tagFetishShooter Girl Mitzi: Get a Job!

Shooter Girl Mitzi: Get a Job!


Dear Miss Jones,

Thank you for your interest in our company! Unfortunately, the position you have applied for has been filled. If you're still interested in working with us, please see the attached file for positions that are currently available.

Mitzi Jones stared down at her phone with a blank look as she read yet another automated rejection email. She sighed heavily as she clicked the link, and she chuckled darkly as she saw the positions that were listed there.

"Lotta good all that schooling did for me," she mumbled as she shoved the phone back into her pocket. She didn't even have a computer to look for jobs, and her older brother always gave her a hard time when she asked to use his.

"Well, shit," she crossed her arms once more and frowned. She was tired of going to the library to look for jobs, and even when her brother was out she couldn't get on his computer because it was password protected. She knew why he didn't want her to use it: he probably had a ton of porn on it, but she didn't care. Really, she probably watched more porn than he did, but she wasn't about to tell him that; the last thing she needed was for her brother or anyone else in the house to have more ammo to use against her.

Currently, she was standing in her bedroom, or what was left of it. The room was actually being remodeled, and the only thing that was in it was a single mattress on the floor and a scattering of toiletries and other necessities beside it. The majority of her earthly belongings were neatly packed into boxes, which were stacked against the wall, and she had no intention of unpacking them until they were in her own apartment.

She headed out of the bedroom and heard the loud sounds of a shooting video game in the living room. She turned out of the hallway and saw her brother sitting on the couch with a controller in his hand. He was taller and darker than her and had taken more after their father with features, and Mitzi had always thought that he could probably be a model...if he wasn't such a lazy asshole.

"Hey, bro, can I use your computer?" She asked him flatly, obviously not in the mood to bullshit.

Her brother groaned as he kept his eyes glued to the tv, "Why?"

"You know why: I need to put in a few more job applications, it's hard to do it on my phone; takes freaking forever."

Her brother sniffed, "You should have thought about that before you went to college and got a degree you couldn't use."

Mitzi stiffened. She'd graduated a little over a month prior and had gotten herself a business degree. Unfortunately for her, she hadn't been able to find a job with it, because most places wanted her to have some sort of experience, which of course, she didn't have, because she'd been in school to get the degree that she thought she needed. It had been an exhausting, ironic experience, and she'd given up on trying to find a good job and was now simply looking for any job at all, if for no other reason than to get her mom's boyfriend off her back.

"Tyrone, don't be a jerk," she mumbled, trying not to let him get the best of her. "C'mon, I already know you have a bunch of porn on your computer; I don't give a shit. I'm not gonna go clicking through all your stuff, you can even make a guest account for me."

Her brother, Tyrone, flared up at her before flicking his eyes back onto the screen, "I I don't have any porn, I just don't feel like it's fair that you're asking for my help now after you acted like such a hotshot before you left. What happened to your laptop anyway?"

She was beginning to lose her patience, "You know what happened to it: I hocked it."

He smiled smugly, "Oh, that's right, you did, didn't you? Sucks to suck, I guess."

Mitzi balled her fists for a moment before relaxing slightly as she faced the TV, "What is this crap? Call of stupid twenty nine or whatever the hell? How did you afford this, anyway?"

Like her, Tyrone was also unemployed, but both their mother and her boyfriend weren't riding him about it like they were on her, "Doesn't matter; mind your own business, Mitzi."

She scoffed as she watched the overly animated FPS, "This is hot garbage, it's exactly the same as the last one. I've never even played this before and I bet I could beat your ass into the ground at it."

Both she and her brother had one thing in common: they were very competitive, especially against each other. Even though he knew he was being riled, Tyrone couldn't help but laugh, "There's no way in hell you could beat me, don't even try."

Mitzi was already grabbing for the other controller, "Big talk from a little man; bring up a map and we can do this however you want. Zombies, PVP, it won't matter. If I win, will you let me use your computer?"

Tyrone inhaled sharply. He was taller than she was, more muscular, and he weighed more, but none of those things had anything to do with her 'little man' crack. "Fine. And if I win?"

