tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShopping For Sex Ch. 01

Shopping For Sex Ch. 01


As in any city the sounds of cars could be heard going over bumps in the road and the occasional honk of the horn. All of this was far removed though from the secluded shop located in a very nice but very private part of town. It was just the beginning of lunch time in the city and everyone was either leaving work to get a bite to eat or taking a break from shopping to dine with the businessmen and women.

Not everyone was off though, secretaries sat at their desk and ate to-go meals while they took calls for their feeding employers, doormen still had to open the doors and cashiers still had to stay around in case someone came by to buy something while their managers were off enjoying a sit down meal.

The poor pray this day was just like any other pray in the history of the world, unaware of the impending doom. There she sat, unaware, reading a magazine on her ‘break’, killing off the lunch hour before she would have to start checking people out again. She was hardly interested in the article; she was reading about how daily mud-baths could reduce wrinkles or even eliminate them for up to ten years more then normal wear and tear. She didn’t care though, she was young, her skin tight and smooth, her dark brown hair with red highlights hung over supple and rounded shoulders, her eyes still vibrant with youth and excitement and her breasts still pert and upright. Her body was an image of youth and health, everything held up and held tightly by the energies of youth and not yet tired by the ware of time.

The young woman was brought out of her bored state abruptly though when the front door opened and the soft chime attached to it rang clearly throughout the entire store. Through the door stepped a man over a head taller then she was and seemed to fill out his clothing almost to a point that they weren’t fitted for all of his bulk.

“Welcome to Rebecca’s.” The young woman said, a little surprised that there was anyone stopping by during this normally dead hour, and further more that a man would come into a lingerie shop. The man didn’t give her any reply, instead he took off his jacket and draped it over his arm and started to browse the racks. This was just to buy him time and get his pray close enough mentally and physically. For about five minutes he perused the racks looking at all the teddies, garters, stockings and other silk and lace items. The whole time he did this the young woman behind the cash register watched him since there was nothing else for her to do at the moment.

Luckily for the hunter and poor luck for his pray, the lock on the front door did not require a key, but instead was just like one that you might find in a home; in that it had a large and easy to grab built-in key to lock the door. While searching the racks he effortlessly locked the door to the store’s front entrance as he passed by it. There was no one else in the lingerie store either; he had made sure of that in his browsing. Finally he finished his rounds and was ready to make his move; this is what he lived for. Ten minutes ago he had no idea that he would be stopping at this store, ten minutes ago he didn’t even know the young woman behind the counter existed. He grabbed a pair of silk stockings that were near the checkout and brought them to the counter.

“Will this be all?” The young woman asked as she looked at the single product that the man didn’t seem to spend any time shopping for or checking the size.

The man set his jacket down on the counter and leaned on his elbows as he moved his face closer to the cashier’s. “You don’t wear these kinds of things do you?” He said, his voice seemed as smooth as stone and the words from his lips seemed to penetrate her to the core. “You don’t wear flimsy outfits for your boyfriend do you?” His voice seemed to reverberate within the young woman’s body and mind as if his mouth made percussions and not words.

“Well I...” She could have said she didn’t think that was worth talking about, she could have admitted that she didn’t have a boyfriend, she could have even said he was right; but she didn’t have time for any of that because he started again before she could think or talk.

“No you don’t, in fact” The man tilted his head to the side and seemed to breathe in an entire breath as he smelled the air. “You don’t have a boyfriend at all do you. No, in fact you’re a little timid and shy around men aren’t you? That’s why you’re working here. Not because you wear these flimsy little things, no, you work here to try and gain confidence from seeing these other women’s confidence and take it to your own life. Isn’t that it?” Every word he spoke seemed as cold as a river bottom and just as smooth. Even more though his every word seemed to twang the young woman’s soul and she didn’t even know why.

The man’s eyes locked with hers and she was unable to look away as the emerald green eyes stared back at her. Slowly he advanced forward and around the counter as she retreated, but still kept eye contact. As he passed the counter the man grabbed the pair of silk stockings unseen by the young cashier. His head seemed to work back and froth slightly like a cat on the move, a snake in the grass. His eyes’ keeping her’s in a deadlock stare as they both moved slowly across the shop’s floor. Even at the slow speed it didn’t take long for the young woman to run out of room to retreat. She wasn’t afraid, just nervous. The man looking back at her couldn’t have been much older, she was a few years into her twenties and the man pressing closer and closer couldn’t have been any older then his mid thirties if even that old. She was against the dressing room doors now and his head moved ever so softly and slowly from side to side as his lips came closer and closer to hers.

“…no…. please….” The young brunet whispered, not truly meaning it though. It was all he needed though, that defiance, her will vs. his. Without any more words he closed on the last fractions of the inch separating them and their lips locked. The young woman was surprised, but she didn’t fight him; instead welcomed his mouth onto hers and wrestled tongues with the very well built man connected to her.

They tongued for almost a minute before he pulled away. The young woman gasped and her eyes closed softly as if she was brought back from euphoria. Then in an instant it all changed. With the speed and strength of a bolt of lighting in the night sky the man moved. First he grabbed her right arm and pulled it hard, spun her around and with a good deal of force rammed her torso, chest first, into the door to one of the dressing rooms. Before she could think or act the young woman was hit with the shock of the door. But even more startling was how efficient the man was. With the silk stockings he had brought with him before he tied a quick knot on her right hand and before she could muster a defense he pulled her left wrist behind her back. With a couple of X’ings of the smooth silk and a tight knot to finish it off, the young woman’s hands were bound behind her back.

