tagIllustratedShirna Jones - Alt Sexual Healing

Shirna Jones - Alt Sexual Healing


The rain pattered lightly against the window as she sat in her comfortable leather chair. She had been reviewing her next patients file in order to familiarise herself with his particulars prior to the meeting and had, without realising, slipped away into one of the daydreams that seemed to be occurring with alarming regularity these days. She had been reflecting on her achievements of the past few years, in particular how the eight years of run-of-the mill "textbook" medicine seemed almost worth it now. Eight years of "by-the-book medicine, eight years of servitude, eight years of having to listen to senior doctors at St Crossley Memorial drone on and on about how her ideas for alternative therapies were just a craze, that it would pass, and that she would realise that the tried and tested methods would always succeed. But that was the real kicker, they didn't work. If the traditional therapies "always" worked then the small practice for alternative therapies she had started last Autumn wouldn't have survived this long, she wouldn't have to work twelve hour days to meet the demands, and she wouldn't have the headache of acquiring two new nurses this summer to keep up with the practice' increased turnover.

The truth was of course, she didn't mind working such long days one bit because it was her theories being put into practice, and the fact that she loved the field of work didn't do any harm. She was however worried about the inevitable hiring of the new nurses. Already a number of nurses she had known in her St Crossley days had inquired about positions, and why shouldn't they? After all the practice had an extremely good, if only young, reputation. It was also considered kind of hip, if such a word can be used to describe a medical institution. It seemed the reason for this aura of "hip-ness" was the well known fact that the practice used purely alternative therapies, something the media rattled on about on an almost daily basis, but therein lay the problem - She would have to be very careful screening the nurses as no-one outside the practice knew exactly what they specialised in, and exactly just how alternative the therapies were.

The Doctor smiled and forced herself to focus her attention once again on the open file on her desk. A Mr Carl Oakley, he was stereotypical of the kind of case her practice had been seeing on a regular basis since its inception last autumn, at the rear of the file sat the medical records that had been transferred along with Mr Oakley from St Crossley. The Doctor scanned over the medical reports and made a mental note to thank the examining doctor (previously a student of hers) for the steady stream of patients that had been referred to her. Mr Oakley appeared to be in good physical shape, no excess weight, healthy diet, no genetic weaknesses, and an active sports player. The photograph showed Mr Oakley to be a somewhat handsome man, nothing to write home about but not a face that would be missed in a crowd, and as these facts fell into place one by one the doctor found an overwhelming sense of intrigue begin to fill her mind.

Why was a fully healthy adult male in his late twenties being referred to her practice? She quickly flipped to the second page and read the notes detailing the reasons for his referral.

Doctor S J Singh 17/03/2007

Mr Oakley has passed all physical examinations in the third and final set of tests and I am now in receipt of his psychological conditioning report from Dr Krane. From both a mental and physical viewpoint it would appear that Mr Oakley is in fine shape. He currently enjoys a regular sex life with his wife of four years Janine yet still appears to suffer from ejaculatory incompetence. Mr Oakley adds that they having being trying for a child for sometime and his inability to ejaculate is causing friction within the marriage. Given that we have exhausted all other avenues, and added with the fact that the medical problem now threatens the marriage I feel we have no option but to try and resolve the issue with alternative therapies. I heartily recommend that Mr Oakley's treatment be transferred with immediate effect to Dr Shirna Jones at Pine Hills practice.

Shirna smiled at the report, Doctor Singh had developed into a fine doctor and hopefully would be persuaded to join her at Pine Hills when the patient demand required two doctors. Shirna was just drifting off into another daydream about the times she and Dr Singh had shared at St Crossley when she was startled back into reality by the intercom on her desk.

"Dr Jones, Mr Oakley is here to see you" the intercom squawked

"Fine Teri, send him through" Shirna replied.

