tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShopping For My Truck

Shopping For My Truck


I had finally just screw it and decided to take a weekday morning off to avoid the busy auto shopping times and buy my new truck. I went to our local dealer for more info about the truck I was thinking about buying. I didn't want to be rushed so I call work and told them I wouldn't be in and started looking around the lot for the color I wanted.

Since I had originally decided to go to work and then not, I was dressed in my usual attire that day. I had on a very pretty black wool skirt wrap, a loose pink blouse that only had 3 buttons, a very low, open neckline and a long wool overcoat. Underneath I of course, I wasn't wearing panties or a bra, but I had put on some black thigh high lace topped stockings. No real reason other than to attract a few glances while at work.

I arrived at the dealership a little early on that unseasonably warm day in February. If I remember right it was in the upper 40's. saw the black behemoth parked directly in the front of the building. While walking toward it I wondered if this was too big for me. As I looked in the window I imagined myself behind the massive hunk of steel and knew I had to have it.

My salesman was walking toward me and forgive me noticing that he was quite attractive. He introduced himself as Mark and seeing him up close he looked young. He told me that this was his first real job out of college. I'd say he was about 24, 25 the most. I sensed he and I kinda clicked right away. Mark seemed to be a very amiable guy. He pumped his hand out like a boxer and said his greetings.

"Hi," I said, shaking his hand, letting it linger a while before letting it loose.

I told him my vehicle interests as he led me into the dealership. He talked a little about the features of the SUV and asked me if I ever drove one before.

After hearing me say no, he said, "You just have to experience driving it before we go any further. "

I nodded in agreement.

"I'll get the keys and a plate and meet you in front" Mark said, already walking toward the key rack.

Once outside I occupied myself by looking in the windows, which required me to climb up on the running boards. Until then I hadn't really noticed how windy it had become since I left the house. I could feel the hem of my wrap skirt lifting a little.

I didn't notice Mark was behind me until I saw the parking lights flash on the truck and then I knew that he had to have been catching a glimpse of my skirt flickering in the wind before he had clicked the key fob to open the doors. I hopped down and opened the driver's door and started to get in. The seat was a bit higher than I was use to and knew that Mark was going to get a real nice view if I didn't watch it. He was being the gentlemen by holding the door open, so that the wind didn't blow it into me while I was getting in. All the while he had his eyes on my legs, the tops of the stockings were showing and I know he was looking for more. Just then the wind caught the door wrong he dropped the temporary tag he was holding to keep it from slamming into me. I took advantage of it and hop into the truck and started adjusting the seat. He looked up with a bit of disappointment on his face. He shut the door for me and walked around to the passenger side and hopped in. He looked across at me while buckling his seat belt had paused for a moment looking at me legs. I hadn't realized the wrap had come undone a little he was seeing my upper thigh, nothing else but still, he looked long and hard. Trying not to let him know that I noticed, I put me belt on and adjusted my skirt as if nothing was wrong.

Once we got under way Mark said I should take the scenic route this fine sunny morning. As I drove Mark started his salesman's pitch. Throwing out terms like wheelbase, cargo space and probable SUV of the year and other car salesman babble. My being comfortable with and in the truck was my only true concern. I didn't enter his conversation until I heard horsepower, I love to drive fast..

Seeing I was having fun driving, Mark turned in his seat and was adjusting some knobs and stuff and then opened the sun roof. It is the kind that the glass slides back into the roof of the truck and all you have is open air. I love those. The sudden release in cabin pressure caused me blouse to ripple and in turn caused my nipples to harden. This blouse is a light pink and is almost see through, in the right lighting it is. The material is very sheer in other words. So my nipples poked through the fabric and were very noticeable.

"Hey Mark what's this for?" I asked, thinking I would have some fun now. He tried answering me without looking but ended up turning quickly and saying something that didn't really answer my question. I looked at him strangely and he blushed from the slight embarrassment and looked at what I was pointing at. I was pointing at a small button in the dash panel. I knew what it was for but I also knew that he would have to lean over in my direction to see what I was talking about. as he did, he noticed my nipples poking through the material and bingo, I had him. This truck was mine and I was going to get a great deal and I get to have some fun to top all of it off.

My heart immediately started pounding loudly, I was sure he could hear it. My first thought was to pull his head into me and have him suck my tits as we were driving down the road, but I didn't. I found that I was VERY turned on by the thought of this kid seeing me, I could feel the blood rushing to my pussy as it immediately started to moisten. I figured I'd pretend not to notice him looking until I had him drooling over me.

