tagGroup SexShocked and Surprised Ch. 04

Shocked and Surprised Ch. 04


Main Cast

Mike, 35 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Anne's husband.
Anne, 34 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Mike's wife.

From the last chapter

We drove home and I continued to revel in the birthday I had already had. I even smelled my fingers a couple of times. I hadn't had a chance to wash my hands yet. What a birthday! Whew! Who knew?!

Over the next couple of weeks, our lives seemed to return to normal except that Anne was insatiable. She now wanted sex at least five nights a week. Not that I was complaining. She was becoming more adventurous and initiating sex more than ever. I was not prepared for her next proposal, however.

We were sitting at the dinner table one Thursday when it started.

"Mike, remember on your birthday when I said I had something that I was trying to work out in my head?"

I stopped eating and looked up. "Yes."

"Well, I want to try something on Saturday and I need to ask you about it."

Uh-oh. Where was this going? "Okay...."

"Well, I think what I want to do is tie you up, blindfold you, and then tease you and have sex with you while you are restrained. What do you think?"

I stared at her for a second.

"That bad, huh?"

I was finally able to answer. "Uh, no, I'm just a little surprised. You had mentioned something like that after my birthday present, but you never brought it up again. I thought maybe you had not figured it out or realized that it was just a fantasy."

She stared at me. I could see her trying to formulate the words. "Can I be honest?"

"I hope so, honey. Please."

"Okay. I think I might like to try being in charge, but the thing that turns me on the most is that I love the way you look when you are being pleased. You get this look on your face and you get so into it. I love you and I love the way you look like that. I saw it when I was fucking you on your birthday and you were fingering the other two women and I saw it again last week when I let you fuck my ass. Putting those two together is what is really turning me on lately and I've been thinking about it for two weeks."

I stared at her.

"Stunned, huh?"

"Uh, yeah. I was not sure what you were going to say, but that was not it. You want to tie me up and pleasure me so that you can see that look on my face? Blindfold me, too?"

She looked at the floor. "Yeah, sort of. I have a scenario that I want to play out and I want you to be tied and blindfolded. Will you let me do that? I know that you are not the type that wants me to do this regularly, but maybe just this once?"

I looked at her and she looked up at me. We stared at each other for a few minutes. "Anne, I love you. Of course I'll do it, but we need to discuss boundaries."

She jumped up and came over and sat on my lap. "Thank you, honey. So what are the boundaries?"

"Well, for one, I need to be able to get out at any time that I feel uncomfortable."

"Okay. I was going to buy the easy breakaway cuffs that they sell. You would be able to get out of them with a sharp pull. We could also have a safe word. Most of the stories I've read make sure that the parties involved have one."

"Okay, that's good. What will be our word?"

"How about spaghetti?"

I chuckled. "That works. Now about what you are going to do to me; nothing painful, nothing that will leave marks, etc. right?"

"Of course. I don't want to hurt you. I want to see you have so much pleasure that you can't stand it." She giggled. "I told you I love to see that and I want to see that look you get when you are absolutely, completely into the sex and ready to cum. That look on your face is priceless." She kissed me hard and suddenly we were making out. She pulled back. "Mmmm. I really want to make love to you right now, but I want to wait and have us both anticipating Saturday."

I grabbed and squeezed her right tit. "You little tease."

She smiled and pushed herself away from me. "You have no idea."

That stopped me in my tracks. I suddenly got this idea that she was going to tease me unmercifully on Saturday. It made me nervous, but I was going to go thru with it because I loved her.

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful, albeit a little cold. Anne was in as good a mood as I had ever seen. She was happy, bouncy, enjoying everything about the morning, and this was before her first cup of coffee. That was very unusual. My anticipation was building also, so I was probably a little more subdued. I still wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I was going to go thru with it. How could I not? The woman got me three lap dances from beautiful naked women, and then fucked me while I fingered the other two. It was the most amazing adventure of my life sexually. I had to at least let her try to figure out what was going on in her head. I knew she wouldn't hurt me; pain wasn't part of the deal. She just wanted the control and, as I was figuring, tease me for a while. I didn't know what power trip she got out of it, but I loved her enough to trust her.

We had a light dinner at 6pm and then at about 7pm, I was watching basketball when she came into the living room.

