This is only the 2nd story I have written in my life. I have always enjoyed reading erotic stories and I feel it is only fair to make some contribution in return.

This story deals with reluctance throughout. If you seek stories of people making love then I suggest you try a different category. If you enjoy stories of control and humiliation then read on and hopefully you will gain pleasure in my latest contribution. If you would like to hear more then please vote at the end, thanks.

It was after I had finished locking up the store and started refilling the shelves that I noticed a number of CD's were missing from a rack in the last aisle. I hadn't sold any CD's all day so I knew I’d been robbed again. I run a small grocery store, like a miniature supermarket. I don't normally sell CD's but a friend of mine had got his hands on a very cheep batch from a local record shop, which had recently shut down. Not expecting to sell many I put them at the back of the shop in the place of a fridge that had been removed awaiting repair.

Turning off the lights I went into the back office to check out the new technology that had been installed. In previous weeks there had been an increasing amount of things disappearing from the shop, I had informed the police who advised me to get some CCTV installed. I decided to make the system discrete so I could find out who was robbing me. I had one camera behind the counter, monitoring the front of the shop and one at the back pointing down the last aisle. Both cameras were linked to two video recorders, which continuously recorded all movement in the shop.

I sat at the large desk supporting the two VCR's and two TV’s. I hit the play button after rewinding it a fraction. I remembered a young girl in the shop earlier who seemed to spend an awful amount of time buying a pint of milk. I searched the tape until I found her. Sure enough, she walked down the aisle, perused the CD rack and proceeded to fill her handbag with CD's. I quickly searched the other video for a shot of her face so that the police could finally take action against someone.

She wore a coat that hid her body but I could remember her young pretty face with bright sexy eyes and small but perfectly formed nose and mouth. From under her hat flowed her lush blonde hair before disappearing down beneath the long unrevealing coat. It seemed almost wrong to have her arrested she looked so innocent, she can't have been much more than 18 years old. I decided not to call the police straight away and wait to see if she comes back to the shop where I could confront her, get her to return the goods and teach her how wrong it is to steal.

At the end of the following day I noticed some more CD's had gone. This meant there must be another thief because the young girl hadn't been in. It was approaching closing time and there was nobody in the shop so I unlocked my office and started searching the tapes. With my office door open I could hear the shop door bleeper, I could also keep an eye on the shop with the TV monitor, which showed the counter and entrance. On the tape I found a much older woman in her late forty's loading her handbag with CD's. Just at that point the door bleeped as someone walked into the shop. Looking over at the monitor I realised it was the young girl who’d nicked my CD's.

I hesitated watching the screen as my anger grew. She walked up to the counter and waited. I left my office and marched up to the front of the shop, she saw me approaching and asked me for a packet of cigarettes but I walked straight passed her towards the entrance. I locked the shop door, turning the OPEN sign over. I turned and focussed an evil stare upon her. She suddenly looked concerned and asked what was wrong.

“I have evidence that you have been stealing from these premises,” was my reply. She started to protest her innocence.

“I've only just walked in, how could I have? What evidence?”

“There are camera's in operation in this store and you've been caught stealing CD's,” there was now a look of horror on her face, “I think you better accompany me to the office while we decide what to do with you,” I stated as I ushered her towards the back of shop. I pointed to the door and followed the young thief leaving a few steps between us. It was at this point I realised that my eyes had subconsciously been drawn south towards her slender waist and almost perfect bottom. My mind suddenly became awash with decadent and debauched thoughts, I could feel stirrings in my trousers. I do often fantasise about girls younger then myself but my imagination has always fallen way short of this sweet little tease. I certainly have never found myself in a position to make my fantasies reality.

She was wearing a very sexy short black dress with stockings and stylish shoes to match. The material of her dress was soft and figure hugging that accentuated her slender figure. She was a good 5 inches shorter then my 5’11” and perfectly proportioned. Her blonde hair was radiant against the jet-black material as it fanned outwards from a high ponytail to her lower back. I could smell her musky scent as followed her wriggling little bottom to my office.

