tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShopping Day Ch. 02

Shopping Day Ch. 02


A week had passed since Robert had shown up at my door. Now each time the doorbell rang, I would flinch in dread and anticipation. In my mind I knew it was wrong to respond to him and his blackmail, but my body had ideas of it's own. Despite all of that I knew he would be back. The way my body responded to him, made me wish he would hurry up and get his ass back. But he still had the pictures, I knew I shouldn't give in to him, and how had he known things like Jeff's name? Things he should have no way of knowing. I hadn't been sleeping well, with my mind and body in such conflict and Jeff was beginning to notice.

One thing I knew, I wouldn't go to my regular store today. Robert was sure to be there waiting for me, so I went to a different store. I had just finished putting the groceries away when the back door slammed open. Looking up in surprise I saw Robert walking in along with another man. I grabbed the back of the chair in front of me, holding it like a shield between us. My heart started pounding, I began to visibly tremble yet a secret desire began to seep into my blood. . I couldn't stop looking at Robert, and didn't yet comprehend the implications of the other man.

Robert picked up one of the bags with the other store's logo on it. He looked at me without speaking, holding up the bag like an accusation. The other man stepped around him and moved closer to me. He never really looked at my face, just let his eyes move over my body. Even though my attention was focused on Robert my nipples responded as if the stranger had actually touched me. Robert took a step toward me, still holding the bag.

"Oh, Karen? Do you think shopping somewhere else will make me forget you?" His voice seemed to be full of disappointment. He dropped the bag to the floor. "Did you think that if you didn't show up today I would forget how sweet your ass felt?"

I flinched and closed my eyes looking away from him. My stomach was churning but I didn't know if it was from excitement or fear. Every instinct was screaming for me to run, but I couldn't force myself to move. Robert grabbed my chin and lifted my face to his.

"Look at me!" His voice was low and menacing.

When I looked in his eyes, I could see how aroused he was. He was turned on by the power he had over me. He pressed his body to mine, his free hand reaching around to grab my ass. He rubbed his erection against me I responded immediately. My pussy getting wet and I leaned against him. He turned me suddenly, pulling me back against him. One hand reached up, twisting my nipple, with the other he grabbed my pussy and held me facing his friend. I gasped at the suddenness of the movement.

"This is Brent, a good friend of mine. You are going to be real nice to us aren't you baby? You wouldn't like Jeff to find those pictures now would you?" Robert whispered in my ear. His breath against my ear arousing me even more.

Brent had been leaning against the cabinets watching quietly. Now he smiled and walked toward us, his erection visible as he moved. He was a bit taller than Robert but not as filled out. He didn't speak, only rubbed his cock through his jeans, drawing my eyes to it. He opened his jeans pulling his cock out and stroked it milking a drop of precum. . I was being helplessly aroused more and more.

Brent stopped just inches away from me, I could feel the heat coming from his body. He reached out and pulled my shirt off over my head. I felt Robert's hands move to my hips holding me still. Brent softly rubbed an index finger against each nipple through my bra, causing them to throb, before cruelly twisting them. I cried out and pressed back harder against Robert as if he was my safety.

Brent smiled then and nodded as if he approved, but he still hadn't said a word. Robert quickly unclasped my bra as Brent unsnapped my jeans and tugged them down my legs. I made a choking noise and instinctively tried to pull away, but Robert squeezed my tits and growled a warning in my ear. Brent knelt in front of me spreading my legs and running his tongue along my slit right through my panties. I jumped but couldn't hold back a moan at the feelings stirring inside me.

"Told ya she was a hot bitch, didn't I. " Robert leered.

Brent didn't answer, he simply moved my panties aside and shoved a finger deep inside me. Drawing it out slowly, he rubbed the moisture on my clit. . With a powerful tug he ripped my panties off and buried his face between my thighs. I felt his tongue roughly licking my clit as he finger fucked me. I screamed as my first orgasm rolled over me.

My knees were weak and I groaned softly. Robert started softly kissing and biting the back of my neck. He held both my wrists in one hand behind my back, forcing me to arch back against him. Pulling and twisting my nipples with the other.

Brent began running his tongue from my pussy to my clit and back. Then he slid his finger inside my pussy again, He bit down very gently on my clit as he curved his fingers up and hit my g-spot. My knees buckled and I screamed as my body exploded with no warning. Robert held me tighter and Brent never slowed down his assault on my clit.

As the tremors began to subside in my body Robert pushed me down into a chair and both men quickly undressed and stood side by side facing me. I watched as each man stroked his cock. Brent's was thicker than Robert's but not as long. I flashed a glance up at Robert and knew with out being told what was next. By this time I was eagar to taste those cocks.

I reached out and grasped each cock around the shaft and started jacking them both off. Brent grunted and pushed toward my face. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. It was sweeter than any I had ever tasted and I began to pump my hand up and down on his cock faster, milking him for more, before I took him completely in my mouth. I closed my lips around the shaft and flicked the end of my tongue against his cockhead greedily seeking more precum.