“What are you doing! Stop it! Let me go!” She struggled to say as her shoulders were strained from the new position and her fighting against the sturdy restraints. Every word she said, every plea for stop or release only fueled the man’s passions further. He was past the point of just being satisfied with sex, now he had to dominate, he had to take them against their will; he gained satisfaction from winning the battle of wills.

The man grabbed the dark hair in his right hand while the left one opened a dressing room door. With a powerful pull he snapped her head as far back as it would go, the eyes that had so recently been filled with the blissful joy of youth were now filled with terror as they saw nothing but the ceiling. With a powerful pull and then thrust with his right hand the man forced the perfect female body into the dressing room and shut the door behind him as he entered incase of any passer bys and to further muffle the screams.

“Please stop. Please let me go!” The young woman begged as she with all her might squeezed her legs together and struggled to maintain her balance with the massive pain burning all over her scalp. Her will to escape and not submit only put more fire into the man’s desires though and with another powerful push forward he pushed her hard into the wall of the dressing room. Tears were now rolling down the young woman’s face as terror took her over entirely and her only thoughts were of escape and safety.

“Let me go! Stop it! You can’t do this to me!” She bellowed, unheard to anyone though except her and her captor. Her arms were trying to thrash about, but were more or less unmoving within their silk prison.

Still with her hair filling his right hand the man pushed on her back with his elbow while pulling her head back more. With his free hand he slowly reached over and cupped the young breasts through her cloths; the mounds of flesh were pert and tight. “Don’t touch me damn you! Let me go now damn it!” She screamed louder then before as he felt the tight but supple breasts. After cupping the left breast he slid his left hand down her side, over her hips and then lastly under the hem of her skirt; which went only to just above her knee.

The young woman was going to shout something in defiance, but the man sensed it and gave a quick jerk back on her hair to keep her quiet with lack of breath. Her legs clamped together as tightly as they could as the left hand explored the area under the skirt until it finally made its way to the front of her pelvis. There was no way to enter her yet with her legs squeezed so tightly together, but for the man this was just more excitement. The young woman could feel the growing shaft pressed against her back even though she wasn’t thinking about it. Inside his pants the man was getting the kind of experience one can only get so often, he was at the height of his ecstasy, he was fighting her and she was fighting back; but he was winning. Softly he massaged the area closest to her entrance and tried to get her to loosen up; she was still fighting it though with all her heart.

“Let go of me! Get your hand out of there now!” She shouted as she swung her hips from side to side as much as she could with her legs squeezed so tightly together and not being able to move her head or torso. The man moved his legs and got one knee in between her squeezed legs but was unable to part them. Knowing that he had to force her more the man let go of her hair, but still pressed hard against her with his body. The whole time the woman had been forced into the dressing room so far she had been screaming or grunting or whining trying to escape.

Now instead of burying his elbow in her back, the man barred his right arm across her back and moved his hand to just under the woman’s armpit. With his middle finger he felt around for a moment then slowly started to apply force. His finger was right on a pressure point and even with the light force the woman was feeling the effects. It started as a local pain just around the jabbing finger. It didn’t stop there though, just after seconds the pain started to flood outward from the spot, it was taking more and more of her willpower to ignore the pain and she was weakening. Her body started to have chilled feelings running through her veins as the pain shot more and more through her.

Then just as fast as his other moves it happened. The young woman wasn’t able to keep up all of her resistances and for a second she loosened her legs. In that second the man’s knee spread the legs and the left hand slipped under the cotton panties and the long middle finger slipped all the way into its target as far as it could; the finger’s entrance lubed by the small amount of wetness that had built up in that first kiss.

Where there had only been resistance and grunting before suddenly there was nothing except a slight whimper. The woman’s body went considerably limp from what it had been. Her shoulders relaxed and her legs spread freely with pushes from the man’s knee. She fought it with everything she had, her mind wasn’t trying to keep the legs tight, it wasn’t trying to wiggle free. No, now all the mind was focused on was not enjoying this new sensation. She fought with all her willpower, but the long thick finger dancing around inside of her, touching places that were seldom touched for her was becoming too much to fight. “gasp…..damn…..gasp…..damn you…..” she whimpered out. It was like talking to a wall though as the rhythmic dancing of the middle finger inside of her was joined by the index. They moved opposite each other like a pair of little walking legs inside of her lips and touching her innermost womanhood.

“Please……Please….” Please no, please yes; it didn’t matter as her mind lost more and more control. The man pressed himself against the young woman hard as his fingers pushed inside of her. She fought it, but she was losing. Jolts started to run through her body like electricity. Her face started to blush more and more as her whimpers turned into muffled moans as she tried to keep herself from the pleasure. The muscles in her legs tightened and flinched. Her whole body began to shake while her mind tried to stem the tide. But it was no use, it was too late. The exceptional fingering finally took its toll and as her last defense fell. The young woman’s body exploded with primal pleasure. Her entire body with more power then she could consciously provide jumped and jerked against the fingers inside of her. To stay in her, to push her harder the man pulled her body flush against his and started jamming the two fingers into and out of her together to quicken the convulsions.

“Oh God! Oh my God! Ahh ahhh AHHHH!” The female voice came mixed with pain and pleasure. Her bound hands squeezed into tight fists as her restrained arms tensed but were unable to move. Her juices flowed all over the two fingers and her body jumped and twitched veraciously. She went on and on for almost a minute before her legs stopped shaking and she could even begin to control her panting again. She had never had an experience like that before, never had an orgasm that felt so powerful; she was in shock from both the overload of pleasure and horror.

Satisfied with his first small victory the man let the weak woman loose from his body and pushed her against the wall with his left hand in the middle of her back. She was too weak to fight back now, too weak to protest to anything.

This was just the beginning though for our young pray and her unknown assailant.

To Be Continued………

Edited By Darkalter

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