Something in my head changed, some chemical hormonal thing, because all the anger vaporised and turned rapidly into lust for this exquisite creature. My mouth was watering as I soaked up the vision of her fantastic body. I tried to maintain my wits about me and calm my thoughts, which were rapidly sinking into a sea fantasy and fornication. I knew I had to play it cool and not allow myself to be manipulated by her overpowering beauty.

She hesitated as she peered through the open door into the office. I came up close behind her, taking in the aroma of her hair. Sensing me breathing down her neck she stepped forward into the large room that doubled as a store. I directed her to the right, across the carpet to the edge of the desk. She looked around first noticing the fire exit to the left on the back wall and then the workbench filled with boxes and various packaging paraphernalia. Finally her eyes came to rest on the large wooden desk with VCR equipment.

I told her to stand in front of the TV while I inserted the incriminating videotape. I sat in the leather swivel chair behind her to her left as I showed her all the video evidence.

“What are you going to do?” She asked.

“Call the police of course, but first show me some ID,” I said in a stern voice.

I made her empty her bag on the table, telling her that I wanted to make sure she hadn't stolen anything else, but really to have a good nosy at her things. I couldn't believe how much stuff came out of such a small handbag. What caught my eye the most was a pack of condoms and also a packet of contraception pills with several remaining pills.

“That seems like an odd combination?” I asked her, “why do you need the condoms?”

“I'm going to a party tonight to meet somebody,” she said, slightly shaking.

“You WERE going to a party, you better tell your boyfriend that you’ve been arrested,” I told her.

“No he’s not my boyfriend, I've never met him,” she replied. I asked her if it was a blind date and she nodded. “Please don't have me arrested mister, I'll return all the CD's, I'm really sorry.”

“Your pleading is of no use to me girl, if I hadn't brought you in here you would be thieving from me right now, give me one reason why I shouldn't call the police this minute?” She stood there staring at the phone on the desk and then at me.

“What do you want from me?” She found herself asking reluctantly as she stood there trembling and looking very uncomfortable with the situation.

I look her slowly up and down and said “what the fuck could you offer that would interest me?” I turned and reached for the phone.

“No!” she said anxiously, at first showing slight relief that I didn't give the expected sordid answer but then realising the implications that if she didn't have anything to offer I WOULD phone the police. “Don’t do that,” she begged, stretching across me and slapping her hand on top of mine to prevent me from lifting the receiver.

“If you're so afraid of being arrested why do you steal?” I quizzed.

“I need the mum needs the money, she tells me to steal, she can’t support us.”

“What about benefits, lots of people survive without robbing innocent folk,” I argued, “if she doesn't work what's she spend it all on?”

“She gambles and drinks a lot, I end up buying the food and essential items, please don't called the police they will lock me up this time and stop me living with my mum,” she sobbed.

“How many times have you been caught stealing?” I asked but she fell silent, “maybe I should ask the police?”

“Five times, the judge put me on probation but I can’t help myself, I need money and I can’t get a full time job until I finish my college course. I don’t know what to do, please don’t have me arrested,” her pleading was incessant.

“There are many ways a young pretty girl like yourself can earn good money,” I told her.

“I wont become a prostitute walking the streets, I wont, I’m not doing that,” she sobbed, “I am doing well on my course, I’m going to be a hairdresser, please don’t call the police, they will…”

“send you to prison and you will fail your course,” I finished her sentence for her in an attempt to highlight how bleak her position was. “Anyway you don’t need to walk the streets to earn money, you just need to find a few wealthy middle aged blokes who would happily pay good money for your services.”

“I can’t do that, its disgusting,” she barked.

“Do you think I am disgusting?” I snapped back. “You better start re-thinking your options young girl because thieving has just landed you in jail.” Tears were running down her face now as she sobbed.

Looking angry and unconcerned certainly opened the girl up, convincing me how desperate she was to get out of this without being locked up. Her hand was still on mine and I showed no emotion or interest in her. She slowly removed her hand from mine, stroking up my arm slightly then she stood straight and inched her arms behind her back to give me an unobstructed view of her beautiful young body in the tight fitting dress.