"Is 8pm good for you?"

"Fine." I looked up and must have looked at little wary or unsure.

Anne came over and sat next to me. "Just trust me, okay? I love you and will not hurt you. I just want to experience this control thing and I want to bring you pleasure like you've never known. Okay?"

I smiled, but I wasn't sure my heart was in it. "Okay."

"Besides, you can always imagine, since you will be blindfolded, that it's another woman on top of you. I saw how you looked at Denise's tits on your birthday. You don't get any big tits at home, so you were mesmerized by hers. Just imagine it's her when there's a woman bouncing around on your big... hard... cock." She punctuated the last part of that by tapping my crotch. I got hard.

At 8pm I walked into my bedroom and my wife was sitting there in nothing but a g-string. She looked fucking hot! I walked in and sat down next to her on the bed. She smiled and took my hand. "Ready?"

"I think so."

She looked at me very seriously. "You don't have to do this. You can always say no. I know you are only doing this because I have some idea that I can't get seem to get out of my head that I want to try, but you can just say no."

I took a deep breath. "Okay, let's do this." I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed spread-eagled. Anne leaned over and took the cuffs that she had positioned in each corner of the bed and locked me in place. Then she reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the blindfold. It was a heavy duty one like a sleeping mask. She leaned over me and I stared at her tits until my sight disappeared. Once she had it on, she got off the bed and I didn't hear anything for a couple of minutes.

I then felt the light touch of a hand on my dick. I started getting hard. I wasn't at all turned on by the restraints, but now that she was playing, the anticipation was starting to get to me. She ran her hands lightly all up and down my chest and body, lightly tickling the hair on my chest, legs, and around my dick. I was hard as a rock as she continued to stroke everything except my dick. This must be the teasing she was talking about.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I'm going to go let Denise in so you can have a woman with big tits sit on your dick. Then I'm going to make her cum on your dick and then I'll make her get off and swallow your dick until you fill her belly with cum."

Okay, now my dick was imitating a steel bar.

I could hear Anne move around the room and then I heard the door open. "Be back in just a second honey, Denise is waiting downstairs."

I heard the door close and her footsteps receding. I waited for a couple of minutes. I was tempted to break out of the cuffs. I was just about to when I heard Anne coming back down the hall. The door opened and she came back in. My dick had softened a little, but as soon as she came back in she remedied that. She leaned over and took my dick into her mouth and started sucking. As soon as I was hard, she stopped.

"There. Denise can't sit on a soft dick. She needs it big, fat, and hard."

There was no answer.

"Denise told me that she loved it when I rode you in front of her the other day. Her boyfriend is neglecting her and she is leaving him, so she decided that she would help me with this situation by fucking you and letting me see her suck you off. It turns me on to think about watching another woman fuck and suck you. I might cum just from watching."

I smiled and decided to play along. "I loved it when she stripped and played with herself, honey. She has such nice big tits and a lovely looking pussy. When we were fucking and I made her cum with my fingers, she trembled and shook and covered my hand with her juices. I smelled it all the way home and didn't even want to wash my hands."

"Ooohhh. I think he likes these big tits, Denise. Mike, I have to tell you that I have also become a little curious about women and I'm feeling her tits right now. Mmmm. They feel wonderful. I think I'm going to love feeling women's tits and then presenting them to you."

A hand grabbed my dick. "That's it Denise. Keep him stimulated for a little longer." The hand went up and down my shaft. "Here, let me stick my fingers in your wet cunt and feed it to Mike." Anne was really getting into the graphic talk. There was a momentary silence and then I could hear a moan and a wet squishy sound. "Denise, you are so fucking wet already." The hand on my dick never stopped moving and the lack of sight was making me get really fucking hot. It seemed to enhance my other senses. My dick was hard and throbbing. I was hoping we'd get after it soon.

And then I felt fingers at my lips. I opened my mouth, but first they smeared the pussy juices around my lips and then finally, entered my mouth. I sucked them greedily. It smelled and tasted wonderful.

I felt the bed depress and could tell that Anne was climbing over the top of me. I waited and waited and waited. I felt her lean over me and she whispered to me so I could barely hear. "Are you ready to fuck Denise?"