She shook her head, "You know I don't have anything to give you, but if you win I'll set you up for a date with Wendy Sorento."

He chuckled. Wendy was an old crush of his from highschool, and though he considered himself somewhat of a player, he'd never been able to get her number, let alone get a date with her. Mitzi and Wendy weren't good friends, but they stayed in touch often enough to where he believed her, "Well shit, you've got yourself a deal, little sister," he said as he quit his current game and exited to the main screen.

Mitzi had always been good with her hands, and beating all the boys at their own game was a favorite past time of hers. When they were kids, she would beat her brother at basketball more often than not, and nearly anything else they played with the other neighborhood kids.

Beating him at the overpriced, overhyped FPS wasn't any different. She preferred to use sniper rifles in such games, and when he accused her of relying on them too heavily (after she'd gotten several headshots in on him) she switched to pistols and continued to beat his poor, digital soldier into the proverbial dust.

He got lucky a few times, but she was still far ahead of him in kills before she leaned back and grinned, "Okay, seriously, what are we playing to? I can do this all day, I just don't want to."

Her brother grimaced, "You're only doing so well because it's just pvp. If we were playing zombies then..."

Her bright laughter cut him off, "God, you have an excuse for everything! I don't care what I'm shooting; I'm telling you, all these games are exactly the same. Let's play a round of zombies if you think it's going to make any difference."

He silently exited out of their match and conveniently skipped over the recap of how many times he'd killed her. A few moments later, a new map was loaded, and Mitzi went about the task of killing digital zombies. True to her word, she wasn't having any difficulties, and even as the rounds intensified she played how she always did: fast and accurate. The game was keen on respawning unnecessary amounts of ammo, so she took advantage and played a little more sloppy than she usually did.

They were almost in the final round when the front door opened.

"Get a job, slacker!" Mitzi heard Doug's voice behind her as her eyebrow twitched.

Doug was her mother's live in boyfriend, and incidentally the only person between all of them that made enough money to cover the rent. He'd made his comment somewhat jokingly, if completely obnoxiously, and it seemed to be his recurring go to any time he saw her doing something that wasn't applying for jobs.

"I'm trying," she told him coldly as she blew yet another zombie's head off. "When I win this, Tyrone is going to let me use his computer and I'm going to put in some more applications."

Doug hung up his cap and walked into the kitchen to wash his hands. He was covered in grease, like he usually was, and Mitzi had learned to synonymate the smell with him, so she hated it, "Seriously? God, you guys are always fighting; sure would be nice if you could put all that energy towards making this household some money."

Mitzi ignored the self righteous, alcoholic mechanic as she played for several seconds longer. Finally, the match ended, and she set her controller down and sighed, "Think you won?" She smirked at her brother.

He returned her smug smile, "We'll see."

The score came up on the screen and Mitzi laughed, "Hmm, interesting," she jeered at him sarcastically.

Tyrone glowered at the screen for a long moment, "You said you never played this before... liar."

"I didn't lie; this game wasn't even out when I was in school, genius, it came out like a week ago."

She glanced at the screen again as the majority of her triumphancy disappeared. She'd made at least fifty more kills than he had, and had made over a hundred headshots, but the emptiness of her victory manifested itself as she realized that she was still unemployed, and that she'd only done it to gain access to his computer.

Tyrone tossed the controller on the couch as he stood, "Fine, you win. Follow me."

Several minutes later, she was sitting in front of his mid-range PC, and he was standing behind her.

"Yeah, I got it. I swear, I'm not gonna go clicking through all your shit!" She told him with exasperation for the third time. "You wanna stand there and watch me while I answer stupid questionnaires and fill out endless blocks of information?"

"No," Tyrone pouted slightly, obviously still upset at having lost to his little sister...again. "Just turn it off when you're done."

He left the room and Mitzi sighed, "Jerk," she whispered under her breath as she opened up browser window and signed into her email.