“I doubt a girl as young as you has enough experience to please a man like me anyway,” I taunted.

I started flicking through her purse to find her details, “Miss Loren Peters,” I read out loud from her students union card, “and where might you live?” Just at that point something else fell out of her purse, a small wrap of paper which looked suspiciously like drugs.

“What’s this then?” I said, dabbing the white power and having a taste. She remained silent and looked mortified that I had found her coke stash.

“I think this is where all your money ends up, this is why you are stealing from me isn’t it?” I gathered her things back into her handbag and pressed the eject button on the video to show her the tape, “this is going with you to the police station right now,” I said firmly, reaching for the phone again.

Loren dropped to her knees this time grabbing my legs, pleading, “please don't make me do this,” as her hands rose higher towards my crotch.

“I'm not making you do anything girl,” I said as I lifted the receiver. She immediately moved her hands over my crotch and massaged my growing erection through my trousers. I lowered the receiver back down as she continued to fondle my cock.

“If I please you, will you let me go home?” she asked. I was smiling intensely behind my blank expression. I couldn’t believe my luck, she was mine for the taking.

“Stand up young girl so I can take a good look at you,” I ordered. Remaining seated I ran my hands up the outside of her well toned legs, gliding my hands delicately over her curves and narrow waist, finally roaming tenderly over her pert breasts like a blind man feeling a face.

“Turn around,” I ordered and my hands descended down her back pausing to squeezing her exceptionally sculptured bottom. I continued my descent to the bottom of her thighs and gently placed both of my hands on each side of her right knee. I slowly slid my caressing fingers up her thigh, one hand disappearing up her black dress. I felt the top of her stockings and then bare flesh before I reached her panties. I heard her take a deep breath as I massaged her pussy through the soft fabric. I was in heaven. I was in a position that most men could only dream about.

After several minutes of fondling her I undid my trousers to ease the pressure of my now full erection. I told her to face me, she looked directly at the large bulge through my undies and said “if I do can I go?” I just reached for the phone again as a reply. Loren glanced over to the tape on the table then dropped to her knees and moved between my thighs. She delicately peeled down my pants with her soft little hands. My cock sprung free in front of her face, her eyes grew wide and she jerked back in apparent surprise. I smiled as I thought to myself that she'd probably only met boys her own age and not a fully-grown man with a cock my size.

“Are you just going to stare at it girl?” I demanded.

Finally she placed one of her hands around my shaft, her hand was so small that her fingers didn't even go around it, she began to stroke up and down eventually using both hands. She wanked my cock for several minutes with increasing tempo, I then realised that she was hoping to finish me this way and needed further instruction.

“Suck it,” I command. Loren stopped and looked up at me in disgust, “what's wrong have you never pleased a man properly before?”

She glanced at the tape again on the table as I moved my hand towards the phone. After another delay she seemed to make a decision and rose up on her knees and started tugging at my pants. I wasn’t expecting her to undress me but it seemed a positive step so I lifted my weight as she lowered my trousers to my ankles.

Suddenly she sprang to her feet, grabbed the tape and her bag from the table and ran out of the office into the shop. I tried to follow her but fell flat on my face as my ankles were bound together with my pants. I eventually freed myself, by this time she was unlocking the shop door. I paused for a moment and watched which way she ran up the street then I headed out of the emergency door at the back of the office and ran up the alley to head her off.

I go jogging regularly and keep my body fit so I had no problem cutting her off at the end of the block. She was slower than me despite removing her heels and running bare foot. I popped out of the alley grabbing her arm then the tape. Loren stood there as I eased my grip, realising there was little point in running now I had the tape back. I took her back down the alley into my office.

“Right, you obviously need restraining while the police arrive,” I said.

Still holding her arm I began searching for something to tie her up with, her pleading was desperate now, telling me she would do anything this time.

“I don’t believe you,” I told her.

“Ok, Ask me,” she dared.

