tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShirts vs Skins Ch. 01

Shirts vs Skins Ch. 01


"...and in conclusion, remember what it means to be a counselor at Camp Wakanaki. The little ones will be coming in tomorrow, so make sure everything around camp is ready by then." John yawned, and couldn't wait to get out of the musky cabin where Leila Saunders, the senior counselor, was giving his final briefing before the kids were expected to arrive. The early summer heat was already permeating the wooden walls of the cabin, and John had been busily eyeing Leila's bountiful chest in an effort to stay awake, her sports bra showing slightly as her white Camp Wakanaki t-shirt grew moist with sweat. Dave, his fellow counselor and usual partner-in-crime, did not have his discipline, his head resting against the cabin wall as he silently snored. John quickly elbowed Dave, startling him awake and almost making him fall out of his chair. To Dave's credit, he realized where he was and barely made a sound during the whole encounter, and merely glared at John as the rest of their fellow counselors filed out of the cabin.

As they walked away from the cabin, Dave gave John a swift kick to the ass. "That's payback, bitch," he said with a grin. "Next time, just nudge me or something, or I swear you'll get more than just a kick to the ass."

Dave's kicks usually stung pretty hard, given that he had been the star striker on their school's soccer team, and this one was no exception. John rubbed his ass to soothe the pain, and said, "Hey idiot, given your track record at these things, I thought it'd be best if we delayed your disciplinary warnings until later into the season. Remember last summer? You were down to your last strike by the second week, and I had to work overtime to keep your ass out of trouble."

"What can I say? I'm a free spirit. I don't let rules or warnings get in the way of what I want to do. You should try living that way sometime, John. You'd get laid a lot more if you did." Dave simply displayed his patented grin, which to John was a constant source of irritation, though none of the girls at school seemed to be able to resist it. John had to admit that he was sometimes jealous of all the action that Dave got, who seemed to be banging a new girl every other week. John couldn't bring himself to throw caution to the wind like that, respecting his dates' wishes when they didn't want to put out, which lead to him only needing both hands to count the number of times he'd had sex.

John sighed. "Whatever, man. Just be careful not to get into trouble. We need the cash if we want to take the road trip to LA, and I've heard that Miss Saunders can be quite the tight-ass."

"Mmm, I'd certainly like to know how tight her ass is, if you know what I'm saying," Dave replied with a smirk.

John found Dave's misuse of his words agonizing, but his mind started to wander to Dave's words. Any warm-blooded male around would share Dave's sentiments, with Leila Saunders' pretty face and ample breasts making any man fall for her. John knew, of course, that was a strict "no in-camp liaisons" policy, but he knew Dave would ignore it anyway, and couldn't rule out Dave's success in his pursuit of the senior counselor.

John was snapped out of his musings by a call from across the field the two of them had wandered into, where he heard a distant figure yelling "Hey, could you help us grab the ball?" John was wondering what that person was referring to, when a soccer ball hit him square in the chest, making him stagger onto one knee in shock and making Dave start cackling like a hyena.

"Sorry," came the cry of the inattentive soccer players, and Dave was coming up with all manner of phrases to refuse such a meager apology. But when he saw two svelte figures approaching, the swell of their chest and hips obviously indicating that they were of the fairer sex, his complaints were completely forgotten, the only thoughts occupying his mind being the sheer beauty of the two girls who stood before him.

"Yeah, hope that didn't hurt, we didn't do it on purpose," said the svelte Asian girl, her long flowing black hair done up in a pony-tail that came down well past the Camp Wakanaki logo scrawled across her more-than-budding chest, her blue Camp Wakaniki shorts barely covering her long, smooth legs. Next to the Asian beauty was a brunette girl of about the same height and figure, though her curves were more obvious, with short brown hair that barely came down past her ears, the hem of her shorts barely covering all of her shapely ass. Dave would have been able to get their bra measurements down to within half an inch, but John's constant interaction with Dave let him guess that the Asian girl was a small B-cup, while the brunette girl had a slightly larger chest in the same cup size.

"It's okay, I'm tougher than I look," John said, even as he tried rubbing the spot where he'd been hit to ease the pain. Even after the ball had traveled across the makeshift soccer field, it had still stung pretty badly when it struck him.

"That's great then," the brunette said as she took the ball back from John. "Oh, I guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Gina, and this is Melissa."

