tagGay MaleShopping Can Be Fun Ch. 01

Shopping Can Be Fun Ch. 01


I always hate shopping for clothes or shoes. The high street stores hardly ever seem to cary anything I like and the smaller stores are usually too expensive. But I had to now, my mother was getting re-married and I had to show up dressed to the nines. My usual "casual/alternative" look would not do as I, as the eldest son, would be giving my mother away at the altar. So I gritted my teeth and braved the crowds to get myself a proper outfit for my mothers big day.

After about an hour the only thing I was missing was a pair of shoes and I was starting to feel better about this. I mean, how hard can it be to find a pair of shoes? I regretted my optimism as I seemed unable to find a decent pair. Too pointed, too square, too round, yet I was unable to figure out what type I was actually looking for. After another hour of fruitlessly going in and out of store after store I was ready to give up. Sheer stubbornness made me try one last shop I remembered being in the area, but glancing over the selection on show I decided that I would not have any luck here. I was about to leave when I heard a deep voice behind me.

"Can I help you with something?"

Something in his tone made the hair in my neck start to tingle as I turned around, fully intended to politely decline and leave.

But when the owner of that deep voice came into view my mind went blank for a moment. He was slightly taller than me, maybe just over 6 foot, shoulder length dark hair and deep green eyes that seemed to trap me the moment I stared into them.

"Sir? Everything alright?"

The question shook me out of my daydreaming and I felt myself start to blush a little. I couldn't remember the last time some one had such an immediate impact on me.

"Sorry," I manged to stammer "I'm looking for some shoes."

It was the only thing I could think of to say and I immediately realized how lame it sounded, what else would I be doing in a shoe shop.

"You have come to the right place then." I was sure I saw a little twinkle in his eye then and was that a slight smirk on his mouth? I now noticed his mouth, full smooth lips and when he talked I could see his tongue moving behind his white teeth. And I thought I saw a slight glint that could be a tongue stud. Wait, was he talking me to me?

"Sorry, again. I was miles away. What did you just say?"

"What type of shoes are you looking for? Casual? Or are they for a special occasion?"

I was grateful for the chance to think about something else than this man before me and started explaining what I was looking for. I didn't think they would have anything I would like but didn't want to leave his presence just yet.

"I can think of a couple of styles we have here that would look good on you." Was it my imagination or did he just linger on my crotch when he looked me up and down while he said that? He beckoned me over to some comfortable looking chairs in the back, it might have been wishful thinking on my part but it seemed that this area was more secluded, almost private.

"You take a seat here, what size are you? An 8 or 9?"

"Ehm, 9." I started to feel that blush coming up again and somehow I was only able to reply in one word sentences. I was amazed however that i was still able to blush, as it felt like most of my blood was traveling in the other direction. I was suddenly very relieved to be sitting down, a growing hard on is easier to conceal that way.

He came back quickly with some boxes but none of these were to my liking, again too square, round, pointy or whatever. I just wasn't able to tell him what I actually was looking for. Shoe-wise that is, I already saw one thing that really had my attention but I doubted he was for sale. I did enjoy the view of him on one knee at my feet and took every opportunity to look him over when I thought he wasn't looking. Broad shoulders, slim waist, tight bottom and long legs. A swimmers physique. I was starting to fidget a little bit, trying to conceal my now almost fully erect cock.

"Maybe if I knew what you're going to wear the shoes with I would have a better idea what to advice you."

I was sure I saw a glint in his eye as he boldly looked me over while he said that.

"I can do you one better. I can show you."

The obvious interest on his part made me a little bit bolder, I now seemed to be able to actually string some words together into sentences. I reached over to my bags and pulled out the clothes I bought earlier. I saw a mischievous smile form on his lips.

"It would be better if I actually saw you wear them." He licked his lips slightly when he said this and I could feel my blush coming back and my new found ability to talk proper fading away again. With an enormous act of will power I manged to speak.

"What did you have in mind?"

"My colleague can take care of the store for a while, if you follow me to the back you'll have the privacy to change your clothes. I am certain that I will then be able to advise something that will be to your liking then."

I could only nod then as he stood up and beckoned me to follow him to the store room.

Let me know if you like what you've read so far. If people want I'll post part 2 as soon as I've written it.

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