My heart thumped loudly in my throat and upper chest at that point. I started to liven up the conversation, which was pretty dead at that point. I started pointing at this button and that button and asking what for and why this and all that. All the while leaning a bit his way and lifting my arms, all in the effort to let me skirt fall open again without deliberately pulling it aside. It was working, while he was explaining something, I glimpsed down and could see that my inner thigh of my left leg was showing. I wanted it to be more, but that would mean actually lifting my ass into the air to let the fabric move.

Mark was trying to look at me every chance he could, without letting me know he was looking. He was doing a good job until he saw that my skirt had opened up again. For a brief moment he openly stared right at my legs. He caught himself and blushed thinking I had surely seen him. I did, but didn't let on. We were getting pretty far from the dealership when I noticed the gas light come on.

"should we stop and get some gas before driving on?" I asked him pointing at the gas gauge. He looked at the gauge and curse silently, " they were suppose to do that before we opened this morning. " Apologizing, he told me to find the closest gas station, because these truck won't go very far on the reserves.

That gave me an idea... "I know of a place only a few miles from here, but it's down one of the side roads, what do you think?" "sure if it's not to far, we wouldn't want to get stranded" he replied with a sly grin. No we wouldn't I thought to myself, with the same evil grin on my mind. In actuality, the station I was thinking about was about 15 miles and I knew this beast wouldn't go that far after the light came on.

Then he asked, "Will you be doing any towing, like a boat or trailer, or doing any off-roading?"

I told him I owned a jet ski and before spring and I would have to settle on something to pull them.

Mark directed me to turn into a drive way of an abandoned house so that he could show me the complete towing package that was standard on this model. I did as I was told and we got out of the truck, I forgot to turn it off, oops. We walked around to the rear of the truck and he was crouched down pointing out how easy it was to hook up, "see this pin, it just slide right out and the you insert the towing ball and away you go" He knew very well that I would also have to crouch down to see what he was talking about, I knew where he was going and I was game. I leaned over right in front of him to see if I could see what he was doing without crouching down, of course I knew he would be able to see right down my blouse and see a clear view of my tits, but o-well. "No I don't see what pin you are talking about" looking at where his hands were. He was looking directly at my tits when he told me that I would probably have to crouch down to see it. I did so, and at first kept my legs together while looking at the pin. He refocused his attention and was showing me the pin and all that, as he did I parted my legs slightly. I caught him trying to look out of the corner of his eye when I did this. I suddenly stood up not giving him a chance to get a clear view. He did the same and immediately turned his back to me. Not before I noticed a HUGE bulge in is slacks.

Thats when the gas ran out of the truck and it died. Mark turned to me, forgetting his bulge. It was my turn to stare. He noticed me staring and quickly walked passed me to the drivers side of the truck. He opened the door and tried to start it, no good, we were stranded. "No problem" he said reaching for his cell phone. He called the dealership and argued with them for a few moment. He hung up the phone and turned and explained that it would close to an hour before they could have someone out here to give us gas. Apologizing again he was flaying his arms about and saying that he would have someone written up of my inconvenience and all that kind of stuff. I just told him that I had cleared my day and that it wasn't a big deal. and taking responsibility for leaving it running.

While we were waiting he offered to show me how the seats folded down flat to accommodate packages or camping gear. We were both standing by the back of the truck talking. He opened the rear lift gate and motioned for me to climb in. As I entered the rear of the truck, I got on all fours and started folding the rear seat down. I knew very well the beautiful eyeful he was getting of my stockings, rear and my freshly shaved pussy. Man was I horny. Getting more so every second. I knew I would have to start slowing things down or I would be all over this guy, but I was having so much fun! One of the levers to collapse the rear seat got stuck and just as he was going to climb in to help me, I leaned back to get out of his way. When this happened I shoved my ass right into his face. His nose buried into my soaking gash and I nearly came from the contact. That was it! I flipped over and pulled his face into my pussy and started grinding against him, forcing him to participate if he wanted to or not. It only took a moment before his tongue was darting in and out of my and flicking my clit and sucking my juices from me... oh man it was good. Right there on the side of the road for anyone ho drove by to see.

It only took a moment before I was screaming and cumming and that's when the dealership truck drove up with the gas, we didn't even see or hear it at all. All I knew was when I opened my eyes there was this amazingly beautiful woman standing behind Mark with a gas can and her mouth hanging open...

What happened next is another story...

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