tagLesbian SexShivers, Chills and Lesbian Thrills

Shivers, Chills and Lesbian Thrills


*Please be gentle, this is my first erotic short story. It's actually a part of a larger story I'm creating, but I wanted to go ahead and submit this part to see what people thought.*


I have never thought of myself as experimental, nor did I ever imagine I was into women. I was just your typical nineteen year old college girl, long red hair that ended just below my C cup breasts, bright blue green eyes and fair skin. I had only ever been with guys but for some reason, Lucy struck me differently.

She was tall and lean. She had raven hair and piercing deep blue eyes. I saw her from across the bar about a week ago. She had approached me and we hit it off. As friends, or so I thought. Now we were at her place, sharing a drink and having a laugh.

I stared into those eyes that captivated me from the start. Within them lay emotions never expressed, a dark pain hidden inside. The ocean blue rushes over over me, taking me away to sea, surely to drown. I feel my breath caught in my throat as she stares back at me. No, not at me, into me. As if she can see everything I've ever said, done, or thought about doing. As if she knew the real me, the me I never even knew.

I somehow manage to break the gaze, my eyes wandering to her soft, pink lips, lightly glossed. I subconsciously run my tongue over my own, and her eyes fall down to watch. Before I know it, her hand gently caresses my chin, pulling me into her. Our lips collide and her tongue lightly brushes mine. My heart stops, and my breath is caught in my throat again. Our tongues dance, like a ballet. Her hand moves from my chin to the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair. Our kiss deepens, like the sea in her eyes. My heart race is on a steep incline, and my breath quickens as our bodies press against each other, breast to breast.

I can feel the temperature between us rising, the sparks are flying, bound to catch something on fire. She pushes against me, and I can feel the wall just behind me. Suddenly, I am against it, and her hands are exploring my body. Her hands are cold against my skin as she grazes my stomach underneath my shirt. Her fingers play at the underwire of my my bra and a smile creeps onto her lips before pressing them against mine once again. She pushes the bra up and cups my breast in her hand, gently squeezing. My breath catches and shivers are sent down my spine.

She must have noticed, because she does it again and again, getting slightly rougher each time. Her fingers tease at my now perky nipples. I squirm at the new sensation, amazed at how the smallest of touch can make me feel this way. Her other hand grabs my waist and pulls me against her and away from the wall. She leads me, her hand is my guide. I feel the back of my legs bump up against something, and suddenly I'm on my back.

I open my eyes and look up at the woman before me. I am now on her bed, my bra halfway off and a fire inside a place I've never felt before. She puts her legs on either side of me, straddling my waist and plants her lips upon me again. Her hand is on my breast again, the other on my hip, tugging at the waist band of my jeans. I am unsure of what to do with my own hands, so I place one on the back of her head and pull her deeper. I can feel a vibration on my lips, a moan escaping hers. She kneads my breast and taunts my tongue with hers.

Suddenly, the kiss is broken and she sits up. Her hair cascades around her shoulders like a waterfall, framing her face, and her breasts, like a masterpiece made from God himself. I can see the arousal in her eyes as she teasingly backs away, towards the edge of the bed. I sit up on my elbows and watch her, eager and nervous for what's next. She grabs the waist of my jeans and pops the button with ease. She slides down the zipper and tugs gently. I lift my hips to help, and she slides them off my ankles. I lay there, in just my panties. Thank god I wore my cute ones today.

She tosses the jeans to the side and then tugs off my shirt and bra. Now I really am in just my panties. I never felt so exposed, but for some reason, with her, it didn't feel wrong. She pulls her own shirt over her head and does a little strip dance out of her jeans and bra. I smile nervously, unsure of what to do. She got back down at the edge of the bed and ran her manicured nails lightly over my thighs. It sent a sensation throughout me, but more specifically down there. I press my legs together lightly in reaction.

She leans down, replacing her fingers with her tongue. She gently pulls my legs apart and runs in on the inside of my thighs. My breath catches, my back arching slightly. I look down and her eyes meet mine, a small smirk displayed across her lips. Her finger is placed upon the sweet spot on my underwear. My back arches again, and I am unsure of how to react. Her finger begins to draw a small circle and I bite my lip, trying to hold in whatever my brain was telling me to shout out.

Suddenly, my panties were pulled off my body, and a slender finger touches the bare skin of my vagina. Instantly, I'm wet. She lightly flicks my clitoris, making me squeal. She pushes two fingers inside me and I lose all sense of myself. The feeling is unlike anything I've felt before. In and out, massaging my insides. Her tongue meets my clitoris, pushing me further. My back arches higher and a moan slips from my lips. Her fingers are extracted for a minute and I attempt to collect myself. Unfortunately, I am unable to, because her tongue is inserted inside me, creating an even more intense feeling than before. Her hand comes up and grabs my breast, kneading it and tugging at my very sensitive nipples. I moan uncontrollably. I have one hand on the back of her head, my fingers grabbing at her hair, my other hand is kneading my other breast. My hips begin to thrust and meet with her tongue. Her other hand moves and begins to play with my clitoris. My moans become louder, my thrusts become quicker, my body wanting.

Suddenly, I am pushed over the edge. My body convulses, and I moan at the top of my lungs. The feeling is so intense, as if I had died and gone to heaven. A few shivers shoot through my body, and my breathing slows. I can feel my heart pounding. I sigh and open my eyes. It was at that moment that I knew I was wrong about myself all along.

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