She actually did manage to fill out two applications before she went clicking through his shit. She'd never been one to deny her own curiosity, and she'd always been a forceful person. She had to know what her brother was so adamant about hiding, but she had no intention of rubbing it in his face.

It took her awhile to find anything of relevance, and when she did, her eyes widened. Tyrone had an entire folder full of pictures of girls that she'd gone to highschool with. All of them were her age and they looked recent, so it's not like it was illegal, but it did strike her as a little creepy that he had saved them on his computer.

"Shit," she whispered under her breath as she wheeled through them. She recognized many of them, and, at the time, she'd even hated some of them, but one thing was for sure: they all had great tits.

She'd always thought it was a joke when people called her brother a player, but it seemed that he'd at least been able to convince girls to send him pictures, which had to count for something.

'"Is that... Tasha Stevens?" She leaned forward and stared at the screen.

It was. Tasha was one of the girls that had competed against her in tennis back in highschool. She hated the bitch, at least at the time, but not because she was always beaten by her.

Tasha Stevens was as white as sour cream and lived entirely off of her family's success. Last Mitzi had heard, she was living off her trust fund and partying it up on the west coast somewhere.

The picture of her wasn't bad: the young woman was lying topless on her bed, surrounded by stuffed animals. Mitzi still despised her, but she smiled slightly as a devilish sort of arousal came over her.

How hot would it be to cum all over your stupid bitch face? Mitzi wondered as she felt her crotch tingle. She stared at the picture for a moment longer as she felt herself grow erect in her jeans, admiring her old rival's pert pink nipples and dainty lips.

Mitzi was a futanari, a fact that was made evident as the bulge in her jeans grew. To say that her male addition had made her life more challenging was an understatement, but she'd long since made peace with herself and was even glad that she was a futa; if for no other reason than the fact that it made her extremely unique. Incidentally, she was attracted to both males and females, but she'd never been in a serious relationship for obvious reasons.

The idea of jacking off to Tasha's breasts seemed appealing, but Mitzi fought the urge as she closed out of the window. There was no way she would have been able to talk her way out of it if she was caught, and besides that, she didn't want to cream her pants.

Now, there were cummers, and there was Mitzi: even for a futa girl, she produced semen that was as healthy as it was copious. She watched quite a bit of porn, and she liked to giggle as she watched guys ejaculate. It was more comical than hot to her, and the hottest part of all was that she knew she could shoot loads more than they could.

That was exactly why she resisted the urge to touch herself as she opened Tyrone's recently viewed folder. There was a video there, and she double clicked it out of sheer curiosity, hoping it was a video of one of her old classmates doing something naughty.

It wasn't, however, but something else entirely. She made sure the volume was down low as she watched the clip play, and her eyes widened, "What the hell?" she whispered as she felt her stomach sink nervously.

In the video, there were two girls standing closely beside each other in front of a small audience, and they were positioned in front of some sort of strange looking court that looked like a cross between a bowling alley and a shuffle ball playing area. Both girls were masturbating furiously, and the small crowd was shouting and urging them on. At first, Mitzi thought they were wearing strapons, but as the camera zoomed in closer to them, she saw that they were working their hands over what could only have been their own penises. Both girls were fully clothed, but they both wore daisy dukes, and their cocks were hanging out through their open zippers as they both fapped themselves into oblivion.

"What the fuck?" Mitzi whispered once more, almost repeating herself as her nervousness turned to confusion. "What is this?"

Thankfully, Tyrone's computer was facing the bedroom door, and if anyone walked in on her she would be able to click out of the window quickly.

Getting caught was the last thing on her mind, however, as she leaned forward and winced at the screen. The two girls, if they were even girls at all, were both wearing t-shirts with branding on them. There were a few signs here and there, and an emblem higher up on the wall depicting a silhouette of a woman... a woman who had a dick jutting from her crotch.

"Shooter girls..." Mitzi read the sign as her eyes snapped back to the two women who were obviously engaged in some sort of competition. One of them looked like she was about to pass out as her face contorted suddenly, and an arc of cum shot out of her cock and splattered down the playing area. Her opponent fired seconds after she did, and soon both of them were firing baby batter an an unprecedented rate.

