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This is a story about my best friend Donna. Donna was a shopaholic. Rumor has it that she couldn't go into a store without buying something. So Donna ended up with a lot of weird things in her house, but mostly she just had every closet crammed with clothes.

Donna was a stay-at-home mom, like the rest of us. She had four kids. But she didn't seem to have any close friends, I suppose I was her best friend, though we didn't get together much. I think her "close" friends were salespeople, and to keep her sanity, she spent a small fortune at Nordstrom's and Macy's.

Donna had convinced her husband to let her handle the family finances. It seemed reasonable that she should know how to handle money if something were to happen to her husband. The real story was that Donna was hiding her credit card bills from him.

As the bills mounted, she sent in the minimum payment from the family bank account, but she didn't enter it into the ledger. Donna did not understand how the whole interest-rate thing worked. So, even if she didn't buy anything else, she was screwed, and Donna could not stop shopping. So she began to borrow.

First she got a home equity loan for $30,000. Then she got a second mortgage by forging her husband's name. (I think she did something nasty with her neighbor, who was a lawyer, to get the signature notarized. It would have been easy for Donna to find time because her husband had to leave town a lot for work.) Then she drained her husband's brokerage account. Of course, Donna knew that if her husband found out he would divorce her. To cover everything up, she took her husband's debit card, so he couldn't use it and find out that there was no money in the checking account.

As the debt kept growing, Donna made sure she picked up the mail everyday and secretly hid the bills. She would run to get the phone before her husband could because credit card companies, banks, and debt collectors were calling constantly. To cope with all her anxieties, she went shopping... of course. Her house was about to go into foreclosure and the total debt was well over $200,000, though I'm not sure of the actual amount. I do know it was A LOT of money

One day, Donna was watching Oprah and the show was about wives who had turned to prostitution to obtain financial and material freedom from their overly controlling husbands. And then she knew that this was a way out and she formulated her own debt reduction plan.

Donna was still very pretty. She had short blonde hair, a cute California-girl face, big breasts (which were usually well-covered), long legs, and a good butt. A little time in a tanning booth and working some aerobics videos could really fix her up. (I remember seeing Donna at a kid's swim meet and I noticed that Donna had really lost weight and she looked great.)

Well, Donna was not only buying aerobics videos, she was buying porn videos. Having had very little sexual experience, she was not sure how to get started in her new part-time job. She read all she could on the subject of prostitution and learned about oral and anal sex and other weird things on the videos. She had never done any of this in real life.

One day when her kids were in school, Donna left a note with instructions for the kids, put on her new, somewhat revealing outfit, went to a busy bar at a local upscale hotel, and started looking for her first customer. She was a very attractive lady and could pull off that conservative-sexy look. After only a few minutes, s handsome man offered to buy her a drink. After several drinks, she more or less told him of her plight and her plans to become a prostitute. They moved to a secluded booth in the bar. The man told her he was one of the hotel's managers and could partner up with her in her new business because hotel patrons often asked him to get them a girl for sex. However, before he could recommend Donna, he had to sample the goods. He had to appraise her skills in bed.

His name was Kevin. She had to say yes. It was her only chance to get out of debt. They went up to a room in the hotel. They sat on the bed and kissed for a long time. Then Kevin reached into her blouse and groped her breasts. While still kissing her, he eased Donna down till they were lying on the bed. Donna kicked off her shoes. Kevin undid her buttons and took her blouse off. Then he undid her bra with one hand and pulled it down to suck on her nipples. Donna undid her skirt and Kevin pulled it off. He came up to her and kissed her for a while more while rubbing his hands all over that beautiful body.

And then Kevin did something that was totally new to Donna. He pulled her panties off and started eating her pussy. Until this point, Donna was just doing what she had to do to get her "business" started. It was a play by numbers thing.

Kevin sucked on her clit as he put one, then two, then finally three fingers into her pussy. Donna started to really like sex for the first time since she had had kids. She was wiggling around on the bed and moaning. Kevin kept at it. Her moaning became very loud. Then, she moaned and screamed her way through a very intense, shaking orgasm.