Shirna quickly ran over the facts once more in her head and settled on a course of action. All the patients who visited her at Pine Hills practice all had something in common - they all suffered with sexual conditions, and Mr Oakley was no different. Shirna fully intended to put one of her more widely known (and massively criticised) theories into use. Whilst still working at St Crossley Shirna had published a journal that had sent shockwaves through the medical world and effectively ended her dull and boring career there. She had theorised that all the evidence suggested that the human male was not designed to be monogamous. He can reproduce numerous times a day, is of superior size and strength compared to the female (alpha male theory), and in Shirna's experience (though she did not publish this) is a willing flirt no matter what the situation! She had hammered the final nail into her St Crossley coffin when she declared that if the human male is forced to be monogamous then eventually he will tire of the same sexual partner, and be able to copulate less frequently.

Using this mindset Shirna deduced even before seeing Mr Oakley that all he might need is some sexual attention from someone other than his wife, some sexual attention he doesn't have to feel guilty about. In Shirna's experience this sexual attention did not necessarily need to come from someone more attractive than his wife - just someone unfamiliar.

As these final thoughts were passing through her mind the there was a harsh series of raps at the door.

"Come in," Shirna said aloud to an empty room.

The door handle turned and Mr Oakley stepped into the room, evidently uneasy about once again explaining the details of his problem to another doctor.

"Good afternoon Mr Oakley, how are you feeling?" Shirna asked.

"A little nervous actually Doctor, but please call me Carl, Mr Oakley sounds like I'm in trouble" came the slightly shaky reply

"Okay Carl" Shirna chuckled "I suppose it won't do any harm if you call me Shirna, please, park yourself down on the examination table on that side of the office." Shirna asked as she began to rise out of her chair.

As she began to make her way over to the table from her desk she caught Carl's eyes and he quickly dropped his gaze, she had seen that look before and now knew that this session would go well. She had been silhouetted against the window when she strode from behind her desk and knew that even wearing a somewhat unflattering business suit Carl had taken interest in her body. Shirna had been blessed genetically with gifts from both her parents, she had taken after her father in most of her body form with long supple limbs and a pale almost creamy complexion over a slim body. From her mother she had inherited her favourite part of all - her breasts - her Mother had worn 34F bras when she had been Shirna's age but they hadn't looked quite so out of place because she had an overall larger frame. Shirna wasn't anywhere near as large but still wore a bigger than average 32E, but when you coupled this with her long and slender torso the result was a look of envy in the faces of the women she passed in the street, and unbridled lust in the faces of the men she chose to reveal herself to. Carl was no different to the next red blooded male and this was a fact Shirna enjoyed.

"Please remove your shirt and lie down on the examining table Carl, I'm just going to dive behind this screen and pop my medical gown on," Shirna said.

"You want me to lie down straight away?" stammered Carl, "you don't want me to explain what the problem is?"

"I'm well aware of your concerns Carl, it's not something I would call a problem because I believe it's something we can help - besides I've read your file and I'm sure you don't want to repeat yourself all over again" came the reply from behind the screen.

Carl nodded thoughtfully at this and unbuttoned his shirt before lying down on the table, the cool touch of the leather rising through the thin sheet of paper enough to bring goosebumps out on his arms and chest. Shirna stepped around the screen and appeared to notice this. "Bit chilly Carl? Wait until you feel this stethoscope" Shirna laughed as she unwound the instrument from its case.

Carl gasped a little as the cold metal touched his skin and Shirna leaned forward and shut her eyes favouring her hearing as she pretended to begin her examination. Truthfully she wanted to give Carl a chance to relax and run his eyes over her body without the risk of being caught.

She counted slowly to thirty in her mind and was increasingly aware of her heavy breasts pressing against the thin cotton of her lab coat and Carls heartbeat beginning to steadily quicken, she had undressed down to her underwear before putting the coat over the top in order to give Carl the best view she could muster, and she could almost feel Carls gaze heating her flesh as she leaned a little further and exposed yet more of her deepening cleavage. Satisfied that she had leaned over enough she opened her eyes slowly, giving Carl the chance to avert his gaze, before removing the instrument and turning to cross the room.