Robert reached out and pulled my hair, reminding me not to neglect him. I reluctantly let Brent's cock fall out of my mouth, and turned to Robert. My hand was covered in precum that was flowing freely from Robert's cock. I eagerly leaned over and lapped and sucked the head clean. I traced my tongue down his shaft and took my time licking and sucking his balls. I slipped one hand between his legs and played my fingers up and down his ass crack.

Pulling back, I rubbed both cocks against each other, mixing the precum together, before running my tongue slowly around each prick. Flicking fast little licks between both of them. I closed my mind to all thoughts except the two pieces of meat in my hands. Alternating between licking and sucking them. I heard the growls and moans but I didn't care, I was too intent on what I was doing.

I felt both cocks begin to twitch, turning my head I sucked Robert deep in my mouth. sucking hard. He grunted as he shot his load in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but some leaked out and down my chin. Robert pushed me away and Brent forced his cock down my throat, fucking my face. I grabbed his hips trying to slow him down but he suddenly grabbed my hair and held me still as he pumped rope after rope of cum in my mouth. I thought I was going to drown before I could swallow it. There was so much it dripped down my chin onto my tits.

"I want you to go now. You got what you wanted. " I told them when I could breathe again. I tried to sound confident, but it came out in a whisper that neither of them believed.

Again it was Robert that answered and not Brent. I had the fleeting thought if Brent even knew how to speak.

"You know better than that don't you, baby. " Robert asked. He was shaking his head at me like I was a slowwitted child.

Brent sat on the side of the table and grabbed my arm, pulling me out of my chair to stand between his legs. Cupping his hands under my tits, he lifted them to his mouth. I held onto his forearms for balance as he licked and chewed on my nipples. Robert pressed against my back, his hands kneading my ass. I felt him squeeze my cheeks, then slide his finger between them. A soft moan escaped me, as his finger teased my asshole.

Brent grabbed me around my waist and lay back on the table, lifting me up as he did. Robert grabbed my thighs, spreading them as he helped lift me. Together they positioned me to take Robert's still hard cock. I felt the velvety tip spreading my cunt open. I cried out in pleasure as the thick cock battered it's way inside, stretching me to accommodate his girth. I was already on the verge of orgasm again.

I felt Robert push me forward to lay against Brent's chest and Brent slid his hands up my back to hold me in place. He held my shoulders to hold me still and began placing little nibbling kisses on my neck and the top of my tits.

I squeezed my eyes shut, tensing when I felt Robert's finger probing my ass. He spread my ass cheeks apart and then, incredibility, instead of his dick, I felt his tongue. Teasing and pressing against me. I was beginning to relax when suddenly the head of his cock pushed into my asshole, . I bucked and tried to get away, but Brent was holding me too tight.

"Oh, damn baby, your ass is just as tight as I remembered, didn't you get your husband to fuck you there yet?" Robert taunted.

Tears were streaming down my face as Robert kept pushing deep into my ass. I looked at Brent, hoping for some mercy, but he was simply staring at me with an almost detached interest. Then finally Robert was all the way inside. I had never been so full or stretched before. Both men were still and placing tiny kisses everywhere they could reach, while stroking me helping me relax.

I was gasping for breath and trying to relax, sweat coated my skin. Slowly Robert pulled out and as he started slowly sliding back in, Brent pushed my hips up sliding me off his cock. The burning pain was receding and pleasure was building up again.

Together they established a rhythm. Thrusting in and out, first one then the other. Very quickly I felt the tingling begin again. Robert was digging his fingers into my hips and I knew I would have bruises. Faster and faster they fucked me. Brent shifted me and sucked my nipple into his mouth.

The speed increased, our bodies were slippery with sweat. They were grunting and breathing hard. I heard someone screaming and moaning, but didn't recognize that it was me. Then sensation exploded in my body. My pussy clenched against Brent's cock, he made a strange growling sound and I felt his cock throbbing inside me. My whole body tensed, I couldn't stop the orgasms rolling through my body. Robert cried out as he filled my ass with cum. The feelings went on forever. A white light flashed in my mind. I felt my self sinking into blackness.

When I could focus again, I was laying on the table and the guys were dressing. I curled into a ball watching silently as Robert picked up a camcorder off the cabinet. I had never even noticed when they had placed it there.

Slowly I pushed myself up and off the table and slipped my shirt back over my head. I didn't say a word, I simply waited for Robert to speak. I had already dismissed Brent from my mind.

With an wicked smile Robert said, " Looks like I have something else Jeff might be interested in. But of course if you simply listen to me, he need never find it. Next week I better see you in the store on your regular day. "

I simply nodded too exhausted to do anything else.

With that he and Brent left. Brent never spoke a word the whole time he had been using me. I stood for a moment waiting for the shame to overtake me. I smiled a half smile when I realized it wasn't shame that I was feeling, but just the warm relaxed glow that a good fucking leaves behind. I stretched with pleasure and went to shower and clean up before Jeff got home.

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