Well, Kevin was convinced that she might be able to suck and fuck his clients without being a cold, faking bitch. This woman might be a real money maker. But first, he had to check one more thing.

He unzipped his trousers and shoved his cock into her mouth, and Donna was so sexed-up that she eagerly sucked it in. Kevin quickly pulled his shoes, pants, and underwear off. And the two of them changed positions so that Kevin was lying back onto the pillows like a king and Donna was between his legs with his dick in her mouth. She had no real experience with cock-sucking, so she tried to mimic the videos she had seen. She rolled her tongue around his cock head while stroking his shaft and balls. Donna would have never done this with her husband, but it didn't turn her off. Instead, she was really into it.

She took him deep into her mouth while sucking as hard as she could. She moved her head up and down while maintaining the suction. She tried to go down far enough to get his entire dick into her mouth, but she gagged and pulled back. Then, Donna started moaning at the eroticism of the whole thing, and Kevin could tell she wasn't faking this. Donna was a born whore.

Kevin moaned that he was coming and squirted a huge load into her mouth. Donna swallowed most of it and realized that it didn't taste bad. It was salty and creamy and she knew that she could swallow the cum of any man. And she liked the power that this gave her.

Kevin told Donna to go into the bathroom and wash up. By the time she came back, Kevin had his shirt off and he had stroked himself hard again. She got back on the bed and Kevin shoved his entire dick into her pussy and fucked her hard. Really hard. He pulled way back and plowed that thing in as far as he could. Donna got into the rhythm and pushed her pelvis up and down and side to side and back at him on each thrust. She was crazed. And before she could do anything about it, Kevin shot his seed deep into her tight vagina.

After she had worn Kevin out, they talked business. He proposed that he would supply a room and take a one-third cut of the money for sending some customers her way. As Donna came down from her sex high and things went back to the nitty-gritty of business, Donna wasn't sure she could go through with it. But, she said yes. She had to. Donna didn't know if she would be able to have sex with anyone, any weirdo, any race, any age, any size, any height, that Kevin would send to her. But she didn't want to lose her house and her kids, so she said yes.

Kevin set up a fee structure to match his high-rolling clientele. The fees would be $500 an hour for straight sex and $750 an hour for the works, which would include oral and/or anal sex. Donna's share would be $335 for regular sex and $500 for the works. She figured 5 hours a week would be enough to at least pay the bills and 10 hours a week to pay the bills and give her lots of shopping money.

In order to make time for her new business, Donna told her husband that she was going to pursue her degree and had signed up for classes 3 evenings a week. This would be her alibi for the times when her husband wasn't out of town. She had everything covered.

Her husband was thrilled that she was going back to school and offered to take care of the kids and make dinner whenever he was able.

Donna went back to the hotel on Tuesday, after talking to Kevin. Her new pimp, Kevin, had set up two appointments for her: a 45-year-old businessman from Seattle, and two guys in from Dallas. Donna didn't quite understand, but Kevin told her that she would be with two guys at once. Once he explained that it would bring in $1200 an hour for two guys, she decided she would try it, even though it sounded horrid. Heck, it was more money for less of her time.

Donna waited in the hotel room. At precisely 7pm there was a knock on the door and there was a middle-aged man in a nice suit. He said he was there for the works because his wife was a frigid bitch and would only have sex with him if he bought her expensive gifts. He was at the point where sex with his wife wasn't worth the hassle.

Donna quickly stepped up to him and hugged him and kissed him like he was her long lost love. She opened her new green silk kimono and showed him a peek of her pink lingerie. He sat down and took off everything. Then he told Donna to get naked.

For the next hour, she gave him oral sex, swallowed his come, and sucked him to hardness again for a round of missionary sex. This guy was amazed at how sexy and wholesome Donna looked. He said she was a younger version of his wife. However, there was one difference: Donna had had two orgasms during sex. His wife never had any. Donna told him that it would be impossible for any woman not to love sex with him because he was really well hung and he was fabulous in bed. The guy said that he wanted to see Donna again next time he was in town. He left her the $750 fee and a $200 tip. Wow, Donna was loving this. She quickly took a shower because the next two guys were due at 8:30pm.