"Carl, everything seems fine so far, I'd like you to remove your trousers please." Shirna asked as she walked across the room. When she reached the cupboard at the far end she bent at the waist to retrieve a small plastic beaker, giving Carl both a chance to remove his trousers in privacy and a clear view of the bottom of her buttocks as the lab coat rose up her body. She heard Carl clear his throat as the small piece of fabric which was all that was covering her modesty came into view before standing back upright again and returning to the table. Carl was sat bolt upright with his knees slightly bent wearing only a pair of white boxer shorts.

"Please lie down Carl." Asked Shirna

"I'm sorry Doctor, I can't.... it's... its embarrassing but...." stammered Carl as he trailed off.

"Please Carl, I told you it's ok to call me Shirna, and I have also seen a lot worse things than an erect penis before in my life, please lie down, its perfectly natural." Replied Shirna in a soothing voice.

Carls eyes visibly widened as he realised she already knew about the rock hard erection that was currently sitting in his boxers and cautiously lay down. Shirna decided it was time to take advantage of the situation and gently patted Carl's crotch.

"At least we can be sure that works huh Carl?"

This brought a small chuckle from Carl and while his defences were laid low Shirna swooped.

"Now then, I'm just going to need to have a feel around here" said Shirna as she reached into Carls boxers. His entire body stiffened as she touched him and she slid her hand down his throbbing hard shaft to cup his balls.

"Everything feels normal Carl, though there does seem to be some swelling in your testicles. Can you tell me when you last ejaculated?" asked Shirna, Carl was blushing and his breath had shortened to small raspy breaths.

"About... about four months ago... Shirna", came the reply.

"Ok, and are you having any nocturnal emissions? Wet dreams?" prompted Shirna.

"No, nothing at all," said Carl.

"Ok, we're just going to see if we can stimulate you a little, are you okay with that?" asked Shirna.

"I... I guess so..." replied Carl.

"There's nothing to worry about Carl, this is a medical procedure, it's not like you're doing the dirty on your wife. Now please remove your boxers while I get some lubricant," said Shirna.

Carl clearly relaxed at the thought of this and slipped his boxers off, he let out a large breath as he lay back down, closed his eyes and waited patiently for Shirna's return.

Shirna returned with a large tube of lube and squeezed a healthy dollop into her palms, she began to rub them together evenly spreading and warming the slick substance before rubbing both hands up and down Carls erect cock to ensure his whole member was lubricated.

"I hope you don't mind me using my hands like this Carl, those latex gloves irritate my skin dreadfully," said Shirna in a slightly teasing voice.

"No, that's fine," replied Carl as a small moan escaped his lips. His eyes shot open as he realised what he had just done, he shot an embarrassed look at Shirna.

"I know Carl, don't worry, for this to work properly I need you to be perfectly relaxed, its ok if it's pleasurable, and it's ok if you make noise" soothed Shirna, "Oh, and Carl? I saw you looking at me earlier and I know you were a little embarrassed but I know that men need visual aids as well and I don't have anything to offer so if it pleases you then I have no problem with you looking at me." said Shirna as she felt the final tumbler in Carls lock fall open.

Carl opened his eyes and waited until Shirna returned her attention to his swollen cock, then slowly dropped his gaze from her face to the heavy, perfectly rounded breasts that were straining against the thin cotton lab coat with every jiggle as Shirna pumped his cock with increasingly stronger strokes.

This time when Shirna looked at Carls face, he did not avert his gaze and she smiled to herself as Carl continued to quietly moan and undress her with his eyes. She continued pumping his cock with the fist of her left hand, sliding the hand around as she stroked up and down and gently massaging his balls with her right hand. He was meeting her strokes with gentle thrusts that barely lifted him off the table and was clearing enjoying it.

"Carl, would it help if perhaps I undid my lab coat? So you can see better." asked Shirna. All Carl could manage was a grunt and a nod as she slid her right hand up onto his shaft, stroking him with both.

