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I didn't know how to categorize this story - there are many it could go in. Although this episode mainly fits in Lesbian sex, it also has fetish elements, while the whole story is really just Erotic couplings of all kinds. So be warned!

We were sitting in Ellen's kitchen one day, and unusually she had opened a bottle of wine. I drink very little, so after a glass I was - well, not tipsy, but more relaxed than usual. Ellen put her glass down with a serious sort of gesture, and looked me in the eye.

"Jan, can I ask you something that you may not want to hear? And will you promise that if you have the tiniest bit of doubt you'll say no and then completely forget that I asked?"

Obviously I was intrigued but worried at the same time. "Of course," I said. "What on earth is it?"

"It's about Mark. I did his expense claim for him the other day, and it's pretty obvious that he's been renting porn films in hotels while away on business."

"Well, that's not good but it's hardly the end of the world, surely?"

"Not the end of the world, no, but a slippery slope, if you ask me. If he wants to jerk off over a woman, it's me he's going to damn well jerk off over. And if he's hiding his sex life from me over this, what will it be next?"

"OK. So what do you need me for?" And why are you plying me with alcohol before asking?

"Promise you won't freak out?"

"Promise. Whatever weirdness you ask me will get a straight yes or no, and no comebacks."

"Sure? 'Cos it is going to be weird"

"Just tell me what it is!"

"Well I sort of understand that if he's away for a while he needs some ... relief. So I'm going to make him a DVD that I approve of. If you get my meaning."

Now I know I'd promise not to freak, but I was about to. I had an uneasy feeling about just who was going to be in this. My face must have given me away, because she immediately explained.

"He loves me playing with myself - really gets off on it. I want a film of me entertaining myself. I tried making one with the video propped up but it looked rubbish - tacky, not sexy. I know you've done media stuff. And I wondered if you'd be my producer/director and, er, camerawoman?"

She looked at me, then got up and went to the fridge "Sorry, forget it. Shall we have some lunch?"

"No, hang on, I can do this. I think. Probably. How explicit do you want it to be?"

"You'll do it?"

"Like I said, what do you actually want?"

"What I'd like you to do is make the dirtiest version you can. If that ends up as tame he'll at least know I cared; if we end up with something XXX then he'll come home loyal and gagging for it. What do you say?"

"We can try, I guess". I poured myself another glass of wine. "Now?"

"You sure?"

"No, but let's not worry about that. Have you got a script?" She shook her head. "Shall we write one or just improvise?" We sketched out a very vague sequence, but settled mainly on improvisation. After all, she knew what he liked, and there wasn't exactly a lot of plot.

She dug out a really nice video camera, and we got down to filming. It was basically a piece to camera, where Ellen said how much she was missing Mark and talked about what she was going to do to him. She discussed to the camera what she'd wear to greet him in, and put on various sexy outfits - I'd cut them together later. When she'd settled on a really fantastic rubber corset she lay back on the bed and got herself off.

And that, basically, was that. We did a quick review of what we'd filmed, and I took it off to edit it. I was really pleased with the end result, but there was one bit I wasn't sure about. When Ellen was playing with herself on the bed I'd lifted up my skirt and stared playing with my clit. She just looked so hot I couldn't help myself. But after a while I wondered if this might look sexy, so I moved around so that I was caught in the mirror and became part of the scene. I thought this scene looked amazing, and got myself off several times either watching or thinking about it. I wasn't sure where the video would end up, so I messed about with the lighting effects, so while you could see the camera operator was frigging herself you couldn't make out who it was.

I put two versions on DVD - one with me and one without - and took them round to Ellen. I showed her the one with me in it, and waited for her reaction. When she got to that scene she looked slyly at me and said "Is that a mistake, or are you in it deliberately? And were you really enjoying it that much?"

"It's deliberate, but I've got a version without, if you want."

"Oh leave it in - it looks so fucking hot. But you didn't answer my other question - are you acting there?"

I hesitated, which was quite enough of an answer. Ellen smirked. "I do look pretty tasty there don't I? I'd do me. Did you cum?"

"Er, no. Too busy concentrating on filming."

"Do it now instead"

I was a bit taken aback by this and just spluttered a "What" or something similar.