Right on time, there was a knock on the door and after checking the peep hole Donna, still naked after her shower, let her next two customers in. These two guys did not waste a second of their $1200 an hour romp. They stripped immediately. The shorter guy sucked and licked her pussy and the taller guy put his cock in her mouth. Donna could not believe how turned on she was by taking two guys at once. She orgasmed almost immediately as the guy in her mouth came violently and shoved her head tight to his crotch. Donna kept sucking Tall Guy's limp dick, as Short Guy put his fat cock into her cunt. This was just too much and Donna's moaning buzzed the tall guy hard again. Donna was being pushed and pulled by these two guys and it was all so wanton that she came again and again and it was one orgasm after the other rolling into one big one.

The guys pulled out and decided to make a whore sandwich. Tall Guy lay on the bed. Donna was told to straddle him and sit on his dick. Then she lay down on his chest. Short Guy pushed her butt up and spread her ass to line his cock up with her asshole. But he couldn't push in. He spit on his hand and spread it around and told Donna that she'd better open up her asshole or he would smack her. Donna somehow relaxed her butt enough to let him in...but she was muffling screams because it hurt more than anything she had experienced in quite a while. She was crying actual tears. This only made Tall Guy more excited.

Soon, all three of them were lying on the bed. Tall Guy with his big dick was moving around inside of her cunt while Short Guy was still pushing in further into her ass. Donna wanted to stop the whole thing, but she didn't because these weren't the sort of guys who would let her go. And, it was a good thing she stayed because the pain of having two guys inside her was turning into something else. It was turning her on. It was making her wild. She went from gritting her teeth to kissing the tall guys chest and telling them both to give her their hard dicks. She was insane with emotion and told them to fuck her as hard as they could. Well, hearing that, the guys came at almost the same time.

As they left they paid the $1200 plus a $100 tip, so her take for 2 hours work was $1300 plus $300 in tips for a total of $1600. Kevin got $650.

Kevin met Donna in the room so he could get his cut. He told Donna that a business group was coming into town on Thursday and they wanted a gang bang. Kevin was convinced that Donna could really make some money for both of them. The fee for ten guys would be $12,000. Donna wanted the money but wasn't sure if she could get home early enough to make it look like she was actually taking a class. Kevin assured her that he could make it work out.

Donna was thinking about the money: her share would be $8000 plus any tips they might give her. This money would cover the amount that she was in arrears on her mortgage. She decided to do it. Why not? She was loving the sex and she was saving the house. She might even be able to pay down some of her other debt, so she could shop without fear that her credit card would be denied.

When she got home the kids were in bed and her husband asked how school had been. She said it was a truly fulfilling experience and she could not wait until her Thursday night class. Her husband told her some company big shots were coming into town on Thursday, so she should arrange for a sitter.

On Thursday, Donna headed for the hotel just after her husband left for his business meeting. Kevin, the hotel pimp, had set her up Donna up in a large suite. There was a bar with plenty of booze and some lube next to the bed. The hotel porn station was playing.

At around 7 PM there was a knock on the door and seven men entered the room. One guy announced that the other three would be coming soon. They all laughed at the infantile joke.

Donna opened her new pink silk robe and let it drop to the floor. She was totally nude underneath with nothing but white tan lines and her newly shaved pussy. The guys all scrambled to get undressed; some of them folded their Brooks Brothers suits neatly over chairs, while others just threw shirts, shoes, slacks and jackets onto any nearby patch of carpet. Well, this was something that Donna never thought she would see: seven strange men standing naked with boners, looking at her.

Donna went to the bed and lay down with her legs spread. The quickest (or maybe the higher-ups in the company) lay down on either side of her. One turned her head and started kissing her. The guy on the other side grabbed one breast, twisted her nipple, and then rolled on top of Donna. He got his dick into her before anyone. Some other guy took his place on the bed next to Donna and started sucking her aching tit. The guy who was kissing her put his mouth to her other breast. Someone else knelt on the bed and stuck his rod into her mouth.

