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Shop Girl Tryst


I ducked in to get out of the rain it had suddenly become a torrential downpour and I couldn't see two feet in front of my face. I stepped inside, the little bell chimed announcing my arrival, she greeted me with a smile, "Can I help you find something in particular?"

I did a quick look around noticing the vintage woman's clothing and said, "No thanks (I pointed to the door) I just had to get out of the rain..." I felt somewhat guilty for the quantity of water that was puddling around my feet. We were all alone.

I did a double take, she was a very attractive petite brunette with short punkish hair, nose stud, and gray/blue eyes. My eyes must have lingered a bit to long for her comfort because she began to exercise her special brand of witty repartee.

"Don't be embarrassed! It's accepted in many circles these days." She said with a melodious voice and enchanting smile. "You can trust me to help you pick something out that will fit you perfectly."

I was numb from the cold and didn't quite understand her innuendo. I asked, "I dunno what you mean." I was starting to get that awkward feeling I always got when I was around an attractive woman.

She placed her hands on her hips in mock annoyance saying, "Now you know you came in here to find something for yourself (she wagged her finger at me) so don't try and deny it."

In a moment of rare bravado I looked her in the eyes and said, "I think I have found exactly what I'm looking for." My proclamation hung in the air for several uncomfortable moments.

She tilted her head down somewhat and made a coy giggle saying, "My, My aren't you the player. So what do you want with little ol' me?" She raised her eyebrows in expectation and batted her lashes.

My powers of articulation failed me I just couldn't say what I wanted to.

She said, "The suspense is killing me." She bit her knuckle in joking anticipation.

I shrugged my overcoat off letting it drop onto the floor and crossed over to where she was standing. Her look changed from playfully curious to surprise to intensely seductive, all in an instant.

I placed my hands lightly on her small waist and leaned down to kiss her gently. 'Cool, she has a tongue stud,' I thought to myself as I rolled my tongue slowly over hers.

My hands roamed over her back and caressed her hair. I could feel her breath on my neck. I looked down to see her eyes closed.

I kissed her neck, my hands found there way to her tight bottom. She was wearing a short skirt that my hands passed under, feeling the silky smoothness of her panties stretched across her firm butt. I gave a tentative squeeze of her ass cheeks, she let out a little moan that was encouraging. I wonder if she had any other piercings that I would soon discover.

She pulled me to her lips and we kissed passionately. I held her close feeling her breasts move rhythmically as she breathed deeply. Our tongues were speaking a language of their own as they rolled around softly ... exploring.

I reached down to her crotch finding it wet with eagerness. I broke our embrace and moved over to the door turning the lock and asked, "Should we?" She nodded and I turned the sign to 'closed' and pulled the shades down.

I returned to her open embrace and began to kiss her more forcefully. I maneuvered her to the edge of the counter turned her around and bent her over.

She said, "Have I been a bad girl? Do I need a spanking?" She gave a little wiggle.

I pulled her skirt off and admired her tight ass. My hands were resting on her hips as I hooked my thumbs around her panties and slowly slipped them off. She was completely shaven and had an intricate tribal tattoo that spanned her lower back.

I pushed my face into her wetness licking her lips excitedly as I dropped my pants. She let out an, "Oh my God!"

She couldn't see my massive erection spring forth so she had no idea of what she was in for. I knew from previous experience that if she would seen it first she might have refused my advances.

I continued licking she stammered out, "Y-y-y-y-y-yes, yes, yes!" I continued until my neck hurt from the awkward position then I stood up massaging her ass. My entire face was slick with her juices.

I grabbed my cock and explored the inviting folds of her pussy with it. I swirled it around and gave a few tentative thrusts only pushing in part of my head. She was moaning encouragement and spreading her ass cheeks for me. I pushed the head at the entrance to her pussy gradually increasing the pressure until it popped in.

She arched her back in a jolt saying, "Ouch! That fucking hurt! What are you doing?" She let go of her ass cheeks and reached around searching for my cock. She couldn't get her hand around it completely. She looked over her shoulder asking, "My God, how big are you?"