"You watched me cum. I'd love to see how you do it". She was staring at me intently. I made some fairly mild protests, and she said, "I'll tell you what, I'll film you and you can give it to Andy". I still hesitated, but I loved the idea of her watching me. And that she didn't pretend that the video was anything but a fig leaf to my modesty. We both knew that she wanted to watch me play with myself, and the video was just an excuse. I still didn't answer properly, so she just settled the matter by saying "I'll get the camera", and going off.

This was a much lower quality production. It lacked all subtlety, but actually I think it was better for that. Throughout the video Ellen just talks dirty to me, while I lie back on her settee with my skirt up and my hands on my clit. It looks as genuine as it was.

When I'd cum she told me how sexy it was. "You do realise what Mark will demand as a sequel when he sees you in my video, don't you?"

Realize it? I'd been laying in bed plotting the sequel for hours. I'd always had slight exhibitionist tendencies, but my desires for another woman were new. What had finally tipped me over the edge just now was the idea of a film of me licking Ellen's beautiful cunt and her kissing my tits.

"Well, we don't know he likes this one yet do we? But if he wants to a sequel, get him to write a script and we'll see what we can do."

Ellen's husband was away on some ages long trip in Shanghai so she FedEx'd the DVD to him straight away. I was really busy at work, so didn't get a chance to talk to Ellen all week. I got a text on Wednesday to say Mark thought it was brilliant, and she needed a follow-up, so we arranged for me to go round on Saturday.

For the next couple of days I felt like a teenager with a hot date coming up. I really, really wanted to fuck her, but had no idea of whether I could or should. My husband has all the standard male lesbian obsessions, and would have loved me to tell him all about it, but I just didn't want to. I can make up all kinds of reasons as to why I didn't want to, but I guess it would have made it seem more real and therefore I might back out. It was still a daydream.

A dream on one level but it was real enough for me to make VERY sure about my appearance Saturday morning. I trimmed my pussy and tried several outfits before settling on skimpy knickers, really tight jeans and a very thin, tight white teeshirt - it was sold as underwear, but it's great for showing off. Simple but very effective.

When Ellen opened the door, she looked me up and down and said. "Oh, God, nipple rings. Mark has wanted me to get mine pierced for ages." She casually fondled them and I nearly came on the spot.

We talked about Mark's reaction to our first effort, and what he wanted for a second one. On one level I was a bit disappointed in its lack of creativity: two girls come back from jogging, share a shower, get carried away etc etc. The creative side of me was thinking "Dull" and that it would be impossible to shoot with just the two of us. The non-creative side of me was thinking "God, I hope we can do that".

Ellen obviously sensed my doubts, and thought that they were about the whole project, not just the cinematographic aspects. "What do you reckon, honey? Could you do it?"

I avoided the "could I do it" aspect, and explained that it would need an extra camera operator. "Tell you what," I said "Why don't we act through what's going to happen as a rehearsal; it will give me an idea how we could shoot it." She was happy with this. We agreed we really would start out with a jog, so she lent me a pair of shorts, sports bra and top. We jogged for a couple of miles, and then headed home, both in "acting our parts" mode.

As we walked through the door Ellen said "Shower's upstairs - I'll fix some drinks if you go first"

"Oh no, your shower - you go first."

"It's pretty big - we could share, if you didn't mind," she said. She looked so innocent - she really could act!

"Cool". We went up, and stripped while the water started running. As we both got in the shower I turned round she affected surprise about my nipple rings.

"Can I feel them?"


"What does Andy think about them?"

"He loves them. Loves looking at them, and says my boobs are even nicer to kiss with them in."

She was still toying with them, and asked "Really? Can I try?"

"Be my guest."

She toyed with them, then licked round the edge, and finally took the whole nipple in her mouth. I have very sensitive nipples and, coupled with the fact that one of her hands was fingering my clit she soon had me cumming.

After a pause to recover I wanted to reciprocate.

"What would he want to see me do to you?" I asked, while casually fingering her and fondling her tits.

She suddenly looked implausibly shy, and answered vaguely, "Oh, anything really."

Curious. "OK, Supposing you'd just made him cum in the shower, and he was going to return the favour what would be happening next?"

"Ah. Specifically in the shower? I'm not sure I can tell you that."

I laughed, emphasising the silliness of her comment by more obviously finger fucking her. "I think we're a bit beyond that, don't you?"