The bystanders got drinks and started stroking their rods as they watched the action. The two Donna-fuckers pumped for several minutes, then started grunting, and as soon as the pussy guy said, "Fuck yeah...I'm cumming," the mouth man came too. These two stayed where they were, enjoying that moment of bliss, but all the other guys told them to move over because they were hogging the whore.

The guys decided that Donna should take on more of them at a time, what fun was a gangbang without a three-hole frenzy?

So one guy got on the bed, Donna got on top of his dick and tried hard to sit down on the whole thing. It would hardly fit in her cunt, even though she was lubed up good with cum squishing out of her cunt, and all the guys laughed at that and made fun of the big-dick guy, though they were secretly envious. They shouldn't have been self-conscious because every guy there was definitely well hung. Donna finally worked the big cock in and lay down on him. Then some half-drunk guy put lube on his rod and rammed Donna's ass. She screamed. He was not gentle.

This made the voyeurs laugh even harder. "Yeah fuck that girl! Give it to her good, Jack. Ram that dick into her asshole." They were all drinking and egging him on. Good fun for all. One of the standing guys shot off as he was stroking himself. And, they laughed again. Then someone with a southern accent kneeled on the bed and shoved his good-sized dick in Donna's mouth. She couldn't scream now. Besides, the sex hormones were pumping through her body, so she was starting to spasm in orgasm. It went from her pussy and shot through the rest of her body in waves. She was made to be a good-time girl.

Donna started really moaning. Guys were trying to get their hands on her body parts where they could. It wasn't easy because she had a guy under her, a guy on top of her and a guy fucking her face. Nobody wanted to accidentally grope another guy's dick or balls. This homophobic group could tease a guy mercilessly. Donna was zoned out with a glazed, drugged look on her face. She hardly knew where she was, but wherever she was, she liked it there. She was moaning non-stop. She was shaking non-stop. And, she never wanted it to stop.

Donna was too busy moaning to hear the knock at the door. She didn't know that the other three guys had come in. And, she didn't know that one of the guys was her husband. (Yes, you're right. You knew one of them had to be her husband.) Actually, nobody even cared that three guys came in.

The really drunk guy in Donna's ass gave a loud grunting shout, pulled out and shot his wad all over her back, squirting everywhere. Two guys pulled him up and out of the way and the larger of the two got on Donna and shoved his dick into "the whore's" empty ass. His cock slipped in fairly easily because she was so loose and slippery. Donna didn't scream this time. She moaned in pleasure.

It's easy to imagine the picture that Donna's husband saw. It was just another gangbang. He had been to a few and was stripping down to nothing. He saw a bunch of guys crowding around a bed. Everyone was constantly moving. Some woman was in the middle of this moving, squirming, ramming mass of dicks and hands, just like the other times.

The guy fucking Donna's mouth, pulled out and painted her face with white cum. Donna's husband came up closer to see if he could get a blowjob before anyone else staked their claim to that hole. No way, the guys were horny and quick. But he saw who the woman was. And the woman was his wife, or someone who looked just like his wife. He had been stroking himself and he almost came right there. He muscled in on the guy getting sucked off and had a good look. Yes, it was his wife. He shot his cum on the spot. And a fellow slapped him on the back and welcomed him to the party.

Donna had seen her husband. She didn't know what to do. There was nowhere to hide. So, what the hell, she was busted, she might as well continue sucking and fucking, and the sight of her husband pushed her into another orgasm. She sucked harder on Mouth-Fucker, her cunt spasmed around the cock in her pussy, and that sent the guy in her ass into a shouting orgasm. This set off the guy getting the blowjob, so Donna's husband pushed him aside and stuck his newly hard rod into his wife's mouth. He pushed it in so hard that she started gagging. He didn't let up and pushed into her throat. Donna had never even given him a blowjob before. This was crazy, but this was erotic, exotic, making him shake, surrealistic. And, this was great. Donna's husband came harder than he ever had in his life.

He pulled out of her mouth. And the guys on the bed got up. Everyone changed positions and soon all of Donna's holes were filled up forcing even more cum to ooze out of her. Cum was everywhere.

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