"Oh, yes!"

Her hips lowered and pressed my dick against my belly. She rubbed her pussy up and down my dick, her juices getting me wet. She moved back and forth, back and forth. "Oh, fuck, that's wonderful. Is that Denise rubbing her pussy on me?"

"Yes, dear." The voice seemed to come from my left, which didn't make sense since she was sitting on me... unless. No way. No fucking way!

I stopped moving and lifted my head. "Anne? Is Denise really here?"

I felt the bed depress next to me and heard my wife speak again. "Yes, we are both here. I told you I wanted to see you fuck a woman and have her suck you off, so she's here now. Now be a good boy and lick my pussy and fuck Denise while I play with her big tits."

I felt her straddle my face, but I wanted to know more. I yanked on the cuffs and realized that they were not going to break open. I was definitely tied down. Anne had not gotten the breakaway cuffs and I had two women on top of me.

"Honey, let me loose. I don't understand. What's happening? We need to talk about this." I thrashed back and forth, not believing that my wife had Denise fucking me and she was going to sit on my face. What was going on with this woman? She was also at least bi-curious? I'd never heard anything or had an inkling about this.

I could smell her pussy right over my face. "You know what's happening. You are going to fuck Denise and suck my pussy and then Denise is going to suck your dick and make you cum. I'm going to watch and enjoy it, and then I'm going to make her eat my pussy." I heard Denise moan at that. "So please, honey, just let me enjoy this a little longer. I know you want to enjoy it a little longer."

Her pussy descended onto my face and I lapped at it, trying to get her off quickly. She was sitting on me hard and I had no choice but to do something to her. I couldn't believe that there was another woman in bed with us. It was only a few weeks ago when Anne had shown me this more adventurous side and fucked me in front of two women and had me finger their pussies. I was in a bit of shock, but I was also hard, horny, and, yes, had two sexy women in my bed. I then heard Denise's voice. "Anne, I love your cute little tits and your husband's big dick. I want them both." I heard sucking noises and realized that Denise was sucking Anne's tits. I wanted to see this so badly but I was still confused by it.

Denise kept rubbing up and down my dick, but my confusion kept me from really getting into the sex at the moment. I kept sucking and licking Anne and she came in only about three minutes. She was so keyed up she just couldn't last long. Finally, after a good orgasm and soaking my mouth, she got up and sighed. "That was great honey. Let me help you."

Suddenly my mask came off and I squinted for my eyes to get used to light again. I looked up into Anne's eyes as she was right in front of my face. Denise had stopped fucking me for the moment. Anne was looking at me questioningly. "Are you okay?"

I looked at her. "I think so."

"Are you okay with me letting Diane fuck you?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure it's a good idea and I'm not sure what happens afterward."

My wife stared at me for a second. "I understand." She turned to Denise and I finally got to see as Denise rose up and lifted my hard dick up so that she could impale herself on it. "Stop, Denise." Denise looked up, confused, lustful, and trying to hold still. "I think we may have a problem here. Mike is not sure that he wants to fuck you, right Mike?"

"Anne, I would love to fuck Denise, but not if it causes any problems or damages our marriage. I love you too much for that. Do you understand?"

Anne looked at me. "I understand. But can you understand this?" She leaned in close to me. "I really want to see you fuck her. Then I want her to eat me. I want to see this really badly. Can you just let me do this?"

I looked at Denise, who had sat back a little, but was still holding my cock. Little head was screaming 'Yes' and big head was listening to my wife say it was okay, so I agreed. "Okay, go ahead."

Denise smiled. "Thank you, Anne. I really need this."

Anne and I both watched as Denise rose up and impaled herself back onto my cock. She dropped down and moaned. Anne moved around behind her. She put her arms around Denise and started lifting her tits. "Look at these big, beautiful tits, honey. Don't you just love these?" I just stared as Denise continued to fuck herself with my dick while Anne moved to pinch and pull on Denise's nipples. "Oh, baby, these nipples are fantastic. Do you like that Denise?" I was as shocked by watching Denise bounce on my cock as I was by Anne playing with her.

She had her head thrown back and just moaned a yes.

