Shopping Fun


I hadn't had sex in months. Sure I used my vibrator on a regular basis, at least twice a day, but it wasn't the same as feeling a big hard cock in my cunt.

It's not that I could not get a man to fuck me. I'm attractive. Just over 5 foot, about 140lbs, massive 38DDD tits, blond hair and blue eyes. I have just been so busy with work and kids I haven't had time. I really just needed a quickie. Just a nice quick fuck.

I had to stop by the mall on the way to work and get a gift from my boss. While I was there I noticed one of my favorite department stores was having a huge sale so I decided to look around since I was running a little early. I was looking at some panties when I couldn't help but notice a man staring at me, more specifically my breasts. I was wearing a somewhat low-cut blouse. And the material was somewhat thin so I'm sure he could see my nipple piercings.

He was an average looking guy. A little under 6 foot, maybe 200 lbs, brown hair. He looked like he didn't shave in a day or so, but it looked good on him, gave him that rugged look. He looked up and noticed I saw him staring and he blushed. I gave him a little smile to let him know I wasn't upset. Just at that time a woman came up and asked him what he thought about a bra. I couldn't hear what he said, but from the look he seemed indifferent and she seemed annoyed with him. I didn't think she was that pretty. A few inches taller than me, skinny, absolutely no curves as at all.

I noticed now that he was wearing a wedding band. Damn. I would have definitely fucked him. Hell, why not? So he's married. His wife is obviously a bitch.

She went back to shopping and he looked at me again. His wife was pretty far away from him at this point so I decided to go for it. He looked very nervous as I started walking over to him. He was looking around to make sure his wife wasn't near. I stopped right next to him and pretended to be looking at the clothes next to him. "Hi," I said, not turning to look at him.

"Um, hi," he nervously replied.

"Is that your wife?" I asked.

"Yes." He said

"She seems like a bitch," I said.

He chuckled a little. "Definitely."

"So, I noticed you were looking at my tits. Do you like them? They are quite a bit bigger than your wife's, " I said coyly.

"Oh my god yes," he said, looking again to be sure his wife wasn't nearby.

"Tell you what, I feel bad you are married to such a flat chested bitch. " As I said it walked in front of him to the clothing rack on the other side of him, turning to the side so that my tits brushed against his arm. "I am going to go into the dressing room on the other side of the store. Why don't you tell her you want to go look at something and follow me in. I'll let you suck on my tits."

"Seriously??" he asked, shocked by my proposition.

I didn't say anything else. I turned and looked him in the eyes and licked my lips. Then I grabbed a piece of clothing off a rack and walked to the other side of the store. Less than a minute after I walked in he walked in behind me.

I pushed him into a stall and latched the door. I unbuttoned my shirt and slid my bra straps down my arms so my breasts popped out in front of him within seconds. "Om my god, they are amazing," he gasped.

"Suck on them," I said. He didn't need to be told twice. He leaned over and took a nipple right into his mouth. I moaned quietly. We were the only ones in the dressing room but I can be loud sometimes and didn't want anyone to hear walking by. He started pinching and pulling my other nipple. He was being very rough. I loved it. I couldn't help but wonder how big his cock was.

He looked up at me with my nipple in his mouth and started nibbling on it. It was driving me crazy. I was already dripping wet. He slid his hand up my skirt to find I was not wearing any panties. All he felt was a wet shaved cunt. We both moaned at his discovery. He didn't waste any time. He jammed a finger inside me, hard. I gasped. "Take out your cock," I commanded.

He let my nipple out of his mouth and obliged. He had a think 8 inch cock. I couldn't wait to get it in me. I pushed him back on to the bench in the dressing room and straddled him. I lowered myself and impaled my pussy on his hard rod. I took all of it into me. We both moaned. "We need to be quiet," I whispered.

"That's fine," he whispered back. "I can be quiet, just keep riding me. I've dreamed since I was a teenager of meeting a slut like you."

"Your wife doesn't fuck like this?" I asked while riding him.

"Hell no, she is a frigid bitch. If I get it once a month I'm lucky," he said. And she doesn't have a pussy as tight as yours. And I love you tits bouncing in my face while you fuck me. But if my wife finds out I'll be in big trouble. I make a lot of money and she will take me for everything."

"Don't worry about your wife. Just enjoy this," I whispered as I started fucking him hard.

Just then we heard a voice outside coming in. It sounded like a woman on a cell. "I don't know where the jerk went. He said he had to go look at something. I really don't care."

He grabbed my hips to stop me and whispered, "that's my wife. We have to stop."

I was finally getting some good cock. I wasn't about to stop. I put my finger over my lips to tell him to be quiet and I started fucking him again, just not as hard. He kept shaking his head and mouthing "no." I didn't care. I was going to get off on his cock, whether he wanted me too or not. He couldn't risk pushing me off him and me making a scene with his wife there.

She continued her conversation. Not talking about anything exciting. Shopping and an upcoming party it sounded like. I could tell he was trying to be quiet, and also trying not to cum.

I started fucking him harder again. His eyes rolled back into his head. His cock felt so good in my cunt. He completely filled me. My juices were dripping out of my pussy on to his cock and boxers. I could feel my orgasm building. I forced my mouth closed to try and be quiet. He was looking at me, still mouthing "no." I didn't listen. I came all over his big cock.

It looked like he thought I would stop now. But I wanted to make him cum too, even though he didn't want it. I kept riding him and leaned forward a little so my tits were actually hitting him in the face. He pushed me back a little. I looked at his face and could tell he was about to explode inside me.

I knew he wanted to keep quiet so I pushed my tit in his mouth, which he took. I felt him shake underneath me as he filled my pussy with cum. I adjusted my skirt and bra and buttoned my shirt and left him.

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