"Hi," Melissa said, her hands clutched behind her back as she swayed on her two feet.

"I'm John, and this is my friend Dave."

"It's kind of lucky that we bumped into you," Gina said. "Me and Mel got kind of bored just kicking the ball at each other, and with the two of you we can get a proper game of soccer going. Are you guys interested?"

John was about to pipe up that Dave was the star of their school's team, but the hand that immediately shot up to his shoulder was their sign for John to keep quiet, and John could recognize the mischief brewing in his friend's head from a mile away.

"Yeah, we know how to play," Dave said with his unreadable smile. "Though we're not all that good at it. Mere bench-warmers on the school team. Still, if you're willing to make a concession or two, me and Dave won't have a problem playing, maybe even with stakes on the outcome."

"What do you have in mind?" Gina asked, her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"We really should be getting back to the cabins to prepare for the tykes coming in tomorrow; lesson plans don't write themselves, y'know? So we make this a quick game. First to a point wins. And since we only have two people on each team, street soccer rules: no fixed goal-keeper, both team members get to play offense or defense, and whoever's at the goal gets to use their hands."

"That's fine," Gina said, her untrusting glare still focused squarely on Dave. Still, John knew those requests were reasonable, though he expected Dave to drop the bombshells soon enough.

"Second, Dave over here is real bad in telling teams apart. Doesn't know who to pass to in a practice game unless we have different colored jerseys. School budget's shit though, which is why we usually play shirts versus skins. Since your the ones who want to play, I think it's only fair if you guys are skins."

John was speechless at the bold request, his mind's eye already seeing Gina come forward to slap Dave, and maybe even John. Melissa looked as though she was about to say something, but Gina turned and whispered to her.

"Fine," Gina said, to John's utter surprise. "I mean, it's a hot day and all, and with the sweat we're going to work up you guys will see our bras through this crappy white t-shirt anyway. Might as well get comfortable if we're gonna play."

Dave's grin grew even larger, and John felt he could see the cogs that fueled Dave's inane plans going into overdrive.

"It's not very interesting if we're not playing with anything on the line," Dave said. "How about we make it so that the losers have to do anything the winners ask. I mean, we'd let you girls have a handicap, if you think that's what you need to make things fair..."

Melissa's eyebrows furrowed, and quickly a flurry of whispering occurred between the two girls. After their quiet conversation, Melissa simply nodded her head, and Gina said, "Fine. We look forward to having two bitches for the day."

John started his own whispering conversation with Dave. "What the fuck, man? You've seen me at try-outs, you know I can barely play. Why'd you have to put stakes on it?"

"They're girls, man. I can take them on single-handedly if I need to. Just keep close to the Asian girl and mark her if you want to do anything. I know she's your type though, so don't get too distracted with her bra staring you in the face, we'll have enough of a show after we win." Turning to the girls, Dave yelled out, "I believe you girls need to get into the proper attire for the match?"

As quickly as the ball had struck John, Gina reached to the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing the blue bikini top she had on. The sheer material did little to cover up the tanned white flesh of her ample breasts, and it was clear she considered her sports seriously based on the toned abs that were exposed by the loss of her t-shirt. Melissa seemed for more apprehensive of this whole ordeal, seeming to cower away slowly, and Gina was forced to approach her friend and pull off her t-shirt for her, grabbing Melissa's arms and lifting them straight upwards with one hand while the other reached for the t-shirt and yanked it off. It seemed that Gina's hand traveled up the front of Melissa's torso, making the Asian girl yelp in excitement, as Gina slowly caressed her friend in the act of stripping her. With the t-shirt finally off, John bore witness to the pink sports-bra the clung tightly to Melissa's well-rounded chest, the pink cotton fabric quickly ending and revealing a flat stomach before reaching to the deep blue of her short shorts. Quickly forgetting all of Dave's past transgressions, John could only praise his friend's hidden genius for letting him look upon two beautiful half-naked girls, ready and eager to grind up against either of them in pursuit of the soccer ball.

Dave and Gina worked out the respective goalposts – two trees at the end of the field for the guys, and the Camp Wakanaki t-shirts marking out the goal posts for the girls. Setting the ball down, Dave motioned for the girls to have the first ball as he jogged backward towards their half of the field, and with a fire in Gina's eye she started the first kick of their match.

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