"I love playing with your tits in front of Mike. He can't take his eyes off of them." She continued to pull and pinch the left one, but ran her right hand down to Denise's pussy. "How are you doing honey?" She looked up at me.

"F... Fine." I managed to get out while Denise dropped down on me.

"Good, I'm going to finger this slut's pussy and get her off so that she can suck you off and swallow your cum, so hang on."

I watched as she did just that. She started playing with Denise's pussy and rubbing her clit. She started lightly tugging on the clit and Denise closed her eyes, threw her head back, and started panting heavily. After about 1 minute of this stimulation, Denise groaned and tensed up. Anne held her tight and rubbed her clit hard while she went thru her orgasmic spasms and grunted with each jerk. When she was finally done, she just leaned back against Anne. Anne smiled at me.

"Are you close to cumming, honey?"

"Not too close, but ready." I was staring at her, not believing that it was my wife Anne that was doing this.

She finally kissed Denise on the neck. "Raise up, baby, we need to get my hubby off."

Denise slowly gathered herself and rose up, my dick slipping out and slapping up against my stomach. Anne helped Denise get into position to blow me.

"C'mon, Denise, I know you want to taste that cock that's been buried in your pretty little pussy. Just look at your cunt juices all over it." Anne was getting better and more descriptive with her language every minute. Denise, meanwhile, had picked my dick up and was licking the underside. Anne continued her narration. "Oh, sweetie, that looks delicious. Take the whole thing in your mouth. Let my husband feel what a hot little cock-sucker you are." Denise obeyed. "That's right, get right down there." Anne started pushing on Denise's head until she hit her gag reflex. "Mmmm. Is that good?" Denise nodded. "Now start bobbing and get ready to take a good load. My husband knows how to deliver a good load into the mouth of sluts like you."

Denise's eyes went wide at that, but she obeyed and started bobbing up and down, licking the underside of my dick.

Anne moved up next to me and lay down, propping her head up on my arm. "Doesn't she look good with your dick in her mouth?"

"Yes." How else do you answer that question?

"C'mon slut, get that cum. I need to have my pussy licked and I just know you are going to be a good pussy-eater, too." Anne started stroking her pussy and Denise was going full bore on my dick. I knew I was going to cum soon and I told Anne that. She leaned over and stared at me. "I want to see your face when you cum." I stared back into her eyes and then I started cumming.

"Oh, fuck!" I punctuated my first spurt with that and my wife grinned at me. After a couple of more jerks, she plastered her mouth to mine and started kissing me hard. She was attacking my mouth with hers as I jerked thru my orgasm, filling Denise's mouth, and I could feel her horniness.

Finally, she pulled away. "I love the way you look when you are cumming and it was even better kissing you at the end of your orgasm while you were still jerking and filling the slut's mouth with cum."

"Thank you." I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Anne could. She turned over and opened her legs wide and put her hand down there. I think she was spreading herself open, but I couldn't see it. "Okay, slut, come over here and show me how you eat pussy. If you are good, I'll cum for you, if not, I'm going to spank your ass and send you home, got it?"

"Yes, ma'am." That was the first time I heard that and I noticed that Anne was very pleased.

Denise crawled over and planted her face between Anne's legs. She started eating her with gusto and apparently it was just what Anne needed. She started jerking around and moaning and then put her hand on Denise's head. She held her there as within just a few seconds she thrashed her way thru an orgasm.

Anne lifted her head and looked at Denise. "Thank you, slut. You were very good." She turned to me. "Thank the slut, honey."

"Thank you, Denise."

Denise smiled. "You're welcome."

Anne got up and told Denise to get dressed. She left the room. Anne started releasing me from the cuffs. "Sorry about the cuffs. They were out of the other kind, but I didn't think you would mind too much."

I waited until I was completely free. "We definitely need to discuss what just happened."

She looked up at me sheepishly. "Yeah, I know. Sorry about that."

"First, we need to get dressed and go talk to Denise about this, too."

She smiled. "No, actually, we don't. I told Denise that as soon as we were done, she was to leave. She'll be gone by now."

I looked at her. "Okay, let's talk. First, why did you not tell me that the cuffs were not breakaway?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "You always could have used the safe word."

Shit! I forgot about that. "I forgot about it, but why did you bring in another woman to fuck me?"

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