"You don't know what we'd do. Just carry on with what you're doing - that's pretty good." She ground her cunt firmly into my hand to emphasise the point.

I moved my hand away, and moved to leave the shower, saying "Either you tell me, or it's all off."

"You'll freak."

I didn't reply, but just carried on affecting to leave.

"OK, but if I tell you you, you have to promise you'll try it."

Hm, had she got me? I decided not to let her win. "OK," I said, but wasn't entirely sure this was wise.


"Just fucking tell me what we're about to do. If I have a heart attack and drop dead from shock you'll know it was a mistake, any other outcome and we'll get over it."

"OK, he will kneel in front of me and lick my cunt." She paused, but so far this was sounding pretty good to me. "When he's doing it I'll sometimes grab his hair and pull his head back a bit. That's a signal to him to stop licking and open his mouth."

I was genuinely puzzled. "Sorry, why?"

She smiled a simply filthy expression. "Because," she said, " - and do remember that you've agreed to play your part - because I take a break from having my cunt licked so I can piss in his mouth. Now on your knees." And she put her hands on my shoulders and gently - but firmly - she pushed me to her knees. When I was down there she moved her hands to my head and pulled it into her beautifully waxed pussy. "Lick," she commanded.

I'd never played any kind of domination games. I wanted to lick her cunt anyway, but this kind of treatment was a surprising turn on for me, and I lapped away. But good as it was I was distracted by what would happen next. If she pulled my hair would I comply? The idea both excited and repelled me, and I had no idea which one would win out.

"Mark's going to - oh, that's good - he'll fucking love this. Yes. Stick a finger up my arse, can you? Yes, that's right. Harder. Yes. I had a lot to drink before you came you know. And that beer just now. Are you ready? Tough, I need it now." And with that she roughly - well, not that roughly, but not brooking any resistance - pulled my hair so I was a few inches away from her. "I need to be able to see it. Open your mouth." I hesitated, and she pulled my hair slightly harder. "Just do it." I did. She rubbed her own clit for just a second, then parted her lips and aimed at my mouth. It was just a quick squirt, and to be honest I didn't even notice the taste, because before I could react she'd pushed my head back into her cunt and I licked her some more. I was so turned on I attacked her fiercely, and probably did a pretty poor job. She didn't seem to mind, and after a short while I felt her pulling my hair again. This time I didn't hesitate, but opened my mouth in anticipation. I don't remember saying it, but she claims I actually asked her to do it. This routine was repeated half a dozen times, in each case with only a short squirt. But then she instead asked - ordered, more like - me to lie on the floor. This time she squatted over me, held my head in place and peed what seemed like gallons all over my face, neck and tits. Her aim was terrible, because she was at the same time rubbing herself and having what looked like a massive orgasm, as was I from my own hand.

We eventually stopped, and she smiled, more in relief than anything. Pointedly watching me rub myself she said "Well, I take it you didn't hate it that much, then?"

"That was fucking amazing."

We relaxed for a bit, and then had a beautiful, but proper, shower. As we dried she asked, "So, do you think you could film that?"

I looked around the room. It was large, but dark - you would definitely need lighting. "Well, it could be done, but you just couldn't do it with a fixed camera. You need a real live person filming. And your camerawoman is very definitely otherwise engaged."

"Can Andy operate a camera?" she asked.

"Well, yes, but... I don't know. I'm not sure I'd want him to."

"Why not?"

"I'm not sure how I'd even ask him. 'Hey Andy, Ellen pissed all over my face today while I was licking her cunt, and we wondered if you could video us doing it again so we can send a copy of it to her husband for him to jerk off to. About 8 o'clock OK with you?' I don't think I'm ready for that conversation. In fact I don't think I'd EVER be ready for that conversation."

"Why don't I ask him for you? After all, I persuaded you, didn't I?"

"Well, yes, but ... Look, let me sleep on it?"

"Of course. But remember, watching their woman in a lesbian tryst is pretty much the number one male fantasy. And given it's purpose you can either say it was just acting, or you can be clear you really enjoyed it. And I rather think that since Mark's seen the video, sooner or later he'll figure out who my camerawoman is. Our secret won't last, so wouldn't it be better just to show the two videos we've already shot, and ask him to help?"

I knew this was good advice, but some part of me still wanted to avoid it However, that choice was soon to be taken from me ...

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