I ran my hands softly over her saying, "I'm sorry, I promise to be gentle." I proceeded soothingly knowing full well the damage I could do especially since she was so petite. I started feeding her more and more seeing just how much dick she could take. She let out an, "Uh, Oh, Oh my God," as my cock disappeared into her.

She hung her head down panting loudly her little hands clutched into fists. I continued impaling her with my enormous cock until she gasped, "(Eeeeee) That's it! Stop! That's all I can handle pleaseeeee stop!"

I paused saying, "I'll let you get use to it for a few moments don't worry I'll be gentle I promise I won't give you anymore than you can handle, so just relax."

I could see the tension in her back and buttocks disappear. I began slow shallow thrusts in and out of her.

I could see her wetness glistening on my cock as I withdrew – her lips clutching tightly like she didn't want to let go.

She spoke with labored breathing, "I never (pant...pant...) had anything (pant...pant...) this fucking big before (pant...pant...)." She was lost in ecstasy.

I continued to slowly fuck her enjoying every moment. I kept up the slow steady pace for a long time as she began to loosen up.

I changed the angle of my thrusts to explore new territory; she let out a grunt and pounded the counter saying, "Oh God (pant...pant...) your splitting me in two!"

I pulled almost all the way out and gave her some short rapid fire thrusts. She responded with a long drawn out, "(Hmmmmmm)" That changed pitch with each quick thrust.

After some time, she started to push backwards meeting my thrusts, "(uuuuuuggggghhhhh) Oh yeah, I want more (huff...puff....) I can take it (pant...) fuck my pussy (ooo ahhh) with your huge fucking cock you stud!"

I let go of her hips stood perfectly still, "Take as much as you want baby." She wiggled her ass back and forth as she slid down my cock.

I watched in amazement as her little pussy was stretched to maximum capacity, but she still struggled for more. She surprised me by taking every inch. I slapped her ass and said, "That's a good little slut! How's it feel?"

She gave a little whine and sputtered out, "Oh my god (ooo ahhh) I'm so fucking full of cock! I feel so dirty (pant...pant...) use me like a whore – fuck my brains out!"

I held onto her hips and began to increase the tempo fucking her harder and harder. I smacked her ass cheeks hard enough to leave red marks and slammed against her butt with powerful thrusts that rocked her whole body forward.

I fucked her for a long time, we had a hardcore marathon session as I turned her into my own little fuck doll. Finally I stopped, pulled my cock completely out, and saw her pussy gaping wide open. I always loved to see the affects my huge tool had on the female anatomy.

I grabbed her by the hair, pulled so she was standing straight, then turned her around giving her a long passionate kiss. My cock was pressed hard against her belly poking up through her ample cleavage as I held her tight against me.

This was the first look she had of my cock. She pushed her breast together and rubbed up and down, "Your so fucking huge I can't believe I took the whole thing." She pursed her lips into a seductive 'O' and lightly blew on the head evaporating some of her love juices and sending a tingling sensation through my loins.

She looked at me with dreamy eyes, "What are you going to do to me now?" She bit her lower lip.

I said, "I want to see your face when I come." I lifter her up and sat her down on the counter (She gave a little Whup!). She reclined until her body was horizontal to mine then spread her legs wide open.

She accepted my cock much easier this time. I could see her taught belly rise and fall with every thrust I made. She thrashed her head side to side as excited moans escaped from her perfect mouth.

I rubbed her clitoris as I forced my entire length into her. She ran her hands through her hair panting, "Oh god yes! Yes! YES!"

We continued until she let out a moan and shuddered all over with a powerful orgasm her pussy gripped my cock in alternating spasms as her orgasm seemed to go on forever. She had spasms as I slammed her while rubbing her clitoris.

Soon after I felt the pressure rising. I withdrew quickly, fisting my massive cock, I shot hot jets of cum over her stomach and breasts. I pushed it back in and grinded my hips between her thighs as the last spurts of my hot man juice exploded from my loins.

Moments later we were dressed - the rain had stopped. I looked at her flushed and satisfied face, handing her my card I said, "Call me, OK?"

She looked at me mischievously, "Call you what?"

I gave her a hug and said," Call me 'all yours' anytime you want."

I stepped outside, noticed the rain clouds were replaced with a majestic rainbow that spanned the horizon, and smiled a very big smile.

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