Shirna paused briefly whilst unbuttoning her top to glance at Carl; his eyes were fixed on her fingers, almost willing them to continue undressing her. As the final button popped open her magnificent breasts came into view and Carl gasped, his cock twitching at this new level of sexual arousal.

Shirna returned her attentions to his cock and continued to stroke firmly and quickly, the little noises escaping his mouth becoming more and more urgent and a steady trickle of precum flowing from the tip of his engorged cock. His thrusts steadily became more and more impatient, causing his ass to raise clear of the bed to meet her next stroke.

"How does this feel Carl? Does it feel like it's working?" asked Shirna.

"Oh yesss.... I can feel my orgasm building," moaned Carl. "It's been building for a while but it feels like I've hit my limit," gasped Carl as Shirna continued to stroke him off.

"Oh but that's good Carl, that's progress! It just means it's time to change things a little again, and I think I know what you'd like." teased Shirna as she paused momentarily to unclasp her bra. The bra fell free of her body, the cups seeming huge with nothing filling them, and the real majesty of her breasts hit Carl. Even with the bra removed they barely seemed to move, they looked so firm, so round, so full and perfect. Carl grasped Shirna's hand and returned it to his cock, he was doubly surprised when Shirna climbed onto the table, straddling his legs between hers and continuing to pump his slick cock.

"Now don't get any ideas Carl, this Is just to make it easier for you to see," Shirna whispered as she leaned forward, letting her full breasts fall down towards his chest, and occasionally leaning forward to let her nipples brush against his chest.

"Please..." he gasped "Put me between them..."

It took Shirna a few seconds for the meaning of his words to hit home, and a grin lit up her face.

"Well done Carl, now we're making process!" exclaimed Shirna as she leaned forward, slowly lowering her heaving cleavage onto his slippery cock, allowing the head of his cock to disappear between the fleshy globes yet not restricting her from pumping his cock with her hand.

"Yessss.... I can feel it building again! Ohhh godddd!" shouted Carl as Shirna simultaneously stroked his shaft with her hand and bobbed her heavy breasts up and down over the head of his cock.

"That's great Carl, keep it going, we might yet get there on our first attempt," replied Shirna.

"No, I mean it!" cried Carl, "You had better get yourself out of the way unless you want yourself covered!"

When Shirna had first inspected Carl she had made a mental note of his highly developed P.E. muscles, something she had taken great care to gauge since her second patient had unleashed an unsuspecting wad of semen three feet into the air covering her face and hair. As an educated guess she had decided Carl would probably be a "shooter" as well. With this in mind she had already decided that when Carl ejaculated it was going to be big and it was going to be messy, four months of stored semen would see to that, and so Shirna had resigned herself to letting him cum even if It meant getting it on her but now another thought occurred to her.

"Carl, I know you're getting close but my arms are really starting to ache, I'd like you to take over for a while." asked Shirna

"You mean like masturbate?" came the out-of-breath reply.

"No silly," replied Shirna "I'll lie down on the table and you can still use my breasts if you think it would do the trick."

Carl needed no second invitation and was off the table in a shot, taking with him the paper cover. Shirna lay down, taking his place, and was sure to keep her legs shut tight. Even though she was still wearing panties she didn't want any mishaps with a man who hadn't ejaculated for four months and was now on the edge. Carl gently straddled her and Shirna had a moment to note the care and patience he was exercising when surely the only thought in his mind was to empty his balls between her heaving breasts.

Carl slid his slick cock between her cleavage and keeping her hands at her side Shirna adjusted her upper arms to squeeze her firm, heavy, full breasts around his cock, burying it completely. Carl began to thrust in and out, panting heavily as he did so. She looked up into his face trying to gauge when the inevitable ejaculation was coming and met a determined stare, his mouth dropped half open and his thrusting became off-rhythm - near frantic. Finally he arched his back and let out a guttural moan that sounded almost primeval as his cock began to spasm and jerk.

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