I stopped and deliberated the vast scenarios that suddenly pervaded my perverted mind. Loren stared at me all cute and innocent, I decided it was time to call her bluff and find out how serious she was.

“You need a good spanking girl, remove your panties now.” I let go of her and she stood there debating her options then slowly put one hand under her dress and wriggled her bum as the panties slid down her legs. I directed her to a small four-legged wooden table in the centre of the room, “bend over it and hold on to the table legs on the other side.”

The table was just the right width for her head to protrude from the opposite side, her arms ran along the edge of the desk top and her elbows angled her forearms down at each corner. I found a piece of cord and quickly bound her ankles, tying them to a cross bar at the bottom.

“What are you doing? She complained as she tried to stand up, “oh please don’t tie me up, I wont run away again, I will do what you want.”

“I don’t trust you and yes you will do anything and everything I want, now get back down on the table and let me tie you up or the deal is off”

I pushed her back down and reached for the Gaffer tape that I had found for her wrists. I wrapped it a few times around her wrist and the table leg. I tore it off the reel and repeated for her other wrist.

I stood back to admire my work, taking in her beauty, so vulnerable strapped to the small desk. Her body was poised at right angles to her legs causing her short black dress to ride up exposing the bare top of her thighs and a bit of pussy hair showing completed the visual experience. I picked up her panties and inserted them in her mouth to keep any noise down.

“Keep your mouth shut or I’ll tape it shut,” I told her. I moved around to her rear and inched the dress up over her buttocks, the view was incredible she had a lovely figure. I wanted to shag her there and then but resisted, I first had to administer some serious punishment for her crime.

She screamed through the panties and her clenched teeth as the table tennis bat I had found smacked down on her bare cheeks, and again and again as she frantically pulled at the restraints until her bottom was glowing an angry red. Whack! Loren squealed as tears streamed down her face.

“That was for making me run after you,” I told her. I started fondling her red ass then her pussy and finally her clitoris. Her juices were flowing freely on to my hand, “you’re really enjoying this aren’t you bitch?” I said and she just muttered something through the gag. I pulled out a small vibrator and some lube I happened to have in my desk draw and preceded to coat the toy with gel before massaging her clit then sliding it slowly into her tight pussy, she moaned and wriggled against the restraints.

I couldn’t believe how tight her little love hole was, the small vibrator was only half the size of my manhood and yet it took some significant pressure as I inched it into her pussy with determined precision. I was really enjoying watching progress of the phallic device as it slid into her petite body. I could see her tiny anus twitching and winking at me as vibrations permeated through her pussy to her G-spot and clitoris. I have never been so hard in all my life, my erection demanded attention as it throbbed in my trousers, but I had all night and had no intention of rushing this unique and momentous occasion in my life.

When she had finally become accustomed to the intrusion, I couldn’t help leaning forward and licking her little sphincter, I tried pushing my tongue in slightly but this hole was incredibly tight. She started struggling at this new assault on her precious assets. I could tell she had a virgin ass but I knew it wouldn’t be for much longer.

I withdrew the vibrating shaft from her now very juicy pussy. I had a quick lick of her clit and tasted her juices before I slowly inserted the toy into her anus, this invoked violent shaking of her head finally spitting her panties out and shouting, “no, stop you bastard, let me go,” ignoring her pleas I left the toy vibrating deep in her ass as I covered her mouth and warned her to be quiet.

“I told you to keep your mouth shut, if you want to leave you can but it will be in the back of a police car, is that what you want?”

Loren froze for an instant as tears ran down her sweet little face. I almost felt sorry for her, but my erection had taken charge of my mind and I snapped at her to comply. Her head dropped slowly in reply.

“Right, close your eyes and open your mouth, wider, wider, WIDER!” I commanded and she did as instructed.

I quickly dropped my trousers and slid my cock in, her eyes opened and look up at me in shock. She watched me opened my mouth to say something then closed her eyes immediately again. Her mouth was being really stretched by my tool, I could see the anguish in her face as the taut skin of her lips gripped my erection.

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