Mitzi was dumbfounded. She'd never seen anyone shoot as much as she herself could, but the girl's in the video were firing away like they were never going to run out of the white stuff. It was almost enough to rival her own production, and as they both stopped some announcer was saying something before the video ended.

It was perhaps a two minute clip, but it was one of the most life altering two minutes of Mitzi's existence. She clicked out of the video and shut the computer down, almost afraid of what she'd found, before stood suddenly and ran to her room.

She pulled out her phone and opened a browser window, "What the hell is shooter girls?" She muttered to herself as she typed the phrase into a search engine.

A thousand things came up, and she clicked on the first website on the list.

Welcome to shooter girls! A friendly purple text greeted her before a wall of boring disclaimer came up. She had seen so many porn sites that she never even paid attention to the disclaimer, and she clicked yes to being eighteen or older as she impatiently waited for the site to load on her dated smartphone.

She scrolled through several pictures that were there and she shook her head as she realized what it was, "Oh my god..." she said slowly as her hands began to shake. it seemed that the shooter girls had only been around for a few years, but she'd never heard of it. It was a tournament involving futanari girls, and it seemed like every event revolved around shooting cum.

She scanned the page quickly and read a few snippets here and there. There was a picture of a tall young woman smiling and waving, and a caption over her head read: Tilly Florez, winner of the second annual shooter girls final.

"Tilly, huh?" Mitzi looked over the picture with a bit of incredulously. In the photo, Tilly was fully clothed and her dick was packed up, but she could see the bulge through the woman's thin jeans as she scrolled down.

Tilly Florez is also the the current shooter girls distance record holder: an incredible twelve and a half feet!

Mitzi's eyes nearly popped out of her head, "Twelve what?" She almost choked. She thought she was a far shooter, but twelve feet? What kind of monster could ejaculate that far? She cleared her head and continued to read through the page before she scrolled all the way to the bottom.

Think you have what it takes to be a shooter girl? A line of text asked her. It's estimated that less than 0.05% of women on the planet are futanari, and even fewer can shoot like our girls! We're holding auditions for the next season of shooter girls: if you think you can shoot, we want you! Audition winners receive a $500 cash prize and a shot at the preliminary leagues!

Mitzi blinked. If it was one thing she knew how to do, it was masturbate, but the idea of getting paid to do it sounded unthinkable. It seemed that many people were interested, however, and even though she'd never heard of it, it seemed that the shooter girls had had already gained a large cult following.

She smiled broadly as she realized that she never would have found out about the event if it wasn't for her brother, "Your nasty ass likes girl dick," she snickered as she imagined confronting her brother about the video. The thought did bring her some satisfaction, because he always called her a freak, and sometimes he referred to her as his little brother. In the end, it was nice to know that he secretly got off to futa girls, but she decided that that particular round of ammunition should be saved for a special occasion.

She looked down at her screen once more and pursed her lips, "Okay... where is this place at, exactly?"

-One week later-

Mitzi could scarcely believe that she'd found the place as she walked up to the building. There was a small sign on the glass door that said 'SG auditions', so she took a deep breath and swung it open.

She'd taken a bus from her hometown in North Carolina all the way to Nashville, which was the closest audition location. The recruiter was only going to be there for three days, so she'd mustered up her courage and bought herself a ticket with her almost maxed out credit card. She didn't even have enough money to stay at a hotel, so she planned to take the latest bus back, which was another ten hour trip, but she did her best not to focus on the trip back as she stepped into the rented space.

"Hi there!" A woman sitting in front of a makeshift laptop stand greeted her with a smile.

Mitzi cleared her throat nervously, "Hey, is this, um, the shooter girl's audition?"

"Yep," the woman, a young brunette answered her with the same smile. "Have you registered online yet?"

"Yeah, I think so, only, I did it from my phone, so hopefully it went through okay," Mitzi tried to calm her nerves as she glanced around the room.

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