Shopping Fun

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I know how much my naughty messages turn you on; they turn me on, too. I love knowing that just reading little pieces of my fantasies can make you hard. I have another- I hope you like it.

In this fantasy, we have gone shopping for clothes. I would love for us to go shopping together, so you can pick what you would like me to wear. I've never let a man do that with me before, and I like knowing you will be the first to have that piece of control over me. You have been, and continue to be, my first for so many things- I'm so glad it's you.

After picking the clothes you like for me, you suggest, with a wicked grin, that you sneak into the dressing room with me. You know that I'm shy, and afraid of embarrassing situations. At first I laugh, thinking that it's a joke, but the gleam in your eye tells me you are quite serious. I hesitate only a moment. I want to obey you, to please you, even though I am a little worried about someone finding us out.

You quickly look around and, seeing no one, follow behind me into the dressing room at the end of the row; it's a fairly large dressing room, with a chair in the corner and full-length mirrors on each of the three walls. You lock the door behind you and smile at me. I laugh, and you remind me to be quiet.

You sit on the chair, and I stand in front of you, uncertain. You sense my hesitation and my nervousness. I can't be sure, but I think you delight a bit in my discomfort. You tell me to undress in a quiet voice that only I can hear. Slowly, I unbutton my shirt; I have undressed for you before, but something seems different now, almost as if I am being tested. I slip the shirt off my shoulders and it falls to the floor. I kick off my shoes and unzip my jeans, letting them fall away from me. I unclasp my bra, looking at you for some kind of reaction. You continue to watch me, a hint of a smile on your face. When I step out of my panties, you call me your good girl; hearing those words, as it always does, sends a small thrill through my body.

You tell me to get on my knees and suck your cock. I step toward you, smiling. You know how much I love to obey this particular command, and I know that you have asked me to do this for me as much as for you. I kneel between your legs and unbuckle your belt. Very slowly I unzip your jeans, delighted to see that you are naked underneath. Your erection seems to be waiting for me, and I pull it free of your jeans. Your breath catches as I lean over and lick the tip. I realize that you can look down and see me, but you can also look in the mirrors and watch me as I suck you. It seems odd that there are three of me reflected back. I've never been much for seeing myself in the mirror, but seeing us together like this adds to my arousal.

You comb your fingers into my hair, caressing my scalp, as you guide my mouth down your cock. My tongue plays along your shaft as I bring you completely into my mouth. Your hands in my hair set the rhythm as I slide up and down. I hear voices outside the dressing room, and my movement stills. You tug lightly on my hair, reminding me of my task. Even though I am nervous about being caught in such a position, I am glad to be where I am. I love the way you feel in my mouth and the way your skin tastes. I love knowing that I am pleasing you. My clit throbs, wanting its own attentions, as my mouth rides your cock.

Abruptly you tell me to stop; I do, looking up at you in surprise. You smile and tell me to sit on your lap and straddle you. I smile back until I remember where we are. I've never had sex in any kind of public setting before. Looking at you, seeing the patience and love in your eyes, I can't help but obey you. I climb onto your lap, positioning myself so that my pussy is just above your cock. I wrap my arms around your neck for balance. When you nod your head in encouragement, I lower onto your cock. My pussy, wet from my arousal, opens around you, and I bring you completely into me. The texture of your jeans against my skin reminds me of my vulnerability, but it no longer bothers me. The feeling of you inside me, your cock held so tightly within me, is enough to distract me from my sensibilities. You watch me, and I meet your eyes and smile; our eyes lock together as I slowly rock myself on your cock. Our faces are so close together that our noses almost touch, but neither of us closes the gap, not even for a kiss. Neither of us is willing to break the mood, to lose the power of this moment. We can't look away from each other's eyes, not even to watch ourselves in the mirrors.

My orgasm takes me by surprise. I try to keep myself quiet as my pussy grips even tighter around you, my legs trembling and barely able to hold me. I feel your arms tighten around me, supporting me as I ride the waves of my climax. A moan escapes me, and you lean down and kiss me to muffle the sound. Your hips buck beneath me, and I feel the throb of your cock inside me as you come. You continue to kiss me and then you hold me tight against you, whispering to me that I'm your good girl.

Finally, you tell me to stand up and dress. I realize that I never even tried on the clothes you picked. You smile and tell me we should just buy them; I can tell you're anxious to get home, and I know you're not through with me for the day. I shiver in anticipation. After I dress and you zip back up, we leave the dressing room and you whisper in my ear that you want to take me shopping more often. I can't wait!

I hope you liked this fantasy; I love to know I turn you on, even though we're so far apart. Of course, I'll like it even better when we're together!

I love you.


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