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Author's note: This is the fourth in a series about my adventures with Katy which began in The Lake and continued in Parking. I welcome constructive comments as well as general compliments. I will respond to anyone who includes a valid email address. For those anonymous complainers, I say "tuff nougies" since you don't have the courage to face an honest exchange.

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Columbia SC has several great shopping malls – each filled with many wonderful chain stores big and small, plus housing a few small independent boutiques catering to the upper income brackets. It was a sweltering summer day when Katy and I entered the almost arctic chill of the mall, the sudden cold making our nipples swell against the light linen material of our halter tops. Cut-off shorts bordering on the edge of being "Daisy Dukes" and sandals completed our look. We looked like what we were…college coeds home for the summer, cruising the mall, looking for the latest in fashion to wear back to school next month.

One of my favorite stores to browse in is Victoria's Secret. While I would not wear their lingerie for everyday wear, I have some special pieces for those special intimate moments. I was looking for something new for that purpose but since Katy was with me, I was really only window shopping. Katy was searching through some lovely silk teddies and camisole/tap sets, pulling a few outfits from the rack, went off to the dressing rooms. Moments later, one of the sales associates told me that Katy was asking for me and she escorted me back to the changing rooms. She knocked on the closed door and then opened it enough for me to step inside.

Katy was dressed in a very sheer green silk camisole and tap pants set which displayed her charms provocatively. Her creamy breasts were clearly visible yet lightly veiled by the silk camisole. Her long smooth legs were displayed by the high slit cut of the tap pants, and her pubis flashed momentarily into view as she moved. I thought the outfit was a fabulous visual treat and I told her so. Katy leaned forward, giving me a splendid view down her top, and kissed me gently on the lips.

Our relationship was new enough that small kisses like that threatened to flare up into full passion with even the slightest provocation. As she kissed me, her hands cupped my buttocks under the edge of my shorts and my hands caressed her breasts as if by their own volition. Her prominent nipples distended as my fingers stroked them, turning her breathing into tiny gasps. She moaned into my mouth as I pinched her nipps between my fingers, "I want you now!"

"This changing room is under video surveillance, Katy." I said, pointing up at the sign and video camera.

"So, let's give them something to watch." Katy said, as she pulled my halter top aside and began to suckle on my nipples. I leaned back against the partition and held her head tightly against my breast, letting the thrills race through me as her teeth and tongue worked their magic on my sensitive breasts. As her mouth moved to the other nipple, I felt her hand tug at the zipper of my shorts, pulling it down and then unsnapping the waistband. She knelt, her lips tracing across the skin of my belly, as she pulled my shorts and thong from my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them and she tossed them on the bench in the dressing room.

As her hands moved between my partially opened thighs, I braced my hands against the partitions of the dressing room. She levered my leg onto her shoulder and then dove in, her hands spreading my shaved labia and her tongue stabbing at my core. She licked upward along the inner labia, finally stroking my throbbing clit. Her hands cupped under my ass as she sucked and nibbled my clit, sending shock waves of pleasure arcing through me. I could feel one finger sling ever closer to my anus, lightly brushing that puckered ring, and then pressing firmly in the center, demanding entrance. My anal ring relaxed and her finger eased inside to the second knuckle. Fingers from her other hand now filled my vaginal opening, curling upwards against that magical g-spot, as her tongue continued to caress my clit. She closed her lips around my clit and began to suck in and out on the sensitive bud, her fingers moving at the same rhythm. I had to put my hand between my teeth and bite to keep from screaming aloud the pleasure I was feeling. I felt filled to capacity on the inward thrusts and then empty and waiting as she pulled back. The tempo increased as did the pounding of my blood and the passion I was feeling. My hips thrust upward against her mouth, begging her to do more. She went faster, her teeth scraping my intimate flesh in her haste, the slight sting only adding to the pleasure. As she felt me climax, she fastened her mouth over my vaginal opening to catch my fluids as her finger plunged even deeper in my ass, pushing me headlong over the precipice into orgasm. My hips shook, my legs trembled, I lacked the basic coordination to even stand. After disengaging her hands, Katy helped my sit upon the bench to catch my breath.

I reached up and tore the camisole from her torso, the thin spaghetti straps parting easily. The tap pants were jerked off her hips, laying her bare to my eyes. My hands roamed her body freely, squeezing her breasts, pulling her nipples, scratching her hips. I spun her about and began to stroke her firm ass. I stood and made her bend over the bench, my caresses now spreading her buns apart and revealing her pink puckered ring . I knelt and ran my tongue along that ring, feeling her body quiver in response. My hand moved between her legs, stroking her clit and fingering her passage as my tongue continued its path around and around the anal ring. I pushed three fingers into her tight pussy, knowing that it would almost be on that border between pleasure and pain. At the same time, I narrowed the tip of my tongue and forced it past that anal sphincter. Her body shook at her first orgasm hit in response to this invasion. I alternated strokes, filling her ass with my tongue as my fingers moved from within her pussy, then plunging into her pussy with the fingers as my tongue slowly withdrew and circled her ass. I repeated this over and over, my tongue and fingers going ever deeper. I slid my little finger inside with the others, four fingers now curled within her vagina, my thumb rocking her clit from side to side. Her knees buckled and only my hand inside kept her from falling. I lifted my head and slide my other thumb inside her ass, filling both passages, still alternating strokes. Incoherent sobs were coming from Katy as her climax neared. I withdrew my thumb from her ass and used two fingers instead, stretching her. She was gasping and crying out now, on the verge of her climax. I used a third finger in her ass, the squeeze of her cheeks crushing my fingers as I plunged them deep inside. As I felt her reach the brink, I pressed the edge of my thumbnail against her clit and slowly scraped its length, the sharp sting launching her into climax. Her hips bucked irregularly as motor control disintegrated, her juices flowing into the palm of my hand and along my arm, the press of her vaginal walls and anal sphincter almost breaking my fingers.

I gathered her into my arms as the door burst open admitting the sales associate. Her eyes wild, she leaned against the partition with her skirt up to her waist, hand in her panties, masturbating furiously. She gasped out, "I … watched … on the … monitor…"

I leaned forward and pulled her hand aside. I moved her into the center of the cubicle and pulled her panty-hose off. I buried my tongue into her sopping pussy as Katy tongued her firm ass. Our chins would collide as we worked on her, bringing her to a swift and loud orgasm between us. At the last moment, both Katy and I pushed our finger up her pussy, filling her and stretching her with alternating thrusts. Her legs collapsed as she came, almost breaking our fingers in her unexpected drop. We eased her down between us, kissing her face and neck while we continued to fondle her breasts and ass. She soon was kissing us both deeply.

Finally, reluctantly, we all dressed. Our sales associate rang up Katy's purchase (the green silk outfit) and then threw a sexy sheer thong into the bag as well. "My way of saying thanks" was all she said, followed by "Do cum again." When we got home, we found something else in the bag…the videotape from the surveillance camera and her telephone number.

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