at Neil's agony as Mollie covered his cock in white wax. Although it burned the sensation of it on his shaft was enough to bring Neil nearer to a climax and Mollie saw his cock twitching involuntarily.

"You're gonna cum bitch aren't you?"

"Y ... yes Mistress, I am, ohhhh fuck!"

Mollie took his wax coated cock and began to wank him again. He was so close ...

"Wanna cum?"

"Please, please."

Mollie just laughed at him and tugged him faster. Then he was there, but just as his cock was about to burst into life she let go.

"Nooo, fuck no." He desperately tried to thrust his groin in order to force his juice out, but instead of spurting it came in drips.

"You fucking bitch!!"

Again Mollie laughed as he shot his load but did not enjoy the orgasmic experience. His climax, the one thing he had been waiting for, had been purposefully ruined. She waited until he had thrust as much as he was ever going to then she took Pete's cock in hand once again. This time it was painful. His cock head was so sensitive post orgasm that when she touched it he screamed.

"Sssh, honey," she mocked him at the same time as she started to milk him.

"Owwwwww, nooooooo Mistress please!"

Mollie squeezed the last drops of his cum out and onto the sand below but she didn't stop there. If anything she now wanked his softening cock even harder while Neil writhed and jumped and whined.

"Please, please stop ... fuckkkkk!"

But it took Mollie another 10 minutes to stop by which time Neil was almost deranged. She let go and stepped back to admire her handy work.

He looked up at her, spit dribbling down his chin.

"P ... please, no more." Given what he had put Mollie through his pleas were pitiful.

"No more? Fuck off Neil, remember what you did to me, eh?"

Mollie held a tube of toothpaste in one hand and reached down to Neil's cock with the other. Despite his protests she pulled back his foreskin as far as it would go to reveal the recently used purple head.

"Mollie don't," Neil begged, and she had to move to avoid his legs kicking out. Mollie waited patiently for him to stop before approaching him again.

"Keep this up Neil and you'll only make matters worse for yourself."

Reaching down she squeezed the toothpaste onto his cock head before using her thumb and forefinger to rub it into him, coating him in the white substance. At first it gave Neil a strange, kind of numb feeling but then it burst into life and began to sting. He yelped. Mollie pulled his foreskin back over the head and stepped away to watch.

"Fuck, what have you done you bitch, you're burning me. Stop it nowwwww!"

He danced and writhed and yelled and Mollie laughed.

"Remember this bastard, when you're next torturing some poor innocent girl, like I used to be just a few days ago! You created me in this guise so all this is your fault."

"Please Mollie, please wash it off."

Laughing Mollie and Pete fetched several washing up bowls full of sea water and soaked Neil through, washing just about everything off him ... except the tooth paste which seemed to stick to him.

"Doesn't want to leave you Neil," mocked Mollie as she took a hand full of water and washed his cock for him, making him squeal anew.


The three islanders stood naked in close proximity to one another. Neil had been untied and stood feeling beaten and exhausted. Mollie and Pete too were feeling like they could sleep forever.

Mollie turned to Pete and, taking his face in her hands, she kissed him deeply. Neil watched as for a short while their tongues sought satisfaction. Then she pulled away and turned to Neil. Holding his face also she repeated the action.

"Look," said Mollie, once the kissing was done, "We have all shared something these past few days which can either divide us completely or make us a close knit team. It is clear that we all enjoy being in charge and causing pleasure through pain and so I suggest we team up. Let's clear the camp up make sure Pete has his films and then wait for the next islander to arrive tomorrow. Whether it's a boy or a girl we can have great fun with them if we work together!"

Mollie looked expectantly at her co-islanders.

"Well, what do you say guys?"

"I say it's a fucking great idea Moll!" Neil beamed. Pete nodded and the three of them hugged one another before walking arm in arm, Mollie in the centre, towards the camp and a few hours of normal island activity!


Thank you to all of you that have voted and provided feedback throughout the series so far. I would love to hear your thoughts on what should happen next.

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